Preparedness Notes for Monday — November 16, 2020

November 16th was the birthday of Michael D. Echanis (born 1950, died September 1978), a former United States Army Special Forces and 75th Ranger Battalion enlisted man. He was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star with “V” device as a LRRP in the Vietnam War. He was born and raised in eastern Oregon. Echanis was killed while working for the CIA in Nicaragua in 1978 in a plane crash along with his colleague Charles Sanders and members of the Nicaraguan armed forces. There was conjecture that the plane was destroyed in flight by a saboteur’s bomb. My novel Survivors includes a minor character from Oregon with the surname Echanis, as a small homage to Mike Echanis.

Avalanche Lily wanted me to post these two important “emerging threat” video links:

Ice Age Farmer: “Next Crisis Bigger than COVID” – Power Grid/Finance Down – WEF Cyber Polygon. Pay attention: Klaus Schwab is warning of a huge “Fire Sale” cyber attack. (Yes, a Hollywood movie from 2007 provided the predictive programming.)


Adapt 2030: Work From Home Taxes and Planned Red Meat Phase Out

Today, another product review from our staff Field Gear Editor,  Pat Cascio.



    1. Excellent read, a must read. A real page turner. Read it to know what the likely course of events could be, or would be, sooner or latter. Sooner if Trump cannot hold on to power. Cut and paste the URL’s into a browser. Most of the links do not work. Also, the PDF feature is not working , but I can save it HTML.

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