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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at the much-debated results of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Solar Activity Rising

First up: Reader C.B. spotted this over at Phys.Org: Solar cycle 25: The sun wakes up

It All Comes Down to the Battleground States

This Washington Examiner article was linked over at the news aggregation site: Recounts loom as battleground state margins evaporate. The vote tallies in those states will determine some crucial electoral college votes.

JWR’s Comment: The results of the 2020 election illustrate how deep the rift is between densely-populated urbanized counties and traditional rural counties. We now have very little in common socially, politically, economically, and religiously. The rural folks who are trapped living in “blue” states can now see that partitions of states to form additional states of the Union are now almost inevitable. The Great Divide is conspicuously apparent in places like:

  • Eastern and far western Colorado: More closely aligned with Wyoming than with Denver.
  • Upstate and western New York: More closely aligned with rural Pennsylvania counties than with New York City.
  • Far Northern, Central Valley, and Sierra counties of California: They belong in the State of Jefferson or perhaps Greater Idaho — not a state ruled by just a few socialist counties.
  • Eastern and southern Oregon: More closely aligned with Idaho than with Portland.
  • Eastern Washington: More closely aligned with Idaho than with Seattle. They deserve to become Liberty State.

Michigan Meteorite Has Extraterrestrial Organic Compounds

D.S.V. sent this: ‘Fireball’ meteorite that crashed in Michigan holds extraterrestrial organic compounds.  A pericope:

“A meteorite that landed on a frozen lake in 2018 contains thousands of organic compounds that formed billions of years ago and could hold clues about the origins of life on Earth.

The meteor entered Earth’s atmosphere on Jan. 16, 2018, after a very long journey through the freezing vacuum of space, lighting up skies over Ontario, Canada, and the midwestern United States. Weather radar tracked the flaming space rock’s descent and breakup, helping meteorite hunters to quickly locate fallen fragments on Strawberry Lake in Hamburg, Michigan.

An international team of researchers then examined a walnut-size piece of the meteorite “while it was still fresh,” scientists reported in a new study. Their analysis revealed more than 2,000 organic molecules dating to when our solar system was young; similar compounds may have seeded the emergence of microbial life on our planet, the study authors reported.”

High-Speed Internet in the Hinterboonies?

A hat tip to Peter for sending us this article about a Beta Tester in North Idaho: SpaceX Starlink users provide first impressions and unboxing pictures. Here is how the article opens:

“With the Starlink user terminal/satellite dish placed on the ground in a relatively open part of the forest, Wandering-coder did a speed test that measured downloads of 120Mbps, uploads of 12Mbps, and latency of 37ms. He got worse results in a different, more heavily forested location where he placed the dish closer to the trees because Starlink needs a clear line of sight to SpaceX satellites. “It didn’t work well with a heavy tree canopy/trees directly in the line of sight, as expected,” Wandering-coder wrote. “I would be connected only for about 5 seconds at a time. Make sure you have as clear a view of the sky as possible!”

More Power to the BATF?

Reader H.L. sent us this legislative news, over at the FPC site: ATF Improvement and Modernization Act of 2020. (Please contact your congresscritters, and ask them to oppose this bill!)

The Earth’s 26-Second Pulse: The Mystery of Microseism

And in closing, there is this, over at Popular Mechanics: Earth Keeps Pulsating Every 26 Seconds. No One Knows Why.

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    1. The media told us specifically they were going to do this. Early on Tuesday, they said that Trump would appear to have a large lead, but the lead would diminish as time went on. They claimed this was because conservative Trump supporters were folks who would vote in person on election day at the polls, but Biden supporters were more likely to have used mail-in ballots, which would be counted after the polls closed. In other words, they would wait to see how many mail-in ballots they would need to “find” to surpass the number of votes for Trump.

        1. Agreed. My thoughts as well… A manufactured “win”.

          The remedy is to call the vote as the count existed at the close of the polls and with those votes. The reason is that the people behind the election fraud have used every strategy imaginable to intermingle illegitimate votes with legitimate and legally cast votes.

          Anyone who has a concern or complaint must take that up with their local election officials, route out the corruption with vigorous investigation and prosecution of actual crimes, demand transparency in the future, and then follow up on those demands to be sure the systems going forward are Constitutionally lawful and again, transparent to all — including partisan observers.

  1. The people who live in rural counties need to realize that the county regulations and codes now follow UN guidelines. The county pubic health officials follow CDC guidelines which follow overall WHO guidelines for COVID 19. The county public health officials will not question the establishment narrative for COVID 19 or any other possible future public health problem. The rural county rule makers have already been compromised. The rural county residents need to take back their counties.

