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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at a few mobile tiny home innovations. They call them Tiny Homes on Wheels (THOWs.)

The New Generation of Truly Mobile Tiny Homes

Over at Fast Company: What’s better than a tiny house? A tiny house on wheels. Here is the article’s intro:

“Tiny houses—homes sometimes as small as 150 square feet, popularized on reality shows such as Tiny House Nation—have had a longstanding challenge. You might be able to buy or build one for relatively little money, but because they’re typically constructed on a trailer with wheels, the zoning codes in most cities make them illegal. Tiny-house forums online are filled with people asking how they can find a place to park their new homes. But a growing number of cities are beginning to change local regulations to allow the houses, and that could make a meaningful difference for affordable housing.”

Vote Fraud on a Grand Scale

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Alleged examples of voting fraud pouring in despite Democrats insistence of no such thing.

And in related news: “It Defies Logic”: Scientist Finds Telltale Signs Of Election Fraud After Analyzing Mail-In Ballot Data

Will Army Infantry Squads Be Reorganized?

Pat Cascio forwarded this: The Army Is Looking at Changing Up the Size of Its Infantry Squads. A snippet:

“Maneuver officials at Fort Benning, Georgia, are looking at restructuring future ground combat units, including an effort that could change the size of the infantry squad.

For the past three years, the Army has been rushing to perfect new, advanced weapons and other sophisticated battle technology to prepare for large-scale combat with potential adversaries such as Russia and China.

Now, the service is looking at how new systems, ranging from the Robotic Combat Vehicle to the Next Generation Squad Weapon, could affect the size of maneuver units, starting with the nine-man infantry squad, Col. Alexis Rivera Espada, director of the Maneuver Battle Lab at Benning, said this week at the National Defense Industrial Association’s Armaments, Robotics and Munitions conference.”

Garden Seeds – in November?

The latest from Patrice Lewis, Editrix of the great Rural Revolution blog : Garden seeds – in November?

Australia’s Massive Hailstorm

The recent hail storm in Brisbane, Oz was one for the record books.  The roof damage was huge JWR’s Comment:  This shows the importance of having your PV panels on trackers that can quickly be flipped to a vertical orientation. Oh, and I’d now consider a sod roof!

17 Million Mink Culled in Denmark

Reader C.B. spotted this news: Denmark to cull up to 17 million mink amid coronavirus fears. Here is a quote:

“Denmark will cull all its mink – as many as 17 million – after a mutated form of coronavirus that can spread to humans was found on mink farms.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said the mutated virus posed a “risk to the effectiveness” of a future Covid-19 vaccine.

Denmark is the world’s biggest producer of mink fur and its main export markets are China and Hong Kong.

The culling began late last month, after many mink cases were detected.”

An 11.6 Billion-Mile DX

D.S.V.  sent us this report of the longest “DX” (11.6 billion miles): NASA re-establishes contact with Voyager 2 spacecraft.

More Than 80% of COVID Patients Are Vitamin D Deficient

From over at Mercola comes some news that should be no surprise to the readers o SurvivalBlog: More Than 80% of COVID Patients Are Vitamin D Deficient.

Texans Stop Church Shooting Spree

The Humble Heroes of Sutherland Springs & the Guns of the Most Deadly Church Massacre. (A hat tip to Tm J. for the link.)

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  1. re:
    “most deadly church massacre”

    Does that notoriety belong to the ClintonCrimeSyndicate and Janet Reno for their acts in Waco, Texas?



    I worked short-term contracts since I sold my restaurant business in 1989.
    Accordingly, I lived in a series of RecreationVehicles, motorhomes and fifth-wheel trailers.
    I also delivered RecreationVehicles manufacturer-to-dealer and dealer-to-shows.

    2003, because of experiences using RecreationVehicles to full-time live-aboard instead of their intended design — a few weekends a year — I built my concept of an ExpeditionVehicle on a commercial truck.

    I highly recommend experimenting as a Perpetual Traveler.
    If you discover you are ill-suited to wondering and seeking, you can always return to a stand-still house.

    To ease problems ‘the housing crisis’ of bums and bumettes in junk RecreationVehicles on city streets, Eugene Oregon encourages non-traditional ‘adjunct’ housing outside traditional building codes such as granny-cottages in the backyard, converted sheds of 10 x 10, and parking RecreationVehicle(s) in a residential drive-way or backyard.

