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Idaho National Guard mobilized, Idaho back to Stage 2 due to coronavirus spike

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Hundreds March Through Downtown Boise In Support Of Trump After Biden Claims Victory

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Judge rules to join Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow Daybell’s cases


JWR Says: “Never Go Full Blues Brothers”: Man drives through Columbia Falls grocery store.  And here is a follow-up. (Well, maybe it wasn’t full Blues Brothers.)

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National Guard patrols Montana State Prison due to staff COVID cases

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Daines, along with most Senate GOP, still says election ‘not yet settled’

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Watch Now: Winter brings a thicker fur coat for the lynx

Central & Eastern Oregon

County, city approve enterprise zone agreements for more Umatilla data centers

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‘Total gut punch:’ C.O. businesses react to Gov. Brown’s COVID-19 freeze

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Voter Turnout in Deschutes County is High—And Voter Numbers Have Gone Up, Too

Central & Eastern Washington

Fire may have upgraded the status of threatened sage grouse

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Reader C.B. spotted this: A dam blocking 348 miles of salmon streams hasn’t generated electricity since 1958. But who will take it down?

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Semi-truck slides off Highway 2 into Wenatchee River, road closing for cleanup


Wyoming Governor ‘Concerned,’ ‘Angry’ but Won’t Implement Mask Mandate — Yet

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Wyoming reports 17 more COVID-19 deaths, most in single day

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Chronic wasting disease found in another elk hunting area

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  1. After the hospitals have been caught lying about cause of death and THE CDC admits less than 15000 deaths strictly due or Covid… we actually believe this lie anymore???

    1. This kind of claim is a mistake. It dilutes anything you say. That is if your premise is wrong then your conclusion must be as well. Make no mistake the covid virus is killing hundreds of thousands. There is no doubt of that. Have some causes of death been wrong? Maybe. Have many people died of Covid and not designated as covid deaths? Probably. But don’t miss the main point; covid is a killer, it is serious.

        1. I realize that you were trying to be sarcastic but I totally agree with your comment. A really bad case of flu that has so far killed 1,400,000 people worldwide and 254,000 in America and shows no sign of slowing down. I just hope that the vaccine becomes available soon.

      1. One Guy: You impress me as a very sensible person in a time when common sense is in
        short supply. I would like to pass on the Critical Care COVID-19 Management
        Protocol developed by the Eastern Virginia University Medical School. are

        This protocol is suggested as Prophylaxis when no symptoms are present and no
        close contact has occurred.

        #1 Vitamin C 500mg BID and Quercetin 250 mg daily.
        #2 B Complex Vitamins daily.
        #3 Zinc 30/50 mg daily.
        #4 Melatonin 2-5 mg nightly.
        #5 Vitamin D-3 1000-3000 in daily.
        The full protocol for those that are infected and symptomatic is available at the above mentioned website.

        This protocol along with EVERY other precaution to mitigate the spread has so far kept our
        family healthy.
        Our hope is that this information may help open minded sensible folks everywhere.
        For the conspiracy theorists with their hair on fire I can only say. Sorry for your loss.

      1. You got that right. Notice that we are in the flu and cold season, yet there are no reports of the flu or flu-like-illnesses or the pneumonia and deaths that they cause. Now we have flu, cold, and coronavirus season at approximately the same time. So the big question is: What happened to the flu?

        1. That’s easy. It’s old hat, not new “news”, so therefore not as likely to keep people glued to the boob tube and jump tv ratings. It’s still there, still as deadly as always. In a year or so, Covid will be the same- just one more annual killer of the immunocompromised. Don’t be fooled into thinking it is going to be cured- very very few viruses have ever been “cured”. The best we can really hope for is that it mutates into a relatively benign form.

  2. Enough of the Scamdemic. How do vaccines appear without FDA approval? Why in my state of residence did they open up a special covid hospital that only has 6 people admitted? Yet to hear the shrill cries in my state the health care system is over run. burn murder loot gatherings do not spread this? Yet if I worship inside it will? Really people. All I can say is May God have Mercy on us all. Peace

    1. Wizzer, do you have a Democrat Governor in your State? [A rhetorical question]

      “DOJ seeks data on care home deaths in 4 Democrat-led states.
      The Justice Department sent letters to governors of New York and three other Democratic-led states seeking data on whether they violated federal law by ordering public nursing homes to accept recovering COVID-19 patients from hospitals.”
      (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan)

      “The governors’ actions at the height of the pandemic were designed to ensure hospitals had enough bed space for the most serious COVID cases, but were almost immediately criticized by nursing homes and relatives for potentially putting frail, elderly care home residents at risk.”

