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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at the worsening commercial ammunition shortage in the United States.

The San Francisco Exodus is Accelerating

Reader Greg S.  suggested this article: Zillow Exposes Dramatic Exodus Out Of San Francisco Real Estate. A snippet:

“Zillow shows a dramatic exodus out of San Francisco city real estate in favor of Bay area suburbs all the way up to Lake Tahoe (where real estate is pretty much on fire). Home prices in the city are down 4.9% year to date and inventory jumped 96%.”

JWR’s Comment:  The law of supply and demand dictates that house prices will plunge, in “Sodom By The Sea.”

Ammunition Shortage May Last Until 2021

Linked over at the news aggregation site, there is this at The Daily Wire: Ammunition Makers Facing Massive Order Backlog, Shortage May Last Until 2021

Here is a quote:

Bearing Arms reports that at least one Arizona ammunition manufacturer, the Scottsdale, Arizona, based Ammo Incorporated, is “facing an $80.1 million backlog amid record demand for ammunition.”

“We’re working right now seven days a week, 24 hours a day in all the manufacturing plants,” the company’s CEO told media.

The demand has forced Ammo International to expand its industrial operation, adding millions of dollars in machinery and expanding their production.”

The Feral Pig Population Explosion

H.L. sent this: “Out Of Control” Super-Pig Population Is Spreading Rapidly Across US 

Search for a Murder Hornet Nest

Reader C.B. sent us this: Search underway for murder hornets nest in Washington state (Update)

Winter Lockdown? Think Like a Norwegian

This one came to us from Jon C.: Dreading a Dark Winter Lockdown? Think Like a Norwegian. Here is a pericope:

“Leibowitz’s findings build on decades of previous research showing that the mental framing of stressful events can powerfully influence the ways we are affected by them. People who see stressful events as “challenges”, with an opportunity to learn and adapt, tend to cope much better than those who focus more on the threatening aspects – like the possibility of failure, embarrassment or illness. These differences in mindset not only influence people’s mood, but also their physiological responses, such as changes in blood pressure and heart rate, and how quickly they recover after the event. And the impact can be long-lasting, even during major transitions: one Israeli study found that immigrants’ stress appraisals can predict how well they adjust to their new country. They also seem to determine how well police officers in Australia cope with the stresses of their work.”

Alt-Market Has Moved

I just heard that Brandon’ Smith’s great Alt-Market web site has been revamped and moved to  Be sure to update your bookmarks.

No Stopping COVID-19?

Our Editor-At-Large Mike Williamson sent us this: A ‘herd mentality’ can’t stop the COVID-19 pandemic. Neither can a weak vaccine. A snippet:

“Some prominent leaders wonder if herd immunity created as people are naturally infected with SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus would be enough to restore society to working order. For evidence, they point to hard-hit epicenters such as New York City, where approximately 20 percent of the residents have been infected and the caseload has been low and steady for months. This sustained recovery must be due to herd protection, they argue.

But based on simple math, past experiences with outbreaks, and emerging evidence from the ongoing pandemic, this claim is a fantasy.”

Michael Strickland Speaks

Posted over at Redoubt News: I Was Convicted Of Felonies After Antifa Attacked Me

Why Writing by Hand Improves Memory

And, finally, this piece was suggested by reader D.SV.: Why writing by hand makes kids smarter.

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  1. Not to worry on 5.56 or 9 mil. WTSHTF there will be plenty to scrape up off the streets. The countdown has started. Everyone be safe. God Bless and keep us all safe.

    1. Huh? Can you please elaborate on how this bounty of ammunition will magically appear on the streets to be “scraped up”? Perhaps you’re referring to spent casings for reloaders to scavenge?

  2. Unfortunately for the pigs, it looks like their demise is at hand: socialism. I doubt the population of pigs will continue to increase once we are in a Venezuela -type environment.

    I hope we don’t find out….

    1. Yeah, Mississippi seems t think they have no hungry people.

      Proper disposal of wild hog carcasses. All trapped wild hogs must be lethally removed from traps. Burial of carcasses is recommended.

      Burial, indeed. How about butchering and distribution? These critters already destroy a lot of crops. Just sayin’.

      When will their depredations lead to food shortages?

      Carry on

      1. Well, in actuality, every single one of the pigs is being slaughtered and eaten by hungry people. This is Mississippi, after all, where civil disobedience is a way of life. Even the government expects it. So don’t go criticizing Mississippi. Just because we talk slow doesn’t mean we are stupid.

