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Nine days after its release, Sean Hannity’s latest book is still ranked #2, overall in books, at Amazon.comLive Free Or Die: America (and the World) on the Brink

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This book is scheduled for release in November: Clanlands: Whisky, Warfare, and a Scottish Adventure Like No Other.  I have no doubt that it will pre-sell in huge numbers.

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Reader Paul D. suggested this book: The Ultimate Guide to Bowhunting Skills, Tactics, and Techniques


For the whole family: Little House on the Prairie: The Complete Series [Deluxe Remastered Edition]

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Not for kids: Tombstone [Blu-ray]

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Wildland Tool Rollout

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An Interview with a Pulaski

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From The Patriot NurseHow To Make a Dollar Tree Sick/Isolation Room: What You Need To Know

Web Pages & Articles:

Over at SurvivalBlog Editor at Large Michael Z. Williamson’s personal blog:  Here’s the Science On COVID Masks

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At American Partisan: USMC’s New Guide For Mitigating Signature Under UAS

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Reader C.B. suggested this piece, over at Phys.org: 10 things we do that puzzle and scare horses

Gear & Grub:

Seymour Midwest makes a great Pulaski — sturdy, with a proper hickory handle, and American made:   Structron 41534 3.5lbs Single Bit Pulaski Axe with 36″ Hickory Handle. The label on the handle of mine notes that Seymour Midwest is a family-owned business.

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My other favorite trail-building and fire line cutting tool: Council Tool McLeod Tool, 48 Inch Wooden Handle,9″ Width. (Also made in USA!)

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Here is a brand of ghee that at least by reputation stores well: Ghee – Clarified Butter (16 oz)

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Augason Farms Dried Whole Egg Product 2 lbs 1 oz No. 10 Can

Featured Antique Gun of the Week

Our featured antique gun of the week is a .22 rimfire Stevens Old Model Tip Up Pocket Rifle. Like most other pre-1899 guns, it can be mailed or shipped directly to your doorstep without any paperwork or FFL dealer involvement. (Be sure to check your state and local laws before ordering.) Take a look at the recently-added guns at the Elk Creek Company store.  You’ll note that my inventory is dwindling — they are selling faster than I can restock!

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  1. Here’s the Science On COVID Masks

    Excellent article with thoughts I wish more people could grasp.

    There ARE some benefits to wearing masks though:

    1. Masks reassure our beloved politicians that we are still a nation of sheep. It would break my heart if they were losing sleep over this. It’s bad enough we have Sleepy Joe Biden, we don’t need all of Congress nodding off at their desks. We need them to be at their best when in session so they can pass more laws to take away more of our freedoms. Americans much prefer the illusion of safety over freedom.

    2. Masks make people feel like they fit into the crowd. Heaven knows us humans need to feel accepted by the crowd. You’ll know you’re not accepted at Walmart if you lower your mask for a moment and some little old lady hops out of her wheelchair and does a flying body tackle on you. Tell her you’re sorry and pull your mask back up before helping her back into her wheelchair.

    3. Masks let the powers that be know just how far we can be pushed before we push back. So far they have no idea how far that is because no matter how egregious their unconstitutional laws are, no matter how many lock downs, or shutting off the power where kids are having a party, or closing all the schools even though kids only have a 0.0000063% chance of getting very sick or dying, we just keep accepting these mandates with happy hearts.

    4. Masks keep Boobus Americanus shuddering in fear since they are a visible, physical reminder that the Covid-1984 boogie man is at our doorstep. Instead of researching the science behind things, they prefer to surf the net for much more important information like Jennifer Lopez’s latest doings and updating their Fakebook page. It would be terrible if they educated themselves and worse yet if they learned to do any critical thinking. Everybody knows that criticizing others is very bad and that’s what critical thinking teaches you to do, to think criticizing thoughts about others, so let’s avoid it at all costs.

    There you have it, masks do have some benefits. As soon as I finish my lunch break I’m going to skip the garden weeding this afternoon so I can crochet myself a mask. It will be so spiffy and help my elected officials to get a good night’s sleep. I’m going to crochet “Sominex” in red letters across the front. I’m such a good citizen! Ba-a-a-a-a-a!

    1. Be of good cheer! I’m in the checkout at Kroger today. There is this nice black woman in front of me in line. She said, and I quote, “I hate these masks, I can’t breathe.” She also indicated that she knows the masks do virtually nothing to protect her.