    (An aside:
    Some say this particular planet has too many humans.
    A ‘housing crisis’ certainly tends to add credence to that allegation.)

    As a ‘work-kamper’, I help operate a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene Oregon.
    Approximately everybody in our crew live in TinyHomesOnWheels.

    Based on my experience, anybody whining about noplace to park a TinyHomeOnWheels needs to try harder… or ask different questions!

    1. Large Marge, I would interested in your experience with using a commercial chassis and building it into a living space and what truck, length of bed, materials and products you used.

  2. I’d do a hard comparison to tiny houses and typical travel trailers on cost before jumping into it. You are paying for looks more than usefulness in many cases. Some though have merit with roof space that is useable and custom features.

    1. Good thoughts, Matt in Oklahoma.

      The Tiny House Movement is fascinating. We have very much enjoyed videos with lots of ideas about the design and floor plan organization of these at “Living Big in a Tiny House”. Certainly among our thoughts is that it seems impractical to move these about much, but that there must be tax advantages related to absence of a permanent foundation (sort of the same reason that a shed placed on ‘skids’ is not counted as a permanent structure for property tax valuation purposes — at least in some property tax jurisdictions — but a shed placed on a cement or cinder block foundation is counted as a permanent structure).

      A couple additional thoughts to add…

      Smaller dwellings (perhaps alongside other supplemental structures) have lots of advantages and are well worth considering in the development of any retreat.

      If the ability to move a dwelling is the overriding concern, a more functional alternative might be something like a Class B “driving camper” or a pull-trailer in which supplies can be carried including one or more temporary shelters with some range of flex for application (from a camping tent to a yirt would be good examples).

    2. re:
      THOW vs RV price comparison

      Based on decades of experience with RecreationVehicles, I categorically and across-the-board say… They. Are. Junk.

      A comparison to a TinyHomeOnWheels must include:
      * the sturdiness of the structure… for the lifetime of the user.
      * the efficiency of the appliances.. for the lifetime of the user.
      * the ability of the roof to shed rain and snow… for the lifetime of the user.
      * commonality of materials and components to stand-still structures.

      Matt in Oklahoma notes:
      * each RecreationVehicle is designed to meet a price.
      To compete against buyers looking at prices of other RVs, manufacturers must use the cheapest materials.
      And, although I get derided on RV forums for mentioning the ignored elephant, manufacturers must use the cheapest labor.

      For years, I delivered BillionBuxBus conversions hand-crafted in Coburg Oregon.
      While waiting for QC to release a rig for me to drive away, I look around the floor of the plant.
      (And, although I get derided for mentioning this on RV forums, the Quality Control managers could be promoted yesterday after working the floor for a week!
      The QC job is making sure of ‘good enough’, the decals slapped on the casino paint are reasonably straight, and letting the buyer handle warranty issues.)

      One example:
      Watch a forklift moving a forty-foot RV frame.
      Lifting from the center, the frame droops six feet on each end.
      Those frames rely on the walls to maintain any semblance of structural strength.
      As soon as the roof leaks — the moment it leaves the factory — the particle-board walls buckle.
      What happens to the staples holding the whole shooting match together?
      They crumble from rust.

      I say it again:
      * RecreationVehicles are designed — and engineered — for occasional recreational use.
      * RecreationVehicles are inadequate for full-time live-aboard.

      In my case, I drive through rivers, I trundle through swamps, I boondock for months on isolated Baja beaches.
      For my use, building my ExpeditionVehicle on a commercial truck made sense.
      My 2003 conversion took a week, then we headed south from Oregon toward south America.
      Twenty-four months twenty-four thousand miles around south America.
      Alaska, Panama, all over north and central America.

      Similar to a mobile-home or manufactured-home, a TinyHomeOnWheels is engineered to be moved once.
      The structure is woefully inadequate for recreation traveling, the equivalent of constant HURRICANES plus MONSOONS plus EARTHQUAKES while driving through RIOTERS.
      A commercial truck with ‘million-mile’ components makes more sense… cost-wise.


      My final word on comparisons based solely on cost:
      * Cost-wise shoppers visit Wal*Mart and Costco and Sam’s Club, Lowe’s and The Home Depot.
      * Relationship-wise shoppers visit their local-owned merchants.

      I am constitutionally unable to shop price.
      I am wired to build relationships.

      I welcome your rebuttal.
      I try to learn something every day!

