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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on elk relocation. (See the Idaho section.)


Much earlier in the year than usual… Photos: Snow blankets the Inland Northwest

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Live Local Inland Northwest launches directory, online marketplace for area businesses

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Inland northwest job opportunities.


Idaho Fish and Game traps and relocates elk in Elmore County. The article’s lede:

“The Idaho Fish & Game moved 16 elk out of Elmore County because the herd is too large, and the elk are damaging agriculture in the region.

This week the Idaho Fish & Game set up a trap and attempted to corral elk cows and calves into a pen using a helicopter and a crew riding on motorcycles and ATV’s.

The goal was to remove 70 elk from the heard near Little Camas, but this mission proved difficult, and the Idaho Fish & Game herded up 16 elk.”

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Legislators consider ways to increase Idaho air travel

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This listing at Black Rifle Real Estate caught my eye: 1169 Rocky Draw Road, Troy, Montana. It is a well-situated 20-acre property, with a pond.


Soldiers set to return home to Montana after a year-long deployment in the Middle East

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Ready or not, fall snow and cold greet Bitterroot

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Real estate market continues to boom in Gallatin Co.

Eastern Oregon

Car crashes into Hermiston AT&T

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From a Bend, Oregon television station’s web site: String of striking High Desert sunsets continue; so do your fine photos

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$6,150 Reward for Information on Recent Wolf Poaching in E. Oregon.

Eastern Washington

Steel, next time: State of Washington requests federal assistance to rebuild Bridge in Benton County. A snippet:

“The State of Washington is requesting an emergency/disaster declaration and related assistance from the Federal Government (FEMA) regarding a critical rail trestle & bridge that crosses over the Yakima River in Benton County near Prosser, which was destroyed by a wildfire in September.”

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Washington hunting prospects

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Zillow names Spokane a midsize housing market to watch in 2020


Mullen Fire At 81% Containment, Snow Should Help

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“Yellowstone National Park officials say a shuttle program using automated electric vehicles is expected to launch next year.

The Jackson Hole News & Guide reported that Beep Inc. Shuttles is expected to pilot the program in the Canyon Village area from late May through next August, shuttling visitors in driverless, electric vehicles to determined stops near the campground and lodging areas.

The Orlando, Fla.-based company billed as the “next generation of passenger mobility” has been awarded federal transportation grants to develop and deploy its technology.”

JWR’s Comment:  I suggest that they call them “Open Space Shuttles.” Oh, and I wonder how they’ll do, in bear, moose, and bison encounters. Just imagine sitting in a shuttle and seeing a lunch sack odor-attracted grizzly bear approaching the door, and then hearing the automated announcement:  “Attention: The door will close in three minutes. This shuttle will depart in four minutes.”

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A listing in the Lander area, over at my #1 Son’s Secluded Home Next to National Forest on 44 Acres.

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  1. What a shame about that Oregon wolf, to bad we can’t trap about 300 Wyoming Grizzlies and dump them in downtown Portland to ease you pain! Trekker Out

    1. My thoughts exactly Trekker. It’s always interesting that the folks who want reintroduction in OR and WA are usually on the west slope of the Cascades. Those very same folks who lock down their schools for a cougar sighting, yet see no reason to introduce those species into their neighborhood.

    2. Agreed. On NPR (Democrat’s radio propaganda) they always say how river foliage grew back to a record breaking ecological standards. This due to introducing the wolves into the American Redoubt and them killing off the elk.


      What about us hunters doing the deed to thin the elk heard and we’d have many years of freezers chocked full.

  2. Snow-I’m envious. I’m up to my eyeballs in tree branches from an early ice storm.
    I’m usually proud of my people round here but this event has been an exception. Lady asking online for a battery operated heater to heat her whole house. Insert face palm
    Yeah I don’t work there but it’s between automotive where they keep the blinker fluid and sporting goods where the shelf with the dehydrated water is.

    1. “Blinker fluid,” that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all month. Permission to incorporate that into my everyday conversations.

      That lady’s question is one more reason why only 10% of people would survive an EMP attack. She better have a great personality and cooking skills so some prepper can take her in.

