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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at a suggestion for Mandatory Vaccinations for COVID-19.

Rioters Draw Guns on Drivers in Eugene, Oregon

Reader H.L. sent this portentous news: Crowds launch fireworks at brewery, draw guns on drivers as riots spread from Portland to smaller Oregon city. JWR’s Comment:  Of course Eugene is a college town in the Willamette Valley, but this spread of rioting from Portland does not bode well.

COVID19: Long Lasting Damage & More HCQ ‘Controversy’

Reader A.K. suggested the latest video from Chris Martenson: COVID19: Long Lasting Damage & More HCQ ‘Controversy’

In August: QSO’s Virtual Ham Expo

Petter sent us a link to this announcement of a free event, on August 8th & 9th:  QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo

Online Classes Only Open to Students Who Are Vaccinated

Reader D.S.V. was the first of several readers to send us this: Insane! ONLINE Classes Only Open to Students Who Are Vaccinated. The article begins:

“Online virtual classrooms in the State of Virginia are now requiring students who attend to be immunized against various illnesses despite the fact that the pupils will be taking classes from the comfort of their own home in what can only be considered a blatant push to inject poisonous toxins and metals into to bodies of schoolkids.

The unconstitutional order comes after a high number of parents have refused to take their children to get their standard yearly cocktail dose of vaccines which during a non-COVID school year would allow students to attend school physically.

As rumor has it, parents are concerned about taking their children to get vaccinations due to the current purported COVID-19 outbreak. However, people, in general, may just be waking up to the real dangers of vaccines and may just be to the point where they are outright refusing them altogether.”

State Sued for Second Amendment Rights Violation

Another from D.S.V.: State sued for refusing residents their Second Amendment rights. abuse until they could prove their innocence as a later date.”

Congress Hides Red Flag Law in NDAA Bill

Sneaky Congress Hides Red Flag in National Defense Authorization Act. An excerpt:

“Congress is hiding a red flag law in the William M. (Mac) Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the Fiscal Year 2021 (H.R. 6395).

The NDAA authorizes the military to “red flag” anyone subject to the Uniform Code of Military Conduct. According to the NDAA, a friend or relative could report the service member as “abusive.” An ex parte “court” will hear the claims of the friend or relative and decided whether to take firearms away from the accused. The gun owner doesn’t have a chance to defend themselves or even know that someone is accusing them of abuse.

In the civilian world, law enforcement and the courts refer to red flag laws as Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO). The NDAA refers to these red flag laws as Military Court Gun Confiscation Orders (GCOs). Even though the names of the rules are different, both laws work primarily the same way. Like ERPOs, GCOs lack due process.”

Smart Tattoos Turn Skin Into Touchpad

Avalanche Lily spotted this: Google working on smart tattoos that turn skin into living touchpad.

NEJM Article Suggests Mandatory Vaccinations for COVID-19

At The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM): Ensuring Uptake of Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2. Here is a perciope from the article:

“One option for increasing vaccine uptake is to require it. Mandatory vaccination has proven effective in ensuring high childhood immunization rates in many high-income countries. However, except for influenza vaccination of health care workers, mandates have not been widely used for adults.

Although a vaccine remains months to years away, developing a policy strategy to ensure uptake takes time. We offer a framework that states can apply now to help ensure uptake of the vaccine when it becomes available — including consideration of when a mandate might become appropriate.”

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  1. You will see a large resistance to mandatory vaccines. At least in this part of the country!

    The disease isn’t scary enough. Expect more fearmongering about the virus as the product nears completion.

  2. Somehow this mask mandate that many places adopted feels like a showing of compliance. While masks help in a sterile place, constant touching and even putting on and taking off does NOT present allow for that. Healthy people should not be doing this in my opinion. Could put the ‘germ’ you touched on some surface on to the mask with the constant touching. You don’t get to wash the hands every time. And those hand sanitizers leave a nasty sticky residue. Who knows what they actually do. And daily recalls of many many brands. Somehow this mask thing has the feel of government control and them seeing the sheep. If ever the masks should have been used MAYBE back in the beginning when we were laughed at for even the idea of using by the SAME medical people say to wear them now! I’ve heard local doctors now stating how these disposable masks are fine to leave in the car and reuse! So touching them with dirty hands is somehow good to breathe in air through a nasty mess! This is all about control, forced vaccines and some type of I D to verify and have to have. The hydroxyclorquine villianization is frightening as well. While I use the natural method to release Zinc, I don’t get why this is suddenly dangerous! It does work in early sickness and MANY mainstream doctors have used it! Not the holistic doctors. They’ve been blocked from Web searches for over a year. Now the mainstream doctors. This drug, hydroxyclorquine, doesn’t have or didn’t before this a BLACK box warning! The Zpak does. No mention of that. Oh why not?? I’m sick of it. All drugs have side effects! 3rd or 4th cause of death in US. Drugs taken as directed. Suddenly hydroxyclorquine is the only drug where even slight side effects matter! They don’t want a helpful ‘cure’ or anything that gets someone better. They want us begging for a FORCED vaccine where side effects will NOT matter. We are in dangerous times. Those side effects along with other vaccines DO NOT matter! Sad day

    1. Many great points made, Anon. I hear you, and share your frustration, and clear disgust.

      From your post: “We are in dangerous times.”

      This could not have been more clearly stated or true.

      One of my “big ticket” concerns is the amount of confusion being created (and perhaps intentionally) about what works, and what doesn’t . A great example would be related to the use, value, and effectiveness of masks.

