Preparedness Notes for Monday — July 27, 2020

The mainstream media hoopla over the “second wave” of COVID-19 is getting tiresome. Yes, hospital occupancy is of concern, but the number of “confirmed cases” is more of a function of a more widespread testing infrastructure than it is of actual infections, per capita. I found some recent charts that are instructive. They show that the number of hospital beds in use is back up to where it was in April. But the number of deaths relative to the number of cases (i.e. the Case Fatality Rate) is down. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that this bug has mutated into a still highly transmissible but yet less lethal strain. I’d say that there is the prospect of reaching the Herd Immunity, within six months.

The leftist mainstream media’s current goals seem to be:  1.)  Get lots of news viewers latched on to the news cycle, and 2.) Make this look like The Orange Man’s fault, and thus seal his doom in the upcoming November election.

An interesting new listing in Wyoming that adjoins National Forest land, over at A Piece of Paradise.

And now, the latest product review from Pat Cascio…


  1. Dr. Chris Martensen discusses the dominate strain of Covid 19:

    A New, More Serious Covid-19 Mutation To Worry About (D614G) (June 23, 2020)

    It is my understanding that herd immunity is not possible with Covid19, and that one can never be actually cured. It is yet not well understood and remains a complex issue that I believe Dr. Martensen handles best.

    1. Tunnel Rabbit, there are developments in a ‘cure’ for Covid-19. God has given mankind the ability to prevent and cure many diseases now days.
      [I saw this article on the Internet]

      “Cholesterol-lowering meds have potential to downgrade COVID-19’s threat to that of the common cold.” July 15, 2020, by Hebrew University of Jerusalem, on the medicalxpress(dot)com site.

      Could a simple drug that has been on the market for decades be used to treat COVID-19? A research team led by Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU)’s Professor Yaakov Nahmias says that early research looks promising; their findings appear in this week’s Cell Press Sneak Peak.

      Over the last three months, Nahmias and Dr. Benjamin tenOever at New York’s Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have focused on the ways in which the SARS-CoV-2 changes patients’ lungs in order to reproduce itself. Their major finding? This virus prevents the routine burning of carbohydrates. As a result, large amounts of fat accumulate inside lung cells, a condition the virus needs in order to reproduce. This new understanding of SARS CoV-2 may help explain why patients with high blood sugar and cholesterol levels are often at a particularly high risk to develop COVID-19.

      Viruses are parasites that lack the ability to replicate on their own, so they take control of our cells to help accomplish that task. “By understanding how the SARS-CoV-2 controls our metabolism, we can wrestle back control from the virus and deprive it from the very resources it needs to survive,” Nahmias explained.

      With this information in hand, Nahmias and tenOever began to screen FDA-approved medications that interfere with the virus’ ability to reproduce. In lab studies, the cholesterol-lowering drug Fenofibrate (Tricor) showed extremely promising results. By allowing lung cells to burn more fat, fenofibrate breaks the virus’ grip on these cells, and prevents SARS CoV-2’s ability to reproduce. In fact, within only five days of treatment, the virus almost completely disappeared.

      “With second-wave infections spiking in countries across the globe, these findings couldn’t come at a better time,” said Nahmias, and global cooperation may provide the cure. “The collaboration between the Nahmias and tenOever labs demonstrates the power of adopting a multi-disciplinary approach to study SARS-CoV-2 and that our findings could truly make a significant different in reducing the global burden of COVID-19,” tenOever added.

      While there are many international efforts currently underway to develop a coronavirus vaccine, studies suggest that vaccines may only protect patients for a few months. Therefore, blocking the virus’ ability to function, rather than neutralizing its ability to strike in the first place, may be the key to turning the tables on COVID-19. “If our findings are borne out by clinical studies, this course of treatment could potentially downgrade COVID-19’s severity into nothing worse than a common cold,” Nahmias concluded.

  2. CoViD-19 is caused by synthetic bio-weapon having multiple targets and multiple strains. It is not typical. Recovery is not total. Vaccine is not possible.

    Quarantine when possible or wear PPE when it is not. First Line of Defense Kit and consultation is available at

    As a NC police Lieutenant and former Green Beret once said: Trust the LORD, be prepared and keep a low profile!

    1. A current assessment on Covid 19.

      Yes, it is important to acknowledge that this is a bio-weapon. Dr. Martensen eventually came to that conclusion. His conclusion necessarily was delayed as he strongly adheres to the Scientific Method. It has proven not to behave as would a naturally occurring virus, and causes a list of probable and life long complications and disease of various kinds that are not yet fully understood or identified. Even some of those who are asymptomatic can suffer quietly, and with a life long disease that could eventually be debilitating, and shorten their lives. It is proving to be an effective bio-weapon in several ways.