      “Long-term care facilities represent less than 1% of the U.S. population, but they account for 42% of the COVID-19 deaths, with more than 70,000 fatalities reported by the COVID Tracking Project.”

      “The governors’ actions at the height of the pandemic were designed to ensure hospitals had enough bed space for the most serious COVID cases, but were almost immediately criticized by nursing homes and relatives for potentially putting frail, elderly care home residents at risk.”

      “The New York order issued March 25, for example, specifically told homes they could not refuse to accept recovering COVID-19 patients from hospitals as long as the patients were “medically stable.” The order barred homes from even testing such patients to see if they still had the virus. Some homes said they feared they would lose their licenses if they didn’t comply.”
      [ABCnews August 26, 2020]
      The Democrats along with the Fake News wish to blame the Orange-Man for the Democrat politicians’ ignorance and Incompetence.
      +COVID-19 somehow was chosen as a name, rather than the China or Wuhan Flu. There’s an effort to blame the Orange-Man rather than China. It was China that facilitated the spread of COVID-19 around the world, without adequate warning.
      As a political note: There seems to be a large number of news stories like this one, =

      “CDC Lists 26,557 Heart Attacks as COVID Deaths, Lists 7,919 Accidents and Poisonings as COVID Deaths”
      Some people believe a population can be controlled by creating ‘fear and panic’ in people. … The people wishing to control the mob provide the ‘answers’ to the ‘fear and panic’ in people.
      COVID-19 is seen by some people as an opportunity to exert more control over people. … A wise man prepares today, for a possible SHTF moment in the future.

  3. Moving To The Country — Situation Number Fifteen:
    The unelected Oregon governess Kate ‘Moonbeam’ Brown issues more dictates to close more businesses during this phase of this Economic Lock-Down.

    Bad solution:
    1) Send e-mails to Missy Moonbeam to express your dismay.
    2) Record a telephone message for Missy Moonbeam at her government telephone number to express your dismay.

    Better solution:
    1) Parade and honk around the capitol to certainly definitely absolutely influence Missy Moonbeam.

    Best response:
    1) Ignore the nincompoop… and laugh while calling her ‘Missy Moonbeam’.


    Always remember and never forget, the nincompoops you see and hear are cannon-fodder.
    The Puppet-Masters pay their puppets to absorb attention and pollute normal folk with dis-information.
    Getting all ‘up in arms’ at talking-heads on televisionprogramming or newsprogramming accomplishes zero-zero-zero.

    Freshly-minted America co-president pelosi/harris are too incompetent to change anything.
    I welcome your rebuttal!

    Oh, and:
    * If voting changed anything, voting would be illegal.

    1. Amen to all that, LargeMarge!

      If vaccine companies are immune from prosecution if I get some crippling neurological debilitation from their lack of scientific rigor, I’m not gonna take the damn things. MMR, maybe tetanus and that’s it. Rabies if I get bit by a dog.

      Like Wheatley said – it’s all about good nutrition, and of course God.

    2. The Puppet-Masters pay their puppets to absorb attention and pollute normal folk with dis-information.
      Getting all ‘up in arms’ at talking-heads on televisionprogramming or newsprogramming accomplishes zero-zero-zero.

      Well said, friend. I see you have been paying attention.

      Carry on

      1. “The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.”
        George Orwell, 1984

    1. Or maybe the engineered China Virus is one part of a two- or multi-component system similar to Tannerite or epoxy adhesives. But that’s just crazy-talk. No one could ever be so evil and devious as to spray the atmosphere with Component #1 and then release Component #2 in a country we are in an economic war with. Just can’t happen.

      1. No need for multiple components. The chinese spread the virus the old fashioned way. They allowed thousands of their people to flee Wuhan to the US and europe while locking down their own internal transportation.

        The virus is about as serious as a really bad case of the flu, apparently bad enough to be used as a tool to lock down and destroy an economy, but not serious enough to be fingered as a bio-warfare agent. Plausible deniability, par excellence.

