Preparedness Notes for Monday — November 2, 2020

On November 2, 1917, British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour submitted a declaration of intent to establish a Jewish homeland known as the Balfour Declaration. While Arab hostilities and the outbreak of World War II delayed the desired outcome, the Nation of Israel was eventually re-established in 1948.

Today we are featuring a round-up review on wristwatches written by our Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio.


  1. For Reloaders, here is some useful load data for the some of the newer powders being offered, some of which is still on the shelves. The article does a great job of testing it. IMR4166 works well for military calibers, including 5.56 and most small bore .30 caliber cartridges up to .300 Win Mag. Although it is certainly not ideal for each and every cartridge in terms of top velocities and precision applications, it may prove adequate in an environment where there is nothing else available. I found 8 pounds of IMR4166 at Brownells for only $216.00. Please do not buy it all, my friends are backing up the truck as we speak.

  2. And if the Jews of Europe and the Arab countries had had a homeland to go to, where they were guaranteed acceptance, all of the 30 plus years that it took to finally create the modern state of Israel, the 6 million Jews of Europe who were killed during the holocaust and countless others in the Arab countries would have had safety. History would have been very different.

    1. Very true! Hey Ani,

      By the way, I was wondering, is Ani a derivative of Anne or Annie, or is it Ani as in meaning ‘here’ or ‘I am here’?

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  3. Looks like planning for an insurrection. Stewart Rhodes is with the Oathkeepers who are staging somewhere near the White House, just in case.

    Andy Ngo: CrimethInc, an antifa “think tank” collective, has posted riot guides and manuals on its Twitter wall. They give instructions on how to form groups, what riot gear to bring, evade detection, how to form different units in battle, etc.

    1. Patriotic Americans should stay home, if they are planning to help out the Washington DC police. This is from Wikipedia about the 1968 riots in Washington DC. =

      “On Friday, April 5, President Johnson dispatched 11,850 federal troops and 1,750 D.C. Army National Guardsmen to assist the overwhelmed D.C. police force. ~~>Marines mounted machine guns on the steps of the Capitol and Army soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Regiment guarded the White House. The 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the 82nd Airborne Division from Fort Bragg, North Carolina and 6th Cavalry Regiment from Fort Meade, Maryland were among the principal federal forces sent to the city. At one point, on April 5, rioting reached within two blocks of the White House before rioters retreated. The occupation of Washington was the largest of any American city since the Civil War.”

      “Federal troops and National Guardsmen imposed a strict curfew, worked riot control, patrolled the streets, guarded looted stores, and provided aid to those who were displaced by the rioting. They continued to remain after the rioting had officially ceased to protect against a second riot and further damage.”
      I had a relative stationed at Quantico VA at that time. … He and other Marines were loaded onto trucks ready to roll into Washington DC; in case reinforcements were needed. … The rioting occurred at night. The Marines sat in the trucks a few hours for a couple of nights. They were issued the M16 rifles and ‘live’ ammunition.
      The men had periodic breaks to stretch their legs, go to the bathroom, and have a cigarette (1968).
      President Trump will NOT take any crap from the idiotic communist minions. … It’s on the news, ‘the idiotic minions’ of the Globalists think they can cause trouble anywhere in the USA. The minions are idiotic and are being used for political purposes. … Big plans are in the works by the minions; they just might encounter someone that believes in squashing their big plans.

      Trump in his campaign speeches says, ‘The Democratic Mayors and Governors just need to ask for Federal help. He will send in some troops to put an end to the riots in 30 minutes!’

    Posted by NC Scout | Nov 2, 2020

    Tunnel Rabbit’s comment on the above article:

    Here is the problem out west. Large numbers of attackers would simply overwhelm most country folks, even if they had good tactical training. Large numbers has it’s advantages that insurrectionists and criminals will use, an advantage that defenders would not likely have in sparsely populated regions. Tactics should be developed for different persons given their abilities. One size fits all works for the military, and can work for you too, but it should not necessarily be one’s primary plan. Use the advantages of being on your home turf, and do not play their game. Force them to play your game.

    Because I am only a old fat one eyed fat man, the closest I’ll let them get would be around 300 yards. Keeping an eye on more than 3 avenues of approach is very difficult. If possible, give them only one way in, and funnel them up. IHMO, a precision bolt action rifle is the way to go for most. The AR or AK would be in the golf bag if I needed to break contact. An AR and 77 grain ammunition can do both jobs, but it would not do the job as well as a precision bolt gun, because perhaps, subconsciously with a bolt gun, I’ll tend to make sure every shot counts. Also, even at only 300 yards, the bolt gun with high BC bullets in a cartridge good for 800 yards and beyond, is better suited for all ranges, as it will be the wind that is the most significant detriment to accuracy. The more powerful the cartridge and heavier bullet of a hunting rifle, greatly improves the odds that with only one round spent, that an attacker will not shoot back. Energy down range is often under appreciated in a world dominated by .223. Hunters know the difference. We would want expend only one round and wait. Do not give away your position. Attackers will be spooked if they do not know where it came from, and fear that they could be in the cross hairs, and may end their attack.

    I am too old to trade bullets with youth full of bravado. I would not play their game. The best game to play is the long range game, the game some hunters play each fall. In addition to .338 and other BIG magnums, I know a fellow who recently added a 6.5 Weatherby to his collection. It can push 140 grain 6.5mm bullet at a maximum of 3,400 fps. Impressive, yet very expensive, and it is barrel burner, perhaps good for 2,000 rounds before accuracy is diminished. However it does have it’s virtues. Hitting 6 inches high at 200, makes the drop at 500 yards to be only 12 inches low. Range estimation is less of a problem with flat shooting cartridges if zeroed at 300 for 7.62 Nato, and out to 375 yards for the flattest trajectories. This provide a trajectory that rises or falls no more than 6 inches out to the zero for that cartridge. It called a battle zero. Using a military turret type scope that adjusts for the range determined, and the use a range card makes range estimation less of a problem, and therefore for more accurately placed shots that may hit small targets at extended ranges more likely. Because 500 yards is all most can use effectively, we do not need expensive barrel burner cartridges. Because .308 Winchester and 7.62 Nato is the second most popular cartridge after .223 in the U.S., it is best to own a rifle in that cartridge as well. Loaded ammunition, and spent cases and reloading components are everywhere for this cartridge. The second best choice in Montana would be .30-06.

    So even if you are fortunate enough to own and operate an ultra flat shooting rifle, it behooves one to have one also in .308 Winchester. The Savage Axis, and Mossberg Patriot are two budget rifles that can be found for less than $400, and are still on the market. An inexpensive scope will work. A Harris bipod that swivels makes it a complete package.

  5. Hi Anonymous,
    That gravel classifier looks like a great home-base business.

    And it lead to a recommended video — ‘Laura Farms’ –about the burned farm equipment in Nebraska..
    Several harvesters and semi trucks destroyed apparently a result of arson for the crime of flying American flags.

    Her follow-up videos show the entire community pitching-in to complete the time-sensitive harvest of the farming family’s 750-acres of food.

    What do marxists think they will eat after they destroy the farmers?

  6. The post 9/11 Police State has been built in the US. It is more than capable of stopping the Leftists from burning their own cities. Yet they are standing down. Ask yourself, ‘Why?’

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