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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at renewed pandemic lockdowns.

Biden Plans Nationwide Lockdown in February

To start out today’s column, over at SGTReport: Biden to Lockdown Entire USA Come February. (Thanks to JMC for the link.) JWR’s Comment: Please continue to contact your elected representatives, and insist that they investigate the gross vote tabulation irregularities in the November 2020 election!

Thomas Woods Lecture on The COVID Cult

And speaking of lockdowns, Mark suggested this video of a great lecture for The Mises Institute: The Covid Cult — Thomas E. Woods, Jr.. His web site, where he offers his free e-book is:

China Now Regularly Violating Taiwan Airspace

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Chinese military planes violate Taiwan’s ADIZ for 8th day in a row. Here is a snippet:

“Chinese military planes intruded into the southwest region of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) for the eighth day running Saturday (Nov. 21).

The latest incidents occurred at 11:13 a.m. and 11:39 a.m., in both cases at an altitude of 4,000 meters, the Liberty Times reported. The Taiwan Air Force scrambled jets and broadcast warnings to the Chinese planes they were endangering civilian air traffic and should turn back immediately.

It was the eighth consecutive day that such incursions happened, according to the report. The military has radioed warnings to intruding Chinese pilots 42 times so far this month.”

Flores: Guns, Books, and the Social Contract

I found this piece by Joaquin Flores by way of Zero Hedge: The Triumph of Mankind Over the Great Reset: Guns, Books, and the Social Contract.

High Dose Vitamin C for Livestock

Nick sent this: C is for Cattle: How high-dose ascorbate therapy works on the farm. Here’s an excerpt:

” The vast majority of animals make their own vitamin C. This very important fact is not widely known. But once you understand the purpose of ascorbate in mammals, your life and can change significantly. Our life on our livestock farm in Oregon changed with our understanding of vitamin C and how it can be used with animals. “

Even a Military-Enforced Quarantine Can’t Stop the Virus

Reader A.D. sent us this: Even a Military-Enforced Quarantine Can’t Stop the Virus, Study Reveals

Operation Warp Speed: Everyone Jabbed Within 24 Hours

A hat tip to Krissy for sending this news at The Washington Standard: Operation Warp Speed General: “Upon Emergency Use Authorization, All Of America Must Receive Vaccine Within 24 Hours”. The article’s intro:

“The general in charge of Operation Warp Speed has said that all Americans must be forced to take a COVID-19 vaccine within 24 hours of it receiving emergency use authorization. “Upon emergency use authorization, all of America must receive [the] vaccine within 24 hours,” Gus Perna said.

A panel of Operation Warp Speed (OWS) officials met in Washington, D.C. to give reporters an update on the vaccine. They are Army General Gustave F. Perna, chief operations officer for Operation Warp Speed; Health and Human Services Secretary Alex M. Azar II; and Dr. Moncef Slaoui, chief advisor for OWS.”

License Plates Tracked with ALPRs in Buffalo

Reader Bob. H. spotted this: You’re Being Recorded: Millions of license plates tracked with automatic plate readers in Buffalo

Jupiter, Saturn Will Briefly Look Like a Double Planet

And lastly, blog reader C.B.  suggested this article: In December, Jupiter, Saturn will look like double planet for first time since the Middle Ages.

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  1. “We’re going to take a whole-of-America approach,” Perna said, adding that it’s the collective group that will make this successful. Distribution of the vaccine will be based on fair and equitable availability of the vaccine pro rata to the population, he noted.
    I read the article on Defense News twice. Nowhere does it state that all Americans will be forced to take the vaccine. The article also does not say all Americans will receive it within 24 hours of being approved. Read people. Don’t fall for the psyops!

      1. We have been tracking this news closely… Our understanding is that it will first be issued to healthcare providers in hospital settings. For those who are willing to take the vaccine, this is probably the wisest strategy since the hospital environment is, by its very nature, more likely to see exposure and transmission.

        Any thoughts on this product as a preventative or therapeutic? Saw this referenced in the news as well, and wondering if anyone has insights.

      2. I am not a vax perfessional, I have no idea of the contents of some hypodermic needle.
        And yet, I notice I harbor some residual doubts about Operation Warped Anything.

