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The ATF’s “Definitive” Arm Brace Rulings (Du Jour)

(We’re Making This Stuff Up…)

2013: Arm Braces are ATF-Blessed and Now Perfectly Legal
2014: Firing a Braced Pistol From Your Shoulder Wouldn’t Make it a SBR
January 2015: Touching One to Your Shoulder is a Felony “Redesign”
March 2017: It is Now Okay to Sporadically Touch One to Your Shoulder
July 2018:  23 of 25 SB Tactical’s Braces Were Not Fully ATF Approved
January 2020: We’ve Now Approved 15 Different Arm Brace Designs 
September 2020: The Honey Badger’s Arm Brace Design Makes it an SBR
2021???: We’ll Make Up a New Policy, Depending on the Political Winds


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