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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at a variety of emerging threats and trends, starting with a piece about a planned escape from New York:

An Escape From New York Before the Election?

First up, H.L. was the first of several SurvivalBlog readers to mention this, over at The New York Post: Fearful New Yorkers plan to flee city on Election Day: ‘People will go nuts’.

Fight or Flight: Election Has Many Americans Feeling Anxiety

Long-time link contributor D.S.V. sent this article, in the same vein: Some plan to move, others buy guns: Election has many Americans feeling high anxiety.

Newbie Preppers Buying Military Gear Before the Election

Reader G.G. sent this: Americans Are Frantically Buying Military Gear Before the Election. A snippet:

“In some suburban and rural settings, it’s become everyday wear. A retail chain called 5.11 Tactical, which traces its roots to a friend of President Donald Trump’s adult sons, is even trying to turn the survivalist look into a fashionable national brand. It’s racking up annual sales of almost $400 million with stores in places including Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the U.S. Army’s Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. Across the country, gun and ammunition sales have surged as well.”

Taiwan Aims Missiles at China to Foil Invasion Plans

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Taiwan aims missiles at China to foil invasion plans

A Record Number of Carry Permits in U.S.

Another from G.G.: Study Reports Record Number of Carry Permits in U.S.. A pericope for you:

“Roughly 7.6 percent of Americans have a carry permit, according to its findings. Slightly more than 26 percent of them are female and the number of new women outpaced men by 101.2 percent. There are now five states with more than 1 million people with carry permits. They are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Texas. Per capita, by qualified adult resident, 28.5 percent of the Alabamans have a license—the top figure in the nation. Indiana claims second-place honors with 18.7 percent and Iowa trails in third.

The cost is even going down. John R Lott and Rujun Wang, the report’s authors wrote, “A lot of changes in fees are occurring this year. Arkansas just reduced its fee from $142.11 to $91.9 and Washington from $48 to $36. Indiana’s 5-year license to carry has become fee exempt since July 1, 2020, while Tennessee’s 8-year license fee has dropped from $100 to $65, effective from January 1, 2020. West Virginia also reduced $75 fee for a LCDW to $25, starting on June 1, 2020.””

WalMart’s New Speed Shopping Floor Layout

Walmart’s new store design proves browsing is dead.

Second Food-Stockpiling Wave Is Here, With 3,400% Pantry Surge

Second Food-Stockpiling Wave Is Here, With 3,400% Pantry Surge.

Massive Asteroid Subject of New Findings

SurvivalBlog reader C.B. suggested this article, over at the news page: Massive asteroid subject of new findings. The article begins:

“A University of Hawaiʻi Institute for Astronomy (IfA) astronomer has revealed critical new findings linked to a large asteroid expected to pass extremely close to Earth. Dave Tholen and collaborators have announced the detection of Yarkovsky acceleration on the near-Earth asteroid Apophis. This acceleration arises from an extremely weak force on an object due to non-uniform thermal radiation. This force is particularly important for the asteroid Apophis, as it affects the probability of an Earth impact in 2068. “

Bacteria Were the Real Killers in 1918 Flu Pandemic

Reader A.D. mentioned this piece at New Scientist:  Bacteria were the real killers in 1918 flu pandemic.

NJ to Mass Release Inmates Starting Nov. 4th

Finally, Reader D.S.V. sent us this:  New Jersey Governor Signs Bill To Mass Release Inmates Starting Nov. 4JWR’s Comment: Hmmm… Scheduled for the day after the Presidential election. Purely coincidental, I’m sure…

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  1. Re:CCW
    Going thru the process in Fl.Not sure how it was before the virus,but took my class in June.Have to make an appoinmentt at the courthouse to apply,prints,etc,mine wasn’t until last week,end of Oct.almost.Takes another 90 days.
    While I was there,phone rang off the hook,next appts. were end of March/begining April.For sure,demand is up.
    Wonder how it compares to hunting licenses?

    1. You know, I don’t understand this. I’ve never, ever thought any type of registration with the guv of any aspect of firearm ownership was a good idea.
      I still recall seeing the bumper sticker “The Checzs’ (sp) Registered Their Guns”, and my dad explained what that meant.

      1. Les, I heard that. Florida has a law that if you are hunting, fishing, camping remotely, biking, hiking or in anyway outside a civilized area, you are allowed to open carry a loaded firearm. And I do. My gun stays loaded under my seat, and my fishing pole stays in my trunk. If an officer of the law asks me where I’m going, or where I’m coming from, one of those answers is going to be fishing.

