Preparedness Notes for Saturday — November 7, 2020

November 7th is the anniversary of the death of actor Steve McQueen (born March 24, 1930, died November 7, 1980). The many well-publicized exploits in his tempestuous life and his enduring persona are well known. However, the end of his life is actually the most noteworthy part of his legacy, even though it seldom gets much publicity outside of Christian circles; he came to Jesus after he had been diagnosed with mesothelioma. He died with his forefinger pointing to his key verse in his Bible– Titus 1:2.

SurvivalBlog Writing Contest

Today we present another entry for Round 91 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest. The prizes for this round include:

First Prize:

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Second Prize:

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Third Prize:

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Round 91 ends on November 30th, so get busy writing and e-mail us your entry. Remember that there is a 1,500-word minimum, and that articles on practical “how-to” skills for survival have an advantage in the judging


  1. re:

    Over the decades, I noticed my ‘frustration times’ are invested in the shop.

    Wednesday and Thursday, a few of the neighbors wandered over.
    By Friday afternoon, our shop had forty folks welding and cutting on steel, hammering on steel, and otherwise changing perfectly-good tractor hitches and trailer platforms into something slightly different.

    Each of us silently pounded our frustrations into those non-yielding materials until they were molded into our concepts of ‘good enough’.

    This is a pretty quiet neighborhood in terms of politics.
    Nobody says much about preferences about which tin-hat dictator is running for dog-catcher.
    And yet, such obvious 2020 elections fraud by the marxists seems to channel our frustrations into creating a different physical environment by fussing with stuff using the ‘hands-on’ approach.

    I see this as an analogy:
    * We start by changing the people and things we can reach, then we extend our reach.

    I see this at the range, too.
    Newish shooters get comfortable on the 100-yard range, the targets comfortably close, the results easy to tally.

    Transitioning to the 800-yard range with targets deviously scattered at unknown distances involves solution skills not usually needed on the known-distance ‘close range’ or minimal-drop square-range.
    And in our neighborhood gathering place these last few days, a whole lot of shooting calculations for unknown distance first-shot cold-barrel hits were silently getting established.

    We have zero-zero-zero need for a Glorious Leader to ‘lead the charge’, to call us to do our duty.
    We have zero-zero-zero need to follow the leadership of some self-proclaimed figurehead.
    Our neighbors are the kind of folks you count on to swing by to silently help ‘raise the barn’ or silently tug a struck stranger in the ditch.

    We see no need for an effusive ‘thank you’ or offers to ‘anytime you need anything…’.
    That is inferred.
    We are neighbors.
    And we get tremendous satisfaction in ringing some steel…

    1. @LargeMarge,

      They call us to follow them through taxes….
      The 13th Amendment – Income tax was originally for those that made $25,000 [in 1918] mind you. That would be folks earning $2.5 million today. All others didn’t pay income tax.

      They charge us rent for our private property through theft called property tax. That property tax is used to fund police and SWAT- whom will show up when the property tax isn’t paid – by Glorious leaders elected – to toss off our private property.

      We need to elect leaders that have our backs…. America’s back… Imagine a leader that would sell our military assets out to Russia, and our corporations out to China… That is Joe Biden and Hitlery [whom both have become mega millionaires selling American assets….

      Whether or not we play “follow the leader,” is irrelevant, it’s a safe and secure America around without overreach into our tax pockets – whereby if we don’t pay those exuberant taxes for the Green New Deal we loose our land, preps, guns, and family.

    2. Marge, oh what fine neighbors you have. And what a fine neighbor they have.

      I am inspired…and envious. The best answer to envy is action. I am out the door.

      Carry on

  2. Rejoice in the day of our LORD. It feels like a bitter pill, but to all of you remember we are loved by our GOD, family and friends. We are not alone. We have been preparing for this for years. We’ve got this! Just as in 2008, we hunkered down, prepared, and grew in faith. The sun was shining this morning, there was food on the table, and I am still strong. I have not given up, naive perhaps, but GOD always shows his hand. Not one day is promised, let’s make the most of today. GOD BLESS ALL of YOU.

