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Nancy Pelosi Wants to Invoke the 25th Amendment to Remove the President for Diminished Capacity

But She Will Have to Wait Until Sleepy Joe Biden is Inaugurated



    1. Hey Matt, agreed. This close to the election I don’t think they’d waste the time on Trump. They’re obviously betting on a Biden win and getting their ducks in a row so then the time comes, they can pack Biden off to the geezer home and coronate their first black woman president.

      Is anyone taking bets yet on whether there will even be a 2024 election?

      1. Yeah it’s the way to crack through “the glass ceiling” and gain complete control.

        2024? I’m not sure we’re gonna make it through this one yet. I’m kinda on one day at time for now.

      2. I think they’re betting both ways. If Trump wins and they retain the House, they want a mechanism other than impeachment to try to remove him. And if Biden wins they want a mechanism to remove him, and they install their figurehead…one they think they can control, since she has no principles and is interested solely in her own power.

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