      Another of my “big ticket” concerns is censorship. You referenced the search blocks, and we have also seen websites vanish, and the suppression (or disappearance) of other social media posts and access.

      Tyranny requires submission to lies.

      Freedom requires clarity, courage, and the truth.

      Marxist, Communists, Hard-Left Liberals thrive on confusion as does Satan himself. In all the chaos of it, people fatigue and find themselves feeling uncertain. They often give up. They do not realize how close they may be to victory in all its good and Godly glory.

      Do not give in. Do not give up. PERSEVERE, America.

        1. Hello, Avalanche Lily,

          It is Thursday, and I was wondering how your arm, lymph glands and redness were doing from that nasty bug bite?

          Also, I have still been praying for your toe/toes. Did that situation get better? Blessings to you for all you do for us, Krissy

          1. Hi Krissy,

            The big toe infection cleared within three days of soaking it in Apple cider vinegar and Epsom salts. The lymph line in my arm is still swelled, a bit taut, but no longer light red and not as “stingy” as it was last week. The lymph node in the armpit did not swell, I had no fever or anything else. Therefore, I seem to be on the mend. 😉 Thank You Lord Jesus! Krissy, I thank you so very much for praying for me.

            We are experiencing very hot temperatures, we don’t have air conditioning, so our afternoons are kinda siesta time. I was just going through the comments to see what everyone was talking about. The girls and I, are thinking about checking out the local lake for our first lake swim of the year, in a little bit. If we actually swim… It all depends on the water temperature. Our region of the Redoubt sports very cold lakes until sometime in late July and August. Jim is catching up on the writing. He likes to be a few days in advance for the blog, and currently, we’ve been so busy with haying and other stuff that he is only at the day. Therefore today he is getting tomorrow’s blog post edited and Saturday’s, so he won’t join us today at the lake. 🙁 But such is life when one works for oneself. It’s a very good life! 😉

            I have a few more things to do between this afternoon and tomorrow to put in the Preps of the Week. It has been a busy week.

            Many Blessings to you, Krissy.


        2. Avalanche Lily,
          Wonderful news that your toe healed so quickly. I know God put all those toe prayers to good use elsewhere. What a relief your arm is improving.
          Hope you have a fabulous lake outing with the girls, Krissy

          1. Good to hear that you’re on the mend!

            Think about a thin full wetsuit for hitting those lakes earlier in the year. I can usually snag a suit for about $20 in thrift stores. Look for the suits with flatlocked or blindstiched seams as those stay flat to the skin. Overlocked seams leak the most and make for a cold suit.

    2. Hi Anon, I’m totally in your camp and agree with your comments.

      Too many people are acting emotionally instead of rationally. Jonathan Swift said, “You can’t reason a man out of a position he didn’t reason himself into.” Most Boobus americanus don’t understand 95% of the science behind all this and are acting like sheep, which is what we do 98% of the time.

      Most of the deaths are old folks in nursing homes. Logic says we only have a certain shelf life. We get old and dying is a natural part of the process but nobody wants to face that because we get emotional and say, “Yes, but that’s MY grandma in the old folks home.”

      Nobody wants to face the harsh truth that much of our population is artificially maintained by drugs and technology. Nobody wants to face the fact that while this is great for individuals, it’s bad for society because it messes up the demographics. A population designed by Mother Nature or God, whichever you prefer, is supposed to not only reproduce, but also to die when we get old. The natural demographics of a population needs to be pyramid shaped: a large group of kids from 1-10, fewer in the 11-20 group due to mortality, fewer in the 21-30 group, etc. until you reach the top and there are very few in the 80-100+ group. This is especially import in modern times when we are supported by Ponzi schemes such as Social Security and Medicare. Like all Ponzi schemes they require a lot more people adding to the system than are taking out. Because our demographics are so messed up due to people not reproducing enough and technology lengthening our lives way beyond what Mother Nature intended, this is not occurring and the out-of-balance demographics will surely bite us in the arse in the not-too-distant future. If you don’t believe it, run your Social Security report and look at the note in the middle of page 2.

      Technology has also prevented the natural course of events which is to keep the population strong by removing the weak. Again, what’s good for the individual is not good for society. Diseases such as this coronavirus should be allowed to run their natural course, like we’ve done with every pandemic in my lifetime (Hong Kong flu etc.). But too many of us refuse to accept the reality that we all have an expiration date and we try to prolong life as long as possible, no matter what the consequences are for society and the population in general.

      And the last harsh reality is that sacrificing our children, the economy, and all that is necessary to keep society running properly, so that our grandparents with diabetes and heart conditions in old folks home can eke out one more year, is just not right. But we think emotionally, not rationally. It’s what we humans do.

      Here’s the best Covid article I’ve seen in a while.

      1. St. Funogas… I must take exception to this statement. I honor and respect your right, and the right of every person to their own views. At the same time, I found this personally devastating. My convictions require that I speak up.

        From your post: “Nobody wants to face the harsh truth that much of our population is artificially maintained by drugs and technology. Nobody wants to face the fact that while this is great for individuals, it’s bad for society because it messes up the demographics.”

        Our youngest son is “artificially maintained” by the advances of science and medicine. He is true testimony of God’s major miracles unfolded by His helpers (who are His Hands and His Feet here on earth), that these are unfolded before our eyes even — perhaps most especially — now. I would give my own life to protect my son’s life. There is no question, and I would do so without any hesitation.

