Taurus G2C and G2S, by Pat Cascio

A quick test: Who is the largest maker of handguns in the free world? Nope, you’re wrong if you guessed anyone except Taurus Firearms. Most people would have probably guessed Ruger, Smith & Wesson, SIG-Sauer, or take your pick. However, Taurus produces more handguns than any other gun company in the world. Then we have the gun buyers who complain that Taurus doesn’t produce good or reliable firearms – and they would be wrong, once again. Look, every gun maker, no matter how good of a company they are, has some “lemons” sneak out the door – it just happens from time-to-time. Truth be told, Taurus has about a 1-to-1.5% return rate on their guns for some reason – and that is pretty low. Many other gun makers have a return rate a bit higher than that. However, when you are manufacturing so many firearms, it would “appear” that you are shipping out a lot of “bad” guns – when the truth be told, you’re doing better than most gun makers. I don’t know if Taurus test-fires each and every gun they ship out – but even if they did, if a gun goes bang when you pull the trigger a couple times, doesn’t mean it will go bang when it comes into your hands – it just happens!

Very Slow Customer Service

At one time Taurus had one of the best Customer Service departments in the gun industry. Sad to report, that isn’t the case any longer: Presently their customer service reputation is one of the worst. Taurus USA is blaming it on their 2019 move from Miami, Florida to Bainbridge, Georgia. (Bainbridge is near the Georgis-Florida state line.) Well, that could explain a slow down in some respects. However, when you send in a firearm for warranty service – and Taurus, warranties their guns for life – you would expect a turnaround of a couple weeks. But Taurus now has a four-month to six-month turnaround. Yes, you read that right, and they admit that is too long, and are working to resolve this issue. My local gun shop has had a Taurus handgun for a year now, waiting on parts – that’s no way to do business. Recently, I purchased a Taurus G3, and it is an outstanding 9mm pistol – that I will put up against any similar pistol – it is “that” good. It comes with one 15-round flush-fitting mag, and one slightly extended 17-round mag. I elected to get another 17-round mag direct from Taurus – well, eight-weeks later, and four snail-mails and two e-mails and two phone calls to Taurus and I finally got the spare magazine – shouldn’t be that way – period! In the future, I’ll order Taurus magazines from a dealer online.

The Compact G2C

I own a few of the G2C models from Taurus, and the “C” stands for Compact – and it is a compact 12-round 9mm pistol, that only weighs in at 22-ounces. The magazine is a double stack design. My wife carries a G2C in a hidden compartment in her purse. That is her usual daily carry gun. She switches off to her SIG Sauer P365 every now and then but loves her G2C and she can hit what she’s aiming at with it. Her G2C has proven 100% reliable with all kinds of ammo – as have my own samples. The G2C is 1.20-inches wide and 5.10-inch tall, and the barrel is 3.2-inches long. The front sight is fixed, and the rear adjustable for windage and elevation. And, I’ve found that I always have to adjust the rear sight upward – or it shoots too low for me – on all of my Taurus pistols with adjustable rear sights. The G2C is a striker-fired pistol, and comes in a wide variety of frame colors – and the slide can be had in a couple of different colors.

S For Slim

Moving along to the G2S — and the “S” stands for “Slim” — this one only holds 7-rounds in a single-stack magazine. It is only ever so slightly thinner or slimmer than the G2C model – it is 1.10-inches wide, and all the rest of the specs on the same, except it only weighs 20-ounces – not enough difference that you could really tell when holding the guns side-by-side.

Both the G2C and G2S have a manual safety on the left side, as well as a trigger safety, and a loaded chamber indicator on the top of the slide at the rear of the chamber. Both the G2C and G2S have a re-strike ability, should you pull the trigger and the gun goes “click” instead of “bang.” I like this. I should mention that most striker-fired pistols don’t have this feature. However, I was trained by one of the best firearms instructors in the world, John Farnam. In his training, you are taught to simply eject the round that didn’t go bang, and chamber a new round – so that’s what I do – not that I’ve had this problem with either the G2C or G2S. The guns have always gone “bang” when the trigger is pulled. It is a long, slightly-heavy trigger pull, if your round didn’t fire and you pull the trigger for a second time.