        Any time the government agents say anything, I automatically reverse their words… and the bureaucrats do the same:
        * “According to the latest bureaucrat press-release contradicting that other bureaucrat press-release…”
        Despite the MainStreamMedia drama, I am pretty sure eight billion folks will live tomorrow much as they did yesterday.

        According to that same MainStreamMedia:
        * 2016, the American election was a fraud because Russians because Orange Man Bad.
        * 2020, the American elections was not a fraud because pelosi/harris because Orange Man Bad.

        Irregardless, I believe my vax invitation got lost in the mail.
        Or one of the dogs ate it.
        Or I mistakenly used it to fire the kindling.
        No idea. [investigatively pats pockets to no avail]
        Who else got a chuckle from “…fair and equitable…”?

  2. I can tell you there are quite a few people in this corner of the country that will not be getting jabbed. There is a great deal of resistance to mandatory vaccination against the Kung Flu, especially among parents with school aged children.

  3. After Biden and the democommunists are sworn in, I look for China to invade Taiwan within a couple of months and Biden/Harris will do nothing to stop China or help Taiwan except give a little lip service.

    1. don’t forget Israel – they have had numerous meetings specific to the post-Trump Middle East <<< something they hadn't counted on for the next dozen years ….

      Plenty of prayers coming out of Israel for an eventual Trump victory over the Darkside – they barely survived Obammy & Company ….

    2. Not so fast! Sidney Powell filed suits in both Georgia and Michigan…

      This link from Todd Starnes is a quick read and includes some quoted language from the filing. In addition to referencing the alleged “water leak” in Fulton County, Georgia, Powell includes evidence of serious problems that occurred in Forsyth, Paulding, Cherokee, Hall and Barrow counties as well.

      There is additional news of progress related to Lin Wood’s suit. This link goes to The Epoch Times, but there are other links which are accessible without a pay-wall.

      Good news was also coming from Nevada. This from the Washington Examiner.

      …and there was lots of informative news from the Pennsylvania hearing as well.

      No matter how hard they try, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the mainstream media to avoid the facts. Those who have been charged with the responsibility of protecting and preserving the Constitution, and whose duties include election integrity, MUST investigate fully, completely, and honestly. It will not be sufficient to prevent election fraud from occurring in the future. The 2020 election must be made right — meaning true and correct, and reflecting all legal ballots and excluding those ballots illegally cast.

  4. There have been no “violations of Taiwanese airspace”. Air Defense Identification Zones have no legal standing, and aircraft of all nations, including the US, regularly enter the ADIZ of other nations without requesting permission. The same applies to freedom of the seas transits through similarly designated but equally legally invalid bodies of water. The US has just done this off the coast of Russia.
    So, why have them? Well, ADIZ are a rough idea of the airspace where interception by fighters may be expected in Transition To War or War scenarios, as they represent areas where standoff missile-carrying aircraft need to get to to launch on the home country..or at least they did with Cold War-era standoff missiles. They are useful in peacetime for regular readiness training of the defensive air forces. Which involves a bunch of guys sitting around on Alert, watching ‘The Blues Brothers’ on video for the third time that day, and occasionally being scrambled by HQ just to see if they can get airborne in 10 minutes. Which I have spent a thousand hours doing…yawn 😉
    So, why be bothered that the Chinese or other aircraft are in them? Don’t be. All sides know very well how good the others are at penetrating or intercepting. If you really want to know whether war is imminent, the best indicator (as JWR knows) is whether the potential aggressor’s submarines have all put to sea. The next best indicator is a major army or combined forces exercise, as this provides excellent cover for the logistics necessary to prepare for war. Call an exercise; arm, fuel and supply for that exercise; use minimal logistics on the exercise; then launch a real attack at or just before the end of the exercise.
    So, know you know.

    1. The problem is that Taiwan, like most nations, feels the need to respond to ADIZ incursions by scrambling fighters to intercept and escort. The Taiwanese Air Force is much smaller than the Chinese, so they are getting ground down by attrition from the increase in incursions. They’ve had several fatal crashes the last few months…China’s winning the air war without firing a shot.