        1. I agree with Large Marge based on my experience boondocking full time.

          Driving regularly over rutted and washboard roads is a continuous earthquake to your “home on wheels”, which will literally shake apart unless it is designed and tested for this.

          Four season boondocking miles and miles from civilization also requires tridundancy built into your life support systems.

          RVs and THOWs do not have those properties.

          My van started life as a new commercial truck that was then converted for full time boondocking – worth every penny.

          And to Large Marge’s last point, I’ve naturally developed friendships with locally-owned merchants when boondocking full time – I wouldn’t want to shop anywhere else.

      1. Marge, the more I read your posts, the more I like you.

        I am wired to build relationships. Exactly. I routinely use my local hardware store, even if the item is 20% cheaper at the big box. That said, I am frugal to a fault. Just ask Sweet Spouse. I have to stretch to spend that extra money locally.

        Your comments educated me greatly. I know next to nothing about RVs.

        Carry on

      2. LargeMarge!
        Excellent considerations related to the quality of the structures, and it’s true… Definitions of “quality control” seem to vary widely! I join the others in encouraging you to write about your experiences in a full length feature article which would be so great!

        1. You guys are relentless!

          [warning — bullet-points following]
          * I know shinola about nothing.
          * I am inherently rude, obnoxious, and often, obnoxiously rude.
          * Any opinions I issueforth are proclaimed with all the authority of that mouse you never see… but are probably certain it is probably around here someplace.
          * I am terrorfied of somebody discovering my secret… you know, that thing about the thing.
          and the final bullet-point:
          * My Dilemma — I would need to donate my SurvivalBlog Contest earnings to a worthy charity, and I am convinced none exist.

          Shucks, most of the dogs around here are smarter than me.
          Truth be told, the extent of my knowledge is limited to not rolling in the stanky stuff.

          1. @Large Marge- Wow ! Even if your facts are all wrong, which I doubt- you make up for it with opinions that are usually all right.

          2. “I am inherently rude, obnoxious, and often, obnoxiously rude.” Zowie, are you available for a marriage proposal? My kind of woman! I like bold, brassy women that are not afraid to form an opinion and know how to make an attitude adjustment…. good for you!

  3. It makes sense to re-examine the size of the infantry squad given the way the army operates particularly when mounted. Imagine a squad split between two MRAPs rolls into a village. Now the driver and a gunner typically stay with the vehicle so now you have 5 of the 9 squad members actually able to go out and conduct operations, it doesn’t work well. Admittedly that is fighting the last battle and there is a lot more to consider in a return to high density conflicts with large force on force battles with technology and equipment equivalent peers.

    1. Yes, indeed. The infantry squad was reduced for deployment in the Bradley. It is time to look at this. Infantry carries TOO MUCH. Hence all the broken infantry soldiers with bad backs.

  4. Given the attacks on patriotism by the left, will the volunteer military continue to exist? Or do you see a draft returning to fill the ranks. I sure would not send my kid to support the governments that we are anticipating.

    1. ” I sure would not send my kid to support the governments that we are anticipating.”

      Especially our daughters and granddaughters who will certainly be forced to join up in the next draft.

      1. @ Buck, you will have no choice! The Selective Service gets them at 18, regardless of whether or not they’re conscientious objectors or disabled.

        There are a few exceptions, including young men already on full-time active military duty, as well as men in hospitals, psychiatric facilities, or in jail. But those men must register within 30 days of release.

        So if you have sons under 18 and over 25 you are safe. For those of you who have young men in that age group I will pray for all of you that they will not see conflict.

        @ St. Fungas, Perhaps, America still has an aversion for women in combat, if the left is in charge perhaps not. Time will tell.

        Background: Female/USAF

        1. Is It Time? It’s true. Our youngest son is a developmentally disabled person who is also extraordinarily medically fragile. …and yet we had to register him with Selective Service. He has since aged-out of that system, but the fact that he had to register was purely CRAZY. It may be that the Selective Service is trying to prevent “escape” by those who might be straddling the line of qualification, but in cases like this one, the registration requirement is absurd.

  5. UP-DATE
    Are little Walmart in Ohio no ammo at all not even birdshot
    They did have guns about 20 of them
    My boy check a different Walmart about 40 miles away
    They had 1 gun 4 boxes of rifle and a few birdshot
    Governor said they’re going to fine businesses if people are not wearing mask in there stores
    Most people around here do not wear a mask
    My granddaughter school days 2 in school 2 at home I wish they just home school her like we did for them

  6. Vote Fraud on a Grand Scale

    This is not news. The Democrats have been stealing elections for decades. The only option left for people who want to live in a free America is civil war.

