Preparedness Notes for Sunday — August 16, 2020

On August 16th, 1841, President John Tyler vetoed a second attempt by Congress to re-establish the Bank of the United States. In response, angry supporters of the bank gathered outside the White House and burned an effigy of Tyler.

I strongly recommend that SurvivalBlog readers watch the new Shadowgate documentary before it gets deleted.  (UPDATE: It was indeed deleted. But it is still available on Brighteon.) This 90-minute film is political kryptonite! By the way, the timing of Millicent “Millenial Millie” Weaver’s indictment by a Grand Jury, her arrest, and the same day arrest of her husband Gavin Wince immediately before the documentary’s scheduled release is highly suspect. Millie Weaver was the film’s interviewer and writer. Gavin Wince was the director and editor.

SurvivalBlog Writing Contest

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Round 90 ends on September 30th, so get busy writing and e-mail us your entry. Remember that there is a 1,500-word minimum, and that articles on practical “how-to” skills for survival have an advantage in the judging.


  1. re:
    Weaver-Wince documentary

    I read hundreds of times faster than they talk… with far greater comprehension and retention.
    Where is the transcript, please?

  2. Please do watch the video she posted of the arrest. While I abhor the facebook-streaming-while-being-arrested crowd, the police officer at tge end really ‘shows his behind’ as they say around here…. and take note:

    He tells her she is under arrest, but cannot say why until she goes with him down to the station.

    No reading of miranda rights in the video.

    She is a mother to young children (read the boy crying in the video is her 4 y.o. son?), and “the law” arrest both parents at the same time?

    At the end when she is trying to get some shoes on to comply with the officers demands, he makes the comment that he has been nice enough to her.

    I’m sorry, I generally respect law enforcement employees while on-shift, however:

    You come to my house, stand in my doorway, talk to my wife that way, in front of her and my child? You’re going to be picking your teeth out of the back of your throat after you apologize. Then you can go back to your grand jury and get the judge to sign a f’cking warrant and come back and do your job legally.

    The fact that we as American citizens allow this to be done to us is pathetic. I fail to see how the time for violent revolution has not arrived, but my mind and ears are always ppen.

    1. It does not matter if you like the arrest or not. If there is a warrant for her/their arrest than the officer is supposed to arrest her/them. It does not matter if she has children or not. This isn’t the officers fault and he is doing nothing wrong. If this is a trumped up charge then your issue is with the DA or others involved. I choose to wait and see before accusing the police of being the problem.

    2. Keep in mind you didn’t see the entire event in that video. It doesn’t start when the officer shows up it starts some time after.
      I’ve never heard of this lady before but it is interesting.
      I’ve also never seen a grand jury indictment warrant for “burglary”. That’s usually not a crime that requires a grand jury.
      I’m curious as to if one thing has to do with the other. I guess we will find out tomorrow.

      1. If you are caught in the act of burglary then you do not need a grand jury. If you are suspected and the evidence is weak a grand jury makes it possible to arrest you without sufficient evidence. The grand jury serves two purposes in America: 1. The constitutional requirement for indictment by grand jury. 2. To allow a prosecutor to convince average intelligence citizens that a crime was committed where no counter argument is allowed. In other words grand juries can be and are regularly abused far worse than the FISA court is.

        Sometimes the intent of prosecution is not to win in court but rather to inflict serious non-judicial punishment on someone. The process can bankrupt you as you fight a phony case (General Flynn). It can take you out of play in a political environment so that someone or something else can succeed. It can be used to extort you into lying for the prosecutor or spying for the law enforcement. The prosecutor does not need to win in order to abuse their power. Even the simple act of getting bail is expensive and can be considered punishment.

        Judges too can be part of this anti-legal effort by denying your right of free speech even while the prosecutor and police can say whatever they want to for the MSM to publish (Roger Stone). Judges can disallow testimony or witnesses and can bias the jury with their statements in court.

        Then there is the false accusations (Brett Kavanaugh). I joke while watching Tucker Carlson that even as he speaks on TV the left is looking for some woman to accuse him of rape or sexual harassment. It will happen unless the Democrats choose to send their brown shirts (Antifa) to his house for a “kristallnacht” celebration where he is shot by an unidentified person.