        1. Big John, Florida law also allows you to carry a loaded gun in your car/truck as long as it is securely encased (closed center console counts). You don’t need to be going fishing.

    2. If in Duval county, go to the extension office on Baymeadows Rd. Much faster, less crowded. They do take appointments and you are in/out in 15 minutes or less. Avoid the wait Cook

  2. Walmart-browsing ain’t dead by choice cause y’all killed it when you fill the ever narrowing aisles with the store shoppers filling orders with carts too large for both of us to be on the aisle then yeah y’all made it hard.
    Then the virus came along and tripled it while removing items from the shelf to browse along with the fear of the virus.

    Then there is the fear of The People not just from the virus but from lack of respect not only for others but themselves aka people of Walmart, aggression and predatory actions in certain areas. Any decent areas have recently become targets for robbery from certain gimmie that crowds.

    Black Drama Friday anyone? It used to be something my family shoppers looked forward to as a day they shopped together but now The People went from lines to rude to fight and drama so it’s skipped altogether.

    Browse indeed. Online

    1. Agreed Matt. Years ago when our daughter was young, we’d all get up at 4 am-me, wife, mother-in-law, daughter and some other in-laws and hit the stores. We had a blast, used walkie talkies to keep in touch (faster than cell calls-no texting back then) and split up to get the deals. This was in Northeastern PA and we never had a problem, people were polite, in a good mood and everyone enjoyed themselves. We’d go outside the store and watch the sun rise over the mountains in the distance and after we shopped we’d all go for breakfast at Perkins. The year some poor employee got crushed to death by a mob in Long Island was the end for us.

  3. Flee
    Yeah hide n run is bout all anyone does these days. Every preparedness site recommends it.
    What happens when you run outta places and the decide to find your backbone? It’ll be too late

  4. Noticed that NJ’s Gov. Murphy said that, “turning thousands of prisoners out onto the streets early will help “combat COVID-19” by allowing “for even more social distancing.” – Police Tribune
    Sure… I can see that!

  5. NJ to Mass Release Inmates Starting Nov. 4th >>Ironically, that also happens to coincide with the opening day of dirtbag season and the Shoot, Shovel and Forget Job Fair!

  6. for a South Carolina concealed weapons permit you have to take a course and pass a written test, pass a shooting test firing at targets at different distances including draw weapon from a holster, be fingerprinted and then mail off everything. The State Law Enforcement Division checks you out and you get your permit in the mail. In the Charleston area I had to wait two months just to get into a course and will have to wait three or four months to get the permit.

    1. You can recommend it,but there is no need,I have a great job and life here.Can carry at home,work,and in the car without it.That is where I spend 99% of my moving is not reasonable.Just getting it for the ease of purchases.

  7. In Oklahoma we just load up, tuck in and hit the trail. We don’t need no stinking permits! Thank you OK citizens and leglislators! Our forefathers didn’t need carry permits until the commies and psychopaths started taking over government. VOTE them all out!!

  8. In Sheridan, Arkansas, the local Wal-Mart loaded all their rifles, shotguns, and ammunition on pallets and removed them from the floor, stopping all sales. Employees had no idea if this was election related or part of a longer term corporate move. This occurred in the middle of hunting season.

    1. Thanks for working a difficult job!
      The article I read said Walmart was pulling ammo and guns due to civil unrest.
      I want a redo of 2020. It has sucked out the kazoo, if you know what I mean.
      Headed to stores tomorrow to fill any cracks in my larder, and for those if mine that haven’t bought enough. What can I day, I love them!

  9. I have a better idea for Governor Murphy. Do not release convicted criminals: offer them an opportunity to be test subjects for Covid drug testing. As far as CCW’s are concerned if the poo hits the fan who is going to worry about government permission anyway? Politicians cannot enforce their un Constitutional decrees but have to rely on local law enforcement, and the police do not have a very high opinion of legislatures at the moment. Our local Sherriff has given us the go ahead on self defense. Remember those of you that have not voted it is time to get ride of the idiots that have been elected who care nothing for you, your families, friends or neighbors lives and/or property.

  10. Today’s odds and sods are the most scintillating ever. I enjoyed the Taiwan military response recap. Although I never buy China, I do make an exception for Taiwan. Their products are generally better but I still prioritize anything MADE IN THE USA.

  11. May as well sit back and enjoy the final weekend of “These United States of America” cause no matter who wins next week it’s never going to be the same again.

