August 5th, 2020: Our 15th Blogiversary!

Today, August 5th, 2020, is the 15th anniversary of the launch of SurvivalBlog. Since August of 2005 we’ve accomplished the following:

  • Posted 33,200+ articles, letters, and columns. In 15 years, we’ve hardly missed a day of posting. All of the blog’s archives are fully searchable and available free of charge–just as they’ve always been.
  • Posted more than 5,470 Quotes Of The Day and 1,580 Bible verses.
  • Cumulatively awarded more than $1.1 million worth of writing contest prizes. (Our sincere thanks to the many generous prize donors. These loyal blog supporters deserve your patronage.)
  • We’ve inspired thousands –and possibly tens of thousands — of people to relocate to The American Redoubt and to other safe regions such as Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau.
  • With your generous help, we’ve supported several very worthy Christian charities.
  • We’ve helped to educate and motivate hundreds of thousands of people to get trained-up, teamed-up, and stocked-up. Nearly every prepared individual will be part of the solution, in the next disaster or societal crisis.  And of course, every prepared individual represents one less person who is rushing to the supermarket at the 11th hour. Thus, we in effect create extra capacity in the supply chain.
  • We’ve promoted dozens of home-based and family-operated businesses.
  • SurvivalBlog has motivated a new generation of gardeners, livestock raisers, beekeepers, hunters, and fishermen.
  • Most importantly to us, we pray that we’ve been able to witness the truth of scripture and that in some small way we’ve helped to draw many SurvivalBlog readers to a closer walk with the Lord Jesus (Yeshua).
Our Plans

We don’t plan to change much with SurvivalBlog.  We intend to continue to consistently deliver you the best editorial content of any preparedness blog. And we’ll keep our layout “old school” –without annoying pop-up ads, 10-item slideshows, or embedded videos. (We recognize that a good portion of our readers still have dial-up Internet connections.)

In January of 2021, we’ll be releasing the 15th Anniversary Edition of our waterproof archive USB  stick. It will be bigger and better than ever before. And take note that we have something special planned for this edition.

Unless one of you readers beat us to it, in coming months Avalanche Lily and I plan to write articles on the following topics that we believe have not yet been covered sufficiently in SurvivalBlog:

  • Utility ATVs for Retreats
  • Thermal Night Vision
  • Dehydrating Vegetables and Herbs
  • Footpath, Equestrian, and ATV Trail Construction
  • Coin Grading Explained
  • Home Pressure-Canning Meats
  • Frost-Free Yard Hydrant Installation and Repair

It may sound hard to believe, but there are still some preparedness-minded folks who have not yet heard about SurvivalBlog. So please spread the word.  And also mention SurvivalBlog to any potential advertisers or prize donors for our bi-monthly nonfiction writing contest.

I also want to sincerely thank the more than 100,000 regular readers of SurvivalBlog for making the blog such a great success! Thanks for sharing your knowledge in your writing contest articles, letters, and comments. And my particular thanks to the 2% of SurvivalBlog readers who are regular Ten Cent Challenge subscribers. Your voluntary subscriptions keep the lights on! – JWR


  1. Thank you for all of your hard work these past 15 years. I have so enjoyed reading your posts for the 10 years when I found your site. I can’t wait to see the next USB archive. Keep the great work up and God bless you and your family.

  2. I’ve been a regular here for the last decade. This site has truly changed my life. Hard to express my gratitude for what you do here. Many thanks from my family to yours- we are truly grateful for all of the effort you put into this public service. Cheers to 15 more years!

  3. Congratulations on all your achievements! I think I speak for a lot of other folks in the community when I say a big “Thank You!” for all you do and post.

    I am eagerly awaiting the articles on Dehydrating. I’ve had some success but a lot of failures especially when it comes to the vegetables. I’m really looking forward to the article on canning meat. I water bath can the normal – tomatoes, salsa, pickles, etc. but I purchased an American PC last year and I am still a “nervous nelly” on using it.

    1. Yes, you do speak for a lot of the other SB readers. Congratulations to you, Lisa, for being selected as the winner of the writing contest. It was interesting when I read through Jim’s list of winners and the ones he picked would have been my picks as well. Amazing!

  4. Good morning Jim and Lily,

    Congratulations on a wonderful achievement! I have been a daily reader since finding your blog back in 2009. I am truly thankful for all the information, articles, daily scripture and comments you have published for all of us. This blog has made a profound difference in my life. Thank you for that.
    So much looking forward to being a part of this community as we navigate the challenges that come before us.

    Much love & respect

    OH yeah, and have a Rockin great day!!

  5. It is hard to find words…

    How do you thank those who are the instruments of God in your life?

    How do you thank those who helped keep your most precious loved ones safe and fed?

    I cannot repay you the debt owed for so much goodness, so I leave it to the Lord.

    May He smile upon you, protect you and bless you with Himself.


