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Precious Metals:

Gold Forecast: Could Prices Continue to Soar Higher Over the Next Decade?

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Alasdair Macleod: Gold At $2000+. So Why The Fuss? Here is a snippet:

“In the investment industry it is monetary debasement that gives you your living. For the rise in the general level of prices of financial assets, measured by various indices, is little more than a reflection of the loss of purchasing power of your state’s currency. The world has been enjoying the phenomenon particularly from the mid-1970s, four years after the last vestiges of Keynes’s barbarous relic, when President Nixon removed pet rocks from the monetary scene. A continual decline in the dollar’s purchasing power ensued. Apart from the occasional hiccup, from 1982 when the S&P500 Index rose from 291.34 to today’s 3,270 the general public has appeared to make money.

It has not been an easy environment to convincingly challenge, being populated by group-thinkers believing their stock and property gains have been the consequence of their individual financial acumens. But one of those periodic hiccups is now upon us, threatening to be more disruptive than anything seen hitherto in our lifetimes, which the macroeconomists in the central banks and governments tell us will require virtually unlimited inflationary finance to resolve.”

Economy & Finance:

U.S. jobs data shows coronavirus weakening economic rebound

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H.L. sent us this from Zero Hedge: Farmageddon Continues As Bankruptcies Rise 8% 

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Washington talks on vital COVID-19 rescue money are teetering on the brink of collapse

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At Wolf Street: End of QE, Week 8: Fed’s Assets Fall by -$4 Billion for the Week, Down -$224 Billion Since June 10. JWR’s Comment:  Has the can received its last kick?


H.L. sent us this:

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OilPrice News reports: COVID Fears Drive Oil Prices Downwards

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U.S. re-imposes aluminum tariffs on Canada; Canadians to retaliate

Off-Shore (Expatriation):

Americans Continue Giving Up Citizenship at Record Levels Reports Bambridge Accountants New York. Here is the article’s opening paragraph:

“Americans are continuing to renounce their citizenship at the highest levels on record, according to research by the Enrolled Agents and accountants Bambridge Accountants New York.

5,816 Americans gave up their citizenship in the first six months of 2020

Showing a 1,210% increase on the prior six months to December 2019, where only 444 cases were recorded.”

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A destination with growing popularity for American ex-pats: Southern Chile.

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Countries with best offshore bank accounts for 2020

Forex & Cryptos:

Russia-China “Dedollarization” Reaches “Breakthrough Moment” As Countries Ditch Greenback For Bilateral Trade

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A US Dollar Index forecast.

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Jameson Lopp: Metal Bitcoin Seed Storage Stress Test (Round IV)

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Bitcoin Price Continues Rally, Positive Sentiment Is Off the Charts

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Small Investors are Flooding into Bitcoin as Whales Start Losing Market Dominance

Tangibles Investing:

SurvivalBlog reader Tim J. recommended a great video from Matt Bracken on Ballistic Wampum: Ammunition Is Money as Communists Get Ready To Shoot Back

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At RecoilWhy is the Ammo Gone?


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  1. Tim J’s video recommendation gives some good intel! If around BLM/Antifa, watch for orange stripes of tape on peoples shoulders. It means BLM snipers are watching and they’re trying to provoke a shooting!

    Anyone planning a counter protest bring tape in many different colors, and keep an eye open for what color the opposition might be using. Once noted, use that color and pattern of use to confuse the sniper as to who the good guys are.

    1. Capt Nemo… An excellent thought and important information about the signals being used. The very idea that snipers may be posted in the hopes of provoking a shooting should call every one of us to immediate attention. You are bringing an important safety message to the attention of all.

      First hope and prayer, of course, is that everyone can avoid these situations entirely. The best way to avoid being shot by a sniper is not to be in the sniper’s line of fire!