      The D613D strain is said to be stable (Dr. Martensen). We can deduce that other strains by relative measure, have declined, because they are relatively unstable. This means some regions are experiencing a disease that is in decline, and other regions are experiencing a disease on the increase that may, or may not, present with a different set symptoms. The likelihood of this dynamic was mentioned here back in February by myself. Useful alternative treatments, proven effective clinically, have been denounced and prohibited in some places. As there are too many false positives, testing provides a false assessment and additional fear, and justifies the claims that the virus is only a hoax. This allows the spread to continue and create a demand for a vaccine to further consolidate power and wealth, and allows the enemy to escalate in general. The situation created perpetuates the cycle and it’s effectiveness by keeping us continually disoriented (inside our OODA loop), disorganized, and eventually debilitated by disease. Eventually hyper inflation sets in, and as it is now, it becomes print or die. Then the economy ceases to function, famine is in the land, and what is currently a low level civil conflict, escalates and spreads widely. And the threat of invasion, and nuclear war (EMP) increases. It is much more than about the removal of Trump, but about the rising tide of nationalism globally. It is about a take down of western civilization, and of this country, the last bastion of the ideas of freedom and Christianity. We are a particular and certain challenge to be overcome only by extraordinary means, making a new type of high tech asymmetrical war necessary.

      The virus is primarily a weapon of terror that kills quickly and slowly, and allows the media to beat the country into submission with a sophisticated psy-op, that causes us to conform, and be herded to the slaughter house. As a result, there has been an equal and opposite reaction by conservative alt-media that focuses on the media hype, that over reacted by declaring and insisting that the virus is a hoax, or mostly a hoax. Sadly, ignorance is not bliss, and the truth of what the virus actual is or is not is mostly lost in the controversy. As a country, we are divided on the issue due to the lack of vetted information, and generally, by ignorance of basic science in this country. Therefore a sensible and measured response to the issue is not possible. The refusal to wear masks and take sensible precautions are abandoned altogether by a significant portion of the population making it possible for stable strains to spread. Therefore the virus can continue be one of many a useful weapons in a new generation of asymmetrical warfare.

      Expect more surprises and threats to suddenly appear out of the blue, as this is a campaign that is designed to take down this country. Growing up playing chess, we learned to think many steps ahead, to use combination moves, and to anticipate the opponent by their moves. We learned about a new computer that could play chess and was unbeatable. Only the likes of Bobby Fisher could win a game or two against this relatively low powered computer. In this day and age of super computers, and now, emerging artificial intelligent computers (A.I.), I am concerned that we are playing against an unearthly entity.

      Years ago I happen to speak with the wife of someone directly involved with the development of Microsoft’s version of AI. She spilled some details. Bill Gates would use something like this to war game and push his eugenic program, and make his vaccination plan mandatory.
      A machine that directly and indirectly runs the world would be a beast that cares not about humans.

      1. You pretty much nailed it. As usual.

        I have been horrified to see the messages (since March) of the conservative alt-media calling this a “scamdemic”, “plandemic”, “corona-cold”, etc. It would not surprise me to find that many in the conservative alt-media have been handily fooled by very evil people posing as “concerned freedom loving patriots”. I believe it is very possible that the conservative alt-media has been targeted and intentionally duped and that they are being used to disseminate false information to conservatives. What better way to keep conservatives from voting this fall than to have them make poor choices and end up dead because they were misled and misinformed? It wouldn’t be the first time that a campaign of misinformation was used to defeat an opponent. We must remember that there is no level too low for the enemy to stoop. We need to think critically and be far less trusting of news sources. I also think they (the Marxists in our country) are actually hoping that elderly people will die… They view elderly not as people who built the infrastructure of our great country, but as traitors to the Marxist cause and a burden on the financial coffers they seek to control.

  3. JWR- reading some of the treatment studies I think when the smoke clears the conclusion will be that Doctors putting patients on ventilators too soon was actually a detriment to those patients. Hospitalizations up but ventilator use is down because doctors are finding out the outcome are better IF the patient can stay off the machine. There are several mutations but I don’t think, based on what I have read, that the less deaths is from a more mild strain.

  4. The lower case mortality rate is due to improved treatment, as doctors learn this is not a respiratory disease, but primarily a clotting and immune system dysregulation problem. Now thay they can give drugs appropriate for those symptoms, death rates are down.