The single-action trigger pull is a real delight – very nice pull – a lot of take-up, but the trigger pull is sweet! The grip frame has a slightly coarse feeling in several areas – these “pads” are placed exactly where needed, for a sure grip on the gun in all weather conditions – a very nice touch, and I wish more gun makers would do the same…checkering isn’t nearly as good as this coarse feeling on the G2C and G3S.

My Preference

Now, I much prefer the G2C over the G2S. However, I got into the G2S for such a low price, I felt as if I were stealing the gun. For a lot of years, we carried handguns with 5, 6, 7, or 8 rounds and didn’t feel handicapped at all. So, with a 7-round mag in the gun and 1 round in the chamber, I’d feel well-armed except under the most extreme deadly situations – and I always carry a spare magazine on my off-side. Still, the G2S isn’t carried at all – it is a fun shooting gun, no doubt about that, and it is kept in reserve should I need to arm a trusted friend when I’m in my vehicle. I enjoy shooting the G2C more than the G2S – as does my wife as well, the slightly thicker grip on the G2C helps reduce felt recoil – a lot, compared the slimmer grip on the G2S. Still, this was such a deal on the G2S, I couldn’t pass it up, and it is a very nice gun.

In the accompanying photo, the G2C magazine is on the left, and the G2S magazine is on the right. Now, as already mentioned, I have several of the G2C models. However, I only formally tested my most recent purchase, along with the slightly used – ever so slightly used – G2S model. Between myself and my wife – no volunteer testers because of the Wu Flu virus – we fired 500 rounds of 9mm ammunition. From Black Hills Ammunition, we had the following ammo: 115-gr FMJ, 115-gr JHP, 124-gr JHP, 115-gr EXP (Extra Power) hollow point, 124-gr JHP +P and the Barnes all-copper 115-gr hollow point and lastly, the 100-gr HoneyBadger +P. That is an all-copper fluted bullet – not a hollow point. We shot the G2C a little bit more than the G2S for some reason, and the magazines for both guns are easy to load – that’s a good thing.

Accuracy was done at 25-yards, and all-around stayed within 4-inches at that range – and that is “acceptable” many people say. I did manage a couple groups right at 3.5-inches and that was with the 115-gr JHP loadings – in both guns. As you can see in the photo to the left, holding the two guns next to each other, that the difference between the thickness of the grip frames appear more different than they feel. And of course, the big difference between the G2C and G2S magazines – one holds 12-rounds and the latter “only” 7-rounds. Taurus is known for producing some outstanding firearms, at very affordable prices, and there is very little difference between the price on the two guns – both retail for around $280 – but before the pandemic, you could usually find them for a lot less money than that – brand-new – and even lower prices on used samples.

If you’re in the market for another handgun, or perhaps just your first handgun, it is worth checking out the G2C and the G2S. But I’d opt for the slightly “thicker” G2C model – because if you holster it on your hip, you won’t notice any difference per se, between the two pistols and the G2C gives you 12-rounds instead of 7-rounds. That, along with the lower perceived recoil, would make me lean towards the slightly thicker G2C version. Either of these guns would make outstanding CCW pistols, or a nice bedside gun. Just make sure that you sufficiently test-fire and zero whatever pistol you buy, to make sure it goes “bang” with the ammo you are going to load it with.

As already mentioned, both of my samples had no functioning problems – nothing – not a hint of a problem. As I understand it, the new CEO at Taurus, is working hard to make sure that the present long waiting times to get some warranty work done or even answering the phones is more reasonable. My wife was left hanging for 45-mins listening to music when she called Taurus – trying to get a live person to talk to about the spare magazine we had ordered. I understand that with their move things could be slower, but come on, Taurus – 4-6 months for some warranty work, or 8 weeks to get a spare magazine? You can do better than that, you have in the past, so get back on the ball, and do it right.


