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  1. You gotta just admire someone with the nickname of “Mad Jack”, especially when they show up to a gunfight with a broadsword & longbow, and live to tell about it. The WWII equivalent of showing up to a gunfight with a skateboard. History is full of wonderful characters upon which nations are built, eccentric characters notable and admired not because of their faults, but in spite of their faults. If it wasn’t for them, where would the stories be to pass on to the younger generation, and to what ends would the younger generation aspire.

    1. I’ll have some similar stories in an upcoming SurvivalBlog feature article that I wrote on Privately Owned Weapons in Modern Military Service. Stay tuned.

          1. Well, the med kits I’m sure were GI. But his Bible was privately owned (a gift from his wife) and undoubtedly a formidable weapon! Doss was almost unthinkably courageous. I was reading about the movie from a few years ago called “Hacksaw Ridge” and I read that Mel Gibson left out some of the true stuff (the sniper shot to the arm) because he didn’t think audiences would believe it! Usually directors feel they have to embellish, not delete….

  2. Prayers for the safe delivery of all the SB community (and everyone) across the areas affected by Hurricane Sally (which made landfall as a Category 2, and is now a tropical storm). Will be watching for updates and reports… Hoping for the best news even in the face of the terrible devastation wrought by wind and water.

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