        1. Thanks, Rose.

          Your post didn’t read slow at all.

          Glad those porkers are going to feed hungry people. Now, if I could just get some of that feral hog sausage…

          Carry on

          1. Once a Marine,
            It has been pretty interesting that Mississippi hasn’t really been a destination (yet) for folks trying to exit the left coast. I have been wondering why that is. Our standard of living is way lower than any other state, and we are one of the most gun friendly states there is, and homeschooling laws are pretty good. But I really wonder if it’s because of the perception of how stupid we are. We have worked hard to foster that perception. We do it intentionally, of course, because like Tennessee, we don’t really want a bunch of folks moving in here messing things up, kinda like the hogs. BTW, I will not eat a wild hog. I’d eat deer, but we raise our own hogs if we eat any. The wild ones are known to carry diseases. We do have lots of friends that eat them, though. To be honest with you, not much meat goes to waste out here in the sticks. Maybe the city dwellers are hungry, but out in the country, we take care of our own. If someone wants a hog to eat, they will probably get it.

          2. Howdy Rose!

            Here in Oregon, nobody pays much mind to the fumble-finger blow-hards in the Oregon capitol of Salem.

            Except for unelected Oregon governess Kate ‘Moonbeam’ Brown.
            Any time Missy Moonbeam is on televisionprogramming or newsprogramming, we all snap to attention, savoring her every word.
            Oh, yeah.

  3. Good thing COVID has a blended 99.98% survival rate from those aged 1-50.

    Out of the deaths only 6% were just from COVID alone. The other 94% had 2 or more pre-existing conditions.

    Stop living in fear! This is nothing.

    Stop wearing your masks and peacefully fight back.

    1. Agreed! You will not avoid death by wearing a mask, social distancing, or getting vaccinated for that matter. Only Christ can deliver us from ultimate death. “…through faith in His blood… ” Romans 3:25.

        1. For how long? The virus isn’t going away. Get and stay healthy, let your immune system do it’s job. No mask required. Survival of the fittest has been working quite well for a long time.

        2. If that were true then all we need to do is mask those with covid and it all stops. Keep the prisoners in prison wearing masks. send the kids back to school wearing masks. Masks are magic and protect you so no worries.

          The simple truth is masks do not work. The only purpose for mandating the masks is to allow politicians to appear to be doing something. This is a infectious disease and it will infect people with or without masks until it runs it’s course. The other purpose of masks is virtue signaling and to allow ‘Karens’ to control people. Wear a mask if you believe in them. Stay home if you are afraid. But keep your paws/opinions off my rights.

          1. Ahhhh!! But the difference is I don’t try to tell people that wearing a gun guarantees I am safe and send the police out to arrest citizens who chose not to wear a gun. The mask does NOT protect you. The fake “science” is really a sleight of hand with statistics. This is how that works: The cloth mask can capture/stop up to 8% of those droplets from your lungs that may be infected. The sleight of hand artists instead tell you that this translates into a 8% reduction in risk of catching or transmitting the virus if you wear a mask. But that is not true! You will inhale (or exhale) 92% of the droplets that your mask does not stop and that is about a million times more virus then you need to become infected.

            The bottom line is anyone who wants to wear a mask should do so. And they should not start a fight with anyone who choses not to wear a mask. It is all virtue signaling.

      1. Howdy Jack2!

        ‘social distancing’

        That phrase is newspeak for ‘anti-social distancing’.

        You remember…
        “Black is white, war is peace, anti-social is social.”

      1. …Wear a mask, then… Frankly, I’ve been forced by state mandate to wear a mask when interacting with the rest of society since late March. I’ve about had it… This is NOT the “new normal.” This is not ANY kind of “normal…”

        Never fear though, if Biden wins the election, expect an Inauguration Day miracle…

      2. Then stay home, and out of harms way. Its good sense- unlike those who insist on that indoctrinated socialist mentality. In the ‘wild west’, Not wearing a gun certainly guarantees you are Not safe from the predators who do!

    2. I’ve been preaching the same thing. I recently took a motorcycle trip through N.W. Arkansas and I found that in the cities people were all anal about mask. When I got up in the hills in the little towns mask were a rare sight. Country folk think different than city folk. Give me the country!