    1. Project Veritas has published raw and unedited audio of the interview of the USPS whistleblower… This man is an American hero for having come forward, and is now (if the reporting is accurate), on UNpaid administrative leave. The conduct of these investigators should be reviewed in detail, and corrected, with disciplinary action if necessary. Witness intimidation is wholly unacceptable.

      …and so I ask again: If the Democrats truly believe that Joe Biden won the election, then why not allow an open, honest, fair, and transparent review of the ballots such that only the legal ballots are counted.

    2. Hold steady… This round in the chess championship — which may determine the course of our Republic — has not yet concluded.

      Pray for all those who must make the next and most important moves, guided always by the wisdom of our founding documents, including and most importantly, our Constitution. Remember that these were written by Godly and God seeking men however imperfect they were as mere mortals.

      Educate the public in every way you can. Remain strong and encourage those around you. Do not despair or be disheartened.

      Many of us feel exhausted, but we must remember that this is part of the strategy of the Left (to exhaust us), and we must endure.

      1. T of A,
        All good points, and thanks for sharing them! I’ve been finding comfort in a few select talk shows and the more Conservative websites (Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham, & Rush, and news at OAN, & NEWSMAX – Fox News is getting blacklisted until things change over there).
        Everyone needs to be patient and ‘Keep the Faith’

        As always, hoping we all…
        Seymour Liberty

        1. Seymour Liberty!
          It’s true… There is comfort in the truthful reporting of Conservative news anchors. In addition to those already mentioned, America’s Voice (Steve Bannon’s War Room) has been very, very good.

          For all those who haven’t yet signed on for a Parler account, please consider this alternative to Twitter. Among all of us as SB readers, we can share with one another via the forum (and in so far as the editors approve) recommendations for Parler “voices” to follow.

          Also! A victory in the Pennsylvania courts today…

          1. T of A,
            AV is another we frequent, but I didn’t want to list them all… :/

            I spend way too much time on the Web these days; it helps with the frustration (sometimes) 😉

            Parler and Rumble are becoming my new preferences, not that I ever did anything on Social Media (No Twitter, FB, or any of that ‘stuff’ – my adult kids think I’m a dinosaur)

            As always, hoping we all…
            Seymour Liberty

    3. “The only option left for people who want to live in a free America is civil war.”

      IMO there are zero viable options if Americans want to live in a free America. A free America will never exist. The only possible option is an EMP/Carrington event where 90% of the humans on the planet are wiped out and we are free to reorganize in smaller groups where those desiring freedom can band together and the majority who do not can set up their own communities. Humans despise freedom and want to be told what to do and they erroneously believe that the consequences of a free society are far worse than the consequences of every form of government that has ever existed on earth.

      IMO anyone who believes otherwise is thinking emotionally instead of rationally. God will not save a godless nation especially when there are so few real Christians left and who, along with the rest of the population who descend from white, European, Christians, forgot how to reproduce and rationalized away the command to “go forth and multiply.” WEC’s are only one generation away from becoming the minority with the new majority being people of color. (WEC babies born today are already a minority.) The new majority has no interest whatsoever in returning to the America built by white, European-ancestry Christians. Condoms and birth control pills put WEC’s out of business. Demographics are a real b*tch.

      1. No. Americans started a free country in 1776 and we have never forgotten the principles that it was founded on. They are worth fighting and dying for. There are enough of us to put up a fight and win.

  7. Thank you, Editors! Inclusion of important news related to voter fraud, and the investigations and court cases underway is timely and extremely important.

    The article linked below is a good and interesting read in that it covers some of the key features of what might come from the Supreme Court should any case or cases reach the SCOTUS. In fact, I think it’s very likely this will occur.

    1. If SCOTUS takes up the case, and Justice Roberts sides with the liberal judges, Justice Clarence Thomas will be the senior justice for the “conservatives”. I wonder if Biden’s disgusting behavior at Justice Thomas’ hearing will come back to bite him? Just wondering?

      1. Justice Thomas is most assuredly above this, but your point is well taken for sure! I did see the video review of this in the news, and Clarence Thomas handled himself brilliantly. We are blessed for his presence on the High Court, and I pray he is there for a very long time to come.