  1. Talk about warranty work for Taurus it’s very bad – I’ll use a bow before I buy or use another Taurus firearm reason. I bought a Taurus Judge had no issues get it shiipped to local FFL dealer. Had it coat with a protective coating that Taurus informed me that it wouldnt change the warranty status. Had it coated and very small spring was lost which had to be installed by Taurus ONLY several local Taurus certified armors couldnt be allowed to get the spring. So I shipped back to Taurus waited over 8 weeks finally get a phone call from service mgr. who ID the firearm and I got his info etc. and was told after the paint was removed ship it back and Taurus would install the spring. Had the coat removed by the company and checked with Taurus about returning to get the spring. OH a big shock to me from Taurus service stated that the judge had been modified and warranty was NO more. I gave the info about the person ID etc. from Taurus who said I could return to get the spring and Taurus service mgr laugh at me. So I went to NRA convention with all my paperwork etc and stopped by Taurus booth asked to speak with the service mgr. A female from Taurus show up and said she was in charge of service etc I showed here my paperwork etc and the info I received from Taurus ( I had copies made) and she asked if she could keep them which I replied sure also by this time there were more people around questioning as to why I was complaining etc and Taurus asked me to move to different location within there booth. I replied I feel more comfortable in the open area etc. I dont know how many people were listening to my talk with service mgr. She informed me that she would check on my situation and contact me by email and or phone within 6 weeks – she never did I waited over 10 weeks and called her number from her business card I received from her. Talked with her and informed her of my situation which she had forgotten and I asked for the copies I made to be returned etc she couldnt remember speaking to me at NRA show. I politely informed her that I would not use or look at a Taurus firearm again even if I was given the chance to. That was over 7 yrs ago and I’ve been given many opportunities to touch one etc and stores and shows havent touch one since. Be cautious when purchasing any firearm if its been coated by the mfg or a finisher. I have other firearms that have been coated by a finisher with NO problems from other firearms manufacturers. I NOW have a small boat anchor from Taurus. Taurus finally returned a call to me about 6 plus months later and said they would knock off 5% of new judge if I would return the old judge to them. Taurus also told me to sell the one I had to several gun parts companies for parts if I didnt want the 5% off coupon I laughed. So for NOW you couldnt give me a Taurus for filling out the FFl forms and I would tell you NO deal I wont own a Taurus or have one in my house. Also cant use one at the local range near me either after hearing my story.

  2. I guess that I was an exception to the rule, I purchased a used PT111 that is the 1st gen of this model, and it only came with 1 mag. I called Taurus, and talked to a very nice lady. I told her my weapon only came with one mag when I purchased it. She said where can I send you another one. I gave her my address and in about a week I had a new 12 round magazine, No Charge.

  3. Taurus had issues early in 2000s with a few things. That being said, I would trust the G2 and G3 versions with my life as well. *maybe we can see a review from you on my hidden gem favorite for low-cost prepping the Canik?* of course you likely already did one and I simply missed it.

    While I carry a S&W Shield 9mm or a Glock 19 based on time of year and carry approach *concealed versus open* I own a G2C and a CanikTp9 and would and have absolutely relied on both. I also have no issue recommending them to others as defensive firearms

  4. I bought a Taurus PT111 a year or so ago, had feeding issues from the get-go, even after smoothing the ramp. Then the rear sight fell off, and I couldn’t find the screw. Took almost three months to get one from Taurus. The feeding problems remained, got worse, to the point hardball would catch under the barrel. The ramp on the barrel was obviously too short. I was never able to talk to a real person at Taurus, just emails, and they would not send me another barrel. I had to send the gun in, “We’ll get it back in short order.” Three weeks, a month, two, three, more emails, no contact at all. Finally, after 4 months, I called customer service, let the phone ring and after 40 minutes it was answered! I talked to a nice lady, explained to her that the pistol was needed, desperately, she said they couldn’t get another barrel, but she offered to send me another gun. You bet! “Okay, it will be on its way in 6-8 weeks.” Not acceptable! “I’ll try for three weeks.” The gun, a new G2c, arrived in a week!!!! It digests anything I put in it and is very accurate. Regardless, Taurus has me spooked, and while I’ll keep the G2c, I doubt I will ever buy another Taurus product. To say their customer service is poor is an under statement!

  5. Revolvers always work, right? Well I purchased one from Taurus and it locks up after about twelve shots. After hearing about the Taurus reputation, I figured that having been stupid once, meant I didn’t have to be stupid again.

  6. I’m wearing a G2C on my hip right now at work, which is a “hate group” as designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center. That means 12 rounds in pistol and another magazine with 12 more. So more than 20 rounds and I don’t know it’s there — just in case all of those online threats are actually foolish enough to show up.