        …but even if this were the story of my own Mom or my Grandmother or my Dad or my Grandfather (or the loved one of any other person), I would say the same. Life is God’s precious gift. He intends that we value it — preserving and protecting it.

        1. Again, Telesilla, that is your emotion speaking about your son. I could say the same about a granddaughter of mine.. But that emotion separates us from the other mammals. Funogas was writing with an emphasis on rationality. Humans aren’t just rational, but swim in a sea of complex and sometimes contradictory emotions.

          1. It is the belief of my heart, my soul, and my mind speaking in one voice. I appreciate your message, and understand it. …but I want to clarify that while it is complex, there is no contradiction within me on the matter of life. I would also share that I have held these beliefs since my earliest memories, without wavering, and external (although not in opposition to) to the family culture in which I was raised. In other words, I was neither indoctrinated nor rebellious. These are, simply stated, my beliefs. Having said that… I honor and respect that these are not shared by all and each of us has the right to our own.

            One day, at God’s timing and according to His will, I will stand before Him. Should I fail on this matter, or any other of great import (perhaps none greater than the gift of life itself), then I will have failed in a great way. I will not fail my Father in Heaven who has gave us His Son, life on earth, and eternal life with Him.

        2. Hey T of A,

          From your post: “Nobody wants to face the harsh truth that much of our population is artificially maintained by drugs and technology. Nobody wants to face the fact that while this is great for individuals, it’s bad for society because it messes up the demographics.”

          Our youngest son is “artificially maintained” by the advances of science and medicine.

          I guess my point wasn’t clear from the rest of my post that I was referring to the older folks who are dying from the coronavirus. A large percentage of them are kept alive only by drugs and technology. I was not referring to younger people and yes, I would sell everything I own to pay for a child’s or grandchild’s medical expenses if it meant they had a chance for a decent life. And yes, I’d gladly take a bullet for any one of them, I’ve lived a long eventful life and would gladly exit stage left if it meant giving them a chance for a long life.

          Because we are not reproducing as nature intended us to, and because older folks are living way longer than nature intended, demographics and math say that the younger generations are going to be taking the brunt of it all when they are paying into a system every week that they will never be able to benefit from. So I’m not in favor of sacrificing the young for the old. I’m in favor of letting nature via this virus take its course.

          Best wishes to your son and may he live to be a grandpa with lots of grandchildren.

          1. St. Funogas… Even if this virus were created in the cauldron of nature (and as a process of nature alone), I would fight to preserve life — without question — the lives of the young, the lives of the old, the lives of all people. That having been said — this virus is not the creation of the natural world. It was created for the purpose of human devastation. It is a biological weapon, and its release, in my view was — quite frankly — an act of war, and an act of evil. How we treat the most vulnerable among us defines our culture and our civilization. We have fallen far from the mark. Our sin as a human community is great. Rivers of tears surely flow from down the cheeks of our Heavenly Father.

            Many thanks for your good wishes for our youngest son. Although he will never be a father himself, he is a most remarkable son, and I am blessed beyond measure to be his mother. God willing he will be a most amazing uncle. My prayer is that my love for him is a mere glimpse into the love of God for me, and for everyone who believes in Him.

      2. St. Funogas… I also take exception, strongly, to your statement. There are many variables, including the decimation of the quality of food we are now able to buy, which is killing us. The introduction of artificial chemicals that are very toxic to humans and all other animals, and the poisons that are deliberately injected into us or provided to us via the water we now drink. All of these issues contribute significantly to the lowering of life expectancy, while many medical advancements have provided an opportunity to people who might otherwise not survive (Telesilla’s son, for instance) due to no fault of his own, but are quite obviously gifts from God Almighty, to also enjoy the life that you yourself have been given.

        Your statement gives no credence to the benefit of intelligence, and contribution that many, many people have made to advancing our society, and knowledge, and our growth as a species, that might not have otherwise been made had these people, some of whom were certainly medically fragile and would not have survived without “intervention”. We are more than just animals, surviving in the wild, survival of the fittest. We are made in His image, and every one of us has the right, and responsibility, to make decisions that could lengthen our opportunity to contribute here, on Earth, before we return home to His Kingdom. These would be contributions of knowledge, and love, and support, and even if I cannot plow a field at the age of 80, I still believe I can impart knowledge and love to my family, and be of use and support in many ways.

        You said: “Nobody wants to face the harsh truth that much of our population is artificially maintained by drugs and technology. Nobody wants to face the fact that while this is great for individuals, it’s bad for society because it messes up the demographics.”

        Wow. The demographics? Are you freaking kidding me? What’s the difference between people who are artifically maintained by drugs and technology and people who are supported in the later years by family bringing them food? Would you have them die if they can no longer hunt? Would you have their existence extinguished because they can no longer carry their own water? Would you have them just lay down in a coffin and expire if they no longer produce anything meaningful to “society”? What if they cannot build their own coffin? Should they just go outside and let the vultures and coyotes eat them after a painful and miserable death, say, after 70 years of hard work, sacrifice for their wife, or husband, and children, and grandchildren? How much technology or medicine is too much? Can you draw the line? And if so, who should listen to you anyway?

        Another question… how many people are alive today, saved by intervention, who would have perished even 50 years ago? I suspect you have some family members that fit into that category. I know I do. I imagine most people know someone, are are someone, who fit that category. Just because some of us may be born with, or acquire conditions that require more than we ourselves can repair on our own, does not mean that we are no less worthy to continue to survive. If you are in a car accident tomorrow, and suffer a compound fracture that you cannot set yourself, and do not have the proper antibiotics to avoid infection, are you ready to call it quits, and lay down your life for the good of society? Where do you draw the line?