    3. You are reinforcing the perception of stupidity when you say …our standard of living is way lower than any other state…is that what you meant to say,cause that is not going to make anyone want to move there.

        1. Yes, I meant “cost of living.” I realized that after I had hit send. However, I will modify it to clarify: ON PAPER, our standard of living is very, very low, as well as the cost of living. In actuality, our standard if living is quite a bit higher than it appears at an initial glance. But still quite a bit lower than most city dwellers would tolerate. And when SHTF, we will be sitting WAY better than most city dwellers, but only because we have learned how to live. And when I say “we” in this paragraph, I mean the rural folks in Mississippi

  4. Chilton, my wife is over 60, asthmatic, and just had a pacemaker installed. All “pre existing conditions” that put her at more risk to die of coved 19. Why do you want to risk my wife’s life? Do you know her? Are you too cool to be seen in public with a mask on? Is it too much work to take the few seconds to put one on?
    Let’s all peaceably fight back by ignoring all stop signs and red traffic lights today! What could go wrong?

    1. Masks are a conditioning the WHOLE WORLD to take the Mark of the Beast when it comes. Masks worn in the Bible only meant three things: spiritual idolatry, lawlessness, and wickedness.

      No Bio certificate proving that you’ve been vaccinated, then you will not be traveling, not buying groceries, not selling, etc. Here is comes. The Mark of the Beast. Choose this Day whom you will serve.

      1. Interesting, because wearing a mask to protect your brother then is a sign of the beast.

        I done that for decades, protecting the ill from infection.
        That is then the mark of the beast?

        The people wearing masks to help their next during the black death, accepting the ultimate sacrifice took the mark of the beast?

        1. No, didn’t you read my post? It is a conditioning and a tool to get everyone to comply with the state.

          Wearing the mask is also an initiation right into the new World Order.

          It is a method of group compliance and control and is bringing us into a form of slavery.

          It is George Orwell’s 1984. The Mark of the Beast is AI technology. The Bio digital certificate will be coupled with technology to one’s credit card, bank account, social credit score (see what China is doing, it is here now), etc. If one displeases the state, the state can shut you down from buying or selling or traveling. They will be able to lock you in your home and take away your job.

          The Plandemic is a method of using fear to gain population compliance and control.

          If you are sick you should stay home. If one is immune compromised they should wear a mask when out and stay home.

          The healthy should not have to wear a mask because it will weaken their body and make them more susceptible to getting sick. There is a Depopulation scheme in all of this.

          Read the book of Revelation.

          1. As i said, i´m wearing a mask for safety reasons for decades at work, including to protect the ill from my breath when i´m healthy.
            If i´ve a contagious illness i´m not allowed to work for this very reason.

            I see not in any of these cases anything unchristian, quite contrary i would see doing these things christian and ethical.

            I can try giving you a list of Italian Priests dying caring for the ill and dying of this “plandemic” and that is not counting the people of the italian medical services expecting and ready to dy caring for the “plandemic” victims
            The masks are not meant to prevent the infection of the wearer, they´re meant to prevent the infected infecting others.

            If one displeases the state, the state could´ve done that without these toys for decades, the only defense we´d for decades was the loyalty – sense of duty to their oath and the citicens as well as the decency of those employed as public servants and/or representatives.

          2. PS

            The healthy should not have to wear a mask because it will weaken their body and make them more susceptible to getting sick.

            Have you any scientific sources for that?

          3. @Avalanche Lily- Absolutely right ! “IF YOU ARE SICK< STAY HOME !". And right on every other point you stated.

        2. I have to install a wood stove today, so no time for a debate, yet I must say a few words. This is what I was attempting to, or referred to yesterday.

          Covid-19 has apparently mutated to a much less threatening disease, but they continue to hype up and generate fear to move their Beast System into place. Because my risk is relatively low here in NW Montana, I will no longer wear a mask as a show of defiance. Those who are at risk should continue to take precautions, but those of us who can accept the risk should remove their mask and buy more ammo. If we submit to their campaign of fear and act as slaves, we will become enslaved. And our economy will continue to crash. Here in this part of Montana, the natives generally have not worn masks for many months now, yet Covid-19 is not a problem, in fact is has one of the lowest rates in the country. The state of Montana cannot enforce their illegal decree, but perhaps only on a few.

