The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“[T]he people as ultimate sovereigns, retain the ultimate power – and even the duty – to overthrow any government that fails to respect their authority.” – Glenn Reynolds


    1. Wally,

      It has already started. Some might argue it started back in 1776, because ever since our new American government was formed, it has been trying to take power away from the people.

      We fight a continuous battle against those who would steal that power in order to control and eventually rule us. So far it has been one of ideas, words, and limited deeds, but …

      As always, hoping we all…
      Seymour Liberty

      1. For anyone in or near Pennsylvania… It’s time to RING those PHONE LINES! Let these people know that you are paying attention, and that the survival of our Republic requires truth and honesty in elections.

        Bryan Cutler
        Pennsylvania Legislature
        Speaker of the House

        Same is true for Arizona. Mark Finchem is trying to move political mountains. Be sure he knows that he has your support.

        …and Georgia. Governor Kemp has been on vacation, and Secretary of State Raffensberger has lost his political mind.

        DO NOT RELENT! These politicians MUST hear your voices. The Republic depends on every one of us.

    1. Bear and Jimbo,

      On the gallows platform in the public square of every town, I think we need a name for the standing-on box we temporarily put convicts on before we kick it out from under them.

      Something like ‘the standing-on then kicking out from under them’ box.

      I honestly truly believe we could be at the fore-front of a catchy new trend!

      1. Large Marge,
        Great minds think alike! Your comments always make me smile! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, “a stiff rope and a tall tree” or maybe tar, feathers and a rail. Time to send politicians, lobbyists, other scoundrels a message, lol!

        As always, hoping you…
        Seymour Liberty

      2. I tend to agree, yet it is nothing I take lightly at all. Having seen what war is, I can honestly say that the only thing good about it is its ending. Getting there as quickly and as efficiently as possible should be paramount.

  1. A most outstanding quote of the day!

    Hoping everyone in or near Georgia — and truly across the country — will SOUND THE ALARM.

    Disturbing events yesterday in the Georgia recount included the sudden need to send Dominion system techs in to work on the tabulating machines. This came in the middle of a couple of judge’s orders — not to make any changes to the machines, then reversed, then restored with a 10 day order not to make any changes to the voting machines. At a minimum, this is highly suspicious in my view. All evidence should be preserved.

    Lin Wood’s message as it appeared in the article:

    “GA officials performing “software update” on Fulton County voting machines at this very moment at World Congress Center.

    They are trying to erase the evidence by scrubbing the machines with litigation pending.

    BLOW YOUR HORNS. PATRIOTS. This cannot stand.

    — Lin Wood (@LLinWood) November 29, 2020”


      1. Hello Seymour Liberty!
        There was at least one additional report that a server had been physically removed from a facility in Georgia. If the report is correct, this is also deeply disturbing.

        Sidney Powell appeared on Lou Dobbs’ program this evening. I did not see it, but heard from a close contact that Sidney confirmed what we all know too well — the corruption is everywhere. The impression of this person was that Sidney was deeply troubled, probably exhausted. This would be no surprise.

        Every person fighting for the truth needs our prayers in earnest, and every earthly effort we can add to those prayers: calls, emails, letters, phone calls, the sharing of important news, and financial contributions too.

        Meanwhile in Arizona… What in the world is going on there? The Governor promised earlier not to certify until all litigation was resolved, but then today rushed to certify even as the hearings were ongoing.

        Facing down evil is a daunting and dangerous endeavor.

        Pam Bondi seems to be very optimistic about the outcome based on the law. I pray she is right.

        The battles rage on. We must persevere. We cannot give in or give up. We cannot waver.

      2. Still more suspect activity in Georgia… This video is said to have come from Gwinnett County. Thoughts on this from anyone with insight or experience?

        Meanwhile… Sidney Powell reports that one witness has been hospitalized because of a beating. From the report: “And no, Democrats don’t like whistleblowers, they only like liars who claim they’re whistleblowers.”

        Not to be outdone… A Nevada official may be attempting to avoid a subpoena related to a court order to allow inspection of the voting machines.

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          1. Hello JWR and Avalanche Lily!
            Thanks so much for all you do, and concern yourselves not for a moment related to the posting of comments. You work hard to provide this forum, and all your efforts are greatly appreciated!

  2. “[T]he people as ultimate sovereigns, retain the ultimate power – and even the duty – to overthrow any government that fails to respect their authority.” – Glenn Reynolds

    Excellent quote of the day. Since it’s Jonathan Swift’s birthday, I’ll share something he said: “You cannot reason a man out of a position he didn’t reason himself into.”

    The Glen Reynolds quote has a lot more meanings than it does at first glance. We can’t overthrow the government right now but we can certainly overthrow many of their edicts. The most important one right now is all the total Bravo Sierra about the covid lock downs and masks. We should be doing everything we can to buck all that crap. We should be having mask-burning parties. We should be writing letters to the editor telling people to quit being afraid and to start acting defiant, resisting, and refusing to obey. That guy in NYC who declared his business and autonomous zone, bravo! We need thousands and millions of people doing the same.