        I absolutely respect your right to say what you have said, and defend it completely. Nevertheless, you really hit a nerve, St. Funogas, and not a good one. I am certain I am not alone, and so I have now said what I have to say.

        1. Hi Klaude and Telesilla,

          With all due respect, you’ve both gotten emotional and missed the point which I clearly stated:

          “And the last harsh reality is that sacrificing our children, the economy, and all that is necessary to keep society running properly, so that our grandparents with diabetes and heart conditions in old folks home can eke out one more year, is just not right.”

          Klaude, you asked, “What’s the difference between people who are artificially maintained by drugs and technology and people who are supported in the later years by family bringing them food?”

          There is a huge difference. I don’t have the slightest problem whatsoever with family members doing all they can using their personal resources to maintain family members by bringing them food, firewood, whatever they need. That’s what we’ve done for most of human history and for many of us, me included, it would be immoral to do otherwise. But what’s happening today is that the government is stealing money out of our paychecks every single week and redistributing that in ways that are not only socialistic, but go against all the principles of true freedom that there are. Social programs are great for the individual, but bad for society as a whole because they are based on theft, unsustainable, and teach people depend on the government instead of learning self-reliance. Socialism is bad. I don’t care if it’s helping the 99 and only harming the 1. It’s still evil and bad and destructive to all countries that resort to it. There are much better ways to get the job done.

          Klaude said, “How much technology or medicine is too much? Can you draw the line? And if so, who should listen to you anyway?”

          I’m not drawing the line on technology, I’m drawing the line on socialism which funds both technology and medical care with stolen money.

          Again, all I have done is point out some ugly truths. The key question everyone should ask themselves is what would you do if this weren’t a socialist country? Back before Social Security, when Grandma got old, we didn’t do everything in the book to try to extend her life for one more year. We accepted reality that we all die. And now the $65,000 question: If your 80 year old grandma was sick, would you sell everything you own to pay the $250,000 worth of medical care it’s going to take to keep her alive for ONE MORE YEAR? Of course not! You would accept nature’s mandate that we all must die and you’d tell her you love her and say goodbye. Would you sell everything you own to save a child? Of course you would! That’s the difference. So I repeat the last statement of my post:

          “And the last harsh reality is that sacrificing our children, the economy, and all that is necessary to keep society running properly, so that our grandparents with diabetes and heart conditions in old folks home can eke out one more year, is just not right.”

          We have sacrificed WAY too much as a country to keep grandma alive for one more year when common sense tells us to let the coronavirus run its course instead of sacrificing our children, sacrificing mortgage payers, sacrificing most businesses, etc. etc. etc. which we have done and no one can argue against. If I were a good Christian and 80 years old in the nursing home, I’d be darn glad to get off this stinking planet so I could go on to heaven and see my old dog again, my grandparents, and parents, instead of eking out one more miserable year in the geezer home.

          And nobody has answered my question if it’s worth sacrificing our children and people trying to make a living to support their families for our old folks? Even the rationally-thinking old folks would say no if they had children and grandchildren.

          1. This is a FALSE CHOICE. I would not sacrifice life at any time — from among the young or among the old. This is a FALSE CHOICE. It has been foist upon us by the fallen nature of man and sin.

          2. I simply do not accept the premise of your question. You give only two choices, when clearly both were quite possible. There are several issues here… it is not linear problem. I assume you mean that sacrificing our children and the economy et al is in reference to shutting down the economy because of the Chinese CCP Bioweapon. First, no one knew enough about this threat when these decisions were made, and poor decisions were the result. We could have easily withstood this thing, without the drastic loss of life (in excess of 155,000 people as of today… remember, that this toll has happened in 5 months… 30,000 plus per month, just from this man-made bioweapon). Regardless of what many people say, masks help. Eye protection helps. If everyone volunteered (notice I did not say “be required to”) to do what is clearly necessary to protect those around them (masks) then the R0 value would likely never have risen above R1, we would have been able to continue to work, and this thing would have surely extinguished without the catastrophic loss of life. This is simply science. Sure, you can find any number of “experts” who say otherwise, but in this day and age, for every expert opinion, there exists an equal and opposite expert opinion. I ask this… if masks do not work, then why do surgeons wear them when the operate on patients?

            “Technology has also prevented the natural course of events which is to keep the population strong by removing the weak. Again, what’s good for the individual is not good for society. Diseases such as this coronavirus should be allowed to run their natural course, like we’ve done with every pandemic in my lifetime (Hong Kong flu etc.). But too many of us refuse to accept the reality that we all have an expiration date and we try to prolong life as long as possible, no matter what the consequences are for society and the population in general.”

            This is not like any pandemic in your or my lifetime. It is man-made weapon, and we have been attacked. It is not natural, it did not come from bats. It is designed to do what it is doing. It is not getting weaker, and it is not running it’s course.

            It is not for you, or I, or the United States government, or the Chinese Communists, to determine what our “expiration date” is. That’s outrageous. Yes, we all die, but to die unnecessarily because of an attack by an enemy is not the same as getting the flu or pneumonia or cancer. The premature loss of life may have already caused unrecoverable damage due to the loss of wisdom and knowledge from those who might fight this thing, or create some fabulous new source of energy, or any limitless number of possibilities.

            You talk about socialism, but in your own quote above you talk about what is good for society, ostensibly at the expense of the individual… replace the word “society” with “collectivism”.

