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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, a news story about some Spokane bicycle thieves. (See the Central & Eastern Washington section.)


Second grizzly bear poaching in two months reported in Idaho county

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Hundreds of steelhead to be released into the Boise River Thursday afternoon

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The tangled web gets more tangled: Police reviewing investigation into the death of Lori Vallow Daybell’s third husband


C.M. Russell Museum features new exhibits

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Montana Legislature chooses 2021 leaders; GOP flouts health protocols.

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Bakken bummer: Oil industry still struggling with slumping prices

Central & Eastern Oregon

Two Oregon counties continue push to join Idaho. Here is a quote:

“People in two counties in rural Oregon voted to push their lawmakers to consider moving their communities into Idaho, which they say is more representative of their political views.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports the chances of Jefferson and Union counties joining Idaho are slim as it would require votes by both Oregon and Idaho legislatures and the U.S. Congress.

Supporters have been working for several years to build momentum for shifting Oregon’s border to put some of the state’s more rural, and politically conservative, counties to Idaho.

They say that, because state politics are dominated by more populous – and more politically progressive – communities along the Interstate 5 corridor, large swaths of the state are ignored.”

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This article provides some additional details: Rural Oregon wants out of the madness. They’re actually trying to secede and join Idaho!

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Bend councilors discuss 2-week freeze amid holiday — and what comes next

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Resident breaks Confederate stamp in act of protest

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Restaurants move back to takeout only again starting Nov. 18

Central & Eastern Washington

‘Martha Ruthless’ arrested for murdering man on Colville Indian Reservation. A snippet:

“George, who also goes by Martha Ruthless, is facing three charges including 2nd Degree Murder in Indian Country, Assault with a Dangerous Weapon in Indian Country, and Discharging a Firearm During and In Relation to a Crime of Violence.”

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Bike thieves strike Wheel Sport Bicycles for second week in a row. The article begins:

“One local shop with several locations around the area was the victim of not one, but two bike thefts in the last two weeks.

Wednesday night two Wheel Sport Stores on opposite sides of town have had to board up their broken windows and count their losses.

We spoke with one of the managers who says sadly, bike theft isn’t uncommon in Spokane.

There are four Wheel Sport Bicycle shops around town, from the South Hill to the Valley.

In the last two weeks half of them have been burglarized.

“It sounds like it was a smash and grab, we had a bike in the window and smashed the window and took the bike,” Manager, Jon Boyer said.

These aren’t just ordinary bikes. The bike that got stolen was a Specialized Enduro Expert, which costs nearly $4,000.

Last week, thieves made off with a bike from the shop on Division, worth more than $6,500.

With both shops sporting the same boarded up windows, both the shop owners and Spokane Police say the two incidents could be related.”

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100 years ago in Spokane: Looking for ‘chicken house’ murderer, officers instead find moonshine


Bill repealing electricity tax exemption for new wind projects advanced by committee

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Affidavit: Casper Man Stalked Woman, Placed GPS Tracker on Her Car

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Eight people apply for vacant House seat in Wyoming district

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  1. Grizzly poached in Idaho County, eh? Several years ago while up at Moose Creek, I commented to the back country ranger that it sure looked like grizzly country, she commented that there were no grizzlies in Idaho. Having lived in Wyoming for many years and working for outfitters in the Teton Wilderness, I was very familiar with the policy of the Fish and Wildlife Service of re locating problem bears. They would transport them to totally different areas without informing anyone that they would be placing problems bears in their area. This bear had a radio collar. Hmmmmmm, reminds me of what I have always known, the Feds will put problem bears into new areas, like Idaho. On another note, the bear “recovery” has been doing quite well in Wyoming, much too well.

    1. Grizzly bear populations not a problem up here in Alaska … but those pesky Polar Bears are sure ornery … wish Idaho would take a few of those. Everytime we stop in Deadhorse one does the work outside the plane, the other does guard duty on the Polar Bears …

  2. Regarding the WY State house seat vacancy article: I noticed that it had been vacated by the previous man’s death from covid, then saw that two other Republican legislators had also had covid. No mention of any infected Democrats. I have noticed lately that if a Republican gets infected, it makes the national news, but I have yet to hear of a single Democrat lawmaker who was stricken with covid. Is it my imagination, or is this virus actually a smartvirus?

  3. @ BinWay, you might have a point there. Remember when all rioting took place a while back, nobody in the rioters got sick from covid. Just the people who wanted to go to church and spend time with their families got sick and made national news. So yeah, I would tend to agree with you that this virus is really a smart virus.

  4. I vote for ostracizing “Environmentalists” who seem to meddle in everything from straws and plastic bags to forest maintenance or lack there of, to Grizzly Bears. Their “earnest” desires to protect the earth are misguided and cause more damage in the long run.

  5. I recently read the Feds are introducing Grey Wolves to Colorado. Seems to be a real bad idea. These wolves they continue to “reintroduce” to certain areas were never there in the first place. These are much larger wolves that originated in Canada?
    I have relatives in MO who have told me the Feds and/or State have been releasing black bears in counties very close to St. Louis. Also at least one case of a collared Grey Wolf being shot by a hunter. Another wolf incident involves a pair released in north eastern MO resulting in dead livestock. The livestock owner reportedly killed one of the pair. He was told by LE this was a very large coyote, and carcass was taken.
    I’m thinking about this being our last “free” Thanksgiving, and our last “free” Christmas coming up.
    I just recently joined this blog and it’s great to read about people who know what they are doing. A lot of country folks.
    God Bless all and have a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Semper Fi

  6. When we turned on the Apple I Pad this morning all of Prepper website had been deleted from the favorites page. I mean all of them! It’s a pain in **s to Google or Bing every site
    every time. Ok. Two can play that game.

  7. Glad to see you’ve linked to Not The Bee! I really enjoy that site despite all the snark (okay, BECAUSE OF all the snark) and it’s actually completely surpassed fox news on my most-visited sites. Sad but not surprising; signs of the times for a start-up sister to a satire site, rather than a MSM….

  8. Americans spent over one hundred years in the domesticating of the western states for Comercial use. And now the government has decided to return wolves and grizzlies to the landscape.
    The state of California had a grizzly bear on their flag because there were grizzlies all over California, let’s see a large release of grizzlies out there and see how they like it.

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