  6. Congratulations and Happy 15th Blogiversary, JWR and Avalanche Lily! This is an exciting and wonderful achievement, and your work is an amazing contribution to the preparedness movement. God willing, we will enjoy many more years together as a community dedicated to making the world a better, steadier and more prepared place in which to live. Thank you, thank you for all you do! May God bless and keep you!

  7. Congratulations on your Blogiversary! Your site is one of my most visited. You and the folks who come together on Saturdays for Prepping Progress have become a weekly staple of fun and information. Keep up the great work.

  8. Wow, 15 years! I wish I would have discovered this blog a long time ago instead of just recently in December 2019. It would have given me a lot more things to consider when I started planning and building my homestead 8 years ago.

    You’ve definitely got the best blog on the internet, not just because we’re not bombarded by ads and useless clickbait every five seconds, but the whole format is the best. The first thing I do when I wake up, even before my feet hit the floor, is to check and see what the main article is on SB so I can anticipate and savor it while I am getting the morning chores done and I can look forward to reading it while drinking my morning coffee.

    Reading about everyone’s prepping progress is also fun and I always learn something and get new ideas. What would our Saturdays be like without Jim and Lily’s updates, hearing about 3AD Scout’s latest auction finds and how he’s progressing on his nuts and bolts sorting project, Ani’s updates on her new place, Tunnel Rabbit’s vast store on knowledge and experiences, Telesilla of Argos’s recipes and experiences, wishing Once A Marine would post more (although I’m going broke buying all his great book recommendations), and RKRGRL’s telling us to all Rock On! There are WAY too many more people to mention but it would sure be fun to have a SurvivalBlog reunion (since it would be a first, wouldn’t the first one be called a “union” since we’re not re-ing anything yet??) to meet everyone and drink coffee, eat dried apricots and Mountain House freeze-dried lasagna, fresh sourdough biscuits and dutch oven chicken, and sample GritsInMontana’s blackberry chutney, and eat some of the wild plants in the area. And we could ask people in person, “What exactly is a tunnel rabbit? And does wormlady sell fish bait or is she just very skinny? And is David ‘n Goliath fond of Bible stories or is his name David and he has a Great Dane named Goliath, or vice versa??? All these mysteries could be solved at a SB reunion.

    Jim and Lily, keep up the great work! You guys are the best!!

    1. StF, you came up with a gem of an idea. I would love to chat with many of you.

      I looked it up, 15th Anniversary: Rose. Since I don’t know how to send you a picture of a beautiful rose, Lily and Jim, please imagine the loveliest one you have ever seen.

      I take great pleasure in reading SB and quoting from it, with attribution, to friends and acquaintances.

      Carry on in grace

    2. Shhh….you’re gonna blow my cover. Have you learned nothing about opsec on here? 😉

      Congratulations and thank you to the Rawles! A wonderful milestone!

    3. @St. Funogas

      I don’t know if I can answer all of your questions that you raised but one of them I do happen to know the answer to:

      “And is David ‘n Goliath fond of Bible stories or is his name David and he has a Great Dane named Goliath, or vice versa???”

      Yes, he is rather fond of Bible stories AND that is his name AND he had a dog for a pet when a youngster, although it was not a Great Dane AND he did have a slingshot AND he was a good shot with it AND he “graduated”. You can interpret the word “graduated” however you like. If you follow the logical train of thought you will arrive at the correct conclusion. In addition to the aforementioned country living type activities he became hopelessly infected with the “garden bug” when only three years old and has remained uncured to this day. He’ll no doubt be that way the rest of his life. His close friends know that he does a pretty good job of coping with the condition, though. Winters are pretty rough as two years ago he had to endure -44F so the only garden plants he could grow under those conditions were snow peas, iceberg lettuce and icicle radishes. Somehow he always manages to pull through and survive.

      I really appreciate your sense of humor on this blog and when I read this post of yours I couldn’t keep silent any longer. Thumbs up.

      A reunion would be great, but for a lot of folks from very far away it would be a challenge to get to. I’ve thought of that as well. I wonder if we could have a yearly “What I’m thankful for post”. Like the Thanksgiving Holiday, but just geared for us preppers. Write a sentence, paragraph or some people might write a bit more on what they are thankful for.

  9. Jim & Lily,
    There is no price on the value of SB. First website we go to daily. Your service to God and country is being recorded (not referring to government) by Him, the King of Kings. Well done!

  10. Hey James, if the terrible day comes when my family of five has food in our bellies when others are going hungry, it will be because of your website and You Tubers such as SouthernPrepper1.

    I remember reading the reviews of “Patriots” about how terrible the writing it is and — guess what — it was not great. But you are not writing a Pulitzer and neither is John Grisham. You, on the other hand, are helping lots of people think and prepare.

    All I know is the U-S-A is not mentioned in Revelation and there is a reason for that.