            Yes, we have a socialist government. Yes, it is evil. And yes, that has caused a dramatic shift in the cost of nearly everything. If the government did not pay for so much, the financial paradigm would shift. It’s just like car loans. Before car loans, cars cost 1/10 of what they cost today. How about houses? Same thing. College? Same thing. Before socialist health care and grossly inflated health insurance premiums, medical costs were but a fraction of what they are now.

            “The key question everyone should ask themselves is what would you do if this weren’t a socialist country? Back before Social Security, when Grandma got old, we didn’t do everything in the book to try to extend her life for one more year. We accepted reality that we all die. And now the $65,000 question: If your 80 year old grandma was sick, would you sell everything you own to pay the $250,000 worth of medical care it’s going to take to keep her alive for ONE MORE YEAR?”

            Now that is a valid question, but not for the reason you ask. The fact is, technology improves regardless of who pays for it. It has simply become grossly more expensive because of Government socialism. I submit that the advancements we see today would have come even if the government did not steal our money to fund it. In fact, I think it may have improved faster than it has. At a tiny fraction of the cost. Which brings me back around to my point above… the premise of your other question is not valid because we could have done both, not one or the other, as well as the fact that it’s not just elderly people who have died, but many tens of thousands of people between the ages of 0 and 60, with most of those being in the 40-60 range… typically the time when people have reached the pinnacles of their careers and are earning the most.

          3. St. Funogas, I have to agree with you. In my family, there is just me and my wife. We have nephews that I would not want to burden with the costs of keeping us alive past our time. Their lives are just getting started, ours are on the waning. I love both as if they were my own sons. However, my life and the life of my wife are not worth prolonging to the point of cruelty, either to us or our nephews. I want to live long enough to see this mess that the elitists socialism has caused come to an end. But if I don’t, I just want that decision, to live or die, to be mine and mine alone. I definitely do not want some scumbag bureaucrat making that decision for me, as happened with governors forcing senior citizens to be infected with Covid-19.

            That being said. The state governors who forced nursing homes to accept covid-19 infected people has cause many who would not have died, maybe for years to come, to die unnecessarily. These governors have committed crimes against humanity, no different than the Nazis or the Stalinists. Their decision was not mindless, it was intentional. Look at how much money was saved by forcing the deaths of tens of thousands of senior citizens. Many of those people who died due to the forced viral infection, caused by the edicts of the governors, might have lived otherwise meaningful lives for some time, even living in nursing homes and other senior care facilities.

            These two statements do not contradict each other.

          4. You have all misread him. He is saying that destroying our economy and damaging our children so gramma and grandpa can squeeze out another year is immoral and wrong, and he’s right. Those of you angry about it are acting on emotion–it is insanity to lock down the country and destroy people’s lives so as to protect old people from a virus. the old and vulnerable need to stay home if they choose; the rest of us need to work and support our families and take care of our children.

      3. “Each time an old person dies, a library burns.”

        In most cases, their decades of accumulated skills and wisdom off-set the cost to the care-takers.

        I admit my bias.
        I grew-up on a farm, surrounded by aunts and uncles and a dozen or so older cousins.
        My four grandparents lived next door.
        Our varied collection of neighbors were part of the home-schooling us kids received.
        Partly through osmosis and partly through learning-by-watching, the old folks sharing their knowledge with me made me the person I am.

        And yet, I don’t have any answers for prolonging an existence simply for the arithmetic of more years.

        1. Heartwarming post about your life growing up on a farm surrounded by so much family, including grandparents… The importance of this cannot be over stated. Thank you for sharing, LargeMarge.

  3. Based on our training and rules of the use of a gun. You don’t point a gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot or kill. If a gun is pointed at me I will engage.

  4. Chris Martenson has produced excellent informational updates on SARS-COV-2 and COVID-19. While understanding the politics, and battling against the tyrrany, it’s critical that we understand the virus, and battle against it with equal ferocity.

    There was also an interview of Dr. Li-Meng Yan at Bannon’s War Room. She is the MD-PhD scientist (a virologist) who fled Hong Kong, leaving behind her husband and parents, not to mention her career, and arriving in the United States prepared to share with our authorities all the information she had about the virus based on her work. Do not gloss over or minimize, for even a moment, the courage and conviction it took for Yan to take these steps. She sincerely fears for the survival of humanity. Real life is not that we see depicted in the movies. This person has taken extraordinary steps that will forever change the trajectory of her life, and the lives of her family members, in favor of standing up against the CCP and the dangers of the SARS-COV-2 bioweapon.

    In this interview, and among other important revelations (not all of which are new to those among us who have been tracking this story), is her sharing of how easy it is to create viral bioweapons.

    1. This may also be a useful tool in helping people understand the radial reach of detonation effects. It’s also an excellent reminder… While we’re busy with the issues at the forefront of the news today, we must remain aware of other risks (and there are quite a number of these, unfortunately).

      We also think a lot about the reach of an intentionally detonated nuclear weapon for EMP effect. Would be interested in the thoughts of other SB readers about this site…

      Peter Pry is an expert in this area and has a serious and sober warning for all of us…

    1. If Joe Biden (or any Liberal Communist Marxist they substitute in for him before or after) is elected, you can count on an all out effort to force this issue.

    2. I’m with you, Wojo.

      However in the article cited: Crowds launch fireworks at brewery, draw guns on drivers as riots spread from Portland to smaller Oregon city.