      Signals may also be used in environments other than riot hubs. I am reminded of the “go” and “no-go” signals that were used in an attempted robbery of my husband and I while in a quaint little historic town promoted in a AAA magazine we had received. Of course it wasn’t the fault of AAA… They were featuring a delightful piece of Americana. It does speak to the truth that criminals exist in all places, and they use signals in a variety of ways. By the way… This was a crime prevented by a firearm, and one that will never be counted in the statistics despite the involvement of law enforcement after the fact when we called to make the report. Be aware, everyone.

      I am reminded as well of the terror caused during the DC sniper scare. Beware of the ways snipers may be used to cause death and destruction in other ways.

      …and be attentive to and observant of your surroundings, folks. Stay safe.

      Chicago was in the cross hairs of the Marxist Communist Radicals last night…

      …and this on the heels of an exceptional interview by Mark Levin who spoke with Attorney General William “Bill” Barr. If you haven’t yet gotten to hear this, listen carefully. AG Barr is a level man with a level voice, rarely raised. He is not an “animated” speaker, but what he says is extraordinarily important.

      Many among us have been concerned about the acceleration of dangers. Reports that President Trump is receiving extreme levels of protection alongside recent news related to the change of convention venue and questions about where he will speak in acceptance of the nomination should speak loudly and clearly to us.

      1. Tellesilla, let’s be careful who we point fingers at. After reading the article about Chicago, I am left with a simple conclusion…anybody can yell and spraypaint anti-police slogans. Anybody can break a window and steal high-end stuff.

        The article’s author has already made up our mind for us: “But “chaos” is, of course, a big part of the left’s goal. It’s not just the looting these domestic terrorists crave, it’s not just the goodies — the socialist revolution demands chaos, disruption, agony, despair, inconvenience.”

        I simply ask, “Who benefits if we make enemies of anyone who speaks in favor of socialism? Who benefits if we lump someone who identifies as liberal in with the thugs who attacked the Magnificent Mile?”

        I’ve seen the left blamed for False Flag incidents many times. Could our real enemy be separate from left and right? Could that enemy be encouraging us to hate each other, to kill each other? Looking at history, we can find many examples.

        Carry on in grace

        1. Once a Marine-
          Bingo!! Both side use disinformation as a weapon. Unfortunately those who will usher in a “civil war” don’t understand the risk involved. I don’t put the likes of Alex Jones on the same plane as any of our founding fathers. Be careful who you follow, deception, an agent provocateur‘s are everywhere- just get on the Internet

        2. Your thoughts are appreciated, Once a Marine… I would say that in my personal conversations with people who are very solidly on the “left, it’s true that when one gets to core matters, there is more common ground with regard to the worries of life than people might imagine. It is often not so much the nature of the concern that is different. The difference is often how best to resolve the concern — and the degree to which government should be involved.

          Having said that, it’s my personal view that there is a great distance between those who look past, excuse or justify acts of predatory violence (on either side of the political aisle), and those who believe that we must maintain law and order such that everyone benefits from life in a civil society.

          Unfortunately it seems that violence has become the SOP of the left. …and when people on the left look past that violence, they are allowing it to continue, and in some ways they are promoting violence. People are being harmed. Some will never recover from their injuries — physical, psychological, financial. Some have died. This is entirely unacceptable.

          It’s simply and plainly not acceptable to look past predatory violence.

          Are socialists non-violent? I don’t believe history supports this view. I do not believe socialists are benign. I do not believe that they are simply misguided. I believe that this conclusion is extraordinarily dangerous. The very nature of socialist philosophy leads to violence against those who do not share in and subject themselves to the policies and practices that socialism prescribes.

          Candidly, I have more exposure to socialists than readers may realize. My views are not the result of an echo chamber. My views are the result of direct and contemporary personal experience with socialists, and joined with a detailed and extensive study of history.

          If socialists identify me as an enemy for the views I have expressed here, so be it. …and I don’t say this from a “theoretical” standpoint. I have paid the price of the loss of relationships because I will not waiver from these beliefs. It is what it is.

