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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on the Greater Idaho project.   (See the Eastern Oregon section.)


Reminder: ITD to open Highway 95 near Riggins on Monday after lengthy rock slide closure

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From humble beginnings, north Idaho company is now a food industry leader

The piece begins:

“For the past 50 years, a company up in Sandpoint, Idaho – seven hours north of Boise – has been churning out a product that probably all of us have had in our fridge at one point or another: refrigerated salad dressing from Litehouse Foods.

The north Idaho company is the producer of those well-known salad dressings in the glass jars with the colored lids. In fact, company president and CEO Kelly Prior says with pride, ‘We’ve now reached the status of the number one refrigerated salad dressing in the country.'”

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Video: Rep. Heather Scott on Kootenai County’s mask order.

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Police searching for information about missing Rigby woman


Pastor Chuck Baldwin alerted me to a new web site that is circulating a petition. If you live in Montana, then please sign this petition.

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Why do grasshoppers seem to be everywhere in Montana?

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Montana Citizens File Tort Against Gov. Bullock

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Malmstrom Air Force Base announces new COVID-19 restrictions

Eastern Oregon

Group strives to make plan to shift Malheur County to Idaho a reality

“A grassroots effort to move Malheur County and other Oregon counties into Idaho is gaining momentum.

The Malheur County Clerk’s Office has approved the circulation of a petition from the non-profit Greater Idaho to get a measure on the local ballot in November to support the realignment of boundaries.

The petition asks local voters to require the Malheur County Court to meet three times a year to discuss “how to promote the interest of Malheur County in any negotiations, regarding the relocation of the Oregon-Idaho border.”

The Greater Idaho organization consists of residents from across eastern, central and southern Oregon that want to slice off 18 counties and incorporate them into Idaho.”

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No injuries after train strikes van near Bend

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Hermiston to Begin 2020-21 School Year with Distance Learning

Eastern Washington

From sparse fairgrounds facility to hotel, Spokane County adapts isolation protocols

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I missed this bit of news from late last month: Bombing suspect arrested within 2 minutes.

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Bottle hunters: One man’s (old) trash…


Flying on World War II bombers ‘worth the money’

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Wyoming courts to begin cautious restart

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    1. News Headline: THIS VIRUS HAS A CURE!

      Curious that the feed was cut… Also that recent news has indicated state medical boards are threatening doctors who prescribe the hydroxychloroquine-zinc-Azithro therapy.

      Meanwhile, Matt Gaetz is on the move with a criminal referral of FB’s Mark Zuckerberg.

      There will be a lot of speculation about the origins of the pressure points. In addition to the matter of pharmaceutical profits, I would suggest the country from which this virus came, and Leftist Communist Marxists generally. They have every reason not to see President Trump and his team succeed in defeating this virus. That’s a grim statement, I understand… But the evidence around us more than suggests that this movement has no regard for any lives, and that they prosper in the suffering and the deaths of many.

      Stand up, America.

      1. This story continues to develop… Momentum in a great curative direction? We surely hope so. How liberating it would be for all of us if the treatment (or even preventative) trio of hydroxychloroquine-zinc-Azithro was both safe and effective for many.

        Big Tech can’t defeat us when we continue to communicate with one another to develop information and to verify the facts.

  1. 1) Per the Constitution, a new state can not be carved out of an existing state unless the state legislature of the existing state agrees.

    2) However, politics and law are ruled by Money. In 1850, a British geologist discovered the massive Pocahontas coal deposits in what is now West Virginia but was then Virginia. Northern railroad and big steel millionaires funded the Abolitionist movement, provoked the War of Northern Aggression and Shazzam — West Virginia was created without the permission of Richmond. With the prostitutes on the Supreme Court justifying the unconstitutional act up in legalistic claptrap.

    3) For the next 150 years , the Northern millionaires collected massive rents from
    West Virginia coal mining while imposing a system of economic slavery known as the company town –ensuring the residents of West Virginia would live in bitter poverty while their resource funded the Industrial Revolution and Navies of US and UK.

    160 years later, the median real net worth of black Americans was $19,000 around 2007 but had collapsed to $10,000 after several years of Obama and Joe Biden. In case any of you are wondering how much those New York City millionaires really cared about black Americans — or white Americans for that matter.

    But if the News Media keeps the common citizens divided and fighting then no one will notice where the Money is going. And a Big Lie well told by Harvard historians will live forever. That would be the Harvard whose $40 billion endowment fund was started with profits from the slave trade.