          The Federal Reserve is moving to abolish cash, and daily health certificates would be issued, face scans for entering businesses, these and other mechanisms, are the methods that lead to the Beast System. The pattern of incrementally changing our society began shortly after WW2. My Explorer Scout Handbook from the 1950’s even makes reference to the trend set by Globalists! None are so blind that will refuse to see. This decades long incremental approach has become a quickening, and Covid is the tool to install rapid and radical changes to control and destroy, in particular, the last bastion of freedom that is the United States of America.

          1. I agree with you one hundred percent! “America IS the last bastion of freedom” hence the huge push for control. I follow the news in Israel and it is even worse there at this very moment. But it is coming here! Hang on!

        3. The mask mandate is a hive mentality, a group think, the collective, A New World Order of Unity in EVERYTHING: politics, economics, religion. It is a war against individuality!

          It is against everything that is natural and made by God and in His order. And most and foremost it is a war against all who believe in God and His Word.

      2. I believe Avalanche Lily is correct. The mask mandates are an attempt at conditioning people to eventually accept the prophesied mark. I think it will have a greater effect on the younger generation who grow up thinking it is normal. (This is similar to the LGBTQXYZ insanity that they want us to accept, believe, and endorse.) If masks work, they should work in both directions. Why do the mask zealots have to force everyone to wear one? They should put their mask on and shut up. The same for the vaxxers. If you think vaccines are safe and effective, take your vaccines and shut up. If it works you are protected. Leave the rest of us alone.

    2. @ Wetwilly

      I respectfully want to say that as much as I understand your concerns for your wife, I think that the onus is on her to take the appropriate safety precautions she needs to stay well. I think expecting healthy 8 year olds to hunker down, remain masked and take the same precautions as an 80 y/o needs for instance is ludicrous and unworkable. I have neighbors that are elderly and one has terminal cancer. I totally understand their desire to keep safe and respect that by not getting too close to them etc. They stay out of the stores by doing curbside pickup and mostly just stay home. But that’s not reasonable imo to expect younger and healthier people to do this. And obviously someone needs to be producing the food, delivering it, stocking the shelves etc.

      While I don’t have any sense of the whole “mark of the beast”‘ belief as my theology is different, I still believe that mask wearing should be optional.

    3. Wetwilly… I must say that I do understand.

      There are really two issues at hand.

      One is the nature of a virus (which in this case was designed as a bioweapon), and the practices we should all engage in to prevent the transmission of the virus (most especially to vulnerable parties). We can help to prevent the spread of SARS-COV-2 which causes COVID-19.

      The other is the use of this pandemic to advance tyrrany. This is also a concern, and the Communist Left has intertwined this with the matter above.

      Unfortunately, this situation has caused tremendous confusion and conflict — and it comes at great cost in the loss of real lives.

      There is new information about the virus published by Dr. Li-Meng Yan. Take close note of what she reports about the RaTG13 virus. No wonder the CCP has arrested her mother. Dr. Yan will not be silenced, but her courageous voice comes to us at great cost to her family.

      For all those concerned about a vaccine, the Regeneron therapy used to treat President Donald J. Trump (quite effectively alongside other therapies) is very promising. In fact, it may also work for use in short term prevention of COVID-19. President Trump wants this to be widely available, and hopes it can be provided to all of America at no direct cost to individuals (essentially tax payer funded).

    4. @Wetwilly. I feel for your wife and her health problems. Same as for all of us with conditions that affect health. If I come to your house, I will wear a mask, if I ride in a car with her I will wear a mask, but I will not wear a mask in public on the off chance I come near her. It is upon her and you to take the precautions to keep her safe in public. I am not trying to be harsh or unfeeling, but there has to be a line between the needs of a few and the liberty of the many. I also do not believe in the efficacy of masks and agree this is a political move, not a science based mandate. I see too many examples of people wearing them incorrectly and handling them incorrectly. If I or a loved one was at high risk, I would not trust the public with our safety. You should not either.

    5. Wetwilly, No disrespect intended, I don’t know what other conditions your wife has, but I have both of what you mentioned, plus a few more and I’m older than she. Although I keep one of the disposable masks in my purse, in case I am accosted by Kroger security, I stopped wearing masks months ago. I don’t know where you live but chances are if she goes outside and sits in the sunshine every day and maybe goes to a park where other people are, she’d be happier and not so afraid. Or maybe you’re the one that is afraid for her. Just saying…

  5. So there is an explosion on the feral SHTF food supply? Sounds like a win, win scenario. I love pork and I know how to prepare it safely. Not to say that there isn’t but I haven’t seen one that an AK could not put down.
    Now slightly off topic, I have a theory about all this migration and sight unseen purchasing of redoubt property. When many of these “fine money laden” people spend their first full winter in their new digs, I think a real estate reversal may occur as they change their minds and they bail and head back to civilization.
    “That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong!”-Dennis Miller
    Tha is for reading.

