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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on a couple of more grizzly bear attacks.   (See the Montana and Wyoming sections.)


My #1 Son sent this, from Redoubt News: Lawsuit Filed Against Mask Mandate

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City of Nezperce declares state of emergency over Ammon Bundy’s planned rally

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Horse rescued from trench in Emmett


60 new COVID-19 cases in Montana. JWR’s Comments: The news story notes that 64 Montana residents (presumably mostly elderly) have died of the illness, thusfar.  What the article omitted is that suicides and suicide attempts are soaring. Montana already had a very high suicide rate, and the COVID-19 restrictions have made it worse.  I’d venture a guess that suicides for Montana have increased by more than 64, above the normal rate since the pandemic began.

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Choteau man recounts grizzly bear attack

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Taft, last boom town of the American west was lawless and industrious

Eastern Oregon

Ultra-remote schools upset with new Oregon guidance

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Malheur County: Local school district officials react to new Covid benchmarks

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Bend man charged with harassing protesters with truck exhaust

Eastern Washington

Blog reader C.B. spotted this headline: US: Snake River dams will not be removed to save salmon

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Man wanted for felony assault grabbed gun before Pasco detective shot him, investigators say

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Train derailment spills 900 tons of grain in Richland

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KHQ Investigates: Why was an Airway Heights Corrections inmate housed in the same cell as his sister’s rapist?


New curator takes over Cody Firearms Museum

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Rawlins Man Charged With Attempting to Elude Police In Tractor While Drunk

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Grizzly injures hiker on the South Fork

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Court extends Blackjewel bankruptcy case through end of year

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  1. re:
    terrorists in Bend object to vehicle exhaust

    Now, hold on.
    Oregon governess Kate ‘Moonbeam’ Brown proclaimed an edict or issued a proclamation or said some VeryOfficial mandates about masks (aka ‘face-masks’).
    According to the local state branch outlet of TheGoverment, those masks (aka ‘face-masks’) protect the wearer from all sorts of cooties (aka ‘airborne pollution’).

    So, naturally, I have to ask:
    Why are the terrorists whining about vehicle exhaust?
    Their masks (aka ‘face-masks’) protect their delicate terrorist sensitivities from all the horridly-awful stuff floating around in the air… right?
    Missy Moonbeam says so, and TheGovernment would never conspire to lie to normal folks or terrorists… right?

    Could the terrorists schedule their terrorism for another time with less traffic?
    Or, and I admit this might be too simple a solution to THE PROBLEM THEY CREATED IN THE FIRST PLACE, the terrorists could just STEP AWAY FROM TRAFFIC.

    Whiny whiners fail to impress me.

  2. About: “Bend man charged with harassing protesters with truck exhaust” ~ From the news-story, he did it two times.

    Wikipedia ~ Rolling Coal
    “Rolling coal is the practice of modifying a diesel engine to increase the amount of fuel entering the engine in order to emit large amounts of black or grey sooty exhaust fumes into the air. Rolling coal is sometimes used as a form of anti-environmentalism. Such modifications may include the intentional removal of the particulate filter. Practitioners often additionally modify their vehicles by installing smoke switches and smoke stacks. Modifications to a vehicle to enable rolling coal may cost from US$200 to US$5,000.

    It’s possible to see the amount of smoke ~that can be~ released from a diesel engine on the Internet. The big tractor towing contests display a ‘burning coal’ moment for each contestant.
    [I’ve personally seen the young whippersnappers laying down a smoke screen, with a ‘burning coal’ modification on a diesel pickup truck.] … For the prepper in need of ‘laying down a smoke screen’ ~ a ‘burning coal’ device would be handy to have.

    The man in Oregon should have installed an Oregonian logging truck airhorn instead. … The logging truck airhorn is loud enough to Wake the Dead on Judgement Day. … The noise lets people know to get out of the way; the logging truck might NOT be able to stop in time.

    As political comment: Trump was almost guaranteed reelection on a ‘Peace and Prosperity’ platform in 2020. … The Chinese Communists intentionally released the Covid-19 (China Flu) on the world. International travel was permitted out of China for people possibly infected with Covid-19. Travel >within China was restricted for people that might be infected.
    ……The Communist Government in China, also, lied to the world about the characteristics of Covid-19 (The China Flu). Other governments had to find out about the Flu Characteristics, after people starting becoming sick and >dying.
    ……+Many US States have shutdown the US Economy down because of the ‘Covid-19’ (China Flu) threat to citizens. Unemployment levels are equaling the percentage of unemployment during the Great Depression.

    The George Floyd death has led to scenes of >anarchy in many Democrat cities across America. There are lots of organized protests across the United States. Bend Oregon is a long way from Minnesota. … Many of the violent protests are condoned by the Democrat politicians in charge of Democrat Party controlled cities.
    [In contrast, actual peaceful protesters requesting their Constitutional 2nd Amendment gun rights, are ~arrested and jailed.]

    ‘Peace and Prosperity’ is no more. [The Fake News is claiming every thing is the Orange Man’s fault. Even the predictable increased crime-wave in Democrat controlled areas is blamed on Trump.]

    1. We believe this is true, GGHD… They will do anything to try to prevent Donald Trump’s 2nd term. This is evident in everything they do. From “Peace and Prosperity”, Trump has had to move to “Law and the Restoration of Order”.

      China is surely behind this, and I would like to see a lot more investigation into China’s influence on each and every politician — direct financial contributions, sweetheart business deals, the works. I would suggest that we may be looking at acts of treason.

      We might start with Diane Feinstein. Here’s an article from The Federalist: “Reports: Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Personal Driver For 20 Years Was A Chinese Spy”

      …and Folks, please. Do not plant those seeds! This story is beyond the region of the Redoubt for news coverage, but these seeds likely arrived in the Redoubt as well! One fellow in Arkansas planted the seeds, and officials will now be intervening to remove the plants which may be an invasive (or otherwise harmful) species:

  3. @ GGHD, there was or is a video on the internet about installing an air horn on vehicles that is or similar to the air horns on diesel locomotives. Haven”t seen it lately, might still be available. My son installed both a air ultra loud horn and the really bright led lights on a 2000 jeep wrangler ( rock hopping, trail runner ), he said that they work great for the ” sleepers ” at street lights.

  4. Taking out the dams on the Snake River is a joke. The reason the enviros lost is none of their arguments hold up to the facts. The article contains so many lies it is a joke. In the early 2000s, there were record runs of salmon up the Columbia and snake rivers. None of the local tribes relies on catching salmon to sustain themselves. In fact, no one does. The whole issue is 100% political malarkey.

  5. Nearly one third of the COVID-19 deaths in Montana have been in nursing/memory care homes.
    Shelby which is up on the High Line was first early in the pandemic. Now a home in Billings
    has lost many elderly patients.
    The Billings facility is one of a chain which are family owned out of Washington State.
    They turned down free testing with rapid results for all patients and staff! Why would you do
    They better hope that they have good lawyers.

  6. The “Talking Head Experts” say that the only precondition that might drive down the U.S.
    Dollar Index is inflation. Duh! Do you think?
    The increase in gold and silver prices is the response to the decrease of the dollars value.

    Once the new monetary system is in place gold and silver will be the only safe haven.
    Anyone that pooh poohs this will regret it eventually.

    If you liked the PMs today just wait a while.You will be thrilled.

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