  2. Warning! That Lighthouse Chunky Blue Cheese dressing can be dangerous. A jar of that and a bag of ruffle potato chips and you can be tempted to eat the whole bag. Also the dressing comes in nice decorative glass jars with plastic lids. The stickers come off easily so drill the lids with appropriate size holes and you can make yourself a really nice spice rack. I always have a few jars in the frig. Absolutely the best.

  3. PBS is airing a documentary tonight at 9:00 pm. MST. titled United States of Conspiracy.
    The Frontline series outlines that as COVID-19 has spread so to have conspiracy theories
    related to the virus.

  4. I support the idea that masks should be voluntary because we do not want a medical tyranny. At the same it will make spotting the ignorant much easier.

  5. Rock slides… We have these in the Appalachian Redoubt as well. A safety note for all, and especially those who are new to this phenomenon. In our area we often see these after a year with lots of rain, or alternatively a wet winter with a lot of freezing temperatures followed by thawing in the late winter or early spring. Water is a powerful force. It’s movement — flowing freely or expanding and contracting — can and does dislodge rocks. Sometimes these rocks are especially large, and can be dangerous. In our area it doesn’t happen often, but when a rock drops, it’s a notable event. Be aware. Stay safe!

  6. It would be great to have some beach front property in Idaho! Plus a whole lot of occupied Jefferson counties in northern Commiefornia would be interested in joining IMHO
    ps lots of ammo shortages from Redding ‘CA’ to Spokane WA no 308 to be found…

    1. I know, I know I should just let it pass, but when I see “words” like “Commiefornia” included in the comments here, I cringe. SB is better than this.

  7. If anyone is looking for M193 or M855 5.56 I saw where UNAC just posted some PMC X-TAC. A little pricey at $559.1000 shipped lower 48 but it could be the going price with the scarcity. 6 months ago it was down to $329/1000. I haven’t checked Gunbroker on ammo but maybe there are bidding wars like on property in the Redoubt.

    1. Hi RG,
      Some of my friends took the leap and diversified into AK’s, and now have access to plentiful and cheap soft point AK ammo that is still found for under .30 cent/rd. SG ammo has it. We’ll need at least 6 cases per rifle. There will be no resupply. Purchasing 6 cases of AK ammo will save you enough money to buy a low end AK.
      It’s a two’fer one. Get ammo, and get a gun to go with it. That is a better move than just being able to buying ammo.

  8. The Montana mask petition is an exercise in futility. The anti- maskers are first cousins to the anti-vaxers in that if it’s not good for them then it must be bad for everyone.
    The one constant in this battle is that masks help reduce infections. Period.

    1. Cloth masks do not help reduce infections. They are no more effective than a cloth T-shirt reducing the damage from a bullet. They do not work. Would you drink from filthy virus laden water that was “filtered” through a cloth mask?

      By the way I am not an anti-vaxer I get the flu vaccine every year. In fact with 20 years in the military I have had vaccines most people never heard of.

      1. You make a good point about the cloth masks seen often these days. Having said that… Appropriate masks correctly used definitely do work. The problem with the masks most widely available to the public is that they’re not really designed to prevent the transmission of virus. I often say that you could drive a viral train through these masks. They do offer some benefit of containment (from the force of a sneeze or a cough), but not as much as people seem to believe. Multiple layers do offer some additional protection, but again, it’s not the level of protection many imagine.

        Additional thoughts on the same subject beyond your post…

        It’s terrible that Leftists have used masks and shut-downs and censorship of medical news they want to suppress as political tools. It’s incorrect to argue that people who wear masks are somehow ignorant or are sheep.

        What we have before us are two separate issues (no matter the Marxist endeavor to inextricably join these). One is the matter of Communist control, and the other is a virus.

      2. See:

        Number of deaths: USA 149,235 Japan 1001 South Korea 300

        The cloth mask doesn’t have to be perfect. If it is only 60 percent effective then it works if both an infected person and a healthy person wears it — 2 x 60% = 120 %. It is meant to reduce the dispersal of the virus by an infected person as much as to shield a healthy person from breathing in the virus. Might not be needed in a sparsely populated rural area with few cases if people keep their distance but is needed in urban areas.

