1. Wasn’t there a time not long ago with classical liberals also celebrated the courage and conviction of whistleblowers who came forward to protect America?

    Related to the quote of the day, here’s an example of courage and conviction: the USPS whistleblower who stood his ground in the face of threats (so thinly veiled they were hardly veiled at all) by federal agents…


    This behavior by federal investigators should not be allowed, and I hope they face a serious and honest investigation for having engaged in it.

    Tony Bobulinski is another heroic whistleblower…


    …as is Dennis Montgomery who turned a load of damning information over to Devin Nunes. No doubt there is a lot more to learn about The Hammer, HAMR, and Scorecard.


      1. Is it true that a Hannity producer canceled the interview with this potential whistleblower? Is it true that the FBI failed to follow up on this potential whistleblower?


        If so, these are yet more sources of concern — especially since the USPS whistleblower has demanded a retraction of the story that suggests he recanted his statement about balloting fraud issues.

      1. Yes… Absolutely agree that we must trust in Our Lord and Savior. I would add only that sometimes Jesus sends help also in the form of mortal men and women who are His Hands and Feet here on earth. We should exercise reasonable caution and deep discernment about who they are, but at the same time not be too quick to dismiss His earthly helpers!

      2. Yes, Lily. Sing it loud.

        Trump this, Biden that. Our savior is here, now and loves us fully.

        No politician can save us. We can only choose salvation when we let that love in.

        Carry on in grace

  2. The Off Button: Stop living on their terms
    Posted by Jesse James
    Nov 10, 2020

    “Lastly, and perhaps it is just a personal note, it is past time for us being to be producers of experiences and not consumers of experiences. Media requires only that you sit passively and absorb events as they happen to you. Most Americans watch people play sports, watch people go fishing, watch people race cars, watch people fix cars or build things. Few go out and do them, as evidenced by the average American watching nearly four hours of TV every day. It’s an astronomical amount of time, and one the right has little use for. It supports people who hate you and allows the people you hate to influence your mood and culturally impact the very people you want to protect. Take a step back and not only get a lot of extra time on your hands, but quiet your mind a little bit. Happy and calm people are convincing and persuasive, not screaming, agitated and stressed out people. The depth and firmness of one’s beliefs are not in direct proportion to how loud you are. Guard your mental health, and in this time of crisis and outrage do not let those who seek to visit harm on you and yours have a vote in that. Politics is a spectacle and while fun to obsess over in good times, it has now become a dangerous sideshow. If this election has shown us anything its that our vote does not count, and does not matter. We are the underground, the counter culture, the bogeyman. Such trivialities as the latest lies on political machinations or the latest decree from a corrupt, illegitimate rulers are beyond us.”

    1. While I won’t go along with all that Mr James posits, that last portion that you quoted sure speaks to my condition. My sweet spouse and I stopped watching TV a couple decades ago. She is more of a baseball fan than I, so we will sometimes go to sports bar and watch a World Series game over burgers and fries.

      And, yes, we recognize how important producing rather than consuming is.

      Carry on

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