        Also interesting in SCOTUS news is that Justice Alito has expressed deep concerns about the trampling of civil liberties. True believers in civil liberties (who were once the “classical liberals” of this country), should take note. One of the most conservative members of the Supreme Court is one of the greatest advocates for the cause so near and dear to your Civil Libertarian hearts!

      2. “Is it time ?” is a very interesting question, a question posed by the great Claire Wolfe. The answer to which we will be seeing sometime before the 20th of January next.

  8. Hi Red – found the same thing in Houston’s north suburbs yesterday. My boy is on the 4H shotgun team. I went to Walmart, where I had bought 300 rnds of 12 g birdshot a couple of weeks ago and there was NOTHING (except for one box of 28g). No ammo of ANY KIND, except the aforementioned lonely 28g.
    Though the current election “results” has, no doubt, worsened the panic buy, the fact that not even oddball calibers were left makes me think Walmart is up to their games again. Guess I should have just asked, but, as usual, no one was at the sports counter.

  9. When I was a child, the heroes were humans in true and, eventually, unexaggerated fictional situations. They were in the stories told and eventually on TV. NOW, they are make believe and have make believe powers. Seems to imply being human is no longer good enough.

    1. With the removal of God from American society and fewer and fewer people have any faith, people have no hope. Without God as our creator and the requisite plans laid out in the bible (Jer. 29:11) you are left with evolution and we are just random molecules. Faith brings hope, with no faith you have to look for hope elsewhere hence superheroes.
      Some verses to consider:
      1 Peter 1:13, 1 Thess. 1:3, Col. 1:27, Eph. 1:18

      God’s peace and grace to all.

      1. BWL. So true and well said. It is because of my unwavering faith in God that I have not only peace, but also courage and the ability to endure. I believe this is true for others within the SB community as well.

  10. The article re the Army’s squad study had an interesting statement:

    “Next Generation Squad Weapon, a 6.8mm weapon system being designed to replace the M4A1 carbine and the M249 squad automatic weapon”

    Back in 1928!! the Army Caliber Board recommended moving to a .270 (6.8 mm) round. The British recommended a similar round after WWII for NATO.

    Instead we stuck first with the overpowered 7.62 x 51 NATO (uncontrollable in full auto) and then went with the .22 round (5.56). Like Microsoft Windows, nobody was happy with the First Mover 5.56 but for the past 50 years it has just been too painful to switch to something better.

    1. I like the 6.8 SPC, I built an AR that fires that round. It has more recoil than 5.56 but not by much. It’s my new favorite rifle, well, until I build my next one.

  11. As a veteran I am concerned about our military readiness. The recent problems within Fort Hood and other anecdotal evidence has shaken my confidence toward the quality of our military personnel (officer and enlisted).

    Can SBlog readers share information that restores confidence that the majority of personnel are there for the right reasons?

    1. TominAlaska — heartfelt thanks to you, and all veterans, for your service. We hear your concern, and we are also concerned. Fort Hood was a good example, as was the attack on the recruiters in Tennessee some years ago now. There are a number of these tragedies that should call attention to true emergency preparedness.

      Given the Socialist and Communist infiltration of so many of our institutions, we are concerned with you about whether or not today’s personnel are serving for the right and best reasons.

    2. I go back and forth all the time about leaving the Army. When I regret leaving I just look at the current state of affairs and thank my lucky stars I got out. Not to depress you further but it has been a long slide down for our military.

    3. The military is a microcosm of our society. All of the problems we face in a society that has turned its back on God and has developed a self-centered, entitled mentality are present in the military as well, albeit on a lesser scale. Factor in the Deep State (bear in mind that most General and Flag Officers currently serving got their stars under the previous administration), political correctness, and social experimentation, and it’s a wonder that the military is in as good a shape as it is.

  12. Regarding the obvious fraud that took place, here is what we know before the voting began:

    1.) All elections have fraud in some form or another.

    2.) Both the Left and the Right are guilty of this at some point in time.

    3.) If the Left wins, the Right yells fraud and cheating. Conversely, if the Right wins, the Left yells fraud and cheating.

    So, here is what doesn’t make sense. Why was the fraud by the Left done in such an obvious way? It doesn’t look like they even tried to be stealthy about it. I can’t help but think that the Left knew they weren’t going to win, so they put in dementia Joe. Maybe he’s a likable enough guy and he’ll win, if not, oh well we “tried”. He never really ran a viable campaign, answered any questions, etc. Just sat in his basement and let the media do the work. I don’t remember any candidate (Left or Right) doing this in the past. Like everyone else we will blame it on Covid as the reason why. Speaking of Covid, now we have the perfect excuse to do mail in voting. The Left couldn’t be happier. What a great way to cheat!