        1. Look up “Cause and effect”. There are a number of countries that have not had huge outbreaks yet. A number of locations and states here in the USA too. They will. But to jump to the conclusion that since ND hasn’t had the same level of Covid-19 deaths that NY City has because of (pick your favorite bias) is foolish.

          IF masks worked THEN they are medical waste and are dangerous and should be destroyed after wearing them because they would be full of viruses and germs. IF they actually worked they would be more dangerous than not wearing them. Thankfully for 330 million Americans they don’t work and you can just set them on the counter when you come back from Walmart.

          I wish they worked. Wouldn’t that be great? No more colds or flu, never get sick just wear a mask 24/7 for the rest of your life. But they don’t work. We all know that at some level. Do you “ever” take your mask off? If you do and if the mask worked you just defeated it.

          As for Japanese and many Asians the mask is kind of a “superstition” thing for them. It isn’t science based it is more like the Howard Hughes syndrome where they fear germs. You can try to sell it as if they are somehow wiser than Americans but it is simply non-science based superstition. Long after Covid-19 is gone some Asians will still be wearing masks. Kind of like a baseball player wears his luck shirt when he goes up to bat.

          If you are a believer in masks ask yourself why you aren’t wearing goggles. Your eyes are very susecptible to airborne virus and germs and are a major entry point. Buy some medical goggles they will do more for your protecting than masks do.

        2. I don’t know why my previous post was removed. Just calling out bad math. Masks can’t filter out more than 100% of the viruses.

          It’s not possible to remove 120% of the viruses, at least on planet earth.

          1. Let’s say for a second that the 60% effectiveness of masks is correct.
            Example: person 1 coughs releasing 100,000 particles of virus. Mask 1 filters out 69%. That leaves 40,000 virus particles making it through the mask. All 40,000 interact with mask #2. 60% get stopped by mask #2. That leaves 40,000*0.6=24,000 particles stuck in mask #2. The end result is 16,000 virus particles penetrate and make it through mask #2 whereby person #2 breathes in those 16,000 virus particles. Sure it’s an ideal situation where 40,000 particles mostly will not interact with mask #2. Even if 10 virus particles encounter mask #2, person #2 will breath in four virus particles. I don’t know how many of those covid 19 buggers it takes to infect someone but at no time is 100% stopped.
            Maybe the gov should mandate everyone wear SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus). That would be interesting trying to converse with someone and observe social distancing with both wearing SCBA.
            Just my 0.02 cents.

          2. I e-mailed you about why your previous post was removed: It contained a personal attack. Folks who have been warned about this are candidates for banning if they persist.

          3. I was surprised was all. Since Mr. Williams made a personal attack on a previous posts, I figured I would reply in-kind to an inaccuracy. But I see Mr. Williams post was just edited and not removed. Only taking out the personal attack part. Not the entire portion of my ‘removed’ post would be considered as a personal attack. Ohhh well. Your site, your rules.
            I see a double standard.

            INPrepper signing off

            Bye Bye

          4. @INPrepper

            1) Suppose two people meet and the probability of at least one of two people getting infected is 1 (i.,e 100 percent.) Suppose wearing a mask reduces that probability to only 60 percent (0.6) for each person.

            2) We don’t know who is infected and who is not. So if both people wear the mask, probability that at least one of them gets infected is .6 + .6 – (.6*.6) = .84 , which is a reduction of 120 percent from the odds of being infected without the mask.

            3) This Lancet article argues that masks reduce the odds of a person being infected from 17.4% to 3.1 % ( Table 2) — a reduction of 82% (for one person).

            However, I think the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan showed that the probability of infection can approach 100 percent in crowded conditions. In less crowded conditions, you are rolling the dice.

  9. 1) If lots of people get the virus and go around coughing then the entire neighborhood is medical waste. However, clorox or lysol will sterilize the masks as well as kitchen countertops and tables.

    2) I wasn’t comparing North Dakota and New York City — I was comparing sparsely populated USA to far more densely populated Japan and South Korea. Comparing densely populated New York City to densely populated Japan and South Korea would make our failure look even worse.

    3) Why do you think doctors at the Mayo Clinic,etc are wrong when they advise wearing masks? Why do you think for decades surgeons and nurses in operating theaters have been required to wear masks –if the masks are ineffective at reducing the spread of disease?

    4) What mistakes do you think the scientists made in the Lancet study?

    I concede that the evidence/scientific studies are not yet 100 percent irrefutable–scientists are rushing to find out as much as they can and publish the info as quickly as they can.