      I was able to find only instance of a gun (singular) being pointed at a driver. I am annoyed at exaggerations in headlines, esp. ones that hype fear.

      Carry on in grace

      1. Always a Marine….

        I happen to live in that “smaller Oregon city” and work in the criminal (in)justice system. Eugene has about 171,000 and the attached neighbor city of Springfield has close to 70,000 with a combined metro population of nearly 300,000. Yes, we be small, but we be fierce!

        Was the headline an exaggerations? Maybe not… The two incidents mentioned from the weekend include one where a “counter protester” at the federal courthouse was swarmed by the mob. He felt threatened and pulled out his pistol, firing it into the air. In the still photo from the video supplied to my agency there were at least five other handguns visible among the crowd, who were clearly shocked by the discharge of the weapon. He was arrested and charged for the discharge.

        The second incident mentioned involved a man who had his five-year old nephew in his truck with him. They were not residents of the metro area and were disoriented in the mess of streets and redirects for the protest. The man turned into the wrong area and was swarmed by the mob (sound familiar?). He stepped out and made it known he was armed, then got back into his truck. Again he was swarmed and saw a man approaching aggressively. The driver opened his door to provide room for a tactical engagement and to move the line of fire away from his nephew. The approaching man drew a weapon and presented it through the open window of the truck’s door. The driver presented his weapon at the other man (almost simultaneously). A classic south of the border standoff ensued with both jaw jacking at each other for a moment. No shot was fired.

        On Sunday night another man presented a firearm while dressed in a crazy gas mask getup and helmet with “PRESS” painted on the side- he was detained and released.

        On a fun note, last night there was another riot in Springfield where a young lady grabbed a police officer’s baton and was rewarded with a glorious right cross to the mouth. She let go just before she hit the ground.

        So, yes, there was more than just one incident of firearms related events during this past weekend and each one was possibly avoidable through training and restraint. The Elkhorn Brew pub was in fact in shambles, many businesses disrupted, and the crazy agitators got back on the buses to Portland that same night. As for defensible in court? The uncle in the truck was the case where there was certainly a justifiable defense, but choices led to that encounter. The others were overreactions due to poor training and poor discipline.

        As for the sensational mass media? Yup, they are corrupt and dishonest to a tee. Seek knowledge from several sources my friend, there is always some truth out there.

        Semper Fi Brother

        1. Spy4Hyre, thanks for the “close in” update. Always enjoy hearing from a fellow former jarhead.

          I have read about the crime prevention/alternative to armed policing program in Eugene. Please share your opinion of how well it works there. Has it truly been functioning for twenty years?

          Carry on in grace

          1. It Works – Ish…
            There is a group funded by tax dollars called CAHOOTS, which stands for Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets. They are actually in their 31st year of service, with many successes and some failures. They are dispatched directly from the police dispatch center and roll out in several marked vans with a counselor, an EMT, and often a third support person aboard. They respond to folks in crisis due to mental illness, drug and alcohol issues, and other non-violent incidents. Often times they can provide minor first aid, hand out water and blankets, or just talk to someone in need. I have seen them work wonders where law enforcement could do nothing but a custody or a non-criminal mental hold. I have also seen them exacerbate a situation by interfering with law enforcement. Overall, I support their purpose and mission statement. They do reduce the burden on LEOs somewhat, which frees up resources for criminal matters. I have had them respond and assist me in the past and I have also responded to take over when their techniques failed. Sometimes brute force is the only way to control a drug-fueled mental subject hell-bent on harming others. Hugs don’t always work.
            In recent years, CAHOOTS has been held up as a model for other agencies across the nation, and I see other crisis intervention teams across the US relying more on deescalation skills and less on LEO partners for backup. If it helps the citizens in need, and allows cops do do cop stuff instead of being counselors, I am all for the programs.
            Sadly, the small but vocal DeFund movement here is trying to reduce the PD budget by 50% and divert the money exclusively to the crisis team. Foolish move if it happens.

            Does it replace law enforcement? Not even in the slightest. It does help, so I would argue we are duty bound as fellow humans and Patriots to try everything we can to avoid forced compliance by government agents as the only solution.


          2. I appreciate your candor, brother.

            I’m curious, if you could train the CAHOOTS people to be more effective, what would you give them?

            Carry on in grace

  5. I suggest, strongly, that one quits using Yahoo, or Google for search engines. Use instead. Google is the devil with all the data they collect on users and their searches. Yahoo is just plain insecure and also tracks everything. Both of those search engines censor what they do not others not in their ideological group to see, find, or read. does not track users. It is better than either of the former mentioned search tyrants.

        1. YAY!!! Love it… We’ve been using the DuckDuckGo for some time as well. Excellent to get the word out to others who may not yet know about alternatives. Hoping to see a great movement away from the tech tyrants.

          SB readers might also appreciate this one:

          Wire is a peer-to-peer encrypted communication system for text, audio and video (two-way). It’s free for personal use, and latency is very low.

          1. is also great… recommended by some folks in the know.

            I DO recommend using google for begin searches…. otherwise the lack of use will be an indicator.


      1. Both Ixquick (StartPage) are also excellent! Great suggestion… If you use Firefox or Brave as your web browser, you can go into the preferences and select DuckDuckGo or Ixquick (StartPage) as your default search engine which will prevent an accidental and unwanted visit to Google.

        StartPage also has an email server for POP and SMTP if anyone is interested. We use Protonmail for our email service.