    So back to my question of why was the cheating so obvious? I’m thinking that they wanted to get caught. They want it to be investigated and the election overturned (Trump win). What better way to cause anarchy and destruction in this Country? It will make those “protests” in Oregon (and across the Country) look like a family BBQ. If you are hell bent on Left destruction of this Republic, what better way to do it.

    No tinfoil hat here, just looking at this mess from a different angle. I may be way off base here, but just can’t figure out why they were cheating so blatantly. Doesn’t make sense. I guess time will tell.

    1. BGToo, I am with you. The fraud is so obvious, so blatant; every day, more and more examples and whistleblowers come to light.
      So, your question has merit.
      I’ve read the ‘plan’ is, that DJT will retain the presidency, but will be the ‘scapegoat’ for the financial crash being planned.
      That said, I still return to Jehovah God. He sets up kings, and deposes them. The Most High God is sovereign! And He answers prayer(s).
      Bottom line question is, have enough people truly repented, and turned to Him? I don’t know.
      But >> 1+ God, is a majority. 🙂

      Best to you, and all SB readers – comments are always valued.

  13. Re birdshot, CIA and Special Forces found that you could make a decent round by putting it in a mold with melted wax and letting the wax cool/ solidify.

    For you guys with kids, melted crayons would work as well.

    Amazing what they leave out of that worthless K12 curriculum nowdays. I always thought it would be fun to be a substitute teacher for a few days.

    1. My doctor suggested I take 4000 units of Vitamin D for the exact reason many months ago, she has access to far more information than I do. It stands to reason we may need more D in the winter due to lack of sun exposure. But, by all means take D if you want to or not. I do not run your life. Just passing on first hand information.

    2. Hi, Anon. While the piece is self serving, complete with a calculator to tell you you need more D, I’m not clear about why Mercola shouldn’t be trusted. Just “big pharma” or is there something specific?

      1. First he is not an MD he is a DO. Second he has been charged numerous times with making illegal claims for the products he sells. He believes in homeopathy. He is a quack. He has been accused of slick promotions and scare tactics to sell his products. He has been criticized for for making “unsubstantiated claims that clash with those of leading medical and public health organizations and many unsubstantiated recommendations for dietary supplements.

        I believe that Covid is a serious illness and what we need is good medical information to deal with it. If studies show that vitamin D or any other of the popular alternative treatments actually work or help then I am 100% behind that. What we don’t need is every quack who sells super foods and alternative miracle cures to use this crisis to make money.

    3. Anon, mercola is SPOT ON!!!! He’s carrying a lot of water, in exposing the whole cv19 mess. It would do anyone much good who’s unsure about what’s really happening with cv19 to go to his site ( and sign up for his newsletter!!!
      I’ve been a mercola devotee for many years – he’s far far ahead of the curve, and knows his stuff. I’ve tried a number of his recommends and they have always been efficacious.

    4. Most people in the U.S. are vitamin D deficient especially in the northern half of the country. Lack of time spent outdoors and when people do go out they slather high spf sun block all over themselves.

    5. In my Southeast Alaska home it is rainy and overcast 325 days per year. Worse than Oregon/Washington.

      I reached a point where the gray weather depressed me. My doctor wanted to prescribe prozac. (Nope). My NEXT doctor prescribed 50,000 I.U. of vitamin D in capsule form. One capsule every two weeks “when in Alaska”. No more depression. None. The doctor says it is a bonafide treatment and has helped many of his patients.

  14. Most people ARE deficient in vitamin D. Just ask the people who tested them. Like me. Its believed its because most Americans don’t get outside enough in the sun anymore.

    1. Another cause of vitamin D deficiency — in addition to more indoor activities and less time spent outdoors — is the use of modern medications. Many of these impair vitamin D, and cause deficiencies. The consequences can be very serious and include — but are not limited to — bone demineralization (aka osteoporosis). Be careful about vitamin D toxicity. This is difficult to achieve — according to the doctors with whom I have spoken — but it is possible. If you can do so safely, get your vitamin D levels checked — and adjust with supplements and sunshine accordingly.