  11. Thanks for fifteen years of service. The information, opinions and ideas presented by yourself, article submitter’s and commentators are important, valuable and needed, now more than ever. I’m thankful I found this blog nine years ago when I earnestly began my preparedness journey. Those nine years of preparation will likely be tested after the next ninety days. But I’ll keep reading as long as the lights are on. And actually long after using your archive USB sticks. I appreciate all you do for your readers!

  12. Fifteen years! Wow. That’s a long time to be running a blog. Wish I’d discovered it years ago. I look forward to every new post and the great bunch of people that you’ve built a virtual community with here.

  13. TY so much Jim and Lily for your efforts and for the contributions all the SB family provides…I am blessed beyond anything I could have imagined having been led to this blog… this is an everyday read… the wisdom and knowledge shared has value that cannot be measured… The Lord has placed me in a much better position for troubling times…May our ABBA FATHER bless Jim and Lily and all the SB family

  14. Maybe a follow-up article could be written about the longevity and durability of electric bicycles. … The batteries needed in electric bicycles wouldn’t be available, if the industrial age came to end. [The industrial age is still here, and coexists with the computer age.] … I’ve read where vacationers in RVs will take along electric bicycles. No mention of longevity and durability in the articles.

    The convenience of a regular bicycle results in people all over the world to use bicycles as transportation. … Survivalblog has an electric powered bike. Other followers of Survivalblog have written articles for this site about their electric bikes. Survivalblog has even linked Wranglarstar’s video. ~~ There seems to be a need for follow up articles about durability and longevity.

    Obviously, many people would be interested in an American built bike with a kit for the electric power. [SHTF happens, and the bike could always be reconfigured into just a regular bike, if needed at some point.] …. Also, many readers of Survivalblog must be old enough to remember, the old Schwinn one-speed bicycles, that were passed down through the family. [durability and longevity]

    [The old bikes were heavy rolling tanks, but they were durable. … General Patton wrote about the old Sherman Tank; he said the Sherman Tank was the best tank, because the Sherman Tank did NOT breakdown as often, as other tanks with thicker armor and a bigger gun.] …. Durability and longevity has its place when buying ‘survival items’ including bicycles. … I don’t have first hand knowledge about this old, long-time company, but I’m curious about the ‘old school’ bicycles being made in New York City,

    One of the benefits of an electric bicycle must be the lack of a loud motor. Out in the woods, a dirt bike or ATV can be heard rattling along. = The riders of gasoline powered vehicles can’t enjoy the ‘wind music’ in the pine trees, or the full scent of a pine forest. [Yes, I once owned an off-road motorcycle]
    Psithurism is the fancy word used to describe the sound of the wind in the trees. [I looked the word up to write this comment.]

  15. Wow, just WOW!!! Congratulations Lily and James…this side of heaven, as well as those who will show up IN heaven, have surely been changed by your ministry here on the blog. THANK YOU!!!

    The gathering here to learn and be encouraged is more valuable than just the individual articles and posts. Collectively, the good humor, spiritual/practical admonitions, and unexpected nuggets of solid gold truth that are sprinkled throughout the varied content make the daily visit to S.B. a treasure room beyond one’s expectation.

    St.F…your comment above is much enjoyed and echoed by us all! Inquiring minds need to know after all, hahaha. (The cast of characters log has many side notes and smiley faces added!)

    Since i come late to the “party” most days and readers have moved on to new posts, encouraging all to vote for S.B. on topprepperwebsites using the link below the posted advertising links below will be missed by most. J.W.R…could you perhaps move the voting link to an easily accessible location further up the page? Out of sight, out of mind you know. Same thing for the donation links…was glad to see you put that information is plain sight. I can’t imagine the monetary cost or the time invested to administer this blog! (Oh…was REALLY looking forward to the new blog USB stick in January. You wouldn’t consider an earlier release date…say before the election?)

  16. Happy Anniversary Survivalblog! I have been here since September 2005, when a little storm named Katrina piqued my interest in prepping. I don’t comment often, but I’m proud to say I was included in Round 1 of the writing contest, which spurred the still current Survivalblog policy: no more book reviews for the writing contest!

    Best advice gleaned from Survivalblog in 15 years? Don’t discuss gloom and doom after 8pm!

    1. Ha,

      “Best advice gleaned from Survivalblog in 15 years? Don’t discuss gloom and doom after 8pm!”

      This was the Memsahib’s rule for her own sanity and sleeping abilities.

      I am of a different make-up. Discussing Doom and Gloom at bedtime doesn’t interfere with my sleep at all and we regularly do so, since it’s the best time to chat alone together about the day’s world events and for me to sort out and get more clarity of understanding. Jim marvels at me that it doesn’t bother me.




  17. James we are blessed to have you! I was on my way to work in a remote area of WV one day and had listened to one of your older Coast to Coast AM podcasts from 2011 or so. I’m very glad for this website and your team.

    I am wanting to pre order this usb stick, any chances of doing a pre order now???

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