  2. Regarding carving out new conservative states, be careful what you wish for.

    As noted in “The Week”, the Democrat billionaires had plans to use Democratic control of the House, Senate and White House to create several new LEFT supporting states in order to dilute the political power of rural areas;

    Much of the rest of the article is claptrap — the Left doesn’t really exist –it is just part of the Democrat Con Game. The last thing the billionaire owners of the Democrat Party would allow is major tax hikes on them or actually doing something to help the American worker.

    The billionaires are happy to fund Astroturf like Black Lives Matter and give black voters a token like Kamala Harris — since they know that Harris has thrown a lot of black men into prison.

    1. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

      If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.

      If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

      — Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  3. If you think it’s tense now wait until 2021, when the bill comes due for renters who have had their rental payments “deferred”, this doesn’t mean wiped out, it means it’s due in January, now how many of you could come up with 6 months worth of rent payments in a lump sum? Also, if you can’t and you get evicted, guess what happens to your credit rating, and now even if you could find an affordable apartment assuming you didn’t lose your job and you still have unemployment cash coming in, no landlord is going to rent to you. On top of that, many city and county tax bases will be very eroded because of landlords and businesses not being able to pay their taxes. If you look at your annual tax statement you can see the vast majority of your property tax goes to schools, roads, and police. Those budgets will all be drastically reduced in order to continue to pay retiree pensions and healthcare and the mayor and city council’s salaries. There is no good outcome folks. PS-don’t forget about mandatory unaffordable healthcare under Biden-

    1. There will be no Biden or Harris… Sorry… This is the last straw for some of us….

      And that means “you know what our founders warned us about in order to keep this Republic void of interference from those who wish to subjugate it under their new creed …”

        1. Certainly true. WE MUST STAND.

          Stand in every way you can, and insist that those who represent you in local, state and national offices do the same. Do not wait for someone else to voice concern, and insist that public commitments of support be made to the President. Speak with your voices, and speak forcefully.

          For those who have ever been in a serious battle or fight, you know what it means to know that someone has your back. You may also know what it means to suffer abandonment as the battle — whatever it is — rages. Just as we have asked the President to have our backs, he must know what we have his now.

          CALL your Representative and Senators. WRITE to them too — by mail or by fax. EMAIL their offices. …and do the same with the officials who represent you at all levels from national to local. This is a request for a few minutes of your time, and a modest effort in a fight that could well mean the survival of our Republic.

    2. You make a good point that 2021 is going to be tough. It will be even tougher if election fraud leads to a Biden presidency… Joe Biden is not competent to serve in this capacity, and I would say that neither is Kamala Harris. Democrats in the top seats of leadership of this country are always problematic. In this time, they would be disasterous.

      I am not a Democrat, but if I were, I would seriously rethink my party’s political strategy. The Democrats need to reconsider their political platform, return to a more traditional and centrist set of values (sincerely, not just on the surface), and revisit the criteria they use to select nominees. The Democrat party of today has lurched so far to the left that it will only ever lead to division, and may actually give rise to kinetic Civil War in this country. For all those who are Democrats, think carefully about the party with which you are affiliated. It is now part of the radical left and seeks — by lies, theft, and coercive violence — to take over the United States of America. Let that sink in. …and then reconsider your positions carefully for the sake of our country.

  4. California’s Central Valley is the heart of our great nations agriculture, in that we grow a great deal of the food on many people’s tables, hopefully some of which will nourish you this Thanksgiving. Many of us are tied closely to the land, and still understand a day spent in service to others, in a manner that is more meaningful then posting pictures of our dogs (their busy too!).

    Perhaps it is easiest when we can simplify our grasp of others, in this case the citizens of one state being characterized as this or that. Here, in the the Central Valley, there are those of us more comfortable in worn Carhart’s and work boots, then in tassled loafers. Most of us hunt, not surf. Generally we are prone to football on Saturday, and prefer friends and family to video games. In short, we’re pretty average, pretty normal, and certainly not “coastal”

    I’ll say, speaking for myself, that we’re more like “elsewhere” than those folks over on the coast. Their blue, and not because its colder. Its highly unlikely that those in power would ever willingly allow one of the great economic engines of the State to somehow achieve self-governance, let alone control most of the food for the State and some reasonably large part of our nation.

    So we wait, we watch, we listen and we do what must be done to be prepared.

    From behind the Prius Line..