      1. I’m also a former flight safety officer.
        The two recent Taiwanese fatals were on routine training missions, not ADIZ interceptions. The F-5E accident in October is being tentatively put down to engine failure. This month’s F-16 accident cause is as yet unknown. Fighter ops over water at night are inherently more dangerous than normal ops (as I can tell you from personal experience, as spatial disorientation is more likely). With small air forces, accidents can come in clusters through simple statistical variation. So, as yet, I wouldn’t put the Taiwanese losses down to anything other than the normal risks of air force operations.
        The Chinese do not discuss PLAAF accidents with the media, but they have also suffered several recent fatals which were independently observed since they happened near populated areas. In general, I would expect the Chinese to be suffering a higher rate of attrition than Taiwan due to low currency for pilots and (more) corruption within the support network.
        It’s a risky business for everybody. China are probably losing proportionately more, but they have more they can afford to lose. I wouldn’t get concerned about Taiwan’s losses unless they lose a couple more by Springtime.
        And as OneGuy says, surprise is important. In fact Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition sketch is exactly right – Surprise, Fear, and Ruthless Efficiency are the main weapons!

    2. In war of any kind, there is no strategy that is superior to surprise. Diversion/deception is runner up for second. Both of these strategies are the best hint of something bad about to happen. But by their nature (surprise and deception) they are difficult to identify prior to them being used effectively. The Chinese will, one day, invade Taiwan, but when they do there will be no warning and they will succeed within 24 hours and actually be occupying it by the time we fully realize that they have done it. Once done it will be harder to undo than a stolen election.

  5. From the Wall Street Journal: “Supreme Court Blocks Covid-19 Restrictions on Religious Services in New York”

    Justice Gorshuch is quoted: “It is time—past time—to make plain that, while the pandemic poses many grave challenges, there is no world in which the Constitution tolerates color-coded executive edicts that reopen liquor stores and bike shops but shutter churches, synagogues, and mosques,” he wrote.”

    1. I myself think it is not good to cheer the Supreme Court’s overreach even when you like the result.

      New York City and its surrounding suburbs have a Covid Death Rate of 200 to 300 deaths per 100,000 population. For comparison, places in the USA with some of our highest murder rates have 50 homicides per 100,000. While I despise Cuomo, I think he is right to try to halt the deaths.

      More importantly, how is it that 9 unelected judges with lifetime appointments — who could probably not pass a Biology exam if you held a gun to their heads — get to overrule the public health authorities?

      It has been the rule for centuries that government officials have strong powers in deadly pandemics — Typhoid Mary was imprisoned on an island for years after she killed people by disobeying quarantine orders.

      Look at the irresponsible wedding that the Supreme Court is endorsing:

      And consider how Covid has been spread across the USA by New Yorkers fleeing the NYC Death Trap.

      Again, why should 328 million Americans be controlled and ruled by 9 unelected judges with lifetime sinecure?

        1. Dunn – I only read the quote above so I don’t know if Justice Gorsuch said more than that, but he doesn’t seem to be saying that you can’t have restrictions, just that they must be fair. Note that he refers to liquor stores being open and churches being closed.

          1. If you had 7000 drunken bicyclists dancing and singing in front of a liquor store, I think the health authorities would break that group up as well.

            The liquor stores here limit the number of customers inside and maintain the 6 foot separation –with people lined up outside if needed.

            Republican Chief Justice Roberts sided with Cuomo against Gorsuch and criticized Gorsuch’s reasoning. Roberts has generally opposed the federal government interfering with the powers of local and state governments and the Court moving into politics.

            I realize that we hope the Supreme Court will block Biden’s gun control measures —but our rights are safer by convincing 60%
            of the voters to support us and not depend on the whims of 9 unaccountable judges.

            Plus this questionable ruling gives ammunition to Democrats wanting to stack the Court with additional judges to overcome the Barnett appointment. Especially if the Covid deaths soar and the vaccines are ineffective or found to have bad side effects.

          2. I think it’s important for us all to trace back to see if we can identify a fully legitimate source of law from which these “orders” can draw their power or enforceability.
            My limited study of this is that most of them make use of various “public health orders”. Tracing back those public health orders often leads to shaky foundations.
            I encourage everyone to ask early and often – on what grounds are these decrees being made. While thinking about this, and researching it, remember that what is not defined in the Constitution is left to the States – but no State may make a law that is contrary to the Constitution. Freedom of assembly comes to mind….
            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

            “The People”, our People, the body politic of our great nation has seemed to have just accepted that governing bodies of all types can make whatever laws they want…. I am not convinced this is true. I welcome education on this – and discussion.