    As with the common cold (another coronavirus), it appears you can catch covid every few months during to the number of strains and mutations, as well as the quick reduction of antibodies in patients after recovering.

    we are only up to about 10 pct exposure in the US, according to the CDC, a long way from the 70-80 pct needed for a regular disease.

    but this is no regular disease…

  5. The Fake News is NOT a good source for truthful information; especially if the news can be possibly helpful to the people of the United States.

    1. COVID-19 should be understood as a biological weapon. … Communist China allowed for international travel out of China, while restricting travel within China, for all the people possibly infected with COVID-19.
    2. China was very deceptive about COVID-19. Both Communist China and the World Health Organization provided >inaccurate information about the COVID-19 disease. … The inaccurate information helped spread COVID-19 around the world.

    3. The FAKE NEWS was complicit in spreading false information. The Fake News ignored or ridiculed truthful information.
    President Trump is calling COVID-19 >accurately = The China Flu. The Fake News and the minions of Communist China are calling it the Trump Flu. …..
    …….. Any day soon, we might see Congresswoman Pelosi ~ tie chicken-bones to a stick, and rattle the bones at the White House, as a ‘cure’ for COVID-19. … The misinformation about the COVID-19 disease is so publicized, there will be millions of Americans believing, ‘Doctor Pelosi is curing COVID-19, and everything President Trump.’

    The Democrats, many Republican-RINOS, international businessmen, and Communist China, plus their minions in show business and education ~> all want Trump out of the White House. [ShowBiz entertainers call for Trump’s death.]

    There is constant anti-Trump information from the Fake News. The anti-American groups are aligned together to remove Trump. … COVID-19 is being used to try and defeat Trump.

    Governor Cuomo >intentionally placed people sick with COVID-19 into nursing homes with old people; >thousands died. The Fake News claims it was all Trump’s fault. No blame is attached to ‘medical moron’ Cuomo. [The silence from the Fake News speaks to the Fake News’ basic dishonesty] There are other libtard Governors with the same bad medical policy.

    Recall the early information about hydroxychloroquine. Apparently, hydroxychloroquine used with Zinc and antibiotic, the hydroxychloroquine usage will save lives of the COVID-19 patients.

    President Trump mentioned the effectiveness of the hydroxychloroquine treatment at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. … Of course rather than help people, the Libtards ridiculed Trump and the treatment. … Some Libtard Governors even outlawed giving hydroxychloroquine to COVID-19 patients.

    [As a note, Survivalblog’s contributor >Tunnel Rabbit also >early wrote repeatedly about the hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID-19. There’s good information about other subjects here on SurvivalBlog too.]

    The current information validating the old information about hydroxychloroquine. =

    “Hydroxychloroquine helped save coronavirus patients, study shows; Trump campaign hails ‘fantastic news’ Drug touted by Trump was mocked by media.”

    “Researchers at the Henry Ford Health System in Southeast Michigan have found that early administration of the drug hydroxychloroquine makes hospitalized patients substantially less likely to die.”
    [FOX News, July 3, 2020]

    What’s the point of recalling all this information. =

    Many powerful and wealthy people along with their minions ~ want Trump gone. Our well being shouldn’t have to depend on Donald Trump.

    Consider moving your family to a safer location. Survivalblog has plenty of information about the safer areas of the USA.

    Spend some time watching and reading the Fake News [Learn the Fake News is Demonic]. = There are many people in the USA, that want loyal Americans ~dead. (People are being killed in the ‘protests’; people hurt, and property destroyed. ~ All people of all races and political parties are in ~danger, if they support America.)

    Be sure to vote wisely in 2020. Your future depends on a wise vote.

    1. GGHD,

      Well said. “They” could care less about us patriots. Fox News has also reported that a significant amount of Americans are being silent about their political views. That is REALLY sad.

      Rush Limbaugh’s show is good today. He explains some compelling stuff regarding Sleepy Basement Joe “Dementia “ Biden, the “Polls” saying he’s significantly ahead (Rush believes this is not true) and he explains why. Listen if you can.

      I believe that a lot of Americans are not voicing their support for the President but WILL use this voice at the ballot box in November.
      In the meantime, I (and probably everyone here) Am quietly topping off my preparations for the wild ride to continue. My husband and I would love to move out even farther, but I am extremely thankful that we did get out of the suburbs 6 years ago and if we cannot move this year I’m okay with that as right now we are 100 miles away from Crazy Chicago and we are in a tiny “nothing to see here” town. Those who have suddenly had the lightbulb go off about getting out of the cities may be in a bidding war with everyone else (most of the properties out here in the sticks have in the last week gone on “Contingent “ status so already people are out bidding each other to get a place. Before this, I had been keeping track and most of these properties had been listed for months and months with many being reduced in price to try to sell them. Not anymore!!