    Mustang0268 sends

    1. I am a California native and I know the Central Valley well. I also know that California gave the world Ronald Reagan, and a loooong time ago, in a galaxy far away, California was all about freedom. Boys received rifles young, just like everywhere else before the Communists tried to take everyone’s freedom away. It’s a beautiful state filled with beautiful people. When I left, I honestly felt it could not be saved. I admire those who have stayed and are making a stand. May God be with you.

      1. SaraSue: Thank you. I know why I remain in California, which is a commitment to my children and my grandchildren. They cannot depart for safer places, and so I remain to offer what guidance and protection I can. Liberty is not a place, but a mindset. It is a way of life, that one must recognize and embrace, despite where your feet are, and your head rests. Yes, I am in the very geographic middle of a very liberal thinking and acting group of people. No, I shall not break. I shall stand opposed as needs demand, and speak my mind, and hold true to my thoughts of liberty.

        From behind the Prius Line..

        Mustang0268 sends…

  5. The new state of Liberty must also include North Idaho, north of the Clearwater. Note that Boise went all in for Biden, and is currently being overrun by Californians. Oh, and Moscow should be walled off and shunned.

  6. Remember that in the book of Daniel it was God who gave Israel into Nebuchadnezzars hand. (Daniel 1:1-2)

    He allowed it for His glory and purposes.

    We as Christians know that God is in control and working things according to His purpose.

    That’s the difference between us and the rioters who seek to make our country evil and who are at enmity with God.

    We need to pray for our enemies and for our country.

    We need to draw near to God that he may draw near to us.

  7. About: High-Speed Internet in the Hinterboonies?
    Out in the Far West, a fire zone space around a home is advisable or is required by law. … It should be possible to install a Satellite Dish to receive good reception.

    This is the law in California at fire(dot)ca(dot)gov/programs/communications/defensible-space-prc-4291

    “In January 2005 a new state law became effective that extended the defensible space clearance around homes and structures from 30 feet to 100 feet. Proper clearance to 100 feet dramatically increases the chance of your house surviving a wildfire. This defensible space also provides for firefighter safety when protecting homes during a wildland fire.”
    There’s information about plants and trees at the site. The laws are similar in many other places.
    +I’ve read newspaper stories about men that will climb trees and install television antennas for people. [It was expensive.] There should be someone in an area (with their own business insurance) willing to install a satellite dish on top of a tree.

    For a while, I worked for a big construction company. It had Riggers that could climb a tree with a small chainsaw, and then trim the unwanted branches off a tree. [The company also had equipment that could push over trees like unwanted weeds.] By law and business contract, many trees had to be saved.

    The people running the company had to deal with Government Bureaucrats, Developers, and the General Public. A lot people now days, along with the Tree Huggers consider trees more important than Human Life. … Trees to many people are like Manna from Heaven. (We all like trees; but trees are NOT Gods.)
    Also, if a Satellite Dish is being installed, people should consider having a good Shortwave Antenna installed too. … We’re living in dire times; there are a lot of dishonest people trying to change our country for the worst.
    [Currently in some places there are far more ballots being counted than there are eligible voters.]

    As said elsewhere in articles on SurvivalBlog, ” ‘A Republic, if you can keep it.”

  8. Here in rural western NY, I can attest that we are very much different from the NY everyone thinks of. My county went 75% for Trump, very proud of that. We are deeper red than many counties in TX! My state rep, David DiPietro, works tirelessly on our behalf, against all odds. When I asked him why he does it, he replied he believes this is what God has sent him to do. Amen. He has put forth a bill that would divide the state to provide us with more autonomy but the chances of it passing aren’t good, though it’s ingenious. We’re sitting atop a vast resource of natural gas that the state deemed off-limits. Aside from much-needed jobs in the western southern-tier, it could provide substantial revenue for a state that desperately needs it.

    1. Texas may turn blue in 2024. We are taking in approx. 200k socialist minded refugees a year from California alone, another approx. 100k from other deep blue states. I might make the jump to the Redoubt by then and learn how to handle cold weather. Interactions are getting increasingly hostile here, even in low-mid populated counties.

  9. It All Comes Down to the Battleground States

    What About Connecticut?

    In your list of the Great Divide, you left out Connecticut. If you watch the Connecticut state voting map during any election, rural areas and most of suburbia votes republican. Then, the three populous havens for liberal democrats, Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport, turn in their votes, and we get stuck with a liberal democrat every time. Like California, all our Congressional senators and representatives are liberal democrats, so most of the state has no representation at the federal level.

