Preparedness Notes for Monday — August 17, 2020

While salmon fishing near the Klondike River in Canada’s Yukon Territory on August 17th, 1896, George Carmack reportedly spotted nuggets of gold in a creek bed. His lucky discovery sparked the last great gold rush in the American West  — the Klondike Rush. His two companions later agreed that Skookum, Jim–Carmack’s brother-in-law, actually made the discovery.

An interesting listing at my #1 Son’s spin-off of SurvivalBlog: Remote Solar Cabin on 5 acres in Colville, Washington.

Today we present another product review written by our Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio.


      1. For your friend, there is no unpleasant fishy smell, because it is fresh. Use a propane camping stove, or barbecue outside if she is uncertain. She is fortunately to have precious protein to put by. Use pint jars for appropriate portions and a faster cook time. I’m still working on the last batch from 3 years ago. Fish stores better than any other meat. Salmon that was 7 years old showed no signs of degradation. Add a some salt to help preserve it’s appearance it in the jar, and store it in the dark.

    1. @ Tunnel Rabbit

      Yes, That was appalling. Didn’t see the video- just pics and an article before. Don’t know if I can bear to see the video. I hope he makes a full recovery. I figured that after this, another 10,000 people just went out in search of their first handguns! Although the scary thing is that if he had been armed and shot at them due to feeling seriously threatened, I’m sure the “authorities” would prosecute him as has already been done to others. What are our alternatives now? Allow ourselves to get beaten or killed, or shoot back and risk prosecution?

  1. My wife’s Great Grandfather died in a boating mishap on the Klondike River during the Goldrush. His wife, the Great Grandmother, left Tacoma to search for him. She was taken ill and died of pneumonia in Juneau, Alaska.

    An interesting family history started with a trip to America from Germany and later across in a covered wagon.

    The photo brought back memories of stories past. Thank you.

    1. The fortune of history extends through family histories. … The ‘cover photograph’ of the Alaskan Sourdoughs displays how much grub they needed, and how physically fit they were. …
      ….. … The grub of the Sourdoughs, besides the bread, was mostly ~ “beans, bacon, salt pork, lard, and coffee or tea. Most miners’ food was dull and monotonous since little food was grown in Alaska at the time and only the basic necessities were shipped.” [From Alaskaweb site.]

      The woman in the photograph with the trim waistline indicates, there wasn’t a lot of ice cream and chocolate. She could pose for the little statue on a Wedding Cake.

      SurvivalBlog has a lot of modern information, that is helpful for people living through a modern pioneer life. … …..
      In regards to Tunnel Rabbits’ comments, the protesters are NOT interested in a ‘dialogue’ with anyone else.
      The protesters just want to destroy things and hurt people.

      The protesters are encouraged by the same politicians that want to take away our guns. … Defunding the police results in ‘Mob Rule’ of the strongest arm, and the biggest mob. … Choose wisely were you live now days.

      SurvivalBlog has good recommendations for needed items.
      A good water filter would be needed during emergency times. Plus, a supply of emergency food would be needed too. [The ‘Wuhan Flu ~ Covid 19 virus teaches people, that a supply of preventive medical items are also a necessity.]

      We can learn from the Pioneers (like the Alaska Sourdoughs), and the other pioneers that came before us.

  2. Milli Weaver’s Go Fund Me is already approaching 100K. This an interesting interview about her case with heavy weight Bob Barnes, a constitutional lawyer. He ain’t cheap, but he is a friend. $1,000.00 to $1,500 per hour for a first class defense is what she’ll need to avoid being rail roaded and her family destroyed.

    Millie Weaver Arrest EXPLAINED – Viva & (Bob) Barnes HIGHLIGHT

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