    The uptick in the ‘Rona’, the civil unrest (civil unrest? That’s a nice politically correct term for looting, rioting, and general anarchy) or peaceful protest depending on which news agency you listen too. The massive censorship and coverup by the media; not just social media. The frantic firearms purchases, and stockpiling of food and ammo show a definite lack of trust in the government. The recent poll stating that 62% of Americans believe that we are looking at a civil war.

    My heart aches for you my southern brethren. For when the United States stumbles the whole world falls. It is sad to see a once great society, with so much potential, on the verge of tearing itself apart.

    The only possible “good” side of this is that perhaps after this we will see more of a return to the values and morals of our forefathers. Maybe this will be the reckoning that brings us back to God. Unfortunately, as with any time like this, there will be great suffering, and the four riders of the apocalypse will be unleashed upon the land.

    My prayers go out to all of you. Stay safe.

  12. The China/Taiwan issue will come to a head during the “post-election” turmoil that is certain to ensue regardless of the alleged winner. No better time to start a war than when the policeman for the world is in turmoil itself.

  13. I feel sorry for all of the people who live in dangerous areas of our country. Living where I live, miles away from cities, in a very rural area, it is hard to imagine people rioting and causing trouble over an election. IF there is trouble, perhaps it will spur people to crack down on the undesirable communist elements in our country, and/or get people to abandon the democrat-run cities.

    1. Newbie Preppers, indeed! In the past several years I’ve read a number of articles by reputable gun and self defense writers who warn that the 5.11 Tacticool fashion statement (versus a more discreet “Grey Man” approach) is, during an attack along numerous scenarios, a strong announcement to “shoot me first”!!

      1. During my 2 years in Iraq as a DOS/DOD contractor we were issued 5.11s, but most of us never wore them outside the wire. Always wore USMC or US Army fatigues to match the unit we were running with. You are correct that you certainly stand out in 5.11 attire. A sniper would pick you out as someone special. I have a trunk full of them but have never worn them stateside. Maybe I could sell them to newbies?
        Semper Fi

  14. About voting. For president its cut and dried, Trump. But the rest of the ballet is always generally the same you have a choice between 2, dumb and dumber. Its like an old Huey Lewis song, “I want a new drug.” I want a new political party! The Patriot Party. People like the Federalists Founding Fathers. In my state its dominated by demo-rat socialists who have spent the state into debt and want more taxes so they can mismanage more money spending it on their constituency’s 5th generation welfare recipient non-workers and state employees unsustainable bloated retirement and health benefits. They are chasing business out of the state and hard working tax payers. I guess they’re depending on Washington to print more money and send them some to bail them out with fiat paper. I want a new political party to vote for. One that follows the US Constitution and stays out of our business.

  15. What was that noise? The clock said 0300 hrs. and I was now fully awake. I thought I heard an engine running, maybe more than one. My dog would have been barking had they not killed him weeks ago. I dared not turn on a light, even the one small bulb we were allowed. Creeping to a front window l peeked out. Voices could now be heard. I saw three military trucks parking with engines running. The exhaust fumes were visible in the moonlight on this very cold crystal clear winter night. Our home was freezing inside. The small stack of wood we were allowed each week was nearly gone. There was no longer any coal or fuel oil. I worried for my wife and children.
    There was suddenly loud shouting as several men came into view near the front of my neighbor’s house. They had Rich in handcuffs, leading him to the second truck. I saw him look back briefly towards my house. Then the trucks were gone and the street quiet. I knew I wouldn’t see Rich again. I had warned him about a man down the street from us, known only as “The Pharmacy Guy.” He was always snooping around asking questions, and we suspected he was the rat. He made a little money that way. Rich had recently taken a little extra food he had saved to another neighbor to help him feed his children.
    When would the knock come to my front door for having given the same man a couple sticks of wood? It seemed we were doomed. They had taken our vehicles to clear the streets, and there was no fuel to run them anyway.
    I thought back to last year, election year, when it looked to be a sure re-election win for our Conservative President. It took days for the final vote count to come in. The Conservative TV news stations, which are now gone and replaced with more liberal stations, stated many people had not voted.