    At the state level, it is even worse with democrats having a two to one advantage in the legislature, and we have a democrat governor to boot! Besides high taxes, they have enacted egregious gun control laws that make protecting your family a privilege granted by government and not an inherent right. No “assault weapons”, no homemade firearms. They have passed a “police accountability” bill that is going to drive the best LEOs to go elsewhere. They shut down gun stores and churches during the Chinese virus pandemic, but left liquor stores and abortion clinics open. Those are their priorities. They also shut down the fingerprinting by police departments that is required to apply for pistol permits, and a pistol permit in this state can already take over a year to get.

    I had thought to retire to Vermont, but now they have a 10 round magazine limit. Like Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine have Constitutional Carry, but there is a constant influx of liberals to those states, and those states are changing. I would like to relocate to a state that will not go full bore liberal, but where are these states? Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine used to be those states. If Biden/Harris take the presidency, the future of America is Connecticut.

    1. New Hampshire most definitely suffers from “blue cancer.” My family and friends who still live there are constantly frustrated by the flood of Mass refugees who flee to New Hampshire because they can no longer afford to live in Mass, but then they vote for the same destructive policies which made their life unlivable elsewhere. I think the WORST thing the founding fathers did in the constitution was write in an absolute free write of travel between the states. Okay, maybe not, but it makes you wonder….

      1. In NH after the election, the governor is R, executive council is R majority, and state house and state senate are R majority now. At this moment, I don’t know of too many state that have less restrictive gun control laws.

        1. @Live free or die – alas, but NOT for national elections, New Hampshire keeps voting clear blue. Both senators and both representatives are Democrats, and y’all just voted for Biden by a very large margin. Blue cancer is unfortunately real.

    2. SwampYankee-I live near CT and often travel there for various reasons. Those of us in upstate NY would gladly welcome the western half of CT (absent the cities you mention of course) into the new state of Adirondack lol. The area around the NW corner of CT is absolutely beautiful.

    3. I left the northeast decades ago now live in the south where everything is more gentle including the weather. We are an open carry state so there’s no need to be on that cc list. Many people here have been putting food up for generations. Even a few of this generation knows how to pressure can. I’m not sure if they still do but the public school system used to teach gun safety classes as a regular part of their curriculum. We have also seen an influx of despots to this area but the locals won’t put up with too much bs. Of course, now, we probably are a target just like the great redoubt. Good luck everyone.

  10. JWR is correct in the rift between urban and rural areas is widening, and will continue to do so as we progress forward. It will not end until the urban and rural areas really do separate, as in Ea. Or. & Ea. Wa. joining Idaho, Northern Cal. becoming the state of Jefferson And areas of other states doing likewise. I still don’t understand why the majority of counties of Virginia did not accept the offer of W. Virginia to join their state, all driven by the illegal shenanigans of dipstick gov. Northam. Wa. recent reelection of dipstick gov. Inslee is similar in nature.
    All this is driven by the population centers of all the states, seems as though there is a thought process among the city dwellers that all their needs be provided to & for them from outside, this in turn seems to provide them with the false belief that they are better than others, more educated, higher paid, plethora of opportunities etc. etc.
    I recently made a trip back to Ohio, not wanted but required. I noticed that a good many of the trucks heading West were empty or generally loaded with some manufactured products, generally produced by manufactures located where the are for many many many years and generally the trucks headed East were box trucks loaded with all sorts of produce and other products, generally produced in the rural areas or obtained from ports and import centers on the Southern, West, Mississippi ports. The train traffic with containers from Southern & West coast ports, was phenomenal.
    What was extremely noticeable was that along all the conversion routes of the major highways from population centers from the “flyover states”, the traffic seemed to increase exponentially “Into the Eastern and population centers & major cities of the East coast and Great Lakes”. Basically what I took away from this is that the flyover states and to a lesser extent the “Great Redoubt” are the only thing keeping those places alive and functioning. And we in the redoubt and flyover nation keep getting treated like dirt, with an attitude emanating from the cities that they are the center of the world and know all, all shall bow down to their needs, whims & desires, after all, like dingbat mazie horono from Hawaii states continually, “they are smarter” than we are.
    What is long past due is for us here in the hinterlands to quit supplying the goods to the cities they require for their very existence, shut the trucks down for a month or two or three, simply say – OK, Your on your own, we don’t actually “need you”, we are certainly capable of supplying all the needs we require, you on the other hand, being so smart, figure it out.
    How many of those living in cities have zero concept of where their food and all the accouterments of their lives come from or actually get to where they have access to them. Among the younger its pathetically low, among the older it is only nominally better. Perhaps it would help, but probably not, it appears it’s not in human nature to learn from history. As a species we have turned from learning to how to survive by our own intelligence and wit, to becoming dependent upon technology to supply us with everything we need. May God help us, because it appears we are unable to do it on our own. Long Live Our Republic……

