1. I don’t consider the “government” giving back to me what they have first taken from me “purchasing” me.

    For those that have never been “robbed” (never paid taxed) by the government, have definitely been “purchased”.

  2. Soooooo… When’s the next round of stimulus coming out? 😛 But seriously I agree with TexasScout. Much of it is us giving the govt a loan for a year (income taxes) or longer (SS)…

    Several years ago when things grew tight (five kids ages 9 and under, two with severe special needs) my husband asked me to go on the state’s website and see about applying for food stamps. I knew we’d qualify if I tried it, but I said absolutely NOT, until 1) he cut back his “discretionary spending” and 2) we completed the process to increase his VA disability. I consider the latter to be owed him for eight years of his services already rendered (and health issues that will stay with him permanently). We didn’t apply for the food stamps, and never will.

  3. Anytime anyone allows gumint to “provide” any service or product they can provide better by themselves for themselves, you have been “purchased”. Especially true with gumint. There is no Free Lunch, everything you need or desire in life requires a tradeoff, either in time, money, effort, emotional well being, security, etc. Everything must be paid for by something else. No one will get out of this alive.

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