  15. I’ve already put in two seed orders from different companies. I’ll be doing one more soon. I’ve also already ordered more blackberry plants, bird netting, floating row cover, and organic fertilizer. Next month I’ll be ordering chicks for summer delivery and more fruit trees and bushes, and asparagus plants.
    We’re running out of time peeps, we need to anticipate and get crackin’.

  16. Donald J. Trump (at)realDonaldTrump (Today 11/12/2020)

    [A retweet of] (at)ChanelRion
    [Me~GGHD] =
    What could go wrong with the Presidential Election? It’s reported that the ‘Software’ in the Dominion Voting Systems is installed by Communist China, and also by the Economic and Political enemies of President Trump >here in the USA.
    ……. +It’s said on the Internet, ‘The political and economic enemies of Trump actually own and control Dominion company. Will we ever find out the Truth? or will the Fake News keep concealing information?

    The political party of science believes: the Dead will Arise on each Election Day, and also overwhelmingly vote for the Democrat Candidates.

    But why have all the dead people walking around like zombies, when Computer Tabulation Fraud is so much quicker.

    1. Bwaaaa… ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!
      Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to go back to Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, since they are not biased. Thanks for letting us know.

      Excuse me while I go clean the coffee I just sprayed all over my monitor now.

    2. @craig davis- If YOU cannot see the obvious vote fraud committed by the democrats to steal this election, you are either looking the other way, or you are lying to yourself. If Biden wins this election, we will have full communism, a full depression, and a full civil war. I don’t know what is in God’s plan, but I looked at the back of the book- God wins ! I hope we don’t have to go through Hell first, but our side (God) wins.

    3. @CraigDavis… Let the facts and truth be discovered through real transparency including recounts, canvassing and recanvassing, and audits. If you’re right, and there is no fraud, we’ll all know soon enough. We did, afterall, just endure four years of investigations launched by Democrats which were based on “manufactured” evidence. Let there be transparency. I would suggest that the evidence thus far is overwhelming with regard to fraud, and that the fraud is substantial. In fact, the fraud is overwhelming.

  17. Dan Bongino reports that HE-DAN is the OWNER of PARLER.

    Apparently Fox News reported that George Soros had a significant interest in PARLER.

    Dan Bongino says NOT TRUE. He-Dan owns PARLER.

    If Fox did this, the question I would ask would be why?

    Could it be that they are trying to sabotage PARLER? Say the name George Soros, and conservatives will RUN from it.

    Does anyone know more?

    On a related subject… Appears Lou Dobbs got the interview with the Dominion whistleblower.

    I have moved over to America’s Voice and Steve Bannon’s War Room, and NewsMax. But… I am glad to hear Lou secured that interview with the whistleblower.

    Having said that, I no longer trust Fox for my news reporting. They have betrayed their core supporters, and I am done there. I am hoping to see the true conservatives remaining there depart for better news reporting opportunities — even if they must depart in favor of younger start-up companies. There surely cannot be one among them who couldn’t afford the pay cut.

    1. Dan Bongino is a true Patriot!

      Lou Dobbs and Elizabeth MacDonald on Fox Business Channel also have some great guests on their respective shows. Lou is pretty good, but what I really enjoy is when he goes after Lindsey Graham (which is pretty much all the time, lol!). It’s good to call B.S. on certain folks when it’s rightly deserved!

      I really like John Solomon’s investigative reporting (Just the News) as well as several others. There’s no shortage of good reporting, but most of it doesn’t make it into the Leftist Media (notice I said Media and not the NEWS? That was by design!). Red State has some excellent articles as well!

      As always, hoping we all…
      Seymour Liberty

  18. Correct that most people don’t get enough Vit. D. Get outside, even in winter instead of hiding inside behind a computer keyboard (like I’m doing right now) & get some sun & fresh air. Overall health will improve.

    Voter fraud is rampant due to states making it simply more complicated than it needs to be: Show up on voting day, show your ID and verify you are a US citizen, (natural or naturalized), vote, be on your way. Invalid/physically unable & out of state military are the ONLY ones allowed to apply for absentee ballots. Hand count & verified by all political parties. It’s that simple! You can go to the grocery store you can stand in line to vote. Corona virus my A**…. Voting is a privilege.
    The way it is presently is only because parties want control and the way to get it is to cheat. It’s always been that way throughout history by all forms of goobermint that actually allowed voting by their citizens. Need not mention those that don’t allow voting, moot point.

