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  1. Your probably going to shock some of your readers with this because they think it was perfect back in the day.
    It’s a dog fight everyday and many of the worthwhile things in life often are.

  2. The life of George Washington leads a person to believe in Divine Providence. = Some things are just meant to be.
    (From) “George Washington was nearly impossible to kill” … ” He was an abnormally large man, especially for the American Colonies. At 6’2″ and weighing more than 200 pounds, he was literally and figuratively a giant of a man. This might be why nine diseases, Indian snipers, and British cannon shot all failed to take the big man down.”

    “During the 1777 Battle of Princeton, Washington rode on his horse as bullets fired from British rifles 30 yards away whizzed around him.” … “Normally, if you’re reading about someone in the 1700s contracting tuberculosis, dysentery, pneumonia, malaria, smallpox, or diphtheria, it’s because that’s how they died. Not only did Washington survive all of these conditions, he knew how to inoculate his army against smallpox, claiming the British tried using as an early form of biological warfare. It was the first mass military inoculation in history — and it worked.”
    [wearethemighty(dot)com, April 26, 2018]
    “To try to prevent an early death, Washington exercised, ate and drank moderately, attempted to get enough sleep, and avoided tobacco. Even with these healthy habits, Washington was afflicted with a number of serious illnesses, but he did live to be 67.” …

    “Washington became very sick during the French and Indian War while serving as aide-de-camp to British General Edward Braddock. In June 1755, Washington wrote his brother, “I was sized w[i]t[h] violt Fevers & P[ai]ns in my h[ea]d”; he had contracted ~~~>dysentery. The pain was so severe that Washington had to travel lying down in a wagon.”
    [From, George Washington’s Health, at MountVernon(dot)org]
    Today, people can buy a quality Water Filtration System from a SurvivalBlog advertiser. … Overall health is the #1 item for possibility a long life.

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