    But should public health doctors wait a year and let 200,000 more people die before making a decision? Should they engage in a leisurely year-long philosophical argument like they are critically evaluating a student’s thesis instead of trying to deal with a deadly threat?

    5) In closing I do wear goggles or eyeglasses with side protectors when I am out.

    1. 1) If you touch your mask than your hands are contaminated. If you set it on your kitchen counter than the counter is contaminated.
      2) If you compare NY City with Japan than indeed Japan looks good. Why? You say “masks” without any evidence. But Japan is not open to outsiders like NY City is. What happened in NY City is a lot of super spreaders arrived there before we really understood that this virus was going to take off like it did. So far Japan has been lucky. Check back in 18 months and see if Japan can hold onto that luck. It is too soon to award them the medal of incredible brilliance for not getting Covid-19.
      3) Yes, I do you think doctors at the Mayo Clinic,etc are wrong when they advise wearing masks. I don’t blame them, we have seen what happens when you disagree with the Democrats. If I were still working I would probably toe the line too. Surgeons wear masks to prevent spittle and droplets from entering the surgery sight. They are trained to not touch the mask. If they touch the mask they must go and wash up before they can continue surgery. Watch mask wearers in the store. They touch their mask multiple times a minute.
      4) Most studies like this are done to either keep the authors “published’ OR by college students as part of the curriculum. They are notorious for being inaccurate.
      Here is the biggest problem with every study on the effectiveness of masks: They conflate stopping some percentage of virus with the word “effective”. There is a standard for this kind of thing, it is called Sigma six or 6 log and it looks like this: 99.9999. It means that the effectiveness is 99.9999% effective. A cloth mask is about 8% effective, That isn’t even in the log scale. Would you drink dirty polluted virus laden water that was filtered through a cloth mask?
      “should public health doctors wait a year and let 200,000 more people die before making a decision?” No! I think they should all jump off the bridge if someone says that will stop the Covid-19. After all we know a bad decision is better than waiting until you can make a good decision. What you need to understand is that covid-19 will work it’s way through our population until 70% more or less have had the disease and we achieve herd immunity. You are not saving anyone even if the mask works, you are merely dragging out the inevitable.
      5) I wear the mask as required, I am careful not to invade others social distance. I respect their concern and their fears. I respect your right to wear a mask and I hope this Covid-19 nightmare is over soon.

  10. Sixty years ago, give or take, when I was a preteen living in Southern Oregon my parents drug me along to attend meetings where a topic of discussion was to establish a new “State of Jefferson” by redefining the borders of California and Oregon. The map of “Greater Idaho” is reminisce of that movement as the new Idaho would carve out some of that same area. Needless to say, nothing came of the Jefferson movement. I suspect the outcome for Greater Idaho will also meet with the same results, however I do wish yo well.

    I also remember during that same time period a migration from California in to the Southern Oregon area. The locals complained that the Californians were causing the price of homes and properties to raise to the point where the prices were beyond many local’s means. These days it appears that a whole new migration from California is drifting to Idaho. I’ve heard the same complaints coming from Idaho about the bidding wars for homes and property and now locals can’t afford homes and property. I remember the changes in our quiet little sleepy hollow where and when those folks coming in to our area would say, We had this or we had that down in California.”. Taxes increased and so did the economic gap and lifestyle between those with and those without. Mark those words!

    I noticed that the northern coast of Washington commonly known as the Olympic Peninsula was not included in your inland NW map. Well that‘s where I live and I can assure the readers it is populated primarily by conservatives. The liberals are concentrated in the cities along the I-5 corridor from Everett to Olympia. How about just redefining the State of Seattle to include all of them and leave the rest of us alone?

    A final comment about voting with one’s feet and moving to Idaho. How long do you think it will take for the transformation of Idaho into a liberal state? Remember I grew up on Oregon and live in northern Washington. I’ve already tried moving to outrun them. I’m at a point that it’s not feasible for someone of my age to start over and besides I’m certain it won’t matter anyway.

    May God Bless you all and keep you from the harm that appears heading our way.

    1. RE: > How long do you think it will take for the transformation of Idaho into a liberal state?

      The majority of those moving in are conservative, so the state is getting darker “Red”, not purple. Also, conservatives tend to have large families while liberals average BELOW the replacement rate. So, from a demographic standpoint, WE WIN. Remember: Demographics are destiny

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