    Even all those people reading this blog who want to be wearing a mask should be up in arms and resisting just as much as the rest of us, while continuing exercising their right to wear one if they wish. If those of you aren’t protesting, then you’re not really afraid of where all this is leading. We should be fighting against all forms of tyranny, whether they directly affect us or not. You’re either for freedom or you’re not. You don’t get to pick and choose unless you’re going to grant liberals the same right to pick and choose. That’s exactly what’s been happening over the past 200 years and until we understand that and get to that point, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell we can ever win or even delay the inevitable. The best thing we can do right now is resist all this covid crap. That’s way more important than gun rights right now. Resisting gun grabs is way in the future. Covid tyranny is happening right at this moment and we should be doing everything we can to resist, and doing it publicly. Forget about “I’ll give up my gun when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.” How about some “I’ll wear that d*mn mask when the slap it on my cold dead face.” How about, “I refuse to do social distancing but more than happy to do socialist distancing.”


    If you missed this essay on Zero Hedge, it’s well worth a read.

    1. Hear hear!! Mask, no mask, mask on face, mask as undies, lacy undies as mask (a la John McAfee) …….personal choice.

      I choose to wear a mask at times because I choose to enter establishments that require them — such as medical facilities that treat medically fragile kiddos. (The automated talking temperature-checkers in the lobby are creeeepy as hell though!) If a business requires masks, or bans masks, then I will respect their private property if I choose to visit!

      [In most situations, as far as I can tell, the primary benefit of the cloth-type masks (not surgical or N-95) might be that it reminds us not to touch our faces, which is always good to remember going into wintertime especially. And maybe it covers the coffee-breath if I forget to brush my teeth. Another use for them is to ‘demonstrate’ to my family members who have bought all of this hook, line, and sinker that I can be ‘reasonable’ — so they maybe won’t blow me off totally when I express concerns about our vanishing rights. If my ‘lack’ of a mask makes family members too anxious to spend time with me or my kids, that doesn’t do anyone much good I think. I can make small concessions to help my family feel more comfortable, especially those with risk factors. VOLUNTARILY.

      All of these ‘benefits’ are hardly pronounced enough to require government demands.]

      Our state isn’t doing any mandates or lockdowns AFAIK, and of course our governor is getting smeared in some publications as “continuing his killing spree!” I can’t even parse that. What, is he saddling up, grabbing his Ultra-Scary Assault Weapon 9000, and mowing citizens down in cold blood? (Even if he was…. surely that wouldn’t even be the fault of the governor himself? After all, it is the GUNS that kill people, right?)

      Some obvious logic (that’s going to be banned soon too, right?) from the good folks over at Not The Bee…

      “And then there’s the seeming incapacity of those imposing and espousing lockdown rules to follow them themselves.

      Let’s leave aside the obvious hypocrisy for a moment, and even whether or not you think the virus itself is dangerous.

      If California Governor Gavin Newsom sincerely believes that dining in a restaurant beyond arbitrary limits set by him is dangerous, would he still do it?

      I mean, I have no doubt that the roasted cauliflower velouté is to die for, but I doubt anyone ever meant that literally.

      If Denver Mayor Michael Hancock genuinely thinks, as he claimed, that traveling is just too hazardous to risk, would he fly across the country to see his daughter?

      Would a couple dozen of connected Brooklyn power brokers gather together for a party if they believed they could die by doing so?

      Would a Canadian mayor have dinner with friends if he really thought it would cause them all serious harm or death?

      Probably not. I wouldn’t. If I were at the center of the crisis, getting the very latest updates and with access to the best minds, and came to the conclusion that locking things down was necessary or I COULD DIE, I would probably do those things so that would not happen.

      As bad as this virus has been, the response has been worse.

      And that’s saying something.”

      1. I wear a mask for Gray man purposes. That’s a very short list of democrats breaking their own mandates. I agree this can’t be too bad we f all of these dems willing to break their own mandates.

    2. This “covid cr*p” and the tyranny is about controlling the masses. The goats (See Matthew 25:31-34) have been brainwashed to accept the control. If Biden becomes president you can expect more attempts to try to control us including incremental guns control measures. We must do all we can to resist the tyranny or we will lose our country to the globalists.
      I am a sheep and Jesus Christ is my Shepard.
      Grace to you from the God of all grace.

  3. Ok…late to the party as usual but i have a question. Has anyone considered that SOME of the outbreaks of C-19 have been INTENTIONALLY seeded by the opposition? (The president, those close to him, other political “good guys” that are standing in the way of the controlling lockdown…in the past, present and possibly future? Key players in this ongoing fight are truly a concern…supreme court justices, judges, military supporters of the president and even their families if they are threatened.)

    So often, B&H- pre/post election- as well as key players on that team make one think “MIA” without a reason. Perhaps they are acting as if they suspect the conservative faction doing what THEY are doing…targeting individuals with C-19. (It wouldn’t be to hard to contaminate surfaces or other items someone was sure to have contact with.) So, protecting against (possible) deliberate infecting of important individuals could be taking place. (Along the lines of accusing the opposition of doing what you are doing…they do THAT a lot. Only this is protecting oneself against what you’re doing to the opposition in case they are doing it too.)

    Ok…it’s the wee hours, i am tired…need to take off my tinfoil hat.

    P.S. remember at the beginning of this whole pandemic thing there were crazies coughing and spitting on stuff when they were sick? I keep that in mind when out and about…

    (Ok, admins please don’t post two of the comments from me…didn’t look like it sent the first time, thanks!)

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