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Precious Metals:

Bank of America: Silver Could Hit $50 “In The Near Term”

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Why The Gold & Bitcoin Surge Is Just Starting: “Real Yields Will Be Negative Until The Financial System Collapses”

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Hub Moolman: Gold A.D. – Death of the Dollar

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New Sound Money Caucus Launched On Capitol Hill

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Martin Katusa: The Dawn of Gold. Here is a snippet:

“Economists like Nouriel Roubini and Mohamed El-Arian are talking more about gold and the benefits of the safe-haven metal in these uncertain times.

Even Goldman Sachs is changing their tune. They once mocked gold as an investment that’s nearly always beaten by the market.

They’ve since joined the chorus of major financial institutions like Bank of America and Citigroup ringing the alarm on currency debasement.”

Economy & Finance:

In The Washington Post: After the fastest recession in U.S. history, the economic recovery may be fizzling

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At Zero Hedge: “Democrats Are Holding This Up!” – Trump Rages After Ordering Mnuchin To Send $3,400 To US Families.

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At Wolf Street: No Payment, No Problem: Bizarre New World of Consumer Debt

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Another at Wolf Street: Number of People on State or Federal Unemployment Insurance Jumps to 32.1 Million, Second Highest Ever: Week 20 of U.S. Labor Market Collapse


OPEC cuts 2020 oil-demand growth forecast by 100,000 barrels a day

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OilPrice News reports: Natural Gas Prices Soar As Heat Wave Hits Large Parts Of U.S.

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The FAO Food Price Index has bounced back a bit.


Martin W. Armstong:  Markets, the Future and This Craziness

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“81% Of All Tradeable Assets” To Produce Negative Returns Over Decade, Warns Macro Fund

Forex & Cryptos:

Turkey Hit By Bank Runs, Currency Panic As Locals Sell Their Cars And Houses To Buy Gold While Lira Implodes

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Yahoo Finance reports: Zimbabwe govt denies crisis as inflation jumps to 840 percent

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Dollar and European Equities Slip

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It appears that Bitcoin has consistently been above $11,000 USD since July 27th.  Methinks this has a lot to do with the weakness of the USD on the Forex. Some analysts are taking about a $14,000+ bull run, but I’m dubious. As I’ve often mentioned, cryptocurrencies should be considered a minor hedge and purely speculative play, for funds that you can afford to gamble away — not your retirement savings! – JWR

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EOS Price Just Surged 15%—and More Upside Is Likely on Its Way

Tangibles Investing:

Local gun shops feel impact of nationwide ammo shortage

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A Galveston newspaper reports: Gun sales set to drill a record as angst drives demand

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This summary article ran in late June: No windfall for consumers from shrinking car rental fleets


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  1. I just went to a gun show in Safford, AZ and it was like the good old days. The sponsors did not worry about masking or social distancing. There was some 9mm at 15.00 a box so stocked up. I enjoyed the show. there was some opportunity to buy private sale firearms.

    1. I really miss those days.
      Cruising the aisles with my list.. a part for this, a few mags for that.
      Putting my name on ammo crates to pick up on the way out.

      And I really miss private sales.

    2. Kelly Dunn: I also miss the “good old days”. The ones when people cared enough to take
      necessary precautions to mitigate the spread of a deadly disease.
      No masks or distancing at a crowded event with folks picking up and putting
      down items until the next person picks it up? Hmm. No chance of a problem.