    An on topic article by the good Judge Napolitano regarding the unconstitutional edicts by governors & their lockdown/mask edict BS.

    The tiny home fad is all well and good, till you actually spend time in one. Unless you have the ability to keep it somewhere and in a climate that allows abnormally large amounts of time “Outside”, they can become very small very fast. Ask me how I know. In a previous life, due to work, I lived in a truck camper, fortunately in a climate allowing me to be outside all day every day, and I worked 7 days a week as well. It was tolerable, but still got really old. I’m now in a small place10 times larger, and already have cabin fever and it ain’t even winter yet….. It’s gonna be loooooong loooong winter…….

    Bottom line in all things is Goobermint of all stripes is NOT YOU FRIEND, and their promise that “we are from the goonbermint and are here to help”… shhh yeah, riiiight.
    There are a lot of ag equip manufactures out there that make these things called “Political Promise Slingers”, more commonly called manure spreader or sh*t slingers, and all political promises from all parties should directly deposited in one…..
    All else fails – RULE 308 – Long live our Republic…..

    1. Agreed. BUT we need to also include what’s done in third world countries. When you submit your ballot, your finger is dipped in indelible ink that must wear off over time. There is absolutely no way to hide the fact that you have voted – ONCE! No one receives a blank ballot unless there is no evidence of the ink.

  19. I just finished trying to buy more seeds from Territorial Seeds- to fill in the last of what I needed. They were out of a LOT of seeds. The sturdy, standbys- rudabagas, sunflowers, etc. if you need seeds I urge you to order ASAP.

      1. TeresaSue!
        You make a great point. The clean-up, assuming President Trump survives the current onslaught and we get to the clean-up, is going to take a lot of work, and a lot of time. Preparing for the long haul is important with all of this in mind.

        In the nearer term, watch for the possibility of a truckers’ strike just after Thanksgiving. Time will reveal whether or not this comes to pass, and it may. It would be entirely understandable, frankly. With this in mind, just be sure your basics are in order. …and of course this is a good idea no matter what risk is on the horizon!

  20. They will have to expand the size of an infantry squad by at least three, to include a political correctness Officer a diversity officer and an enemy’s Rights officer also might need to include a crying towel bearer and a portable safe space bearer.

    1. If I remember my history correctly, the Soviets had “Political Officers” assigned to military units of all stripes. Pretty much the same thing. A political correctness officer?

  21. So to all of you who have predicted the end of our republic if a Biden/ Harris victory stands I seem to recall the same predictions when BHO was elected, and then re-elected. Doom and gloom was forecast by most preppers, along with the loss of our “ assault weapons “. None of it happened and Obama was no friend of the 2A or guns in general. But he never proposed any serious gun restrictions in his 8 years in office, and one can understand why. Votes. He would probably have lost period, at least in 2012.

    I am no supporter of the Dems or Biden to be sure. I voted Trump even though I would not probably party with the guy ( although maybe I would; his bashes have to be first rate ! ) . My point is I agree with Commander Zero over at Notes from the bunker. Things are most likely to remain the same with Biden, by and large. There will be no civil war or revolution. Most people in this country have it to good to want to take up arms against the government or their state. Hardship is not a situation that your average American willingly takes on, at least not in this day and age. I am still prepping and and still believe things could go sideways but not because of a new undesirable POTUS.

    1. Trump reversed a lot of the harm that Obama did. If Hillary had won she would have finished the damage that Obama started. Also if the media reported honestly I suspect that a lot of the harm Obama caused would be more obvious. Think about this; Obama was paid $60 million upfront almost 4 years ago to write a book. Why? Who did he help out during his administration that would pay him $60 million and go to the effort to launder it through a book deal?

  22. With all due respect to bwhntr65, I think he’s pulling one of those manure spreaders around.
    Recall that Barry had many names before settling on the last one. And the name he used on his house deed in Chicago was that of a dead man. Sound familiar? What about numerous Selective Service numbers/names…wow, he was a pro at all that early in life.
    My opinion is he really got the fires burning. He’s a Thug and an Empty Suit. Good at lying, cheating, stealing, fraud…and more, you name it.
    I don’t personally know anyone who believes he was honestly elected, but who was going to contest it? So here we are dealing with his pal Joe Bite Me.
    And I’ll add that a Native American was our first VP “of color,” long ago. You can look it up.
    Oh yeah, for my traveling home, I’ll take an MRAP, customized.

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