    This could be the scenario on election night 2020. I for one will not be happy to see the laughing, smug faces of the commentators on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and yes, even FOX.
    It’s up to us. We must VOTE for President Donald Trump for another 4 years. If not, we have no future. They’ll first take our Second Amendment rights away and confiscate all guns and ammo, there will be no home schooling, children taken away from families to work for THE PARTY, senior citizens left wilting away, no meds or surgery…
    Is this going to be the end, or a new beginning for more prosperity?
    You decide.
    Semper Fi

  16. Murphy is a hypocrite. He has quarantine mandate for anyone returning from most every state in the country. He was in contact with a corona virus positive person a week and half ago in a bar. He’s not staying in quarantine for 14 days according to reports. He is also placing additional mask rules on employers and employees including reporting fellow workers not following new mandates. And it’s odd that when all the democrat governors are listed even by republicans, Murphy is not included as one of those causing mass lockdowns and forbidding businesses to reopen NJ is at 25percent indoor dining and many businesses have gone bankrupt and out of business. There are many restrictions. Wonder why Murphy is never in the list of restrictive gov like PA CA MI NY NC to name a few.

  17. Speaking of Odds and Sods, I thought you all might find this interesting.

    From the article”….“COVID-19” refers to a clinical diagnosis of someone who exhibits severe respiratory illness characterized by fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. If you’re asymptomatic, you do not “have COVID-19.” The worst that could be said is that you’re infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but if you’re not actually ill, you do not have COVID-19.”

    Kind of what I have been saying all along. Don’t believe the numbers. Oh, and Trump is right about the “case” numbers going up because we are doing more testing than any other country.

    1. Then Trump has no idea what he says, if his administration doesn´t count in the relation of people, tests and infected and then use it to analyze their numbers statistically all they say is of little worth and what they do is build on doubtful “data”.

      1. The point is, if you don’t break down the actual meaning of the “case” count then the data is garbage. For example, how many of the deaths are from CoViD-19 only? How many of the deaths are from heart attacks in people who have also tested positive for SARS CoV-2? How many are from suicides, drug overdoses, murders, etc? By rights and by the really lousy statistics that are being bandied about, George Floyd should be counted as a CoViD-19 death, he did test positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. SARS-CoV-2 is the virus, that is what the test kits are actually testing for. CoViD-19 is the disease it causes. If we are to study the statistics rationally then the statistics must be accurate and complete. In the case of this virus and the disease it causes, the data is actually almost meaningless. You should read the articles associated with the links I have provided, they paint a more accurate picture of the real problems with the statistics that are being bandied about.

          1. I just spent the last hour at the CDC site. There is a lot of data missing, data that would have been very useful, that should be of obvious need to determine actual case numbers, tests given, and resultant deaths. That’s not Trump, that is the permanent bureaucracy that is failing to provide accurate information to anyone, including our President, and for that matter our Lying Media Scum. I like to call it “agenda-driven data”.

            My guess is that in Germany in particular and in Europe in general, the same problems exist. That would also be “agenda-driven data”. That agenda is not in our best interest, not in the USA, Canada, Germany, or Europe as a whole.

            As Sherlock Holmes would say, “the game’s afoot”.

  18. I had stumbled across 1918 Pandemic videos a year or two ago. One woman, very elderly, described how their mother insisted on them taking 1 teaspoon of baking soda every day. I assume dissolved in water. Their family took care of many sick families and they were spared. So, if it was infection that killed people, baking soda (is a disinfectant, among its other properties) is one of those pantry items that would be helpful to have in large supply. Costco sells a large bag.

    1. I’ve read they did use baking soda during the 1918 flu. The book by Dr Mark Sircus – Sodium Bicarbonate gives the doses that Arm and Hammer had on their boxes until the FDA had them remove it. Apparently another issue at the time was the over use (extremely high doses) of aspirin were given. Dr Mercola wrote a long article on this in 2018. Apparently for the baking soda the alkaline state for the body prevents the virus from thriving. Just another simple thing to have in the house. And funny you mention Costco, yes they have those huge bags but last night they were in an end cap part display. (odd for baking soda). I always have it for cleaning as well as keeping alkaline.

      1. re:
        sodium bicarb

        What happens to digestive ability after stomach acid is rendered impotent by consuming that concentrated alkaline?
        How much nutrition can we expect if our digestive system functions at a half-effectiveness… or less?

        What happens to the cardiac sphincter muscle atop the stomach?
        Its function is keeping stomach contents from refluxing into the esophagus.
        Strong stomach acid maintains its health and strength.

        Our Paleo ancestors evolved to consume a vast variety of diverse foods during extended daylight walks with occasional tree-climbing and sprints to catch supper or avoid being supper.

        Health comes from working in our garden and eating from our garden.
        However, a single-source out-of-balance diet — pounds of carrots or handsful of grains — is anti-health.
        Out-of-balance concentrated doses of a rare mineral compound sounds like a bad idea.

        I welcome your rebuttal.

