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Please contact your U.S. senators and congressman, and urge them to stop this unconstitutional “Taking”. If we don’t speak up, we can kiss goodbye all of the four million+ arm braces now in private hands!


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Brace Yourselves!

Biden Wants to Ban Them

Pray for Court Intervention — Or at Least a Grandfather Clause


  1. Sadly I believe praying is not the only thing to do. It’s time to act. Our founding fathers and patriots prayed just so long before action was inevitable.

    It’s time to act.

    1. +1
      Down in Texas we tend to take the Gonzales approach to such big talk-
      Come and Take It.
      So far, no takers.
      It would seem they still value their life a bit more.

  2. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen! As if you’re going to comply? By all means! Pass ridiculous legislation! Then we can have our Lexington and Concord! What are you afraid of?

  3. I certainly hope that a coalition of gun rights groups, manufacturers, and current owners will assemble to take any ban on braces to court. I also think that when this goes to court we need to ask for a stay so that current owners and manufactures are protected from prosecution/persecution until the court hands the Biden/Harris administration a SCOTUS loss.

    I think the case should also name the Democratic Party as a party to the cases since it is the party that has an “anti-second Amendment” platform and funds these politicians – at the very least it will cost them some dollars defending- (a tactic out of their play book- fight fire with fire)

  4. I’m done hiding and complying. No more boating accidents. We all must stand and defy together. Non-compliance is the only way forward or else you must submit to anything and everything else they try to do.

  5. A few years back, I can’t recall the details, many Sheriffs across the country, including my local one, were publicly saying they would not enforce egregious anti 2A gun laws. It’s time to get our local sheriffs to make some public declarations in this regard concerning any Biden/Harris legislation before it even happens. Perhaps a letter to the editor would call them out and force them to make a statement one way or the other?

  6. Only way to legally take or confiscate guns it to amend the Constitution. any other act to do so is completely out of the realm of legal no matter how you look at it.

    Always Always Always remember that hey only have power and control over you if you LET them have it.
    These clowns can only take your arms if you LET them take them.
    Others can only dictate your speech and take your freedoms as God has given you. if you LET them do it.
    Well past time Americans grew what the founders had in abundance – A Spine. They pledged to each other their Lives, their Fortunes, and Sacred Honor……

    1. Sorry, there is NO way to make the violation of my natural rights of life, liberty, and property legal. That is why they are called natural rights. I will resist, if necessary, unto blood and death any attempts to “legally” (or otherwise) disarm me.

      Remember, every genocide perpetuated in history was only possible AFTER the targeted populations had been disarmed.

      And that is, ultimately, what the communists in the fUSA want.

      Your compliance or your death. Grok that.

  7. Interesting that they can’t stop 10,000 homeless guys from “pooping” in the streets in San Francisco,
    but they think they round up 200,000,000 guns from people who don’t really like them.
    Yeah. that’ll work.
    (I was being kind in my description)

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