        Its actually brilliant if you think about it. The Chinese were able to cripple the US economy, get rid of Trump, and get the “Big Guy” (the guy on their payroll), elected to the Presidency. Brilliant. I’m sure their are quite a few Chinese intelligence officers getting medals for this.

  4. Research and pay attention to “The Great Reset” that world leaders are wanting to do in May 2021. The World Economic Forum meets in January of 2021 to work out the details for our future. Using the Chinese-virus, they already have achieved the most difficult part which is population control. A reset of the worlds monetary system and zero carbon emissions are next. I wish this was a conspiracy theory! With the election fraud, covid and corrupt politicians, we are in for a rough ride.
    Stay involved, attend a rally, call your leaders.

    1. Correct and well researched by myself and others. Even the effeminate guy in charge of Canada tells everyone that Covid was a blessing so that the Great Reset could occur. I wonder if he’s demon possessed?

      “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. ~some idiot said

    1. Yep, reminds me of Pacino’s rants in the movie “The Devil’s Advocate”. Of all things God created, we are at once and the same His greatest triumph, and his biggest disappointment. Freewill, it is a b*tch.

  5. Covid is a bio-attack by the CCP! They locked down Wuhan, but allowed air travel out of country. Even the way it spread in the US looks like intentional spread, and this second wave may again be just that! Too many reports popping up in places that tourists, and even out of state folks wouldn’t go!

    I don’t trust the vaccines! Too many skipped steps in safety protocols! Also, those infected early are catching it again, which means that there’s no permanent immunity to this virus.

    The best thing to do is put everyone that is able on Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D, and Zinc supplement. That will keep the virus from replicating if you do catch it.

    The NIH is a compromised entity. All the heads in the NIH have conflicts of intrest with Gilead, the maker of Remdesivir. Any wonder why they’re trying to bury HCQ? $1000 verses $1 a dose!

    1. Capt. Nemo agree. Ivermectin also is effective. The only thing I question is reinfection. All the reinfection cases that I have read about seem to fall into two categories. The first category has been the news articles touting “reinfection” of a certain patient case, only to note multiple paragraphs later that the patient was asymptomatic (usually tested because of mandatory testing for work, airport travel, etc.) and subsequent genomic testing revealed a significantly different strain that made the person “pop positive”. The second category appears so far to be a small number of people who were symptomatic initially around the time period of January to April 2020 and then subsequent symptoms occurred approximately a few months later after their initial infection. I’m speculating that these folks may have had the original Wuhan and then were sick again with the D614G mutation. From what I’ve read so far, we’ve been dealing with this D614G mutation that appeared in samples in this country in February and became the predominant mutation in March. I also believe that T cell immunity may be the mechanism by which those who get this awful virus may never be bothered with it again….Rand Paul recently also made a statement to this effect–that once you’ve had it , you might as well take off that mask…But there are vaccines that need to be $old…

  6. I think the COVID death count is a hoax and COVID is no worse than the flu. I also think Cuomo is a mass murder for putting COVID patients in those nursing homes. I am smart.

    1. Obviously you do not work in healthcare. A full 25% of our already short staff has been out with the virus this month, a much higher rate than the total number of infected staff before this time. Working in a small-town hospital, I have been watching this for almost a year now when I started to notice multiple ER visits last December by people who couldn’t shake their pneumonias. I disagree with your premise that covid is no more dangerous than the flu, I have seen the bodies here.
      Protect yourself within reason, don’t panic, but this is a serious disease.

        1. My friend, that’s the yearly WORLDWIDE death toll of flu…

          So in 8 months we have recorded roughly a third of that in just the US, and the pandemic is now going exponential across the entire country including in less densely populated places (even in the hallowed Dakotas) that were spared the initial wave due to the self isolation and lockdowns.

          It is unfortunate that so many in the prepper community have let politics blur their vision on this threat.

      1. I’m being sarcastic. I’m showing how ridiculous the COVID hoax theory is by choosing the two most infuriatingly incompatible positions held by the conspiracy theorists.

        If COVID is no worse than the flu (some even say LESS deadly), then how can Cuomo have negligently or intentionally caused thousands upon thousands of deaths by putting COVID patients in nursing homes? We put flu patients in nursing homes…

    2. Until you’ve seen nurses sitting on the floor crying with exhaustion….until you see the frantic eyes of a patient who can’t breathe…..until you hold a phone and listen to the cries of the families as they watch their loved ones die… have NO idea of just how bad this is!