    1. Is It Time, Where have you been? We can never have too much encouragement. Your comments made me smile as my eyes teared up. Thank you for lifting us up. Blessings to you and yours, Krissy

  3. Question; Can anyone recommend an online news site that isn’t leftist but is just a good solid news site? FOX is obviously out now too! I finally cancelled my NY Times subscription(realized I wasn’t even reading many articles there as it was just a giant leftist op-ed page). My “go-to” Israeli news site has become a NYT wannabe so that’s pretty well useless now too. I’m not looking for conspiracy theories, any sort of religious bent etc; just national and international news that isn’t intent on demonizing Republicans. Suggestions? Or am I better off not having a clue anymore as to what’s going on out there?

    1. Ani,

      Here are a couple sources for outsider news:

      Russia Times is fairly competent.
      For example, a headline — “Twitter and FaceBook are smacking down all questioning of US elections integrity. What happened to Russiagate?”

      * al Jazeera
      These Arabian-based news outlets are another source of questions about TheWorld’sPoliceman.
      Unfortunately, they tend toward publicizing secret massacres by America contractors, and toxic waste dumping by America companies.
      Their photographs ought to convince any sensitive person of the futility of engaging in battles against the foot-troopers (aka ‘cannon-fodder’).

      !!! What happens if everything you know is wrong? !!!


      These are merely suggestions.
      I have zero-zero-zero interest in the news du jour.

      1. The Epoch times. I heard that this is part of Q anon and is propaganda coming out of China. I wouldn’t trust it either. It seems conservative and is pushing the narratives that Christians and conservatives want to hear, but… The Deception is Great in these Last days!

      1. @ BWL

        I only do written news; hate TV or videos. But if Israel 7 is the same thing as Arutz sheva 7 on the website, that’s my only go-to news for the most part now. Used to read the Times of Israel site but sadly, they’ve gone full-bore leftist.

        1. What in the world is going on with Ben Netanyahu? I read that he congratulated JB and thanked DJT. Our election has not yet been finalized, and the media is not the decision maker with regard to the outcome. I found this news especially disturbing.

          1. @ T of A

            He waited quite a while and then obviously felt the pressure to do this. And he also recognizes that Israel is going to have to work with Biden should the vote count not be overturned. For sure he’d rather have had Trump reelected; they worked well together. Trump was favored over Biden in Israel; about 70% pro-Trump in polls. It’s not easy being the PM of a country the size of New Jersey in a very bad neighborhood!

    2. Hi Ani,
      I start my day with SurvivalBlog. I then mosey over to where I read the Blog list then their Political Theater list where I get taken to,,,,, and many other news related web sites. I get a well rounded view of current events and usually accurate reporting. Because I get so much variety, has become my news aggregate site of choice.

      After these two sections of the site then I read some or even most of the articles.

      You may find there are authors you don’t like, as I have. You may find there are a few news sites that are linked to that you won’t like, Mondoweiss comes to mind. But all in all, I think you will find what you are looking for.

      Have a good day and night, stay warm.

      1. I forgot, I switched over from Fox News to NewsMax a couple of months ago. If it wasn’t for Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and a couple of other shows on the weekend, I’d be off Fox News entirely. Fox Business is almost gone too, except for Stuart Varney and Lou Dobbs. The “fair and balanced” Fox News is now guilty of putting their finger on the scale against conservative thought on their channels. This started when the despicable Paul Ryan joined the board at Fox Corp.

        1. Newsmax looks like a possibility. I look at Breitbart but I find myself really turned off by it even though it’s not leftist. It’s pretty sad really that news has become so partisan that it’s a struggle to find just “the news”, not a continual opinion piece. Guess I’m getting old as I don’t remember it always being like this. I’d imagine those that remember the news or newspapers further back than I do would concur?

        2. Even Laura Ingraham appears to have gone to the dark side of political reporting life… I hope this news is not correct, and there is some terrible mistake in the reporting!

          NewsMax is very good. They don’t have the budget or the set sophistication of FoxNews, but I could care less about any of that. I have found that they interview many of the same sources as Fox, but that their anchors and hosts are much, much better. I like some better than others, but overall I would say this is a good alternative at this time. All that said, I will never return to FoxNews for any commentator. There are a couple I will miss, but so be it. We are in the political fight of our lives, and one that may determine whether or not the Republic stands or falls. The stakes are just too high to tolerate the tyrrany they have come to support.

