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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, an update on a state partition movement. (See the Region-Wide section.)


Two conservative Oregon counties vote to join Idaho. The article’s opening lines:

“Tired of Democratic dominance in Oregon, some rural voters on Tuesday endorsed a plan to split off from the liberal state and join their conservative-friendly neighbor Idaho.

Two conservative counties approved a non-binding ballot measure to “Move Oregon’s Borders” as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden easily carried the rest of the state, AFP reports. The measure failed in two other counties.

“In the United States, the differences between liberal and conservative… there’s hatred there,” said Mike McCarter, the chief petitioner of the ballot measure in Union and Jefferson counties.

“Populated urban areas are controlling the mass of everybody,” he told AFP.

The Democratic stronghold of Portland dominates Oregon politics statewide. The last Republican presidential candidate to win the state was Ronald Reagan in 1984. Idaho, on the other hand, is a reliable Republican state that has not voted for a Democratic president since 1964.

Neither county that approved the ballot measure borders Idaho. Union County is in the northeastern part of the state while Jefferson County is in the middle on the western half.”

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Meanwhile, across the Canadian border: Northern Rockies Regional Municipality submits a grant for airport upgrades

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Weathercatch: La Niña’s return brings possible winter wallop to Inland Northwest


Idaho Election Results.

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Dog reportedly attacked by mountain lion near Carey

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Yet another “Perp From Outside The Redoubt”: Meridian Police: Man arrested for drug charges, drug trafficking

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And some great scenery for you:  Bonners Ferry (Idaho) Trike Fly-in


Montana Election Results. In Montana, it was very nearly a Republican sweep.

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Governor-elect Greg Gianforte’s first interview since the election with Wake Up Montana

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Bobcat captured near downtown Kalispell (video)

Eastern Oregon

Oregon Election Results. JWR’s Comments: If these results were broken down county-by-county, then you’d see a radical difference outside of Portland and the northern portion of the Willamette Valley. Oregon is really two states!

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Two killed in shooting outside Hermiston

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Pandemic has delayed Deschutes County civil trials by up to 4 years

Eastern Washington

Washington Election Results. JWR’s Comments: If this were broken down county-by-county, then you’d see a radical difference outside of Seattle and west of the Cascades. Washington is really two states!

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Washington to manage wolves within borders after fed action. Here is the article’s intro:

“The state of Washington will take over management of most wolves within its borders early next year, after the U.S. government announced Thursday that gray wolves in the Lower 48 states would be delisted from the federal Endangered Species Act.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife and Indian tribes have for years been managing a growing population of wolves in the eastern third of the state. The DFW often finds itself in the middle of conflicts between ranchers and environmental groups when wolves eat livestock.

That is likely to continue after the state and tribes take oversight of all gray wolves in Washington on Jan. 4, 2021.”

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Woman punches staff trying to flee hospital


Wyoming Election Results

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Hot spring chicken: Three cited for Yellowstone culinary caper

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Wyoming Denies Renewable Energy Company’s Wind Farm Lease

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  1. Hmm, Washington. My son and Daughter in law both quit good paying jobs and moved to the upper midwest when the opportunity came up ( my wife was diagnosed with cancer ). they were tired of the political bull s— coming out of Seattle and from the governor’s office. He said the way a 25 to 45 block area of seattle voted was the way the rest of the state had to live. I could go on more about how the state and Seattle were telling the citizens had to live, one way or another, so they left. they both have better paying jobs and are more satisfying.

  2. Touching on a lighter note ~ someone couldn’t explain to the “spring chicken” boys that what they were doing was in violation of the bla bla bla rule #667 of park regulation section 49, paragraph 13, article 94. Understandably, making an example of “spring chicken” boys served a higher purpose and gives lots of credibility to the park ranger’s importance.
    Personal note: the times in my law-breaking life that made the biggest impact were those that I was forgiven for my stupidity.

    1. CORD7, you make an important point. The statement of why they did it from one of the “suspects” is priceless. “To Make dinner.”

      Perhaps we could get them to submit a recipe to SB.

      Carry on

  3. It would be interesting to have electoral colleges inside of each state, where every county was represented. Anyone ever thought of that? Would that be a possibility?

  4. The Bonners Ferry fly over brought tears. I could see places where he lived as boy, he was born there in 1923. I could see where he and brother would swim across the river as 5 year olds. They got a good whupping when my grandfather caught them. Kids are not made like that any more. Some of our family’s heirlooms are in the Bonners museum. My Dad is gone now, a real patriot in every sense. We have a reuniting coming! Thank you for posting the video.

  5. Roadkill: The electoral college, as I understand it is elected by the state legislatures, so when any state legislature is one sided in one political party or another, that would dictate to a certain degree how the electoral college from that state votes. I think by counties might be a possibility but it would take an amendment to the Constitution. AND, at this time in our history, we don’t want ANYONE to go anywhere near even thinking about amending the Constitution. I predict it would be the end of what little freedoms we are still “allowed to have”, which decrease daily. We would find ourselves as one of the “regions” under control of the Global Empire administered by the UN.

    I am a proponent of Ea. Wa. and Ea. Or. both telling their obnoxious ungodly western half to pound sand and joining Idaho. Or becoming the State of Liberty as proposed by Matt Shea in Spokane. Maybe Idaho wouldn’t want Spokane because of the insanity and crime rising there, but maybe we could incorporate it into Boise and ship the whole works to Kalifornica.