  6. The VA has known about hydroxychloroquine, zinc and zithromax since March 15. I saw my doctor at that time and asked the doctor about that treatment for the virus. He said he was aware of that treatment. Sweden is doing a form of herd immunity for
    dealing with the virus. Sweden had its kids in school and has had no reported health issues with its children and the virus. They are now seeing a drop off of infections so maybe that is the way to go. Our kids need to go back to school and we need to look at following the Swedish model perhaps in dealing with the virus. Ivermectin seems to help fight the virus and also doxycycline. All the aforementioned drugs will fight any respiratory virus such as the flu virus. There will be a lot of negative fallout from this insanity of public policy towards handing this pandemic..

    1. The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, posted an article about the censorship and suppression of news related to the hydroxychloroquine+ treatment strategy…

      Tragically, another earthly voice has been lost to COVID-19. He had also struggled with metastatic cancer, and had beaten the survival odds in that battle for many years. Herman Cain was a Conservative and a Christian. He was a gentleman. RIP, Herman Cain. You will be greatly missed by many.

    2. Even the N I H had it on their site back in 2005! So something is just not right. And they block all the regular doctors now! First it was Alex Jones and some thought it was funny. Then it was holistic or alternative healers like Dr Mercola. Now the mainstream doctors trying to prescribe a well known basically safe drug that really is just a synthetic form of quinine! So quinine and quercetin also do the trick I’ve read but the key is ZINC it seems. Finally the Z word is given since the quinine or quercetin release ZINC to stop the RNA virus from replicating.

  7. Insanity is correct. Please dont believe what the government doctors say. Research everything. Does anyone know about essential oils that can kill this stuff or protect from it.

    1. I actually mixed a concoction of essential oils and distributed to family members at the beginning of the “plandemic”. Equal parts: Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Myrrh, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Cypress, Birch, Lemon, Pine, Juniper, Cedarwood, and Frankincense. I cut this solution 50% with almond oil to make it less “offensive” for dabbing on the skin. Since I was making a large quantity, I don’t have measurements, but just remember equal parts. You have to be careful to not get this in your eyes because it’s powerful stuff. You could dot it under your chin, on your wrists, near your ears.

      You can also do a Thieves blend:
      40 drops of Clove Essential Oil
      35 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
      20 drops of Cinnamon Essential Oil
      15 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil
      10 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil

      There are a lot of recipes out there. Hope this helps.

    1. I would advise against this, hydroxychloroquine can absolutely harm you if you don’t get the dosage right. Don’t take my word for it, talk to any Army vet who deployed to a tropical country and ask them what HCQ was like.

      1. Discernment and individual evaluation is critical… Hydroxychloroquine+ may work for many, but it should never be implied this protocol will work for all. This is true of all medicines — even those that appear to be benign and are very widely used. Each of us has individual sensitivities or tolerances — it’s true.

        1. I agree. When I was treated for West Nile Viral Encephalitis, I was on powerful anti-virals (as well as antibiotics). The side effects were vomiting and diarrhea. But, I was very ill and almost died, so I was probably pumped with tons of drugs including pain killers at the time in order to save my life. Probably not comparable to the “normal” dosing. I’d still insist on the recommended protocol if I fell ill with covid tho.

      2. Jack Spirko from the survival podcast talked about this on Tuesday. He was in the tropics as an Army Ranger, and was on HCQ for 6 months with zero ill effects and indicated he did not even notice any effects. Taken properly is is very safe, and has been used for 70+ years with almost no ill effects.

  8. By now, anyone with a working brain cell should be able to see where this is going. On line classes refused if you can’t prove you have been vaccinated. You MUST wear a mask (that doesn’t work effectively, but does in certain situations, about 70%). Next up will be the mandate, no vaccination = no job. Next will be the implanted chip, so they can “monitor” if we ‘re sick or have been in close proximity to those that “might be”. Or might be about to commit a crime.

    Now here’s the really challenging part: Can ANYONE tell me what aspect of life is not presently controlled, regulated, or attempted to be regulated by TPTB. With the exception of what style and color of underwear I wear on Wednesdays. Go ahead, I’ve got time, I’ll wait! No napping between flashes of brilliance now. I cannot think of a single phase of our lives that is not controlled in some aspect by gov.
    Have we as a society become so brainwashed and bamboozled by TPTB that we are such docile sheep, waiting patiently in line for the slaughter? My grandparents wouldn’t have stood still for this, my parents would not, and I will not.
    I’m of the belief that this election period my be the turning point unless people START thinking on their own with that computer God endowed us with lodged firmly between the ears behind the eye sockets. If this nonsense is allowed to continue I’m afraid we have already lost. Lost while we were asleep and lulled into apathy by the promise, “it’s for your safety”. Wake up America! Do not let this continue. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but you are the only ones that seem to be listening. With the continuation of events unquestioned, “This Will Not End Well”….

    1. This is a SPIRITUAL battle …may we use ALL the weapons that have been provided to us and for our use…may our LORD of HOSTS give us wisdom, knowledge, and discernment to engage the enemy

      1. This is the truth. We are in a titanic spiritual battle. There is no question about it… Just so true, and a prayer well spoken: “may our LORD of HOSTS give us wisdom, knowledge, and discernment to engage the enemy”

        1. T of A … TY for your comment… and as a note the “ toys “ in my comment was to read “ to us “ … I apologize for my not proofing … I know the SB community knew what I meant… may His Holy Spirit guide us in these most challenging days

    2. Nope, this will not end well. It will end in Christian persecution. Are we ready to meet the Lord Jesus, to lay down our lives for Him? This is something I think about every day and pray that I would have the strength to lay down my life and to not bow down and accept the Mark for a bowl of lentils. The mask is part of the conditioning. It is part of an occultic initiation ritual into the NWO, Satan’s Beast System. It was very clever of Him to give TPTB the virus scenario, masks and soon to follow vaccinations and Bio certificates/tracking chips of which without, one will not be able to leave one’s home to shop, travel or work, buy or sell. How many Christians do you know who will not capitulate? “Christians” will be turning in the real Believers, betraying one another. The true Remnant who truly resists WILL BE VERY small! Are you people of that remnant?