      1. I agree with you about the need to prevent as much suffering and loss of life as possible with regard to COVID-19. I have been an outspoken advocate of teaching good health practices, and the use of appropriately protective masks (N-95) and more. I honestly believe we can tackle the virus and simultaneously protect the liberties preserved for us in the Constitution and granted by God Himself. The reality is this: the government measures have not been effective in and of themselves (and have been sliding down the slippery slope of tyrrany). Our best efforts will be directed to individual education and encouraging personal responsibility.

      2. Don,

        While I agree with you on some issues, I do not on this one.

        “More importantly, how is it that 9 unelected judges with lifetime appointments who could probably not pass a Biology exam if you held a gun to their heads get to overrule the public health authorities?”

        “How is it that…” Because the enumerated Rights in the Bill of Rights says so, and there is no wording following those Enumerated rights that say “unless…(happens)”. God given Rights which are not granted by the Constitution, BUT protected by the Constitution do not cease to exist during “Special” circumstances, nor should they. Otherwise, someone would always find a “Special Circumstance” as a convenient excuse to Suspend our Rights.

        Furthermore, Executive Orders and Edicts do not supercede existing Statutes, let alone Constitutional Law. Our country has gone too far with these E.O.’s at all levels. Mayors, and Governors should not, and can not rule by edict. They are Executives, not legislators, and certainly not Justices.

        Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here on SB!

        As always, hoping we all…
        Seymour Liberty

      3. First – the supreme court decision against Cuomo is not overreach. The first amendment prohibits the government from restricting the free exercise of religion. It is also the way Cuomo mandates, nonessential businesses such as liquor stores are fine but churches are allowed only 25% of occupancy or 10 people whichever is less. So no matter how big your church only 10 people. I go to a very small church and we can easily for at least 25 while still following CDC guidelines.
        Second – Cuomo has actively promoted liberal ideologies, blm protests, Biden “victory” celebrations and etc. If it fits his ideology, you’re golden, if not he will do everything in his power to stop you. Until this decision, his power was pretty much limitless because our state legislature and judges have done nothing to stop him.

      4. So, Don Williams you want safety over freedom. It’s ok to violate the US Constitution as long as you agree with the violation!!! That is what I’m hearing from your statement.

      5. I would not have a problem with our local, state or federal government implementing reasonable restrictions in the event of a crisis. Reasonable implies that they work AND perhaps most importantly that they are temporary, i.e. a week or two. At this point it is clear that these restrictions don’t work. If they did then back in April the problem would have been fixed, it isn’t fixed, the shutdowns, masks and distancing doesn’t fix anything. It is more about the appearance of politicians doing something.

        In a constitutional country the politicians are required to follow the constitution. There is no right in the constitution to limit travel or gathering or weddings or shopping or eating at restaurants. We, the people are willing to go along with good faith efforts to fix a serious problem but not willing to give up our rights when nothing gets fixed.

        This is a virus, it doesn’t listen to politicians it jumps from person to person and infects them without regard to if you are at a wedding or 6 feet away or wearing the useless masks.

        What happens if 6 months or a year from now we still have people getting Covid? Do we continue to lockdown, wear masks and stay 6 feet apart? What if covid is here to stay? Do we do these useless things forever?

      6. @DonWilliams- You have it exactly backwards- the Supreme Court did not overreach in correcting Gov.Dracula for his Covid regulations- they merely stopped an elected official from restricting one group while exempting other groups from the same rule. Governor Dracula was overstepping his authority and trying to be the Emperor of the Empire State.

      7. The Supreme Court did not over rule public health officials, the Constitution did. The US Constitution is the supreme law of the land and can not be over ruled or set aside by some unelected bueraucrat. If we are to be free men we must be able to make choices regarding our health. As we have seen, the public health “experts” have gotten it wrong time after time.

        1. Obviously I disagree with you guys. One concern I have is that the more widespread the virus becomes the greater risk that it will mutate into a more lethal form — see my comment below re Denmark Minks being culled due to a Covid mutation showing up in them.

