A Rawles Book Pre-Release Announcement

I’m pleased to make this book pre-release announcement:

Survival Retreats and Relocation is now available for pre-order. This illustrated book is a greatly expanded and completely updated edition of my 2006 book, “Rawles on Retreats and Relocation.” The book’s primary author is my son Jonathan Rawles. Since 2009, Jonathan has operated SurvivalRealty.com.

The following is excerpted from the book ordering web page :

Why You Need This Book

Families and individuals across the country are seeking refuge from the Covid panic and social disintegration. The remote work revolution coupled with the massive economic flux has driven thousands to finally to pull up roots and look for a more secure and sustainable location.

In this environment, we want to equip you to make the best decision and an effective plan for your family’s long-term flourishing. This is your guidebook to relocating and building a resilient homestead and lifestyle anywhere in the US.


Part 1: Principles

1. Retreat Theories
2. Threat Mitigation
3. Survivability Factors
4. Isolation and Self-Sufficiency

Part 2: Retreat Locales

5. Regional Analysis
6. States
7. Retreats Areas

Part 3: Relocation

8. Property Search and Purchase
9. The Land
10. The Home and Improvements

Part 4: The Retreat

11. Setting Up the Retreat
12. Stocking Up
13. Next Steps


Rawlesian Precepts of Survival
The American Redoubt
Nuclear Targets
International Options
Retreat Owner Profiles

If you visit the book ordering page, you can get Chapter 4 delivered right to your inbox, free of charge. That will give you a taste of what the book is like.

How This Book Will Help You

In these challenging times it is imperative to select an area that will provide liberty, security, natural resources, favorable climate, food production, productivity, and a resilient community. Co-authored by survivalist author and lecturer James Wesley, Rawles, Survival Retreats and Relocation is your guidebook to relocating for your family’s future wellbeing.

The end goal is to establish a secure and productive homestead wherever you are located. The book is packed with tips and strategies for finding, selecting, and purchasing rural property. Additional insight is provided on improving and developing a property, whether turn-key, fixer-upper, or bare land.

Pre-Order Your Copy Today


Survival Retreats and Relocation

Large format (8.5″ x 11″) paperback
Illustrated with maps and charts
200+ B&W pages

Pre-order your copy of Survival Retreats and Relocation now!
Ships on or before November 23rd.  An e-book edition will also be available.

Whether moving across the country, or just looking for a more secure option locally, this book offers the resources to make a well-informed decision and effective plan.


  1. YOUR info says:
    Illustrated with maps and charts
    200+ B&W pages

    Are the Maps and Charts in B&W (Black and White)?
    The Maps and Charts are Not in Color?

    Thank You.

  2. Congratulations Jonathan and JWR!!! Great project, and we hope it does really well in the marketplace. Given all the recent events, and those unfolding before us even now, the timing of this project is excellent!

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