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Here are the latest news items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. Most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor, JWR. Today, we look at corporations relocating away from cities.

Economy & Finance:

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At Zero Hedge: Companies Join Exodus To Suburbs As Cities Transform Into “Ghost Towns” 

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World’s Negative-Yield Debt Pile Has Just Hit a New Record. ($17 Trillion!)

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At Wolf Street: Sales of New Cars & Trucks Through October Fell by 2.4 Million Vehicles, to 1985 Levels. Back to the Future

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Picture Emerges of Weird Recovery to Historically Awful Level

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And another from Wolf: Interjet Runs Out of Runway. Six Other Latin-American Carriers Already Liquidated or in Bankruptcy


H.L. sent us this: Gunmaker Stocks Soar As Biden Lead Grows

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Cramer says a Biden presidency with a GOP Senate would be ‘so boring’ — and that’s great for stocks

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Five Stocks to Sell or Stay Away From in November

Corporate Relocations:

I just heard that famed M1911 maker Kimber Manufacturing is wisely moving from Yonkers, New York to Troy, Alabama. I just wish that they had chosen Troy, Idaho, or Troy, Montana. Here is a quote from the  announcement:

“Kimber Manufacturing is moving its corporate headquarters to Troy and will “aggressively hire” in all departments.

The firearms manufacturer last week announced it is moving to a new facility it built last year on 80 acres with more than 225,000 square feet of space, with design engineering, product management and manufacturing space.

The company, formerly based in Yonkers, N.Y., pledged two years ago to open a $38 million production facility in Troy, creating 366 jobs over the next five years…”

Kimber had some quality control problems early on in their company’s history, but for the past 15 years, their pistols have been top notch. I assume that their key QC staff will be making the move to Alabama. So I will have no reluctance in buying one of the upcoming “Troy”-marked Kimbers.

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They’re coming to Carolina. Prodded by the pandemic, companies from across the U.S. are packing their bags and bringing their teams to North Carolina.

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Coronavirus Moving Study: People Left Big Cities, Temporary Moves Spiked In First 6 Months of COVID-19 Pandemic

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Forbes: Moving Away From The Big Cities Is Not A New Trend, It’s An Ongoing Shift

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More people have moved into these 9 US states than moved out during the pandemic. A snippet:

“Idaho had the largest net gain, where 194% more people moved into the state than out during the pandemic. On the other hand, New York and California had the largest net losses, with 64% and 63% more people moving out of the state than moving in respectively.”

What would Biden as the new US President mean for expats?


Bitcoin hits $16,000 on US election unrest

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Reader C.B. spotted this news headline: US seizes $1 bn in bitcoin connected to Silk Road

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Only 4% of Norway uses cash as country evaluates CBDC, Norges Bank exec says

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More crypto regulation is coming, industry execs say

Tangibles Investing:

Since Joe Biden and Comrade Harris have signed up for the full list of Democrat Party-approved anti-gun measures, what will be the effect, if Biden is named President?  We can surely see chronic shortages of guns, ammunition, magazines, reloading components and some key gun parts–most notably AR lower receivers and SIG P320 serialized trigger modules. The Law of Supply and Demand dictates that prices will go up and the available selection will sharply contract. Stock up, folks! If you don’t already own a full 100-piece cardboard case of new-in-the-wrapper MagPul AR-15 PMAGs, then you are behind the power curve. – JWR

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This letter in the SurvivalBlog archives from 2008 is probably worth re-reading at this juncture:  Letter Re: What Are the Best Magazines for Investment?

The only update that I’d like to point out is that the SIG P320 has supplanted the SIG P250. And BTW, those magazines mostly interchange.


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  1. This may sound silly, but how do I buy just the Sig P320 trigger module? The modular firearm is a great idea and I know there are a lot of options to turn this into a truly customized gun.

  2. What about the part that says Biden will make all existing “assault weapons” aka AR-15 and Glock 19’s etc. register and pay a 200 dollar per gun and magazines stamp?? Followed up with a 10k or 10 year imprisonment for non compliance ? concerning

    1. Mike: I might be wrong but it would require a law to pass through the full congress or a
      Presidential Executive Order either of which would end up in the Supreme Court.

      1. Ron
        Good point, now possibly losing the Senate might enable them to pass legislature. Not sure if executive order has to go through the Supreme Court? Hopefully your right
        Thanks for input

    2. The reason we are in this mess is because we never took to the streets like them. We have jobs and family and don’t want to go to jail. So we either live on our knees or act like our forefathers. Little sheep is is what we are so far.

  3. Not a pejorative question but why buy something that could very well be illegal to own or will be taxed per year or the government just out right takes them?

    The government can be very brutal in fines and jail if one is found with weapons that have banned.