  7. I’m utterly disappointed in Idaho’s Governor for putting the state back into Stage 2. But, most likely we will continue our civil disobedience by ignoring him.

    What these unConstitutional orders do is kill the middle class (small business), which is part of the Communist/Socialist/Marxist/Elite/Satanic plan for a one world government.

    To anyone here who has lost a loved one from covid complications, I am sincerely sympathetic. I still maintain the this is a fake pandemic to usher in the Great Reset and I will have none of it.

    Kinda glad I kept topping off supplies… but sad for my family in Commiefornia. The stress is killing people or making them sick.

    Still praying for God’s mercy.

    1. Sara Sue, you’re exactly right.
      Ignore the tyrants!
      I’m in Arizona > If I ‘have’ to wear a mask, its on my chin – enabling me to smile at anyone who looks my way.
      Thinking people know the wuhan flu guv over-reaction is a test run in people control. Thinking people also know the ‘death by cv19’ #’s are wildly inflated > motorcycle crash = death by cv19, heart attack = death by cv19, etc etc. Actual deaths far far lower.
      Those whose defenses are compromised, or have other issues, can die from Wuhan flu. But the great majority who actually get it – all the false positives notwithstanding – survive this milder-than-typical flu just fine.
      Thanks for being a voice of reason. You are appreciated.

  8. No vaccine for me or my wife. Let’s wait and see how many people die from the vaccine. I won’t be blaming Trump, I’ll be blaming the Fauci-led bureaucracy. Anthony Fauci, 50 years a bureaucrat, never actually functioned as a physician in any capacity, yet our lives are in his hands. Now that’s a scary thought.

    1. Charles K: At the risk of you getting your shorts in a knot I must ask. What if the vaccine is
      medically safe? What then?
      As far as Dr. Fauci goes his background in any medical matter is much better
      than yours or mine.

      Take look at Dr.Cris Martensen. His YOU-TUBE webinars on Tuesdays and Friday
      have much valuable information

      1. Shorts not in knot.:)
        Fauci has a vested, as in monetary, interest in at least one of the vaccines coming to market. He stands to make millions if not hundreds of millions. His edicts have, at best, been schizophrenic.
        As I said, I’ll wait to see the longer-term effects of the vaccine, then maybe. I don’t do well with vaccines, usually end up with what the vaccine is supposed to protect me against. Just a strong sense of self survival, part of my own preps.

    2. Good for you, Charles. Neither will I.
      Have people forgotten the swine flu disaster?!
      I’m amazed at those who take the fu shot! yikes – the toxins in these things…and all one need to do is listen to Dr. Carrie Madej, on the nanotechnology, etc that’s in the cv19 vaxx – no way!
      And anyone who tries to force people to take it? should be prepared for hostility. 🙂

      1. Yep! If we look at history, the radical increase in both Alzheimer’s and autism can be linked directly to the radical increase in vaccination schedule and the number of mixed vaccines in one single injection. My mind still works and I intend to keep it that way.

        As an aside, have you noticed that the number of flu cases has managed to magically disappear? Funny how that worked out. Also no cases of pneumonia. It’s a miracle!!

  9. Everybody gotta die sometime. There is no prophylactic for life. Giving up all our God-given rights to try and sqeeze a few more drops out of the peach will only make what life we have that much more miserable. This from a nation of pioneers and intrepid adventurers. What have we been reduced to?

  10. OK, let’s say you have a heart issue, but you’ve lived with it for 30 years. You’re 62. You’re taking your meds, doing what your doctor advises.
    One day, you are in your credit union doing business and five armed bandits rob the credit union and slap some patrons around. You, because of the stress, collapse and die in the building.
    Guess what? The armed robbers will be charged in your death. Maybe you had a bad heart, but you’d still be alive….with your bad heart, had they not robbed the business.
    That’s Covid. Maybe you’re living with several co-morbidities, but doing OK. You’re overweight. You have diabetes. You smoke. All high risk factors. None of these problems, in themselves, will likely kill you, THIS YEAR. But you get a bad case of Covid, and you die. Maybe the Covid ITSELF didn’t kill you, but you would have lived many more years had you NOT contracted Covid.
    So don’t get Covid.