    1. Yep, 7.62 will take a hog. No sweat.

      The rub is their nocturnal habits and cunning. Gotta be a fine night time hunter or have big money to get one in your sights. I have seen video of big money dudes killing them from a chopper. Sport???

      If you have experience hunting and killing these critters with an AK, please share with us. They are coming to a rural community near you.

      Carry on

      1. Once A Marine,

        By great coincidence I received a call last night from an old friend outside the Tulsa area. He told me that he recently dispatched a 300 pound hog from his field with one shot from a 12 gauge/00 buck at ninety-five yards.

        He says the hogs will typically run when they see him. But this big hog had a “screw you” attitude. But not for long.

        I don’t know if it was a night or day shot; we chopped off our call to watch the debate. Too bad, I’d rather have talked about feral hogs than watch her at the debate ……..

      2. There’s a man in north carolina who built a hog trap cage and put it out on the edge of his field. Next morning he had 3 in the trap, he shot them all and had a community cook out. Said he was too old to go wandering in the woods all night!

    2. I agree with you. In Idaho property is selling sometimes before it hits the MLS, sight unseen, and in almost any condition. It’s a great time to sell, but you’d need a place to go to. I’m going to wait out this potential bubble and see what happens next year. It’s terrible to buy at height of market. People who are just buying land in the Redoubt with no facilities thinking they can just load up the truck and head out, camp on the land, have no idea what winters are like.

    3. Y’all must have never known the feral hog population to destroy everything on your property, including your house, like we in the south have known. You have NO IDEA what you are talking about.

  6. The big puzzle is the 2 billion round federal Ammo order. It was all finally delivered last year w final shipment to customs border patrol. The big question is w the feds use the ammo or w the deep state distribute that Ammo to communist forces? Also take note another migrant caravan is on its way. What role w those folks play in the upcoming event?

  7. I would caution those who eat pork to read Deuteronomy. The Creator has unclean and clean animals. Pigs are the only ones that are so toxic you are not even to touch the dead bodies. Science has confirmed the filth, toxins and parasites they carry and pass on. They were designed as hazmat clean up crews. In a SHTF situation you really do not want to eat them!

    1. New King James Version
      Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.”

    2. Some things are just not considered to be food, biblically: pigs, shellfish and other animals are in that category.

      God Said.

      What part of God Said thou shalt not, do you not understand? These dietary laws were for the health of the Hebrew children whom God set apart as a peculiar people for His purposes.

      Today, we are grafted in to the Commonwealth of Israel through Jesus Christ his son.

      We still need to obey the law. God did not do away with the law, only it’s curses when we come into faith. The Law still stands. If we wish to be set apart, and healthy we should not eat that which He says not to eat.

      We are not defiled if we eat pork, but it wasn’t given to be food for God’s people. We will be less healthy.

      In the very end of the book of Isaiah 66:14-18 there is a prophecy of the last days, and a warning to those who eat swine’s flesh and the mouse.

      This is possibly a genetically mixing mouse and swines genes, which I have heard “they” have done. The fact of the matter is, I wouldn’t eat pork any longer.

      “And when ye see this, your heart shall rejoice, and your bones shall flourish like an herb: and the hand of the LORD shall be known toward his servants, and his indignation toward his enemies.
      For, behold, the LORD will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire.
      For by fire and by his sword will the LORD plead with all flesh: and the slain of the LORD shall be many.
      They that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree in the midst, eating swine’s flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith the LORD.
      For I know their works and their thoughts: it shall come, that I will gather all nations and tongues; and they shall come, and see my glory.”

      Update: Shalom, this is not directed at you personally, since you understand this. It was a general comment to others who do not understand the fulness of both Testaments.

  8. More ammo, less feral pigs. Problem(s) solved. (and to really combat the problem, get night vision, as recommended yesterday, that’s what we call a ‘Force Multiplier’ and more bacon in the freezer.)

