Preparedness Notes for Thursday — October 1, 2020

Happy birthday to singer and actress Julie Andrews (born 1935.) Her name is always associated with The Sound of Music.

Naturally Cozy (one of our loyal writing contest prize donors) and Privy Paper will have a booth at the Panhandle Preparedness Expo this weekend at the Bonner County Fairgrounds in Sandpoint, Idaho. (Oct. 3-4, 2020.)  North Idaho Heat will unofficially be there too, if anyone wants to talk stoves.

Congratulations to the prize winners in Round 90 of the SurvivalBlog Nonfiction Writing Contest!  Round 91 began today. Please share your knowledge and experience by writing an article and sending it in. Thanks, – JWR


  1. I believe all would agree that Julie Andrews is an absolutely amazing person and talent. She set a standard that likely will not be met for sometime, and certainly not in our lifetime. Her RP British dialect is simply posh, and her voice, angelic, and her person, lovely and gracious as can be. I can remember seeing Mary Poppins at a drive-in theater shortly after it opened. I believe the year was 1964, and while the filming of The Sound of Music was in progress.

  2. Here is an usual article that provides a brief history of Stewart Rhodes and OathKeepers up to recent events. I believe the author attempts to be objective, or ‘middle of the road’, yet the tone is negative overall. You decide. As a former neighbor, some of the story does ring true. Sadly, I would call the character of some of it’s membership into question. Rhodes did break the toughest ground and planted the seeds that are yet growing in NW Montana, and in other parts of the country. He accomplished what no one else has yet to equal, and is still at the ”tip of the spear”. To say the least, leading from the front where few would dare go, could be an arduous occupation froth with dangers. Support and pray for our leaders.

    A Pro-Trump Militant Group Has Recruited Thousands of Police, Soldiers, and Veterans

  3. Yes. We saw Julie Andrews in Walt Disney World in Dec 2000! She was there placing hand prints in cement for the Hollywood Studies Park. It was a wonderful surprise!

    Posted by NC Scout | Oct 1, 2020


    Night Vision Training video:

    Night vision tactics, and the advantages of IR illuminators in long range engagements. This is one of the tactics I would employ with inferior Gen 1, or Gen 3 scopes. IR lasers can also be of great help, and used in combination with, or without illuminators. This is one of many such videos out there. I figure if I can not afford to buy the best gear and equipment, I’ll stuff my head with priceless information, and at no cost to myself, but time. Who know how long we’ll have access to the internet.

    I ‘m not just a ‘radio head’, but also a one eyed fat man who can see in the dark:

      1. We can only hope so. But if one is not already night capable, then there will likely not be any donations. Currently I am torn between a choice of IR lasers for a PVS-4 to be used to mark targets for my other NV rigs that can provide cross fire. There are ways to defeat those who are reliant on high tech equipment, but without some serious ingenuity, and some ability to see in the dark, it could be a real problem. Most will buy lots of guns and ammo, and will not have NV. However, if one believes (has intel) they are dealing with enemy that have NODS, these guys likely also know how to maneuver. Fortunately there are low tech methods to deny them.

        Here is a great article night fighting. Learn how well NODS work, even if you cannot afford them. And use other techniques that are available to you. Hope the link works. Download the article, and the manual, Night Movements, a free PDF (114 pages)

        Also see the links on flash hiders. The tried and true best is the Vortex and other similar knock off’s, Krebs, and other pickle fork designs. I’d stick with Vortex from Smith Enterprises. The A2 is a good flash hider that is inexpensive. The Vortex is expensive, but is a flash ‘eliminator’! And I would avoid the flash can varieties mentioned as these are not design to be primarily flash hiders, but are mostly to increase gas pressure for full auto AKM rifles to increase rate of fire and to over come a fouled gas system. And as a means to divert muzzle blast. These things are not practical for semi autos, and not as reliable as a dedicated flash hider that are equal to the better designs.


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