          …and if the Republican party is retaken by Never Trumpers, then I will join a third party effort. It’s just that simple, and I am principled from start to finish.


          1. I was, for a while, a capitol L liberterian. After a while, like the founders of the Libertarian Party, I had to leave. Over the years the party has become a leftist party. Jo Jorganson, the latest L party candidate for President might as well be a hard core socialist. Those libertarians I read and listen to tend to call them the Libertine Dilettante party. I’m still a philosophical libertarian, but a libertarian of the right, not the left, Murray N. Rothbard referred to himself as part of the old-right, a paleo conservative.

            I am a registered Republican, but it is getting harder and harder to vote that way. If the Republicans nominate another neo-con, like MIttens Romney, I’m done. Trump brought excitement to the Republicans, hopefully that won’t change. I see Trump as a paleo-con, at least philosophically. That is a good thing.

          2. Laura Ingraham And the newly elected congresswoman in South Carolina are sexual harassers. Not like to much women taking a mans job then liberating themselves from the marriage bed. There’s a growing number of women earning their own keep and tossing middle fingers to manhood. How ungodly and unfair to our next generation of men.

    3. Here are a couple:

      Just the News with John Solomon:

      Sara A. Carter:

      Citizen Free Press:

      The Liberty Daily:

      American Thinker:

      Censored News:

      Washington Examiner:

      The Gateway Pundit:

      Our list of news sites is quite extensive… This is just a nibble. We search for good quality reporting all over the place!

  4. Court room quality evidence of the massive election fraud in progress is in abundance, yet will it be enough when the corrupt media giants in authority declare a winner whilst the courts process, and a recount ensues? Here is excellent argument,, yet will it resonate and be relevant to those bereft of intellect, and any residue of morality? Will crystal clear logic that cuts to the heart the fraud be enough? Me thinks, only for the currently lucid. There is no way to repair the twisted reality that has supplanted common sense in those who could not see the fraud before the election.

  5. In every society where tyranny has ruled, there has been resistance. At times subtly and others overtly. Does anyone here doubt there will be resistance? 70 million of our fellow Americans voted, whether they know it or not they have joined knowingly or unknowingly. Many of you already live in communities that will band together to help each other. Large Marge has already communicated this. How many here were “called” to prepare? How many have shepherded people into the fold? My point is based on everything going on ie…religion, politics, and education, we have all already been part of the resistance. BTW: Whatfinger

    1. I’ve already ordered my “Not My President” hat. Been laying low, keeping my head down, staying “gray”. Maybe it’s time to speak out? The left had no problem doing this for the entirety of Trump’s presidency. Maybe we need to try some of their tactics; it clearly worked!

  6. Papillon and The Great Escape were family favorites when the kids were teens. Many a time, someone could be heard telling another, “to the cooler!” hahaha

    I look forward to meeting Steve McQueen, along with the rest of the Saints.

  7. I would like for PDJT:

    To immediately fire the FBI Director, appoint a new one with senate approval, for the term of ten years.

    Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hunter Biden’s international business operations.

    Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Fast and Furious Operation.

    Appoint a special prosecutor, for each state with voting irregularities, separate investigations…

    Appoint a special prosecutor, for each state with organized political violence, separate investigations…

    If things turn out badly and there is a regime change, these things will be in progress, but will be ended quickly.

    Still, there would be a couple of months of investigations and maybe some indictments.

    Pardon all firearms related crimes…

    What else???

    Rearguard definition scene from Fixed Bayonets (1951)
    (YouTube Video, 10:20-11:10)

    1. Thank you, Wally… You are right. This is not over. News is that 10 suits will be filed by the end of the coming week, perhaps 5 of those on Monday? Will be tracking the news and PRAYING IN EARNEST for President Donald J. Trump, for his team, and for the nation.

      1. Welcome to the beginning of the Great Reset. This is the globalist millionaires and billionaires war on the rest of the world. For the gist of their plans, see the Georgia Guide Stones.

      2. It may be that Parler is overloaded. The move to that site may be overwhelming the available systems. Hold steady and stay right on in there. Hopefully this resolves with relative speed.

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