    1. All due respect you buy them because you want them, and will possibly need them.
      Anything to the contrary is noise.
      If they banned bibles, would you turn yours in?

      1. Dan: “If they banned Bibles would you turn yours in?” That is straight talk that all should consider. Wasn’t it Ben Franklin that said “We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” He knew the gravity of the fight to come. When FDR wanted most of the gold to be turned in, did it happen, NO! My dear wife likes to say “God’s in control” which I understand that He can do anything! I also understand if He provides food on my plate, that I have to pick up a fork and eat or I’ll starve to death. We must not let evil people like Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, etc. (yes, there could be many Republican names to list here too) take our basic Religious and Constitutional freedoms away. As the gray in my hair becomes prevalent it seems to me that death on this earth fighting for Religious and Constitutional freedoms only sends me to Heaven on a faster train. That’s OK with me.

    2. We buy them because our constitution says we can. The liberals can laws of that nature but I know many people who will not turn them in or pay any special taxes to keep owning them.

      1. The constitution grants no permission or limitations on the People.
        It places restriction on the gov`t, and dictates it`s very limited duties/powers.
        My rights are God given, a gift from my Creator, my Father in heaven.
        As with God, the Creator of all rights, rights precede government and will be there long after.
        I rely on the government for nothing other than stumbling blocks.

    1. The linked video didn’t start for me. I had to authorize the use of Flash in my settings, too. …. The linked video would still >not play for me. [It could be the fault of my old computer.]

      This is apparently the video for the Alex Jones Show for November 9, 2020.
      It can be found on the InfoWars site of Banned(dot)video. The link can be found on InfoWars for the video. … I used the site’s search box. =

      ~~Censored: Trump’s Path To Victory Laid In Banned Broadcast! FULL SHOW 11-9-2020~~

      The video for today’s show will play at that site.

      SurvivalBlog has excellent links to good information at the top of the page. The one heading called ‘Resources’ could also contain a motto = “Trust in Tunnel Rabbit”
      Whatever will happen about the ultimate decision made in regards to the 2020 election, = Trump will be considered the real President of the USA, by his voters and supporters.
      +Biden or Harris will be called the ‘President’ by the lunatic and addled minions of the Globalist Elite. (Biden looks like he’s ready for a rest home any day now.)

      God help us!

      There’s a lot of information about a corrupt voting tabulation, ballot acceptance time period, and just the sheer number of ineligible voters in this 2020 election.

      The long ‘vote’ counting is occurring in just a few States. Big population States like California, Texas, Florida and New York were able to count the votes in their states overnight. [Something very odd is occurring with the vote counting in the contested States. We shall see if Trump can hopefully prevail!]

  4. Populate those receivers while you can get the parts! Biden will shutter the entire US gun industry!

    Buffer tubes, locally are in very short supply, except for pistols. Only the real expensive Magpul stocks are available.

    Uppers are non-existant! I was able to get two completed PSA uppers the same day they got them, and that was all they had!

    Good luck finding bolts!

    Parts kits for uppers and lowers are available in ok numbers.

    Pmags are in stock in some stores and bare in others.

  5. re:
    expats and comrade marxists

    That opinion-piece is among The Most Slanted Pile Of Nincompoopery in this particular universe:
    * “It-ly Sam [location and surname withheld] expatriated to Ireland, and says comrade marxists need the freedom to develop TrueMarxism…”
    * “Pole Ed [location and surname withheld] expatriated to Columbia, and says comrade marxists need the freedom to develop TrueMarxism…”
    * “Columbia Tony [location and surname withheld] expatriated to Thailand, and says comrade marxists need the freedom to develop TrueMarxism…”
    and the kicker:
    * “Venezuela Mary and Paul and Dave and the list goes on [locations and surnames withheld] expatriated to pretty much anyplace else, and says comrade marxists need the freedom to develop TrueMarxism…”

    Apparently, somebody (besides me…) took the time to read such blathering.
    The couple dozen comments are a hundred-percent in NON-agreement with the author.

    Is it possible, similar to the division between Portland and Malheur Oregon, similar to the division between Austin and Luckenbach Texas, the division between frisco/Hollywood/New York city and everybody in their right mind, no universal agreement exists among expats?


  6. There may be a trucker strike coming (medication deliveries excepted if the reporting is correct although I would not take a chance on this)… It would be entirely understandable, and frankly, it would make an important statement. It would also have multiple impacts. We have seen this on various sites, and it’s now also being reported at Citizen Free Press.

    1. I saw an article regarding the trucker strike earlier this morning. I think it was The Epoch Times but I deleted the email and don’t have the link. It started that a one day strike was planned for this week and a three day strike planned for Nov. 26-29. A three day strike would seriously hamper grocery resupply. Medical related shipments not to be included in the strike.

      Gods peace and grace to all.

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