    2. I’m just wondering what she meant by “Blinker fluid”. Likely someone fed her that one on purpose, like replacing your muffler bearing [one crudity deleted by the Editor.]

      1. I just got back from the auto parts store getting high-temperature hose and was dying to ask where the blinker fluid and dehydrated antifreeze was, but I was busting a gut so bad I couldn’t get the words out. I’m still laughing. 🙂

        1. We used to send newbies to look for rotor wash (to clean the helicopters, of course).
          It was usually kept next to the boxes of grid squares and rolls of contour lines…ahhh, good times…

          1. Back some 60 years as a young mechanic my boss sent me out to bring in a residential milk delivery truck. This was the one that the driver drove standing up. Only two pedals; gas of course you stood on your right heel and kinda leaned into the gas pedal with your right toe. The other pedal was the clutch/brake. Halfway down and the clutch was thrown out, after that it began to brake. Imagine you want to shift from first to second so while balancing on your right heel you gently lift your right toe up and push the clutch in no more than halfway to shift. Even just a tad more than halfway and the brake starts to come on which pushes your carefully balanced body forward causing the brake to come on even more. etc.

            The good news is I had driven them before working at an auto body shop.

            Then they had me bring a wrecker truck into the bay to work on it. This time they got me. They had set the brake and locked it. Wrecker trucks can lock all the hydraulic brakes by stepping on the brake pedal and throwing a lever under the dash that locks up the brake lines. I had to figure that one out.

            The also sent me out to bring in a school bus and back it into the end bay. Can’t do it because the end bay was flanked by the building and the driveway wouldn’t allow enough room to line up straight to back it in. The school bus has a over of the back of 20 feet or more so every time you try to line it up you are off by about four feet. Finally they told me to put it in one of the other bays.

            Another time they told me to go in the shop and grab the spring and bring it out to the bay and install it. The spring was a truck spring and weighed 200+ lbs. I did carry it out but it took two of us and a jack to install it.

      2. Not meant to be crude. It never even occurred to me that it would be taken that way. I learned that one circa junior high school age the same time I heard the one about a muffler bearing. I admit (proudly) that I was naive and was not exposed to crude language yet My apologies.

  3. Ya gotta figure in the the thought process of the the Disney automation engineers…

    We’ve all seen those group of “city-folk” running out to feed and take the “close to nature” pics, ten feet away from momma bear and two cubs.

    Why not get a government contract to feed the wildlife without risking a park employee.

  4. Yellowstone Shuttles

    JWR’s Comment: “Just imagine sitting in a shuttle and seeing a lunch sack odor-attracted grizzly bear approaching the door, and then hearing the automated announcement: “Attention: The door will close in three minutes. This shuttle will depart in four minutes.”

    The grizzlies have been complaining so Yellowstone is now like Amazon and offering free delivery.

  5. There are so many bad ideas in the election this year this hasn’t gotten the necessary press, but check this out: Colorado Proposition 114, Gray Wolf Reintroduction Initiative (2020),_Gray_Wolf_Reintroduction_Initiative_(2020)

    I read this as … “Would you like to completely ruin the woods with roving packs of grey wolves, OR would like to still go camping and have deer and Elk in Colorado? (you don’t get both.)

    If the native habitat is so important, why not also work to reintroduce grey wolves into Central Park in New York and see how that works out. It was a terrible idea when they did it in Yellowstone and it’s a bad idea here too.

      1. ThoDan, we also lived with Liberals for a long time and it’s finally come to fruition. Total destruction of our Republic from tolerating them is right around the corner. You can’t rehabilitate a rabid dog. Trekker Out

  6. Well boys and girls some of my ranch land is wanted to make habitat for reintroduction. ,,,,not on my watch ,,,people are in the way of a perfect world, or so I’m told

    1. Oldhomesteader, I’m shaking my head in disbelief of all the harassment you endure from others wanting what you have worked your whole life for. I wish for you and DW the same for my folks, peace and joy in their old age.

      This harassment makes me so angry, I looked up some statistics:

      Idaho takes 3rd place for most government owned land in the nation.