    1. NS… very astute observations and sound assessment of what is taking place… the cities NEED the rural !!! we may get to the point that what you suggest WILL occur … may the Holy Spirit of The Lord God Almighty guide us and may we listen and follow

    2. N S: An interesting theory and I agree East/West coast need products produced in middle America. However, the fly-over states cannot buy all the goods produced there; thus businesses would loose money and people would loose jobs. If you were to ask those business owners to scale back their production for 6 months so the point could be made, e.g., coastal states need fly-over states; they would most likely say no. Maybe some sort of compromise could be worked; ya never know until ya try!

    3. 100% hear your pain. I think a lot of us, ~70M+families are very down this week. This morning, I was singing “Bye bye Miss American pie… drove the chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry… them good ol’ boys were drinking whiskey and rye, singin’ this will be the day that I die…”

      I’ve often fantasized about how the “red states” could just cut off the “blue states” and what that would look like. I think about civil war and what that would really mean. I’m sooooo angry this week. I’m sick of the shenanigans. I fantasize about dragging all the politicians out and lining them up against a wall. I’ve had a lot of “unChristian” thoughts. Even as I pray. I have to go back to “I KNOW Who My Redeemer is” while I beg for mercy on the Republic. I know one thing for sure, I will not comply with a Communist, godless, Socialist government. Period. End. Dot. Time to disappear into the hills! (if only that were possible).

      Yeah… sigh… lots of thoughts this week while I forced myself to be productive. Took the puppies to the vet on election day. The 4 mos old weighs almost 40 pounds and the 3 mos old weighs almost 20 lbs. I was such a proud mama when they sat on command. Lovin’ me some German Shepherds!!!

  11. “A meteorite that landed on a frozen lake in 2018 contains thousands of organic compounds that formed billions of years ago and could hold clues about the origins of life on Earth. WOW!!! My Bible tells me the Earth is Only around 6000 years old.

    1. For a Biblical explanation of how organic compounds can get into space, check out the Hydroplate Theory by Dr. Walt Brown. Free to read online here:

      Short Answer: Some material and water from Earth was ejected during the initial stages of the flood of Noah. Interesting read – also explains organics found on the recent comet and asteroid probes.

  12. Personally, I’m just confused on why the Associated Press hasn’t called Georgia and North Carolina for Trump yet. According to AP there are 100% reporting and Trump is leading. Is there something I’m missing? As of 11/5/2020, 4:56:41 PM CST.

    1. The A.P. is no longer the A.P. of our youth, no longer an honest organization. Trump won in a landslide, but it’s taking time to find as many ballots as are needed to overturn this election because we voted in historic numbers.

    2. Liber T Y … the reason NC and GA are not being called is OPTICS… that would place DJT ahead in popular vote and would present him as a winner… also remember in an earlier court ruling NC can have up to Nov. 13 for counting purposes… if Dems still need votes then votes could be delivered by NC

      1. Remarkable things are happening in GA and NC… Truly remarkable things. In fact, they are so remarkable that they warrant FULLY TRANSPARENT INVESTIGATION they are so remarkable. …and PROSECUTION of any election related crimes.

  13. For any here on SB who have thought that Law Enforcement Officers would refuse unconstitutional or illegal orders, look at what is happening at the convention center in Philadelphia, where LE is refusing to obey a court order, election law or the US Constitution. The Sherriff of Philadelphia said “I am not coming down there to enforce that (court) order and don’t call me back about this again”. This should be a wake up call to everyone. Not all LEO’s will do the right thing, when their paychecks, family livelihood, or jobs are on the line.

    As always, hoping we all…
    Seymour Liberty

  14. Can you imagine what would happen if ALL of the truckers in the country decided to take two weeks off? No more food into the cities. No more gas for the city-dwellers to escape from the cities.

    The thought actually cheers me up after the week we’ve had.

    On another note, the solar cycle is indeed starting up… a gorgeous and complex sunspot cluster is now earth-facing… have looked at it twice through the telescope (with a Baader solar filter, of course). May produce a flare in the coming days… watch for power outages as our magnetic field has weakened significantly and the charged particles could make it all the way down and muck up the grid. Probably nothing too scary yet, but Ben Davidson at SO gives about a 25% probability of a grid-down-causing eruption from the sun this cycle.