      Careless behavior always causes trouble

      1. Vickie
        I do not mean any disrespect
        If you fill like you should wear a mask,gloves,eye protection that is your choice Or to not go into places that you do not have to wear those items that is your choice too
        We were told mask do no good Then they do work No No they do not work back and forth with this one
        We were told it can get into your eyes But people are not wearing eye protection
        We were told it can live on items for 14 days then 3 days What is it now ?
        We were told lie after lie
        Tell me this if all the workers on a farm have this covid 19 why can they not work And the state closes them down I can see some sicker then others to stay home but most people do not get that sick They might touch your food and pass it on Now back to how long can this covid 19 live on a item ?
        We were first told if you have it stay home for 14 days now what is it
        You get false test all the time with this
        Lies and more Lies again
        Is covid 19 real yes it is are people dying yes they are
        We will never know the real numbers It will be what ever they say they are
        When everything was shut down in the hospitals How many people died because they could not get things done that need done
        I do know of one man that has diabetes was going to have his toe cut off hospital stop all elective and non life threatening surgeries Well when he did get back in they took the hole foot
        A lot of people have a hard time wearing a mask all day at work hard to breath Then you have people wearing a bandana that was fine at first now they do not work either Just goes on and on
        Do what you think is important for your own safety
        I was just at Walmart today
        Some were wearing mask
        Some was not wearing mask
        Some were wearing them with there nose out
        No gloves on any one i saw
        No eye covers
        Man what a year this has been and it is not over yet
        Like I said Vickie this is not at you just my rant

      2. Vickie… I agree with you. Although I don’t support masks (and other PPE) by mandate, I do believe that appropriate PPE used correctly has tremendous prevention potential. If everyone used caring and caution to guide their decisions, we would all enjoy so much more liberty — even through the time of this pandemic.

      3. Vickie, if you’re worried, stay home. Kelly isn’t worried so she went out. You have 100% control over your personal exposure. Stay home. Socially distance. Wear a mask. Dig a hole and climb in it. Whatever you want. But to inflict your fears and personal wishes on others is totalitarian.

      4. Actually, the Founding Fathers emphasized that Personal Liberty is guaranteed by all Citizens taking some degree of Personal Responsibility for their actions and being aware of the affect on fellow Citizens.

        Many studies showed that masks are more effective in keeping individuals from spreading the disease to other individuals. It appears in a consensus of the latest studies, from multiple sources, our personal mask is more protection for our fellow citizens than a protector of that individual wearer.

        Everyone must determine their own responsibility as it relates to their liberty, being that we live in a free country, for now.

        I choose to wear a mask and attempt to protect my fellow citizens..

        God Bless everyone and stay safe!

        1. Well said, RangerR — and agreed!

          From your post: “Actually, the Founding Fathers emphasized that Personal Liberty is guaranteed by all Citizens taking some degree of Personal Responsibility for their actions and being aware of the affect on fellow Citizens”

      5. @ Vickie

        The way I see it is that those who are most afraid of contracting this virus should take the most precautions. Those who aren’t as worried can do what they feel like for the most part. Some people have stayed in their homes since March; if that’s what they need to feel safe that’s fine. Just don’t make ME stay in my home. I wear a mask where it is mandated such as in a store in my state or in a situation where there are lots of people on top of each other(which I mostly can avoid anyway). The only stores I’ve found that don’t care if you wear a mask here are the gun shops; they leave it up to people to do what they want and some wear masks and some don’t. Same with my gun classes the other day. I prefer when it’s left up to the individual.

        I see idiotic forms of mask wearing abounding. Saw way too many masks being worn that had valves! Stopped to chat with some people the other day; I was standing in the street outside my car door(driver side). They were on the sidewalk. Right away they flipped their masks up to chat even though we were outside and I was quite a distance from them. But the guy had one of those totally ineffective bandanas on. Why? They don’t do anything except make him feel “safe” and virtue signal. So he’s using something that doesn’t work and I’m not using any mask in that situation but stayed a respectful distance from them and he’s somehow “better”?

        So do what you like but please leave it up to others to manage their own lives as they see fit. That’s liberty.

  2. Re: “Democrats Are Holding This Up!” – Trump Rages After Ordering Mnuchin To Send $3,400 To US Families (article linked from Zero Hedge)

    The level at which Democrats are willing to scheme politically in order to achieve their ambitions is astonishing. It’s not a comment on this particular support strategy or government spending generally. Like many SB readers, I have complex thoughts and feelings about both (and serious concerns). I am also not suggesting that Democrats are single handed in this. There is plenty of blame to go around. But honestly… Look closely, America, at what is going on here. The Democrats have been taken over by a ruthless and radical group willing to inflict tremendous suffering on people for the gains they hope to achieve. They are not just willing to sacrifice those who are struggling during this pandemic, they are willing to sacrifice anyone and for any reason they deem necessary. Doubt this? It’s time to review examples of this from the recent news. Think they won’t come for you and me? Watch the news, and pay close attention. Stand up, America — and VOTE.