      61.9% of Idaho is owned by the government: = 32.8 million acres

      Montana takes 11th place for most government owned land in the nation.
      29% of Montana is owned by the government: = 27 million acres

      So, at nearly 60 million acres in only two states, it is obvious they don’t, “need,” your land for anything. They just, “want,” your land. This is wrong on so many levels. It reminds me of the Prophet Nathan’s story to King David, where a rich man with thousands of sheep, took the poor farmer’s only, beloved pet lamb, and killed it for dinner…

      May our Heavenly Father give you wisdom to protect yourself, DW and children from those with evil intentions. Blessings to you all this week, Krissy

      *stats came from following article

      How Much Land the Government Owns in Every State and What It’s Used For

      1. It all goes back to the notion that all game on whoever’s property, belongs to the King. It seems to me that one BASIC set of laws that we need to change is that game on your property does not belong to the landowner. This leads to restrictions on hunting, hunting and fishing licenses and fees, and the government micro-managing things that they have no right to manage or knowledge how to do it without causing worse problems for others AND the environment.
        Put this on the list of utopian goals like 1)eliminating property, income, and estate taxes, 2)Getting back the right to travel from the government that we lost when cars replaced horses, 3)regaining the right of free association and the right of a business to serve whoever it pleases, 4)restrictive zoning laws not for safety reasons, and other BASIC rights that we have lost.

  7. I’m actually surprised at the weather. I’m in Central Idaho, several hours drive North of Boise. Last year the snow started in September and went right on thru April. I shoveled tons of snow last year and have the broken body to prove it. So far, we’ve had one cold night, 10 degrees, and some frost but no snow. We are going into a week or two of 60 degree day weather. When I look at the weather forecasts for this year, it looks like our valley is spared the worst of Idaho weather. No idea why. And I was all ready for the snow apocalypse! (knock on wood)

    One thought about wolves, bears, and such… The Environmentalists seem to ruin everything they touch. They must not have real world experience, but must sit in little groups intellectualizing based on their perceptions of how the world works. I would be happy to never hear from another Environmentalist again.

  8. Seaside Oregon had a wonderful seal exhibit where you could buy pieces of herring and toss them to the seals.

    I suggest the same concept for Yellowstone (I’m very familiar with that park). A licensed vendor could sell tourists small bags of meat scraps, hot dogs, or perhaps chunks of honeycomb to take on the open-air automated shuttles.

    If you know Yellowstone, then you know that all vehicles stop when a bison stand in front of them on the public roads. Picture the bison blocking shuttles while tourists get the opportunity to feed meat scraps or honey to Yogi and Boo-Boo from the comfort of their seats. Better make those rigs something you can pressure wash.

    BTW, while in many cases it is illegal for you or I to hunt in most parks, the state laws apply for carrying firearms applies to those Park land inside the state boundary. E.g.: in Washington State you can carry in National Parks if state law allows you otherwise to carry. in this case it is both open carry and by Concealed Pistol License.



  10. Why should the taxpayers front the money to build a bridge that is clearly Railroad property?

    BTW, “blinker fluid” has been around as long as “muffler bearings”.

  11. Being an electrician, I usually send the young guys to get me a “wire stretcher” and when you’re working at heights you always need a “sky hook.”

    Although in this new, politically correct oil patch, we can’t do that any more. One report to HR and you’d lose your job.

  12. At my first real 40 hour a week job after trade school, I went to lunch one day and when I came back I had a note to call “Mr.Bayer”. I called the number in the note and a lady said that Mr.Bayer could not come to the phone. I said why not, and she said because this is the zoo and he is not allowed to use the phone.

  13. The blinker fluid joke reminded me of a joke my pastor told me years ago. Goes like this……These two dumb guys (they may have been from Poland) were about to take a car trip and the driver asked his buddy to get out and go to the back of the car to see if the turn signals were working. The driver turned on the left turn signal and then leaned his head out the window and yelled to his buddy ” Is the turn signal working?” His buddy yelled back “Working now, now it’s not, now it is, now it’s not, now it is, now it’s not, now it is, now it’s not…………”

  14. Blinker oil, is similar in viscosity to smoking lamp oil. Just two aisle up from the ropes and line section, where you can get up to twenty feet of flightline per purchase.

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