  9. From yesterday for Rucksack Rob. You asked about my name “howling wolf”. It comes from the 104th infantry division, World War II, but later became US Army Reserve 104th training division based at Vancouver barracks. I was a drill instructor in the 70’s. Today the unit is based at Ft Lewis, Wa and is a leadership unit for the Army Reserve.

  10. On the mask beast issue, it is good to be reminded about what is to come, and the Principalities and stuff efforts to get us desensitized to it. I don’t celebrate Halloween because of this. I do wear a mask though. It is a way for us to help others keep safe. I think because we do one (mask), doesn’t mean will do the other (chip). But, I do like the heads up about what is coming our way.

  11. Matt in Oklahoma…
    Lupus is filled with many challenges. Among my friends is a gal who struggles with this, and the management of the illness is truly challenging for her. I am lifting you and your wife up in my prayers. Stay safe and well.

  12. Anyone else notice that the BLM and Antifa riots have stopped? No riots, no news reports of riots. Almost as if someone flipped a switch to turn them off. Not that there was a wizard behind a curtain orchestrating it all. Not that riots and civil unrest make Biden look bad. Not that riots and unrest make gun sales skyrocket as people try to protect themselves.

    Protests, riots, civil unrest will return on election night whether the results are contested or not. If Trump wins, all hell will break loose on the left. If Biden wins, all hell will break loose in celebration, and the win taken as a mandate for social justice and reparations. Get ready for a wild ride in November!

    1. DING ! DING ! DING ! We have a winner !!!!!
      “Anyone else notice that the BLM and Antifa riots have stopped? No riots, no news reports of riots. Almost as if someone flipped a switch to turn them off. Not that there was a wizard behind a curtain orchestrating it all. Not that riots and civil unrest make Biden look bad. Not that riots and unrest make gun sales skyrocket as people try to protect themselves”.

      Someone noticed that it was backfiring like a 1965 Chinese automobile.

    2. The riots haven’t stopped, at least not in Portland. It is not being reported by much of anybody. Now we note that there is a woman who is “100% AntiFA” running for Mayor of Portland and is way ahead in the polls. Them folks in the Peoples Republic of Portlandia are freaking crazy. Most of Oregon needs to break away, then BUILD THAT WALL, a great big beautiful wall!

    1. Howdy Big Mike!

      definition of ‘firearm receiver’

      One California GovernmentAgent says neither part of a Stoner design meets any definition of ‘firearm’.
      Simultaneously, other GovernmentAgents from California sue federal GovernmentAgents to prohibit that non-existent part of a non-existent tool?

      Do you get the impression nobody is flying this thing?

      1. Largemarge

        Californication always does a trial run of their bills. They rewrite and rewrite until commufornia becomes communism for all 50 states. How California goes so goes the nation.

        They will find a way to ram this into federal law. We on the right will do nothing to stop California. We will do nothing.

  13. For those of you who insist upon their masks, especially those who insist upon me wearing a mask for your safety, please go read the Great Barrington Declaration, signed by thousands of doctors and scientists from all over the world, including Stanford and Harvard, demanding that the political theater and policies of mask wearing and social distancing be ceased immediately because those policies and procedures are literally killing us.

    Go see the doctors who have signed the declaration. Their recommendation? Wash your hands and stay home if you are sick. If you are vulnerable, limit your interaction with others. Period. No masks, no social distancing. It does not work. It is killing us in a variety of ways.

    If you disagree with the conclusions of over 4500 doctors worldwide, you might ask yourself if you have been brainwashed into fearful submission.

    I am with A.Lily on this one. The only reason for these Political edicts to to control all of us. Wake up.

    1. Great Barrington Declaration!

      So far this has been signed by:

      Medical & Public
      Health Scientists 5,203

      Practitioners 10,231

      Public 140,598

      This helps to certify that we who think the lockdowns and the mask-hysteria are a really bad idea, aren’t really wrong. That being said, if you feel compelled, through an abundance of caution, to wear a mask, do so. You have that right, feel comfortable with your decisions, as I feel comfortable with mine. If I’m out and about and I see a bunch of elderly folks or folks with obvious health problems, I wear a mask. Mostly I don’t. It’s just a matter of being aware of your surroundings and acting accordingly.

      So you know, I’m 69 years old, overweight (workin’ on it) and have other issues that would make me susceptible to the vagaries of this virus. I will not take the vaccine, I don’t take any vaccines, and, so far and thank God, I don’t get sick.

