Preparedness Notes for Saturday — August 22, 2020

August 22nd, 1992 was the second day of the Incident at Ruby Ridge. FBI sharpshooter Lon Horiuchi wounded Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris, and murdered Weaver’s wife, Vicki. It should be noted that in 1994, after being acquitted by a federal court, Weaver filed a federal civil rights case against the FBI and U.S. marshals stemming from the siege. In 1995 the government settled Weaver’s case for $3.1 million. It is commonly thought that had the Weaver family stayed with the trial, the award would have been the full $200 million. In true FBI style, Lon Horiuchi was not prosecuted by the Federal government. When Idaho brought manslaughter charges against him, the trial was moved to federal court and dismissed. Horiuchi has also been accused of firing unauthorized shots at the Waco siege as well.

SurvivalBlog Writing Contest

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Round 90 ends on September 30th, so get busy writing and e-mail us your entry. Remember that there is a 1,500-word minimum, and that articles on practical “how-to” skills for survival have an advantage in the judging.


  1. He worked for Troy Industries and H-P Precision, no one seems to know where he is now. Dont buy from Troy, they stand by him.

    The government immediately destroyed the Waco site, a door which was important to any investigation disappeared.

    The FBI’s rules of engagement were changed at the Ruby Ridge site by management at the site.

    Someone belongs in jail for Ruby Ridge and the government could have waited out Waco but it was politically unacceptable. Clinton and Janet Reno belong in jail.

    1. Pictures of William Jefferson Clinton had surfaced this week from Madam Maxwells collection. He’s about to have a sensual massage with an underaged girl that came forward as a victim by Epstein. I don’t think the Clinton crime family can skate around much further unless more people die or are paid off that have crud on them.

      You forget LaVoy Fincium. Another murder by the FBI and company. Imagine the Branch Davidians, Weaver family and the Bundys burning down cities and Occuping Wall Street for a Leftist cause……..

      None of these right wing protesters then would’ve been murdered by the FBI if they’d only chosen a Left wing cause to protest.

      Start writing letters folks. When the police are told to stand down or lose their funding for left wingers rioting , then Federal agents are sent home from securing Portland by liberal mayors, how much can we take as conservatives???????

  2. How many hostages are rescued by Federal Bureaucrats Of Investigation Hostage Rescue Teams?

    Now, let’s compare that number to the executions by Federal Bureaucrats Of Investigation Hostage Rescue Teams.
    Often, the folks murdered by Federal Bureaucrats Of Investigation Hostage Rescue Teams just wanted to live peaceably without interference.

    From the documentation, we know Vickie Weaver was marked for execution as a method to ‘soften’ the resistance of the surviving Weaver family.
    As we know, after the murders of the fourteen-year old son and the mother, the surviving Weaver family left only Randy and his infant.

    I am certain Janet Reno is forever burning in a far worse hell than we could imagine.
    The American ex-president William Rodham-Clinton (Clinton-Rodham?) is still married to ex-first lady Hillary Rodham-Clinton.
    Their ‘forever’ is coming.
    The master they serve has a special place for them.

  3. Horiuchi was transferred to the training division at Quantico after Waco.. After his retirement he got a job as head of security at TVA outside of Knoxville TN.. Location now is unknown… Heard there is still a price on his head..

  4. The Federal Appeals Court actually overturned the lower Federal Court’s decision concerning jurisdiction of prosecuting Horiuchi. However, the original local DA who filed charges against Horiuchi lost re-election and the new DA was unwilling to prosecute Horiuchi. Legally, Horiuchi can still be prosecuted to this day for the killing.

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