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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, some good news for wolverines. (See the Montana section.)


Write-in candidate faces off against incumbent in Custer County prosecutor race. JWR’s Comment:  You just have to love Idaho political races. Often you see “a real character” pitted against “a real character”.

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Lone Wolf, in Priest River, Idaho, is best known for its line precisely-machined Glock barrels and slides.  In early 2020, Lone Wolf Distributors was purchased by Clay Tippins, a retired Navy SEAL. As of October, 2020, the company is being re-branded as simply “Lone Wolf”, to reflect their now very broad product line, and the fact that a larger number of their products are now made in-house. Lone Wolf has invested heavily in precise CNC machining equipment. And they will soon be releasing their first complete Glock-compatible pistol, called the Lone Wolf Guardian. They also have a completely revamped web site. But rest assured: The company isn’t moving anywhere. They’ll be staying in Priest River, Idaho.

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Treasure Valley business to offer free haircuts to veterans on holiday


US officials: Climate change not a threat to rare wolverine. A snippet from the article:

“Years of additional research suggest the animals’ prevalence is expanding, not contracting, U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials said. And they predict that enough snow will persist at high elevations for wolverines to den in mountain snowfields each spring despite warming temperatures.

‘Wolverines have come back down from Canada and they are repopulating these areas in the Lower 48 that they historically occupied,’ said U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist Justin Shoemaker.”

So, let’s hear it for the Wolverines.

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Sen. Daines visits Falkor Defense facility in Kalispell

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US seeks mining withdrawal of polluted Montana site

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Bullock and Daines tear it up in final U.S. Senate debate (VIDEO)

Eastern Oregon

Umatilla County commissioners feel ‘blindsided’ by CDA vote

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Pendleton: New law to permit some public sleeping on city property

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Homeless woman accused of trying to attack couple with machete in eastern Oregon

Eastern Washington

Colfax: Speed limits may drop on 15 county roads

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Moses Lake man dies after his own dog attacked him

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Bus thief rides to jail again on new charges of theft, burglary


Cheyenne: Magpul is wanting to hire 75 people in two weeks.

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PHOTOS: Cheyenne Man Collects Wyoming License Plates For Decades

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  1. About this story linked: ~Moses Lake man dies after his own dog attacked him~ More information can be found at animals24-7(dot)org, OCTOBER 10, 2020, “Self-defined pit bull rescuer killed by pit bull in Moses Lake, Washington”

    There’s more to the story about the Pit Bull~Mix that killed this man. (The poor guy may have been non-fatally stabbed by his gal friend, also, at the time of the crazy dog attack.)

    It’s difficult for a Pit Bull sized dog to kill a healthy adult man. … Dogs in the USA usually kill = Women and Children. Old men weakened by age can be victims. Once a boy becomes a strong teenager, until the feeble old man years, a man has the testosterone to fight off dog attacks. [+Dogs DO ~kill adult men too!]

    Anyone, interested in Statistics can find information at dogsbite(dog)org. Of the 48 USA deaths by dog attacks in 2019, >69% were caused by Pit Bulls. ….. (63% of the fatal deaths involved multiple dogs ~ a dog pack.)
    What’s the point for a SurvivalBlog long comment?

    People need a way to protect the family during SHTF events. The Hurricane Katrina down in New Orleans created a situation, where numerous people fled the area and left dangerous dogs behind.
    The cops went around just shooting numerous dogs. [Of course, the cops were later sued. ~ Unfortunately, it’s against the law to shoot all the lawyers first.]

    People need a ~non-lethal or ~silent method to get rid of dogs during emergencies. [No one wants to be in trouble when the lights go back on.] …. In this article: Hardening Your House, by R.R. = SURVIVALBLOG CONTRIBUTOR OCTOBER 11, 2020, a comment was made by John in nevada.

    “Over the years prepping I have thought out different devices you can use as a defensive weapon which is casually not defined as one. Tried to put myself through situations of what to use and what might be very effective deterrent for intruders….one device that really stands out is to procure the old 3 gal pressured liquid fire extinguishers. …”

    “I clean the inside with water and soap air dry, and then pour in six half gallon bottles of clear ammonia, after replacing the top I fill with about 200 lbs psi of air. The full bottle has about a 45 sec use time, and the liquid will reach a whopping 50 to 75 feet. We are talking about a full continuous stream, you have smelled the ammonia vapor, now imagine getting soaked from a stream of ammonia the fumes would take your breath away getting it in your mouth and eyes would totally render you senseless. I was in law enforcement and comparing it to any type of mace, or pepper spray it is many times more effective, plus it is a caustic agent, it could conceivably injure or kill.” [Read his entire comment.]

    Pretty good idea, especially for people living in a neighborhood full of reprobates. I don’t know if the ammonia would affect any neoprene gasket or hose on the fire extinguisher.
    The ammonia would work on dogs for sure. [Plus, a sling shot/wrist rocket and/or pellet gun would be handy too.] Not all events are ‘end of the World’ SHTF events.

  2. Hey everyone, word is the Fed is using the Scamdemic as an exucse to stop printing paper currency!. The microchip and the mark of the beast are on the way

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