Annual Reminder: The Ten Cent Challenge

Each year, I only post one reminder, encouraging voluntary Ten Cent Challenge subscriptions, and this is it.

Back In August, we celebrated our 15th blogiversary. Thanks for making SurvivalBlog such a success! There are now more that 33,700 archived articles and columns. And after just a couple of years of adopting a comments section, there have been more than 72,000 comments posted.

Hopefully, some readers appreciate the fact I only post an appeal once a year. And I’m confident that most  readers appreciate that SurvivalBlog is one of the last of the daily “Old School” blogs. We are one of the few blogs without any of the annoyances and intrusions that you’ve probably seen elsewhere:

  • Off-topic “filler” articles
  • Annoying pop-up ads
  • A “Pay Wall” that presents just the first paragraph of an article
  • Opt-in pop-ups to generate e-mail lists
  • E-mail list spamming
  • Auto-playing media
  • Paid placement pseudo-articles written by foreign hacks
  • Instant surveys
  • “Are you sure you want to leave?” messages
  • Animated graphics or animated/blinking ads
  • “Top 10” slideshows
  • Inane infographics
  • Cheesy stock photography
  • “Members-only” exclusives
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Sporadic posting

SurvivalBlog is not a typical sporadic blog. I’ve only missed three days of posting in more than 15 years, most notably just after my first wife passed away. And I have never stooped to the assorted marketing and data-mining trickery that has become so commonplace on the web. Nope. We are still truly Old School. And we will never sell your e-mail address. We don’t even maintain any e-mail lists for our own use.

Everything at SurvivalBlog–including the full archive–is available free of charge. And we certainly do not harass you with droning week-long PBS-style pledge drives.

Please keep in mind that to operate SurvivalBlog we have considerable expenses for bandwidth, web hosting, paying for our primary server, maintaining our backup server, software, and legal fees. I also have contract expenses for our Managing Editor and our Field Gear Editor.

So, here is my appeal in a nutshell: If you find that you get more than 10 cents worth of value per day in reading SurvivalBlog, then please donate 10 cents a day ($36.50 per year) to help cover the blog’s costs. And by the way, even with inflation, that suggested donation amount hasn’t changed since the blog’s inception, back in 2005.

There are several payment options including PayPal, cash, checks, booklets of “Forever” U.S. postage stamps, and even mailing us a few silver dimes or quarters. Many folks thoughtfully send pre-1965 silver dimes or quarters taped to a piece of cardboard.

You can also subscribe via credit card, at my Elk Creek Company store page. And please consider investing in an antique gun or two, while you are there. Those scarce guns only go up in value, and profits from that side-business help keep us afloat.

Only about 1% of readers are Ten Cent Challenge subscribers. Please join in, and do your bit. Your contributions are needed and greatly appreciated.

If sending your subscription by mail, then please use this address for a check payable to James Rawles:

James Rawles
P.O. Box 303
Moyie Springs, Idaho 83845

Note that unless I have my Amazon Associates account suspended (like Claire Wolfe did), or my PayPal account gets suspended (like Zero Hedge, Gab, Joe Biggs, Alex Jones, and Laura Loomer did) then this post will be my only mention of the Ten Cent Challenge, in 2021. I won’t pester you.

Lastly, please consider other ways that you can help support SurvivalBlog. Even just placing links helps a lot. And if you sell food storage, communications, night vision, body armor, alternative energy, shooting, or other preparedness-related products or services, then please consider either advertising your products or services in SurvivalBlog or becoming a writing contest prize donor. You’ll find the publicity very beneficial to your business.

Many Thanks!, – JWR


  1. I decided in December that in order to make sure my savings stretch as far as possible in 2021 I’d go the whole month of January without spending any money and live off my preps. I’m going to make an exception now that I’ve just completed my first year as a SB reader and spend some to pay for the enjoyment I get every day from SurvivalBlog.

    So my challenge is for those SB readers who can’t quite come up with the cashola, live off your preps for a month to see how well prepared you are and then send some of the savings in the Rawles’ direction. If you can’t make it to the Redoubt, perhaps some of your money can and you can experience it vicariously.

  2. Thanks Jim, I enjoy the blog and it has been valuable to me. I’m jumping onto the Ten Cent Challenge.

    Also, I’m loving the Survival Retreats & Relocation book….fascinating!

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