  14. For all you non mask types. DW and I have had the China virus , she bounced back ,i did not ,that said ,, we will wear a mask even now we have antibodies we could skip the mask , my hope is to set a example , don’t come to my trading post with out a mask , no mask no service,had two members in our group won’t ware a mask , now ex members , can’t fix selfish. or dumb

  15. Somehow from the start I got the feeling this is a control thing. The masks we were told back in March were unnecessary and did not stop the virus. We were kind of laughed at for thinking they’d work. That being said. Then surgeon gen and faucci said how to wear them! Suddenly a cloth piece could stop it? Then faucci said a feel good thing. And seen at a baseball game no mask! I feel they can help if worn properly. Clean hands clean face untouched and removed and thrown away. This is NOT how most wear them. Touch, hands not washed, on and off and mostly just a piece of nasty cloth. Wearing this all the time can and does make nose breathers mouth breathers which is not as healthy to do. Causes issues with teeth (dry mouth and increased dental problems plus lowers oxygen levels. And increases heart rate. I did an experiment on this. Oxygen was 98 and heart rate 60. Put on a bandana for one hr. Did nothing and my Oxygen level decreased to 95 and heart rate up 10 beats. So wearing a cover inhibits breathing. It is a show of who is controlled. Sick people should not be out and about. No one still talked about natural methods except now in dribs and drabs of keeping D up and zinc (with quercetin not mentioned as that like hydroxyclorquine helps zinc stop virus replication). NAC helps with breathing as well I’ve read. Mask wearing equals someone controlled (aside from the dem states where fines etc go with maskless people) I had also heard the lockdown in nyc for the jewish community is not being done equally. Other areas have just as high or higher increases in testing. Some say the jewish areas are the presidents supporters and the others Un locked areas are not. So who knows. God Bless the United states of America.

  16. I went to buy ammo. I wore my mask when inside. Saw no wild or domestic hogs on the way but did see a couple near the front door of first business…they looked pretty wild, but keep in mind I was in the city. Took the other door inside where i purchased a quantity of brass to reload. Jumped in my truck and headed home where I found a message from a minister stating no good Christian could vote democrat. Well I already knew that!
    Back to business. This is first new brass I’ve bought for a while. I have some old I raked up at a friend’s range, and some live rounds here at home that I need to pull bullets from to build my favorite reloads.
    I came across more than 300 Remington .22 cal. Power-Lokt hollow point bullets in both 50 gr. and 55 gr. Forgot I had them. I will be using these for new reloads in .223, .22-250, and .220 Swift. I wasn’t sure Remington still produced these, but apparently they do. I have had this lot for a long time. Also shot my .243 with 75 gr. Power-Lokt…still have some reloads in that caliber. These bullets are extremely accurate in all my rifles. Bet they would be in yours too.
    That’s it.

  17. A lot of comments on covid 19, China virus, king flu or whatever you want to call it. Here’s my 2 cents worth. (Even with inflation, still only worth 2 cents.) I think this is a manmade virus. The way this virus operates/attacks the human body, multiplicity of symptoms, 14 day incubation during which it can be passed are not typical from my point view. After three years of trying to remove Trump and failing, with a looming election Trump was sure to win because of his booming economy this was released on the world, particularly America. Two reasons – get rid of Trump and bring us (at least) closer to a global one world government. The only thing really preventing a global government is the USA and with Trump and a booming economy it was never going to happen. The U.S. Must be eliminated as a political power to bring this global government about. The shutdowns were probably useful in some areas on a short term basis to slow the spread and prevent overwhelming hospitals. The continued shutdowns are about power and control and forcing/training us to accept that control.

    We now know certain things about the virus now. It is primarily worse for the st and individuals with certain pre-existing conditions. The virus particle size is 70-90 nm, the disposable masks are typically certified for 125 nm which is larger than the virus particles and cloth masks are even worse. (Google Duke University study on masks from this summer.) We need to protect the at risk population with n95 masks and whatever else we can to keep them safe without infringing on the rights and liberties of the whole country. My wife is at risk with heart disease and cancer, she and I have decided not to live in fear of this, after all living in fear is not living really. 2 Timothy 1:7 for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power…

    This is all about getting rid Trump, global government, conditioning the peasants to accept the control and mark of the beast. The Tribulation is very near. Even if Trump wins the election the resulting chaos and rioting may be enough to destroy this country and usher in the global government.