        Another way that a prosecutor/investigator can use anti-legal methods is to tie everything up in an endless investigation where no questions can be asked and no answers can be given (Janet Reno, Lindsey Graham and maybe John Durham) and they just run out the clock.

        All of these things exist because we allow it. All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. Remember that and vote.

        1. A few years ago, i communicated with someone who worked for the courts/justice system.

          He got out because the system was toxic flawed.

          If a accused couldn´t afford the trial for reasons like time, work etc. they were forced to accept guilty because the price of the trial was to high. Jobloss e.g.

  3. Good grief: In my heart I knew this type of scam must be going on, but to see and hear it with actual proof, is devastating. I hope that all the “evidence” is in Durham’s report, and that AG Barr is truly a honest person and will make every effort to bring these traitors down. That said, I seriously doubt these networks will never be destroyed, it will keep coming back in various forms, authorized by various politicians who have sold their souls to the devil. I hope these people and their families are safe from those satanist traitors running these operations.

        1. Meh I’m doubtful that a grand jury convened over a cell phone. Nothing of any of this makes sense which leads me to doubt all parties on all sides.

  4. Here’s an amazing little fact about John Tyler, who was born in 1790 and became President of the United States in 1841. He had at least one grandson who fought for the Confederacy in the War Between the States, and–no kidding–has two other grandsons who are still alive today.

    Tyler had a total of 15 children by two wives. His first child was born in 1815 and his last in 1860. His son Lyon, born in 1853, sired sons in 1924 and 1928, and as of the first of this year both of those grandsons of John Tyler are still living.

  5. Just a note: The documentary is also available on LBRY and downloads to your computer so you can watch it at your leisure. There are also some supporting videos available as well.

  6. I managed to snag it off youtube before they killed it. I also saw her arrest video. Didn’t know they got her husband too.
    Unfortunately I have had nothing but trouble trying to get on brighteon. Only time it works for me is a direct link from Mike Adams emails. Haven’t figured that one out yet.

    1. Yes, I had started to watch it and stopped. Went back to it and it had been removed for “violating Youtube’s Term’s of Service”. Okaaaaay. Sounds like censorship to me; our new normal. Have to confess though that I didn’t have the patience to watch this(or most videos or podcasts). I had no clue what they were rambling on about so I figured maybe it would work for me another time. Guess I prefer to read. Ah well. No major loss for me. I already know our government(s) are up to no good and the sheeple haven’t a clue.

      1. That is one of my pet peeves about youtube videos in general. Most seem designed to waste your time while simultaneously giving the producer/author plenty of time to preen. They drone on and on and you can’t really rush it because you don’t know at what point they finally say something useful. Seriously folks out there making videos, get to the point. If you have something really good/important than say it and do it in the first minute or two. If you don’t really have anything than drone on for an hour or so with a ‘tease’ to something or other every five minutes or so.

        Also people seem to prefer to talk around a subject. I have watched videos where they imply something, hint something, seem to say something but yet never quite get there. It is like looking at a picture of bigfoot or a UFO where you squint and see that “something” is there but you can’t quite figure out what it is.

  7. Wow! I tried to post the Brighteon link forward to my family through instant messenger, and instant messenger wouldn’t allow me to post the link. I’m blown away that I’m censored in an instant messenger chat!

    1. Welcome to the real world of government interference.

      Sorry to be blunt. Actually that above line is an actual quote that was made by a former high-level Pentagon official during a radio interview. That’s as much as I’ll say about it. Read between the lines.

      One final thought on something you might want to try: See if you can send another link like FOX News or something “harmless” to your family and see if it goes through. Can they send you stuff in return with instant messenger? “Harmless” stuff of course.

    1. Selective prosecution can and is used, as a political favor. In this case, Millie Weaver’s mother attempted to remove her request for a criminal referral. But the prosecuting attorney pursued it. Why would he do so, when he knew that his one and only witness (the “victim” of the cell phone smashing) would not be cooperative with the prosecution?

      1. Your right that charges are used like that all the time for “favors” and that’s the nature of the beast no matter who you are. Lots of officers can tell you that as of recently. The
        Did you see the paperwork of her pulling the complaint? Or is it based on what we all saw where “she” “says” she did?
        I’m inclined to not believe either side at this point.

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