      I’m in a health food store a few days ago. No one was wearing a mask, not the clerk, not the other customers, not even the person fixing smoothies. I asked the clerk, she told me no one has to wear a mask in their store. I thanked her sincerely for not wearing a mask.

      I wear the mask, not because it does any good, it doesn’t, but because I don’t want to see the places I shop get in serious trouble for not enforcing these ridiculous mask mandates. Also, I hate idea of lying and claiming a medical exemption that I don’t need. Lying is something that is abhorrent to me.

    2. You seem to be making attempts at humor here, St. Funogas, but you’re not funny. I wear a mask out of consideration for others, doesn’t matter what I think my personal situation is. If an elderly lady in the grocery store is concerned that she may get sick, and if she is fearful that those around her are not taking precautions and wearing a mask, then I don’t wish to cause her anxiety. Thinking about those around us and being considerate of them is not something to be ridiculed, it’s called “compassion”.

      1. “Satire: the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.”

        Hi TWB, that’s great that you are compassionate, the world certainly could use a lot more of that. But I’m not giving up my guns, open carry, freedom of speech, and a lot more things just because they cause a significant portion of the population “anxiety” as you put it. I refuse to curtail my rights because of other’s peoples irrational thoughts and behavior. That’s not being inconsiderate. What IS inconsiderate is not standing up to tyranny, I owe it to the younger members of my extended family to so every chance I get.

      2. @TWB… The world could benefit from a lot more kindness and consideration, and neither exclude connection to sound reason and logic, even cold hard facts. Wearing an appropriate protective mask is both compassionate and warranted by science. We can accomplish so much by understanding the virus as a virus — and separately and distinctly understanding the virus as a political weapon of tyrants. I sincerely believe we can tackle both concerns, and in fact, I see this as an opportunity to do just that — and in so doing, to truly advance the critical thinking skills of a significant portion of our population.

    1. I am also not a sheep (or a Boobus Americanus) although I always wear a mask when I am not at home… Appropriate masks properly worn are protective as are other measures of PPE. It’s not a matter of submitting to tyrants, it’s a matter of preventing the transmission of the virus.

      1. T of A… studies/ research published by the medical community and guidelines provided by governmental agencies ( OSHA as one example ) state the lack of efficacy regarding masks / reducing or stopping viral transmission…

          1. T of A… agreed… I am referring to the masks that one sees a LARGE MAJORITY wearing…please note I do not see N95 or higher rated in use…” appropriate “ is key term… maybe it is my neck of the woods and I am just outside our state capital

  2. Have you noticed how many people are much more attractive when you can only see their eyes? Further, with the mask on it quite often muffles the “expletive deletes” that many seem to use instead of comprehensive and intelligent language. All positive things in my mind, even if it feels like I can’t get enough air.

  3. I absolutely agree that each of us should have the freedom of choice when it comes to wearing or not wearing a mask. With that said, I think there is a misperception when it comes to why to wear a mask. None of these masks will prevent RONA transmission/infection, especially with its particle size and being highly contagious (R0 probably between 5 and 6). The job of the mask is to decrease the amount of inoculum. So if during times of high contagion you find yourself packed indoors like a sardine and people nearby are coughing and sneezing on you, the low inoculum you get by wearing a mask could decrease your odds of severe illness/death.

    I’ve been keeping up with Chris Martenson on Peak Prosperity (you tube) and he is showing how RONA has “burned through” a lot of countries. It has peaked in most places and the death rate has trended WAY down, which suggests that herd immunity has probably happened in those places. Another interesting fact: He mentioned that they drew blood samples recently from patients who had confirmed SARS (Cov1 ) in 2003 and those folks still had “memory” in their immune system (17 yrs later) if they needed to mount a response to it. So hopefully the immune systems of those exposed to RONA (SARS cov2) will have protective immune system memory in the same way… if it returns.

    1. What you stated “sounded” right, but it isn’t. The mask does not filter out micro droplets. A single infected microdroplet can have a million times more live virus than is needed to infect you. Thus “decreasing” the inoculum is meaningless. If you get a single micro droplet in your nostrils, your lungs or your eyes you will be infected. I can assure you that the experts know this. They know that cloth masks don’t work and may even be a bigger risk than no mask. But they fear going against political correctness AND stating guidelines like social distancing and mask makes them and politicians appear to be in control. Also it gives a defense against being sued if you do “all you can” as dictated by the “experts”.

