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  1. Thank you for providing me a forehead-slapping “Duh!” moment. It is a good thing to be reminded how dumb I can be, without serious consequences. Until your article, I had never put 2 and 2 together and thought how a protruding guide rod could possibly keep a pistol in battery when the muzzle is pressed. I’d always thought of those captive spring systems as nice when stripping a gun in the field, but never considered this additional “feature”.

  2. Great article! I have done the same with different weapons (of course then you have to buy additional mags and holsters to go with each platform) and then the SigSauer P365 came out (before the Hellcat) they were selling like hotcakes and a lot at premium prices. I happened to be at the base BX and they had one so I bought it. Have you tried the P365 or the P365XL? I just wonder if it is worth switching to the Hellcat?

  3. Pat,

    The Hellcat is a fine pistol but I too like the single stack Glocks feel. With the 43X and 48 consider the aftermarket Shield (not related to S&W Shield), magazines. 15 rounds in the same package as the 10 round 43X and 48. I enjoy your column and love SurvivalBlog! Thanks.

  4. Anonymous

    Sorry you feel that way about Taurus pistols. I own a G3 and a Tracker .44 mag revolver and have had no issues with either. Now I did have a Taurus Curve that was problematic so got rid of it. And also a 709 but that pistol also had no issues. ( gave it to my nephew as he had nothing at the time. ) you can always get a product from a reputable manufacturer that is faulty. Note a S&W 642 .38 special I bought 3 years ago. After 20 initial rounds it would not fire. Sent it back turns out it had a sliver of metal fall into the firing pin assembly and prevent the internal hammer from firing the round. So even Smith has some stuff that goes awry.

  5. Every gun maker has produced a product or a specimen that is poorly designed or assembled, that’s just manufacturing. Some manufacturers just have a larger number of issues. A personal weapon that works is the only thing that matters unless you are a snob. Whatever brand you acquire, make sure it works, your life or a loved one’s may depend on it.

  6. Most people don’t know or care that SA sold out Illinois gun dealers forcing over half of them out of business because they couldn’t afford to comply with the new Illinois laws.
    I sure I’ll never buy any of their products.

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