          The Freedom issue is offset by the deaths caused by this virus and by the longstanding power of government to impose quarantines in lethal pandemics.

          Again, my argument is that people with 10+ years medical training are more competent to make those decisions/tradeoffs than are judges who are incompetent and largely ignorant of medicine.

          The question of whether liquor is essential is interesting. I suspect a lot of the Catholic priests challenging Cuomo would be unhappy to see the liquor stores closed — and a lot of police would prefer that the urban populations be sedated in this period.

          Finally, Justice Gorsuch’s sneers at bicycle shops in New York City is misplaced from a survivalist viewpoint. Taking NYC’s subway back in April was obviously dangerous — yet many New Yorkers do not own cars because the streets can’t accommodate more than a fraction of the population driving.

          With public transport being dangerous, a bicycle is a good way of getting around the city ( grocery story, pharmacy, commuting to work,etc.) Rural dwellers might not appreciate the essential value of bicycles in urban areas in such conditions.

          1. Don Williams,

            Do you know what Revelation 13, 14 and 19 say? The Vaccine isn’t for your health. It is for depopulation. Furthermore it is to mark the populace with nanotechnology and tracing abilities. Thirdly, without said vaccine and Proof that you have had it, (Luciferase — look it up), yu will not be able to buy or sell, get money from the bank, or fly/travel. See this new article published in Arutz Sheva (7) and look at Mark Cernovich’s comment. This is where this Vaccine and its mark are going. It is the Mark of the Beast. You will see this is in Israel, not here in the USA. What happens in Israel and China, will also come here!


            The vaccine and it’s biocertificate proof of vaccination are looking an awful lot like John’s Revelation of the mark of the Beast. As a Christian, I believe the WORD of GOD. I will treat this as the Mark of the Beast that John is talking about and will refuse it. This is what our preparation was for. To be able to eat and live outside of the Beast System when it’s fully implemented. It’s way past time to stock up and get ready. Probably only a few weeks to get ready, remain. Pray!

          2. @Avalanche Lily
            1) I will look into what you say and I appreciate your kindness in warning me of what you consider a threat.

            2) But there are other possibilities for the Mark of the Beast. There are massive computer systems to id/surveil/control and enslave us and the Mark they use is our Social Security Number — tied with the computer numbers for our email name, Vehicle License plates, Drivers license , Credit card number, etc.

            The Founding Fathers created this nation with many years of political organizing via the secret Committees of Correspondence before issuing the Declaration of Independence. But it would be very hard to operate such Committees today. Everyone receiving your mail, email and phone calls is recorded. Everything you buy online is recorded. When you drive pass hidden video cameras, you are recorded.

            Maybe the Beast lives in Utah:



            Maybe it is not yet conscious –but will become so as the artificial intelligence software to scan that massive flow of data is created. A Beast whose gaze will never sleep.

  6. 1) Something re China that our News Media refuses to mention , for some reason:

    a) New Zealand, with only 4 million people, claims 4 million sq kilometers of Exclusive Economic Zone over the oceans seabed,

    b) Australia, with only 20 million people, claims 9 million sq km of EEZ seabed

    c) Canada, with 38 million people claims 5.6 million sq km of EEZ

    d) Great Britain, with 60 million people , claims 8.9 million sq km of EEZ

    e) France , with 67 million people , has the largest EEZ — 11.7 million sq km

    f) USA, with 328 million people, claims 11.4 million sq km

    g) China, with 1.4 BILLION people, is only given a paltry 0.9 million sq km of EEZ

    2) As land resources are depleted, these ocean EEZs will be vital in the coming century — US defense contractor Lockheed Martin is already looking at mining in the Realm of New Zealand:

    3) How can it be considered fair that 460 million people of the English speaking nations can claim 39 million sq km of seabed while China’s 1.4 BILLION people are only given 0.9 million sq km. Why should France, with only 67 million people get 11.7 million sq km?

    4) Why is the US and UK news media covering this up?

    How does it benefit the American People to support this deeply unfair allocation of the ocean seabed — the common heritage of all mankind — if it may lead to a nuclear war in the future?