  3. Oldhomesteader has talked about the risk of food shortages coming… If one relies on the surface appearances in a small town like the one nearest us, it’s hard to imagine that there is a pandemic — let alone a coming food shortage. People are motoring about without a seeming care in the world.

    But! I also remember how things were before the crash of 2008. There were strange and early indicators in 2007 that something serious was afoot. I remember chatting on the phone with a family member, and saying that it felt like the precursor to 1929.

    This article from Natural News describes food stockpiling and the effects of food stockpiling. I am not sure about the connection to the vaccination aspect of the story, but did take note of the stockpiling reports.

    Certainly one question we’re asking is whether or not conditions might correct once the cupboards are refilled (emergency supplies at all levels from household to government warehouses). Essentially… Will this be self-correcting and will the supply chains resettle in the near to intermediate term as stockpiles are built, or are we in for real shortages coming — and if so, for what period of time?

    We are also looking at the impacts of various disasters including man-made catastrophes like SARS-COV-2, and natural disasters like storms, insect destruction of crops, and diseases that result in the loss of farm and ranch animals.

    Looking forward to the thoughts of other SB readers!

    1. Dear Telesilla,

      I read this article yesterday. The connection with the vaccine is that soon, when the vaccine is rolled out, everyone will be required to receive it, without it and the proof that you have received it, you will not be allowed to travel, or shop, or do anything. You will be forced to stay in your homes and starve. Unless, of course, you have already stocked up. This vaccine and the bio certificate to prove you’ve been vaccinated is looking very much like the Mark of the Beast which is spoken of in the Book of Revelation chapters 13, 14, and 19. Mike Adams does not explicitly say that it’s the Mark of the Beast, but he is certainly alluding to it being so.

      Furthermore, all of the stockpiling done by the government and state will concentrate most of the food under their control, and they will only ration it out to people who are vaccinated or have the bio certificate.

      Kissinger did say, “Control the food, and you control the people” (Paraphrased). This will be greater control than Joseph had over the Egyptians during the seven years of Famine in the Book of Exodus. Will one sell their literal soul for a bowl of lentils?

      Supposedly, we have only a few more weeks to really stockpile our own supplies. We need to perhaps take the warning seriously and keep at it, while we can.

      1. Good thoughts, Avalanche Lily! Our concerns related to food supplies are exacerbated by the fact that so many people seem to be oblivious. Maybe more are aware than we realize, but… It sure doesn’t seem that way.

        In addition to food supplies, we are also gearing up for next year’s garden and encourage everyone to do the same. As people committed to preparedness, we are better safe than sorry!

        1. I am as, JWR has counseled, continuing to stock up on nickels. A couple week ago, folks were noting a lack of coins at banks. When I called mine, the dude asked me how many $100 boxes of nickels I wanted.

          Your mileage may vary.

          Carry on in grace

      2. I personally have no intention of taking any vaccine but not because I think it may be the mark of the beast. When I consider this I ask myself this question…..why would God object if I chose to take a vaccine that would SUPPOSEDLY keep me from getting sick or even dying. I don’t believe God cares one way or the other. But I do believe that the evil powers that be are observing people to see if they will comply. We’re being tested. They (whoever THEY are) are watching and planning for their takeover some day in the future. As far as storing food and other needed supplies, now is the time!

      3. Avalanche Lily wrote:

        “The connection with the vaccine is that soon, when the vaccine is rolled out, everyone will be required to receive it, without it and the proof that you have received it, you will not be allowed to travel, or shop, or do anything. You will be forced to stay in your homes and starve. Unless, of course, you have already stocked up.”