  4. Wear one or not, you can only hurt yourself If you’re not infected. Convincing others not to may make you responsible for their life if you are wrong. Are you really that sure the facts you selected to believe to are correct? Sure enough to risk your child’s life one it? Wearing a mask is not killing people.

    1. Hey Travis, with all due respect, people are responsible for their own actions. We are a nation of sheep because people refuse to accept that. If someone dies because they heard me say it was dumb to wear a mask, then they died because they failed to take responsibility for themselves by doing the research to confirm if what I was saying was true or hogwash. The “facts I have selected to believe” are based on science and probabilities. Would I risk a child’s life on those beliefs? Absolutely. If great grandpa was at home dying of the Covid-1984, I would take them to see him so they could say goodbye. The statistics, mortality schedules, and the math all say they are much more likely to die in the car ride over there than they are from the virus. More children die from lightning strikes and drowning than have died from this virus. Should we therefore keep kids indoors until they are 18? Should we ban them from cars and swimming pools? No, life is risky, period. I accept that. The numbers are reality, all the rest is fear-based emotion which I want no part of. Others may have a different opinion and they are responsible for their choices, as am I. If people are afraid, they should self-quarantine, not force their fears on me and punish me by stripping me of my most basic liberties by forcing me to wear a a mask. And I’m hardly alone in this thinking. I respect your right to wear a mask if you so choose, and think you should do the same and allow me to make my own choice. We’ve done that for the past 250 years and there’s no need to change the policy now for this particular plandemic. There’s only one store in the two counties I shop in who is forcing people to wear masks and that is Walmart. No other stores are and very few shoppers outside of Walmart are wearing masks, so I’m pretty sure I’m in the majority with my opinion, at least in my neck of the boonies. And the 85% of us don’t have a problem with the other 15% wearing masks if they so choose.

  5. StF, you neglected one other reason for wearing a mask. Keeping my marriage alive.

    My sweetheart believes the dominant narrative. Due to past health issues, she considers me to be at high risk. Our nephew is also in a high risk category. She worries about us and insists that we follow the protocols. If wearing the mask was like carrying a bowling ball wherever I go, we would tangle. However, it is a small inconvenience, so I do as she wishes. She bought me a couple that look cool, so okay, I can do this thing to maintain marital harmony.

    Carry on in grace

  6. Please keep Iowa in your prayers. We experienced a Derencho ( land hurricane with 100+ mile winds) not getting national coverage. Great way to find our holes in preparing.

      1. Personally we are good. Little house damage and smaller trees that neighbors helped chain saw.

        Cedar Rapids as a whole needs help. Along with much of Iowa from Ames on West across to Illinois on East as far south as Des Moins. No national coverage means little help. There are no construction crews or volunteers coming in, en mass like you see after a hurricane.
        So please spread the word.

  7. St. Funogas you are spot on. Even the fearful fraud Fauci says they are symbolic at best. Another tool to keep the paranoia going and destroy our POTUS. Sounds like you live in a good place. Cheers and freedom to you.

  8. A good friend, we call the professor, put his run of the mill dress cotton shirt under a microscope and measured the gaps in the weave. He then compared with a single viron.

    His analogy is such that if the viron was a mosquito in size, the gap in the cotton shirt would be like a chain link fence with two hundred foot wide and tall squares.

    Masks do no good at all. The science is settled…..it’s about control.

    1. One could drive a viral freight train through the masks we see widely in use… They do slow some of the initial force of a sneeze or cough, but they are not really very effective overall. I would not say they do nothing, but the benefits of these widely used and ubiquitous paper masks is terribly limited. Why our country is not manufacturing truly effective masks for sale or emergency distribution otherwise is a question to be sure. What we all need are much more effective masks. True N95 or better quality. Masks do work, but you have to have the right mask.

  9. N95 does nothing compared to the size of the virus.

    Then consider the practice of taking said cotton mask off face by unprotected hand and putting in pocket, on seat, etc……. they are worse than a joke. The improper use and handling alone is a transmitter, if that is an issue……… the numbers are so low it’s hard to tell if the corona virus is much more then last years. Especially when one consider how many deaths are attributed to the virus due to motorcycle wrecks, etc….with, verses of matters. Yet they use with……..why is that’s?

    Then follow the money. Hospital gets $13,000 if it’s of……….

    Total lie.

    But beware a second more deadly outbreak, its likely to be the killer bio weapon.t

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