  7. Taurus needs to abandon their nonsensical refusal to sell parts to gunsmiths and insisting on doing any work in-house. Replacing a lost spring should not require shipping a pistol across country and a 6 month wait. Just let us have the parts and you can keep your draconian “if you touch it, you void any/all warranties” policies.

  8. Taurus’s customer service has always been terrible. 10 years ago It took me months to get a spring for my model 87 (which is a very reliable pistol). If you have ever tried Winchester, they are even worse than Taurus. It took me two years to get a carrier for my model 94 carbine in .357 because Winchester stopped making them (the rifle was only 10 years old). The carrier that broke was cheap cast and broke after less than 250 rounds through that rifle.

  9. If you want to upgrade your G3 or G2C go to Lakeline LLC. Stainless Rod guide and spring kit+ upgraded striker spring and stainless guide sleeve+ fiber optic sight kit! All are excellent upgrades to make a good pistol, great!!!

  10. Thanks Pat for another nice review. The comments concerning Taurus customer service remind me of the funny ammo ad for”the worlds cheapest ammo. Works most of the time” with the pic of a shocked hunter face to face with a grizzly on a narrow mountain trail. Click.

  11. I made a deal with my FFL and he put in for a G3C in mid-to-late summer…
    We waited about a month, month-and-a-half. Taurus sent a G3 instead (which I love btw, and now want to get one of those). We were disappointed, but my FFL was able to sell the G3 rather quickly in this demand-heavy climate — and we waited another 4 to 6 weeks for the G3C.

    I eventually received the new G3C and have been quite happy with it since.
    It came with 3 magazines that hold at least 12 each. They had obviously test-fired it before they sent it to us (which I appreciate).
    And I’m pretty sure I can replace the sights with Glock-compatible ones.

    I have no complaints, but hope there’s no mechanical issues any time soon.
    (because of the long repair times, apparently)
    I would certainly recommend the G3C from what I know to this point.

    Next up is the Glock 19, Gen 4 and the Taurus G3.

  12. The bottom line is if the customer service is crap do not buy their product. Would you buy a car and wait for 6 month to drive it, because of warranty work that needed to be completed? I think not!!! You need tools that will work when you need them to work. Everything breaks down at some point including firearms and if you can not get spare parts for a firearm, get rid of it and buy one that you can service yourself in a pinch. This is not rocket science, it common sense!!!

  13. Hello Pat,
    I also have multiple units of the G2C- and my wife also adopted one for her EDC and put her Kahr CW40 in the safe. It is a great Get Home Bag gun that tucks away into a secret compartment my over-exuberant government employer will never find (yes, I carry on duty, but they are fiercely against non-issued firearms anywhere on the property). Another is secreted in my truck; and another is on my hip as I type this. My first was $169 from a buddy who had his FFL; of the other three we own, I never spent more than $239. Magazines are always available at Bi-Mart of all places, and they get in new guns every week or so. I checked today and found they have many G3 mags available, so perhaps you can find one or three at the Bi-Mart on Main Street down the road from your retreat property.
    I did not buy the Taurus guns because I couldn’t afford anything else; I bought them because I have yet to find any other gun that allows me to buy five quality guns for the price of one with a fancy German pedigree!
    For a duty gun I am all team S&W M&P, but these darned G2Cs seem to fit like a glove and I am very pleased with them for off duty and concealed carry.

  14. If you like the G2c, you’ll really like the G3c. What a great pistol for $235 (at Bi-Mart). Took it to the range twice so far and can’t believe how accurate and reliable it is. Could buy 2 of these and have cash left over rather than get a Glock.

  15. Purchased TX22 last spring. Barrel literally filled with lead during first range session. Took 6 months to get replacement barrel. Now it shoots fine. No reason it should have left factory with original barrel.

  16. I bought a blued Taurus 65 .357 revolver a few years ago, absolutely loved it. After a couple years the trigger pull got lighter and lighter until it was dangerous. Sent it in, they kept it 7+ months and didn’t bother to call or email when they decided to send me a new one, I checked the web site periodically was the only way i found out. They sent me the flat black model, not the blued, and it was not as accurate as the one they kept. Got rid of it.
    I should have learned from my experience with a Rossi 92 (same company) in .357. Ejector broke, sent it in, they kept it 6 months and sent me a new one because they kept it so long, which is their policy. Modified per Kiowa Nate’s instructions, I still have it and love it.
    My experience with Taurus has not been good.

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