        What good is “stocking up” when one can’t “pay rent to Caesar” (property tax). If one can’t pay the property tax one will be forcibly removed from the property.

        Then what?

        Has ANYONE truly thought this through to its logical conclusion?

        1. Rumor has it that folks will be rounded up and brought to FEMA camps (Concentration camps and all that they entailed in the past…) Don’t get on the bus. Pray and trust in the Lord Jesus. Sadly, it is going to get very ugly, soon. Only if the Lord hides us for HIS purposes…

        2. Snotty Boy…being “ forcibly removed” for not paying property taxes is one thing … being “ forcibly removed “ for refusing to take a vaccine and not having a say in what goes in my body is an entirely different matter… even The Father Himself gives us a choice… we can choose His Son or we can reject … this decision regarding vaccinations is something we all must settle within our heart and soul… it IS that important… may God and His Holy Spirit guide us

    2. The last two years of food crops in the US have been significantly reduced due to severe weather. There have been issues with locus stripping large swaths of vegetation in South America and Africa and reportedly moving in to Asia. In other words production has decreased and the demand for food, in many cases to stockpile, has increased. Through God’s grace we that could hear, listened and those that could, made our preparations. Thank you Lord!

      My wife and I discussed and agree that we shall not take the vaccine/Mark. We would rather leave this life with a prayer for eternal life than to take the Mark and be damned for eternity to Hell.

      The bottom line….It appears to me that it will take years for this situation to resolve itself. This could get very very ugly before it’s over.

      1. I have recently traveled through the midwest and can report that the corn crops look to be very good this year.

        1. In southern plains things look good, but there was a nasty storm a week or two ago that really nailed the corn crop in Iowa. Also it doesn’t matter if the corn crop is bigger than ever if the demand for ethanol continues to rise and demand a higher percentage of the overall harvest.

          1. Yup, reports are that at least 11 million acres have been destroyed by that storm. Also a significant amount of the grain elevators have been severely damaged or destroyed.

            Rock on

  4. This upcoming national election may well be a disaster. If Trump wins then the left will go berserk and the rioting and looting will intensify in the Democratically led cities that are currently experiencing havoc. If Biden wins then the left will be empowered and try to push their agendas more intensely on the rest of us. Unless something amazing and unexpected happens to change the course of these elections I see no good coming from it. And I have always been an optimist, unfortunately that’s a difficult position now days Prepping and God seeking is a way that many of us make ourselves feel more secure about the future, but I question if that will be enough since, as humans, it’s natural to have doubts, fears, feel stress, have unanswered questions, etc..and even with a Christian perspective and focus the bridge seems perilous.

  5. ” Trump Rages ” Really ? The president did no such thing. In fact he was the epitome of grace under fire. Never seen the press so disrespectful to anyone never mind the president of the United States.

    President Trump speaks in an even tone and lays out the facts and left ? Like a spoiled brat they stamp their feet and scream I hate you , I hate you !

    The president is trying to get the economy back on track and the left sends their minions to burn everything down. The left’s dream team is a dementia patient and a militant radical.

    How anyone can endorse this evil is beyond me ?

    P,S. Our local gun shop does not enforce the mask policy. In fact they would rather see who’s coming through the front door as a means of positive ID and not someone looking to rob the place.

    1. Sirlancelot… It’s true. The hatred directed toward the President is just that. It’s hatred. President Trump’s ability to withstand all of this is remarkable. I pray that he feels strength flowing through to him because of all our prayers.

  6. RoNA hospitalizations aren’t climbing and deaths have peaked and are waning in most parts of our country–a sign that the contagion has peaked, and we, like many other countries have probably achieved herd immunity in most areas of the US. A recent Nobel prize chemist has predicted that the “all-cause deaths” for the United States should return to normal levels by late August. If so, it will be interesting to see how many news outlets will be sharing that information with our populace…I bet they will not mention how RoNA illness is waning but instead promote fear because there’s a vaccine to sell….

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