        1. Large Marge, yes, I hear you. I had a habit of taking Tums at night to help with gastrointestinal reflux disease so I could dispense with the prescribed medication. Recently, I got a horrible bout of the stomach flu (probably salmonella from handling raw chicken). I realized that taking the Tums was interfering with my natural acidity to kill the bug. After that incident that was almost 2 weeks long, I decided to stop taking the Tums altogether and just eat “dinner” around 3pm (renamed “Linner”), which gave my stomach time to digest before bed. I think there is balance in everything and my goal is to treat the body holistically rather than with pills from the doctor. I was on a very long list of medications and was able to wean myself off all but one, which keeps asthma at bay, a low dose. I may give that one up one day, but not now. I occasionally eat “out of balance” and that usually happens when I’m over tired. I don’t know if too many vegetables is bad for a person, lol, but I sometimes only eat vegetables, other times meat and potatoes, etc. I figure, if I balance it out over a week’s time, it’s not so bad. In regards to the 1918 pandemic and baking soda, I think the recommendation was just a teaspoon a day, which doesn’t sound like overloading to me.

        2. No rebuttlal. If interested read the book. It’s very good and articles by Dr Mercola. I’m not telling what anyone should or shouldn’t do just a fact that was on the Arm and Hammer box as well as those doing better with colds/flu.

  19. Wal-Mart removing guns and ammo off the retail floor at stores across the country. They are preparing for “potential unrest.” They are even doing evacuation drills.

    1. You definitely don’t want to move to Oklahoma. We have no indoor plumbing, most of us don’t have teeth and all our women are ugly. And I won’t even mention tornadoes, earthquakes, oil tsunamis and I’m pretty sure we have a volcano brewing. Nope, Idaho is the state for you.

      1. Everybody, come to western Oregon for our year-round four-season Swamp Season!

        We have the richest Rain Season you could ever want, our magnificent Mud Season runs mucky March through frozen February!

        And if you prefer a great Goofballs Season, we have lovely Eugene and Salem… but the keystone of of our grand Goofballedness Season is the perfection of Portland!

        Ignore any disgruntled references to Portland as ‘pornland’.
        They obviously haven’t visited during our robust Rioters Season.

  20. And then hold the deep state liable for the attack on our nation, starting with the governors who are complicit, then be sure to investigate the mediates who propagandized society in the process. Evidence is overwhelming.

    Recognize this is our last best chance to drain the swamp………false flag of magnitude is coming. This is it folks, we either lock em up, or we get locked up….freedom lost.

    I suspect we will seee the second coming prior to justice served on earth. It is what it is…evil

  21. With all the increases in CC permits you need to factor in that we now have 16 States that are constitutional carry. None of those citizens need to apply for permits. Still, with 32% of the States now constitutional carry we have a record number of permits issued.

    Plus, in many States, if you have a CC permit you don’t have to have a NICS check to purchase a gun, and NICS checks are going through the roof.

    1. Yes and some states now have background checks for private sales. The states with constitutional carry will still issue to residents so they may carry outside their state. Vermont is the only state that doesn’t issue a ccp. At the rate VT is becoming more liberal they probably best just let sleeping dogs sleep and not issue one. Those residents could get a Fl or utah permit. All of what you say is true too so just seems many more are purchasing protection as well as getting ‘permission’ to carry. NJ. Not allowed aside for. Retired police and the chosen few. Many of the citizens of nj and others do obtain FL AZ NH utah or VA to name a few ccp as to carry in other states or in hopes of a national reciprocity law which I feel could have been done when passed in the first 2 yrs of President Trump’s term.

  22. So when Walmart clears their shelves of guns they have a huge safe they put them in so the looters can’t access them. Or maybe thats what all those Cones boxes are for out in the back of the store. Oh yeah, Thats a real secure place for all that ammo and guns. What??????

  23. Re: NJ releasing inmates to increase social distancing and reduce rate of CoVid infections in Jails and Prisons.
    What is the protocol to insure these parolees are not spreading CoVid Incarceration to the general populace. Or is this the plan.
    Do they quarantine them and test them before release, And then throw back the “questionable” ones to continue to infect their fellow prisoners?
    Points to Ponder.
    I doubt any answers will be forthcoming.

  24. They let them out. I doubt any protocol. It’s to get criminals out. Maybe to make room for non compliance with masks etc. I can’t imagine any other reason. And of course nj no concealed carry to be able to protect oneself and the Criminals know this. Nj citizens are sitting ducks. Not saying all early release people will do this but in the beginning of all this many were let free then as well as NY. And no bail in nj or ny!

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