    5) And if the News Media is concealing this from us then what else is it hiding? AKA Lying by Omission. Re Obama and Joe Biden’s 2014 coup in Ukraine, search Wikipedia for “Transcaspian Gas Pipeline” in case you are wondering why Ukraine’s oligarchs gave $3 million to Biden’s incompetent son Hunter.

    1. The reason China has less of an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) than some other nations is because EEZ is not measured by population. It is measured by coastline.
      EEZ is defined as a zone by the territorial sea that a costal nation may claim that does not exceed 200 nautical miles from the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial sea is measured. Nations can do certain things that are outlined in UNCLOS (Part V) with their EEZ.
      My figures are from the 2019-2020 CIA World Fact Book. It says that China’s coastline is 14,500 km and that it claims 200 nm as an EEZ. It also says that New Zealand’s coastline is 15,134 km and its EEZ is 200 nm. I’m not quite sure how your figures would work out then, but it still doesn’t matter how big a country’s population is in determining EEZ. For example, Bolivia has a far larger population than New Zealand, but it doesn’t even have an EEZ because it doesn’t have a coastline.
      I’m sorry, but don’t think your conclusion quite pans out. The distribution is considered fair due to the fact that EEZ is determined by coastline and population doesn’t figure into the equation.

      1. For many centuries, a nation’s claim over the ocean only extended 3 miles out from its coastline. And that was largely for control over ships on the surface.

        There was no justification for extending it 200 miles out. Nor was there any justification for only letting nations with coastlines claim the seabed and not giving landlocked nations any share in the fruits.

        China’s EEZ is severely limited by the competing claims of offshore countries — Japan,etc.

        I do not think China will accept the current Law of the Sea in the future as China grows in power. And I think she will be able to enlist the aid of many landlocked nations to scrap the Law.

        As an American, I have no particular affection for China. What I am fed up with is greedy interests dragging us into disasters and wars that add $Trillions to the federal debt and enrich only a few while dumping massive poverty onto the many. Even if the conflicts are rationalized with deceit by huge News Corporations and highly paid lawyers/politicians.

        1. Don,
          Your comment from 4 hours ago:

          “If you had 7000 drunken bicyclists dancing and singing in front of a liquor store, I think the health authorities would break that group up as well.”
          My guess is the police would break it up if the Mayor allowed it, NOT the Health authorities. Bureaucrats don’t dirty their hands with such things.

          “Republican Chief Justice Roberts sided with Cuomo against Gorsuch and criticized Gorsuch’s reasoning. Roberts has generally opposed the federal government interfering with the powers of local and state governments and the Court moving into politics.” Roberts was appointed by a GOP President but there is no evidence Roberts is or ever was a Republican and certainly not a conservative or an Originalist. He usually sides with the Liberal Justices.

          “I realize that we hope the Supreme Court will block Biden’s gun control measures —but our rights are safer by convincing 60%
          of the voters to support us and not depend on the whims of 9 unaccountable judges.” True but that is unlikely, and that ship, at least presently has sailed. You ride the horse you have, not the one you wish you have.

          “Plus this questionable ruling gives ammunition to Democrats wanting to stack the Court with additional judges to overcome the Barnett appointment. Especially if the Covid deaths soar and the vaccines are ineffective or found to have bad side effects.” I don’t find defending the free exercise of one’s Religion to be a questionable decision. The Demon-crats have stated they want to pack the courts for years, before this decision, so I don’t think this decision changes anything or creates any more incentive to pack the court.

          As always, hoping you…
          Seymour Liberty

  7. Operation Warp Speed: Everyone Jabbed Within 24 Hours,

    Rainbow Six is a techno-thriller novel, written by Tom Clancy and released on August 3, 1998.

    From the Plot summary, “From within the Olympics security apparatus, Henriksen plans to launch a sophisticated bioweapon attack using nanocapsules containing the Shiva virus, a strengthened form of the Ebola virus that had been used by Iran in its biological attack on the U.S. (in Executive Orders). The resulting epidemic would kill millions, but then Brightling’s company would distribute a “vaccine” that actually contains a slow-acting version of the virus itself, which would kill or overwhelm nearly all of the rest of the world’s population. The “chosen few”, having been provided with the real vaccine, would then inherit the emptied world, justifying to themselves mass murder as “saving the world” from humanity.”