    1. Additional thoughts to add to the conversation… Dr. Li-Meng Yan has published a second paper. In it, she indicates that not only is the SARS-COV-2 virus engineered, but the template on which it was based is also engineered. We need not live in fear, but we should take precautions to protect ourselves, and to protect others. If reports of perfusion of the world’s population is correct at just about 10%, we have a long way to go. In and of itself, this fact could be significant in the confusion and conflict surrounding the conclusions that are drawn about COVID-19 — and could lead people to dangerous errors in the drawing of these conclusions.

  18. Wear a mask and buy ammo or do not wear a mask and do not buy ammo, not a hard decision.
    And in my humble opinion the mask has nothing to do with the Mark of the Beast. I have searched for bio markers in the upcoming vaccine, nothing.
    Anyway, buying ammo with a mask with cash with a hat and dark glasses, a perk indeed

  19. I had to do a report on masks between 1973-77 and then one in 1978 if I remember. The first one was for ag chemical etc – 2-4 D – agent orange etc. Most masks dont help but let you think they do. In 1978 I did one since I was in paramedic training. Got lots of info from various sources and masks allowed moisture to collect and germs, bugs, bacteria etc would brige thru the masks faster as well as lowering your oxygen input too. When you exhale your body is getting rid of germs etc so with mask on your rebreathing them. Ask about re-breaths for the Navy with big issues for seal teams -dah- … I’ve had some mask training since the 60’s since I was fire-fighter also live near a nuke plant which enriches the stuff. Most people near that facility had some trraining too – think ahead- … I also think God has plants and oils that will protect the ones who trust him. I know personally several C-19 that used essential oil to kill the 10 virus.
    I believe that A-Lily is correct and very smart concerning this issue. Go Lily go …

    1. If I have to wear a a mask for any length of time I end up with a sore throat. Mask advocates(nearly my entire state) tell me that’s not true of course. I really feel for all of those who are having to wear one to work(or school) all day long. It’s nuts! I’m choosing to continue just eking out a living working for myself where I don’t need to wear a mask at work rather than take a job where I’d have to wear one.

  20. About, ~“Out Of Control” Super-Pig Population Is Spreading Rapidly Across US~

    Other people here at SurvivalBlog have correctly commented about the diseases the Wild Pigs, Hogs, Boars can carry. The Wild Pigs eat anything and carry diseases. The domestic Pigs for biological reasons make excellent animals for testing human-diseases, and cures.

    You know there’s a real problem with Wild Pigs, when places like Oregon and California consider the animals to be basically Vermin.
    California. (Department of Fish and Game)
    General Season: Open all year.
    Bag and Possession Limit: There is ~no daily bag or possession limit for wild pigs.
    See the Mammal Hunting Regulations Booklet for additional regulations:

    Oregon. (Department of Fish and Wildlife)
    Status: (Wild Pigs are) Prohibited in Oregon where they are considered a predatory animal *on private land. On public land, they are considered ~nongame and ~nonprotected.
    The information available about ‘cleaning’ Wild Pig carcasses is a must read for Hunters.

  21. I suspect the ammo shortage may be longer than just into 2021. When one domino falls, more dominoes fall … a chain reaction orchestrated from behind the scenes.

    Regarding the feral pig population explosion: The comment made by Animal House gets my vote as the best cure for thinning the population. A “hog trap cage” would be the way to go as you don’t have to be out all night long with night vision capabilities to cure the problem. I’m not against using night vision, but in this instance I would opt for the trap. I will have to ditto the comments made by Shalom and Avalanche Lily on not eating hogs for the reasons they both mentioned.

    Next month will most likely be a wild ride regardless of who gets elected. A bad “Halloween” trick that I believe has the potential to make this Covid thing look rather mild.

  22. Deacon, Preachers and Sunday School teachers here in the south agree that fine dining include a pork dish. Sausage, bacon, BBQ, tenderloin, cured ham, streak-o-lean and fat back are eaten morning, noon and night with fried pork skin completing the day as a midnight snack. Our vegetables (peas, turnip greens and collards) are seasoned with pork.
    Yes feral hogs CAN carry diseases as can other animals but common sense and thorough cooking mitigate any risk. Peter had an epiphany as the “unclean” foods were revealed to be as good for the gentiles as lamb for the Jews. Therefore, “Arise Peter, kill and eat.”
    Or not, as you choose.

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