  15. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee

    On Wednesday, Huckabee defended a full vote count on Fox News. “If the president loses on that front, then he loses,” he said. “We win by ballots, not by bullets … and we’ve got to keep reminding ourselves of that.”

    1. This should be clarified… Legal ballots, not all ballots which would include those fraudently manufactured. Legal ballots should always be the standard. Win, lose or draw, we must remain committed to legal ballots. Further… Election fraud should be vigorously prosecuted as should violations of election law. We will never be able to maintain confidence in our elections if we do not have transparency in a process in which all participating parties — from voters to election officials — are held to the highest standards.

      1. T of A,
        Agree fully! Confidence will forever be shaken in not only our Justice Department, but now our voting system. Think of the precedent that has been established. It is now accepted (bearing the outcome of the court cases) that it is ok to vote by mail in violation of establish election law. No chain of custody, no identification required, no signature guarantee, and something that no-one has mentioned, no duplication prevention. It is entirely likely that some people voted at the polling places, after having sent in their mail ballots, knowing the mail ballots wouldn’t be counted until after the polls closed. There would be no verification the voters had already voted due to the time crunch, the sheer volume of ballots, and the rigging of the counting rooms. Combine that with no postmarks (naked envelopes, envelopes ignored, or outright discarded) and wah-lah, stolen election(s) now, and in perpetuity.

        We as a citizenry need to rise up, speak out, and act if necessary or our Republic will be lost forever.

        As always, hoping we all…
        Seymour Liberty

        1. US Constitution Article 1, Section 4 regarding the Election Clause, via;

          The Elections Clause is the primary source of constitutional authority to regulate elections for the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. The Clause directs and empowers states to determine the “Times, Places, and Manner” of congressional elections, subject to Congress’s authority to “make or alter” state regulations. It grants each level of government the authority to enact a complete code for such elections, including rules concerning public notices, voter registration, voter protection, fraud prevention, vote counting, and determination of election results. Whenever a state enacts a law relating to a congressional election, it is exercising power under the Elections Clause. Congressional elections are conducted under a complicated mix of state and federal laws, reflecting the Elections Clause’s division of authority between state legislatures and Congress.

          Claimed violations of each state’s unique rules must be supported by actual facts, not merely the complaints of a sore loser.

  16. Yup. Ada county voted for Biden, but neighboring county (mine-rural) vote overwhelmingly for Trump. I left Cali in 1986 for Arizona. Then moved to Idaho. There won’t be any place to move to that’s free from govt intrusion. The redoubt is a nice story but is it a non-fiction place or fiction?

  17. On another subject entirely which may seem odd given the current state of election affairs (and understanding that these are so deeply disturbing that all eyes are on what happens next)… We should also remember that there are a multitude of concerns before us.

    The next article is on the subject of murder hornets, and the successful removal of a nest (certainly there are many others, this is a start). It’s an interesting read not only from the standpoint of the potential for problems related to further loss of pollinators including honey bees, but also given the information about wasp and bee behavior including the evolutionary strategies of the Japanese versions in combating murder hornet invasions of their colonies.

    1. Yeah, I wondered what happened to the “murder hornets” scare. The MSM needs something to hype to keep the sheeple glued to their television sets and filled with fear so they can take away more of their rights. As soon as the election hoopla dies down, expect that to be part of the next power grab.

      If you watch Ice Age Farmer, the elite cartel’s next move appears to be a globalist grab at putting independent farmers out of business. Murder hornets and swine flu are two tools in their toolbox.

      1. Independent farmers may turn out to be a real threat to the globalists… Essentially it’s the matter of controlling the food supply. Get your gardens geared up and ready for spring planting everybody!

      2. Yes, you are correct and they also plan on stamping out any independent business that helps or is on some way shape or form connected with farming / food production. Just recently that very thing happened in “my” blue state. The [name of state withheld] Department of Agriculture shut down an entire business that bought and sold farm crops. I think the phrase “red tape” should be changed to “blue tape[worm]” to better reflect the origin of the cancer.

        1. @David ‘n’ Goliath – “Blue Tapeworm.” I like that. It’s like “Blue Cancer.”

          I recommend you watch Ice Age Farmer. He’s been tracking the slow infiltration of the UN’s Agenda 2020 into different states and its absolutely chilling, how much of the attack on small, independent farms has been war-gamed and planned.

          Ice Age Farmer channel:

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