          I would no sooner turn from Jesus Christ who is my Savior, no matter how I might suffer as a consequence. I must, directly stated, speak what I believe firmly is the truth.

          I welcome the conversation, and hope I understood your message in response.

          1. Re: Socialists

            Margaret Thatcher reportedly said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

            I would agree and make this comment about socialism.

            Socialism is robbery democratically agreed to. It arises when enough people reach a point where they feel justified forcibly taking what they think should belong to them and their group from other citizens. Usually those with more than themselves but not necessarily.

            Socialism is the eventual outcome of widespread disobedience of the command, “Thou shalt not covet.” followed by disobedience of the command, “Thou shalt not steal.” Eventually it leads to disobedience of the command, “Thou shalt not murder.”

            This is not to say taxation is evil nor that their should not be some social safety net. I believe the Bible indicates that society will and must have some of that. Socialism is going beyond that.

            Socialists should be addressed by their true names. Thieves.

  2. I just saw in an article that the old occupy wallstreet people are going to overtake the Whitehouse on Sept 17. Some anniversary for them. I had bad feelings when I saw the ‘protesters’ there a few months ago. That really needs to be stopped. Sadly somehow I feel those “protesting” now are some of the same crew as those occupy people.

    1. Let ’em try. At least they’ll be fewer idiots left to contend with.

      Even I can see they are pawns being sacrificed as a diversion. For what, I don’t know.

  3. Interesting read about Chile. The population is 89% European ancestry. The negative is that it’s part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, meaning it has numerous volcanos.

    1. A great point about volcanoes… Reduction of the earth’s magnetic field, increases in solar activity, and interactions with the plasma sheet are likely to trigger much more volcanic activity. Please be cautious about your choices with regard to location.

    2. And earthquakes! I’ve heard it’s a nice country to escape to. And some have said how they can qualify for a passport of another country and do so. I guess the time to do that was a few yrs ago when first reading about the second passport. I think it was on a site called sovereign man. But not totally sore. Polish supposedly was good to have but I don’t recall reason or process. I do know you needed the ancestry to do so.

  4. With the debt that can never be repaid and consumer spending driving the GDP there is very
    little chance that the country will survive.
    It’s survival mode and every man is on his own now.

    1. I agree with your keen insight, Vickie. As my friend, Mac, says, this is the collapse of empire that we are witnessing.

      Buckle up sister.

      Carry on in grace

  5. Meltdown mode. Kinda like watching a candle in a warm oven. Droopy, flimsy, whimsical. Pretty soon it’ll just be a puddle of liquid, flowing whichever way the pan tips.

    I wonder what form it will take next. Probably something vulgar for a time, till the master puts His hand to it.

    I reckon it depends on who you are walking with as to where your concerns are. My concern is learning how to be a better disciple. I already know what the outcome of life will be, and not much I can do about that one way or another, so seems a better use of my time and effort to focus on why I am here in the first place. Then I can keep a better perspective on the rest of this nonsense. The adversary will make all kinds of noise and carry on to distract us from our faith. Be attentive, but stay your course. We already know how all this is going to work out. We’ve been told repeatedly. Our foremost prep should be our faith. After that, the rest is just gravy. I dunno about the rest of you, but my faith can always use a little more attention.

    1. Well said, brother.

      “I dunno about the rest of you, but my faith can always use a little more attention.”

      Where does Paul say, “Love on another”?

      I’m with him.

      Carry on in grace

  6. Speaking of tectonic activity, Sparta, North Carolina got hit yesterday with a 5.1 earthquake. It happened at 8:07 AM, Eastern time. It’s the strongest quake to hit NC since 1916. Earthquakes aren’t particularly rare in NC, but this one was particularly strong. In fact, according to Earthquake Track ( )there have been 14 earthquakes centered around Sparta, NC in the past 2 days. The smallest was a 1.7, the largest the 5.1 yesterday.

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