    A lot of realistic parallels here, a Chinese festival distributes the virus worldwide, and now they want to inject everybody in one day… I wonder if there is one vaccine for the elites, and one for everyone else…

  8. In these times, a study of Esther is especially important.

    A most excellent letter to President Trump…

    From the letter: “Esther 4:13,14 ESV version The past four years have been tough on you Mr. President. In hindsight, it seems the Lord was preparing you, just like Queen Esther, “for such a time as this.”

    …and this from the creator of Dilbert. I say let the MEME-ing begin!

    From the post at Citizen Free Prese: “Sidney Powell released the Kraken and now the Democrat’s dishonest narrative is crackin’.”

    1. T of A,
      Thank you for posting these timely articles! Joe Hoft (& Jim) are excellent writers and the subject couldn’t be more on point! I was just referencing the Book of Esther last week, which is in my mind, very appropriate for the environment we find ourselves.

      Happy Thanksgiving! And…

      As always, hoping you and yours…
      Seymour Liberty

  9. There’s plenty of information about people needing vitamins to be healthy. … A healthy diet and lifestyle should lead to sufficient vitamins.
    [Personally, I think our modern diet with modern food growing techniques and processing has reduced the amount of fresh complete vitamins in our food.]

    Plenty of exposure to Sunshine will lead to the production of Vitamin D. With old people locked away in rest homes, they might NOT have received sufficient vitamins. Anyhoo = The Research goes on:
    “Vitamin D and survival in COVID-19 patients: A quasi-experimental study”

    Vitamin D may be a central biological determinant of COVID-19 outcomes. The objective of this quasi-experimental study was to determine whether bolus vitamin D3 supplementation taken during or just before COVID-19 was effective in improving survival among frail elderly nursing-home residents with COVID-19. Sixty-six residents with COVID-19 from a French nursing-home were included in this quasi-experimental study.

    In conclusion, we were able to report among frail elderly residents that bolus vitamin D3 supplementation taken during or just before COVID-19 was associated with less severe COVID-19 and better survival rate. No other treatment showed protective effect.

    [From ncbi.nlm.nih Nov 2020 from Oct 13, 2020 on line]
    Study finds over 80 percent of COVID-19 patients have vitamin D deficiency.
    [From endocrine(dot)org October 27, 2020]
    There are numerous articles about Vitamins on SurvivalBlog. Plus, Amazon has Vitamins for sale, and SurvivalBlog says this about Amazon: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
    Check to see what’s what with Amazon. Some people are helped by Vitamin supplements. For others it might be a waste of money.

    [My thoughts, = Remember, Not all of us are swinging through the trees in the bright sunlight, eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with healthy animal flesh protein. … If Vitamin C helps livestock, it might help me. I’m fatter than Porky Pig.]

    1. Regardless on where one lands on COVID regarding vaccines, politics, masks, etc. I think one thing is irrefutable and another at least safe.

      1. If you get in shape you are better off. Irrefutable from the comorbidity data.

      2. Vitamins, looks like D and B, seem to offer a fair amount of protection. Even if not true, still pretty safe.

      So of course many people are sitting at home in the dark getting fatter. I think it wise to fight that.

  10. May you all have a great Thanksgiving day remembrance.

    Re: Lockdowns, Sniffy Joe ordered or military enforced. I will consider it BUT, I’m really not much of one to accept unreasonable or unlawful orders from anyone, let alone wanna-be communist dictators. My old knees just won’t allow me to goosestep or grovel.

  11. I’m not sure why the Buffalo story about license plate readers makes it sound like it’s such a Big scoop. These things have been around for 15 years at least….

    1. Also you have no Constitutional right to privacy in a public place. Anyone including the .gov can photograph you and your license plate, but guess what you can do the exact same thing to them!!! It’s call the 1st Amendment.

  12. The Joaquin Flores article was so insightful that I spent the last 2 hours pouring over 4 more of his essays. Here’s a sample from the referenced piece:

    “This means that the ideology of the ruling class is tremendously important. Unlike revolutionary republican and bolshevist conceptions of power and change which share an insurrectionist presumption premised in the liberatory age of guns and books (which made the ‘political soldier’ a possibility), we have increasingly entered a zenith point in social-control technologies wherein the likelihood of a controlled group winning a contest for power against the controlling group approaches zero, if we imagine this as a contest between armed groups wherein the military acts not in the interests of their extended families, but in the interests of those writing the checks.”