    1. There have been studies that noticed a reduced infection rate among smokers. Dr. Martenson brought that to light way back in about April, maybe even earlier.

      1. BinWY,
        There are tons of studies, to be sure. And they all contradict each other if we put them all together. I’m going for the idea that smoking and vaping compromise lung function and that isn’t a good thing in this application. There are lots of studies saying you are in greater danger being armed than unarmed. You’ll have no trouble looking these up. I’ll take being armed, for $200.00, no matter what studies say.
        The main point is that having a number of health problems will not help your situation should you acquire the virus. Victims who probably would have recovered succumbed because of the other long-term co-morbidities.
        I can say that a year ago, I saw many people vaping in their cars in heavy traffic. Looks like a tire fire inside the car. Now days, I don’t see anyone vaping in their cars. Hmmm.
        I could do a study showing how dangerous sober drivers are vs drunk drivers, after all…75% of accidents are caused by sober drivers. Any educated person could destroy such a study, but hey…’s another study.
        Hope you have a good Thanksgiving.

    2. Conversely, if someone had taken care of themself all along, like they were supposed to, and they caught COVID, they’d likely survive it, and be able to live many more years. But they didn’t do what you needed to, so they blame something other than a bad lifestyle for their calamity. It is much easier to blame something other than ourselves to the predicaments we get into.

  11. I looked back on how long it takes to make a vaccine. And their effectiveness overall.
    What I took away is the fact vaccines take years to test. And many are not successful.
    I have never read about a vaccine that is 90-95% effective. Never in a mere 8 months.
    And one of the vaccines must be kept cold, very cold like 90 degrees below zero. At first it was 70 than 80 and now it’s 90- all in ten days time it has changed.

    And the first people that are scheduled to receive it are medical staff, first responders and our military.
    What could possibly go wrong.

    Tucker had the scientist that stated clearly that Covid is a bioweapon and she has proof.
    Here is the story;
    (ZERO HEDGE) Li-Meng Yan, A Chinese virologist (MD, PhD) who worked in a WHO reference lab and fled her position at the University of Hong Kong, has published a second co-authored report, alleging that SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, was not only created in a Wuhan lab, it’s an “unrestricted bioweapon” which was intentionally released.

    It seems to me the US is under attack and few people see it or/and they are complicit

    1. Bioweapon? Well that certainly explains that odd anomaly in population projections for the US I saw on some website that showed the US with about 80% less people in ten years than today.

  12. Hi there remember the 1958 flu bug that killed over 120,000 plus and it wasnt called a epidemic or pandemic – I might be off on the numbers since I was very young. Those people wore masks but it didnt help any. If I remember correctly we have about 70,000 die from flu each year and over 120,000 plus from doctor mistakes or medical issues and that why they call it “practicing medicine”..
    I broke my right hand several years ago while working – ER doc said it was broke but 2 radiologist said it was bruised – I looked at the X-ray and could see that it was broke but doctor had to go with what radiologist said released back to work 9 days later while working workers comp called my employer and informed them that I had a problem my hand was broken and had to meet orthopedic doctor in 2 hrs – put in cast for 14 wks after that had to see general surgeon for hand surgery but I went to hand specialist doc – told I should have been there with 7 days- so now I have 2 numb fingers and screw and other problems too – also the work comp NP said it was a sprain so I showed him the x-ray of screw and the scar on hand he was amazed guess he missed that one too … Now learning to write left handed..
    Have you been told what all goes in vaccines like mercury (which binds the molecules etc together ) opps guess you already know about that from the fillings dentist used and people croaked..
    NO VACCINE for me – I’ll be smart and use herbal or Native American Remedies that pose less of a risk….
    Stay safe and be smart think before trying new stuff since polio vaccine caused some issues too like ……….

  13. Here is a good one
    Woman on the news said x hospital is over ran with sick people
    People are dying and bodies are all over the place
    So Guy picks up phone his daughter is a nurse there and calls her
    Hey what is going on just saw this on the news
    She tells dad nothing is wrong we have 2 people in ICU that is it
    So take most that you hear with a grain of salt

  14. Sundays Buffalo News reported that in Erie county, there were 9 deaths due to china flu. Population of county is 950,000. New York City with a population of almost 8,000,00 had only 4 deaths. What is wrong with this picture?

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