    One question though! Hey JWR: You think you and Miss Lilly would be able to accept us deplorable scum into your realm? Just a question!

    And now onto the wolf issue (hey I’m on a roll here). Seems as though the people that are so adamant about having the wolf don’t have to live with it among them, eating their livestock, dogs & cats, threatening their kids in their own backyards. I’d say let’s introduce the wolf to Bainbridge Island, Mercer Island, Vashon island, How about letting them run amok in the downtown parks.
    I’m not an advocate of indiscriminately killing any animal, wolves, bears, cougar included, but a wolf or any other critter starts eating or killing, destroying my property, animals included, you can bet your bippy, I’m going to be eating said animal in return, politicians included….

    And you think this past year of 2020 was the most heinous year you ever experienced, just wait till next year, should God not approve the grace period of the Trumpeter in charge for the next 4 years. Biden end up in the WH I’m predicting Rule 308 will be at the forefront of conversations mui pronto… Hang onto your shorts boys & girls, it’s about to go full on western…….

  6. The Flathead Valley is being devastated by the virus. Hundreds of new cases every day. The
    Kalispell Regional Medical Center has no ICU beds available. Many elderly folks are dying in
    the nursing homes.
    And yet the City/County Health Department has stopped all close contact tracking due to the
    staff being overworked.They refuse to pay overtime or hire additional staff.
    The Board of Health currently has eight members including the Director and a doctor.This makeup results in continuous tie votes on matters that relate to this emergency.

    There seems to be a dilligaf attitude by many of our citizens. While most of the large stores are are providing free masks and hand sanitizer a significant number of people are refusing
    to use either. The governor’s order which is an enforceable law by the way is and has been
    largely ignored.

    This is a battle to save the most precious thing in the world. Human lives. Those that don’t do their best to win this fight will someday have to explain themselves.

    Early on someone said that we will need common sense to prevail. I laughed at the time.
    Not so much now days.

    1. Unfortunately the WuFlu has become so politicized that nobody knows what to believe anymore 🙁 My friend’s husband is a world class virologist and expert in weaponized biological agents; he says this virus is NOT mother nature’s brew. It’s very dangerous, but for most people it is not deadly. It needs to be treated with caution, but shutting down the world’s economy has nothing to do with public health. All you can do is keep your vulnerable loved ones safe, use extreme caution, and get on with your life because the government isn’t going to act sensibly with all the political wrangling going on.

      1. Well that’s a given. They shut down churches weddings and funerals with stiff mandates and jail time but allow rioting and Democratic Party celebrations in the streets. Yes they shut down recreation and hair salons but ramp ups casinos in Las Vegas and pot shops. As any edict from the left including gun control it’s all about control of the people.

  7. Anybody keeping up with the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in Illinois? What’s the big deal? Science will tell us that those mostly peaceful looters/arsonists/protesters died from complications of Covid-19, anyway.

    1. Hi, Sam. Kyle has been extradited to Wisconsin and the trial is being held there. Last information I saw was that they have now pressed charges against the person who purchased the rifle and allowed Kyle to use it.

  8. Officers of the Missoula City Police Department responded to a domestic disturbance call
    involving a violent man armed with a knife. The suspect was ordered to drop the knife many
    times but he refused to do so. Officers deployed the Taser and it had no effect.

    The suspect charged the officers and was shot and died at the scene. The Missoula Police
    Department and the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department are deathly afraid of the political
    machine that rules Missoula County therefore high profile cases are pawned off to the State
    Department of Investigation.

    Protesters are now marching with signs calling the incident “Murder.” They want the officers named, along with their home addresses and phone numbers.

    A word of advice to anyone having contact with the police.”Comply and you won’t die.”
    This sounds like suicide by cop to me.

    1. Ron, “suicide by cop” is way more prevalent than the MSM wants to admit. Rather than disband the police, we ought to be finding and treating severely depressed and suicidal people.

      Carry on

    1. The picture, I believe is The Marine Corps Silent Drill Team. Those are drill/ceremonial rifles I think. I used to work with the U.S. Army Drill Team…The Old Guard…Ft. Myers, Arlington.

    2. They also may be Ceremonial Marines (Infantry) attached to units at Marine Barricks or Henderson Hall. Like the Army’s Old Guard, these Marines are the best of the best Ceremonial line troops in the world. Their primary duty is to perform in military parades/pageants in D.C., national Capitol area

  9. I got a good laugh at the news article linked to the Great Yellowstone Chicken Caper. Can’t believe they ARRESTED and JAILED the men for cooking a chicken in a caldera. When we visted the Azore Islands, we cooked a pot roast in a fumaroles (caldera hole) near Furnas Lake on São Miguel. Took about four hours. Went for a hike. Played some horseshoes. And then ate a nice family picnic. Only in America would the “greenies” scream bloody murder to use “renewable, alternative” energy, and then arrest you for actually DOING it.

  10. The story about cooking in Yellowstone goes back a long time. There used to be a Chinese laundry in the park that would dump their soapy water into a spring. After a while, the spring began erupting, and then finally, explosively! The explosion severely burned the owner of the laundry. The soap is what caused the activity in the spring. After a while the spring settled back down. That’s why it’s a really bad to add contaminants to hot springs! That’s why the rangers have such a bug in their Biden!

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