        1. Powerful scripture, BWL.

          Across this day, I am personally and especially moved by Ephesians 6:19-20. Although this translation may not be the one attended by all readers, my prayer is that its meaning and great purpose stirs all our Christian hearts, souls and minds.

          “Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, 20 for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should.” Ephesians 6:19-20 NIV

        1. Lily… TY for sharing Julie… may I also encourage everyone to listen to Dr. Madej and her insights regarding vaccination… On YouTube / about 22 minutes…Julie has it posted as well below the mark of the beast writing… May God bless all the SB community

      1. Avalanche Lily…
        From your post: “The true Remnant who truly resists WILL BE VERY small!”

        It is heartbreaking, but what you’ve said is most assuredly true.

        I would join also in the prayer of RCB5472TN: “May God bless all the SB community”

    3. N S,


      And, as you mentioned, what color of underwear you wear on Wednesdays…

      Thank you for your comments. You gave me some great laughs. Keep preaching to the choir all you want.


      “Knight and Day” movie quote/Krissy paraphrase:

      Cameron Diaz: “So, if the government men say they are going to keep me
      “safe,” it really means they are going to kill me?”

      Me: bahahahaha… I love that movie! So many good laughs. Krissy

      1. Oh contrare Krissy, sex is on the list of “approved” items by the gov. Consider if you will, that they “approve” who and who you cannot have sex with. IE; gays, transgenders, etc. etc. Can’t remember where, but If I’m not mistaken God teaches that sex with other than man/woman/wife/husband is a sin.
        How many gender are there no somewhere around 3700 I believe was the last number I heard.
        And yup guess I succeeded, we all need a little levity in these trying times…..

  9. Avalanche Lily,

    Many of us knew this time would arrive. Silly as this may sound, I recently experienced their wrath at Sportsman’s Warehouse (of all places) last week. I “forgot” to wear my nifty little mask and was descended upon by forces of the weak minded. And I do not mean employees.

    They walk among us. We will need prayer more than luck in the future.

    1. Aye, yep! Treacherous days are ahead. Stock up, get prepared so you don’t have to go out and be among them. You will need great discernment and the ability to hear that still small voice telling you which way to walk, or stop, and where to go.

      1. Yes… Treachery is all around us. Your encouragement is so very much appreciated. You have offered many words of wisdom. I would amplify your message: ” Stock up, get prepared so you don’t have to go out and be among them. You will need great discernment and the ability to hear that still small voice telling you which way to walk, or stop, and where to go.”

    2. Hey Tom, I hear you! The only place in my neck of the woods who requires them is Walmart. Due to propriety I can’t describe my protest mask or the message written across the front. One lady was laughing so hysterically I thought she was going to wet herself. Six people stopped me and took my picture. Luckily I was wearing a mask so no harm done! A lot of people lowered their masks to their neck line once they were past the Gestapo at the front door.

      My next protest mask will be made out of common window screen. No one put out any specs on masks and it will do as much good as the crocheted ones so I’m anxious to see how far I can ride this horse.


  10. A little food for thought:


    No Change on the Way to No Cash
    by Eric Peters

    Eric Peters is always a good read whether he’s talking cars, politics, or libertarian principles.


    Kneeling: Biblical vs. Humanist
    by Michael S. Rozeff

    A good read and right on target.


    The Latest Florida Coronavirus Testing Scam
    by Thomas DiLorenzo

    They have to fake the numbers to impose their totalitarian dictates.


    FAR LEFT WATCH: Anti-White Militia Plans Armed Terror March in Louisville to Project Black Dominance
    Black Lives Matter are becoming the new ISIS.


    Consistent Inaccuracies in COVID-19 Testing and Reporting
    By Dr. Joseph Mercola

    Have fun, have a blessed day.

  11. Amen. There will be many that think forced vaccinations are the only way out of this mess. Think long and hard if you will do that to your body. Many will conclude that they would rather have a shot at the virus rather than the vaxx. Prepare your mind, spirit and heart, if that is your position.

  12. The mandatory vaccine battle has been waged, not just in the schools, but also in the workplace. The precedent has already been set for mandatory vaccination within the medical community, it will just expand to encompass all who work, justified by the philosophy of the ‘greater good’. Don’t worry, those of us who don’t pull in a paycheck from someone else, we will eventually be caught up in the mandatory vaccination net when we choose, or need, to obtain healthcare. What kind of statement is made about vaccines when healthcare people have low rates of compliance? At my place of employment they offered it free. Didn’t work. They came up to us on the job, needle in hand. Didn’t work. They forced non-compliant people to wear masks during the winter. Didn’t work. Only the threat of job loss brought about 100% compliance. This is the future.

    Should influenza vaccination be mandatory for healthcare workers?

    Massachusetts Federal Court Says Mandatory Flu Vaccine for Hospital Worker Does Not Violate Title VII

    Judge Allows Brigham and Women’s Flu Vaccination Policy to Stand

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