    The result of the stolen election means that we are now the “controlled group”. Patriots will need to embrace the concept of ‘political soldier’. Mao’s book On Guerrilla Warfare can be adapted by those wishing to defend Constitutional Republicanism. We are now in stage 1; we must organize, educate, persuade, and indoctrinate. Our biggest disadvantage vis a vis the Left is that they are organized and we are not.

    1. Real interesting and real factual. If we end up “existing” under the Marxist rule of China Joe and Kommie Harris (granddaughter of real slave owners), will that make us Freedom Fighters? Probably.
      While on that subject, why not think about short and handy single action bolt or break open handguns. The Remington XP-100 and Contender are but a couple. After all, each of us probably started off with that type weapon.
      I’m not talking about rapid fire here, but extreme accuracy at a distance. Especially with a scope. As good as a high percentage of rifles. Easy to carry, even under a jacket, etc., and with Contender a wide choice of calibers. Buy extra barrels.
      I’ve hunted small game, coyotes, fox and deer with these.
      What if The Party does take some of our guns. The single shots may not be confiscated or taxed? And if you own several different barrels/calibers (Contender) you’re more likely to be able to locate ammo.
      Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
      Semper Fi.

  13. Talking to relatives by phone this day, and family in MO tells me of a group which was meeting often at rural home and business locations quite a few years ago to discuss high taxes, elections, etc.
    As the group grew in numbers, they began flying US flag upside down, passed out flyers.
    More new members joined, including several undercover MO State Troopers. Within a couple years the main founders were prosecuted, and one or two were actually sentenced to state prison.
    What was said/done not recalled at this time but it was a very liberal county, and political hate was extreme at prosecuting attorney and county judges offices, as well as sheriff’s department.
    Be careful what you say to…
    Stay under the wire. Be a grey man as this blog recommends.
    Semper Fi

    1. An illustrative, cautionary tail. Point taken. Mao’s war against the Nationalists, and later against the Japanese occupiers, was conducted originally from a very remote secure location. Another good reason to move to the Redoubt

  14. Observations from a healthcare provider:
    Number of rona deaths soared mostly on the coasts January to April or so. NY had 800-1000 deaths per day mentioned around this time. Then early summer we were talking about the bump in deaths for places like Florida and Texas. Now we see hospitalizations up mostly in flyover country. My observation is that it is burning through the population regardless, lockdowns just slow down how long it takes before it subsides. Look back at NY–rona deaths are double digits a day now. Not great, but in the big picture–much better. They have to hurry up with this vaccine before this D614G mutation WANES ON ITS OWN due to herd immunity. I see all kinds of fingerprints of greed and control.
    If SARSCOV1 patients from 2003 express T cell immunity still in 2020, there’s a great likelihood the same applies to COV2. So those who have gotten the D614G version of rona in this country–I seriously doubt they will be “reinfected”. Since the D614G mutation became the main mutation we’ve had here since March/April, I haven’t found any published cases of reinfection after that time. And the few reports of “reinfection” that occurred could be attributed to getting the original Wuhan and then after April or so, the D614G mutation.
    TPTB have stigmatized the drugs that can be given early in the course, calling them dangerous, or whatever. Meanwhile they are being used early in the course with good result in multiple countries–just not here. These countries have also published studies showing their efficacy–our country–MSM–crickets.
    So, we are “nudged” to vaccines. Frontrunners are mRNA vaccines. Never tried before. But we’re going to speed this stuff through human trials in just a few months. Who knows the long term side effects. Long-term things like cancer, infertility, susceptibility to other immune insults or autoimmune insults. Then my lovely society’s literature discusses how we need to “allay” our patients’ anxieties over their concerns about these vaccines.

    Interesting times.

    1. People talking about herd immunity and allowing the virus to spread fail to note that there is a danger that the Covid virus will mutate into something far more lethal if it spreads among hundreds of millions of hosts. Every new case is another opportunity for that mutation to occur.

      Denmark just killed 17 million minks to suppress a new covid mutation that had appeared in minks that had been infected by humans — and the mink covid mutation had infected some humans.

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