      Hope you have a Rockin great day !

      1. RKRGRL68, thank you.
        +Wise decision to locate out into a more rural area, as far as you can from a big urban area. … That’s the basic advice, from SurvivalBlog. There’s good advice here, for everyone; not all people are able to move to the American Redoubt region.

  6. It is interesting that the EU/UK numbers show higher deaths but fewer cases than the US. The EU has had some 181K deaths out of 1.6M confirmed cases. The US has 4M cases, but only 150K deaths.

    There are a number of possible explanations.
    1. The EU/UK testing regime has missed about half of their cases
    2. The EU/UK medical system(s) perform poorly
    3. The European strain of COVID is more deadly
    4. The press is lying to us

    Without evidence, I’m leaning towards a combination of 1,2 and 4.

  7. Don’t be too quick to jump on the “hoax” bandwagon. This is a serious disease that hasn’t yet run it’s course. In 12-18 months we will better know how bad this was. I am not an advocate for shutting the economy down but I am also not a believer that this is no worse than the flu. It is serious and it kills. There is indeed a second phase. Partly because quarantine efforts did work to some extent but they only delayed or flattened the inevitable. Another reason is that this is the most tracked and reported on virus in history AND of course there is a political component that causes the MSM to highlight some reports and cover up others. So many posts and comments by people and “experts” in the past months has not aged well as this disease progressed. This is mostly because they spoke their biases and not their scientific facts.

  8. I live on the edge of the Scapegoat Bob Marshall Wilderness and am retired, so I spend my time getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine and dirty. I feel a healthy immune system is the best defense, so I won’t ever wear a mask (don’t have to in my county). Bottom line is, when it’s your time to go, it’s your time, and until then I’ll live happy and free……..just saying.

        1. Your scientific reputable source of proof is?

          Because they work AFAI professional know in my line of work, okay i ´ve only about 35 years of experience and we wear those masks to protect our products and therefore our customers from us, not to protect us.

          For that we use other masks

    1. Darn it! I get so disappointed and upset when I read posts like this. You are my neighbor, and I am sure if I met you, I would want you as my friend. My husband has a similar background to yours, and I appreciate your service more than I can say.

      Please understand I don’t have a dog in this highly politicized fight. I am in no position of power over you or anyone else. I am a medical professional, though, who has taken care of officers like you while their buddies in blue hovered outside the ICU, worried sick about the outcome. I have brought coffee and food to officers who stood guard by the bed of a prisoner who was handcuffed to the bed rails. They stood guard to protect me for my entire 12 hour shift, allowing me to safely provide humane and compassionate care to another human being, criminal or not. Despite my encouragement of officers to go home and get some rest, they never left their post. I have *tremendous* respect for them and am humbled and grateful for all they do.

      Nowadays I work more closely with the covid19 issue than I am able to say here, due to confidentiality and security reasons. In short: It’s real, it’s mutating, and it’s dangerous.

      If I can say one thing to you, it is this…. I hope you will reconsider and wear a mask. I am not above begging you to do this, because I feel it’s the least I can do to be protective of someone who has spent his whole career protecting others. Look, I get it. After all you’ve been through, you think you’re immune to being struck down by anything. And you aren’t the only one… I see a LOT of our local officers who think and feel like you do. But you aren’t bullet proof, and you aren’t virus proof either.

      Please wear the mask. There are sound scientific reasons for doing so. We NEED folks like you. Heck, it’s people like you that make this a great state and it’s people like you that made me want to move here.

      With respect and warmest wishes sent your way,
      A critical care nurse

  9. Man – What an earful by so many. Bedfords video is spot on, exactly why we are in the predicament in the first place. And Retired County Cop I agree is correct, the best response to anything is a healthy immune system, fresh air, and being at peace with your maker, He, after all, is in control.
    TEOTWAWKI as Patrice Lewis writes, I agree, has already happened, it snuck in while we were distracted with nonsense. Normal has been done away with. I’m guessing that this is simply the preliminary show before the main event. 3 more months and the main event will be upon us. It’ll be a real screamer shortly after that…..

    1. I have neither the time nor the inclination to reply ad nauseam, so suffice it to say that pretty much everyone in my county disagrees with you, cause nobody is wearing a mask and it’s not required. I’m just going have to agree to disagree. I believe it was Voltaire that said, “I may not agree with your opinion sir, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to have it”. That being said, it should go both ways.

    2. To gritsinmontana, my reply was before I saw your post. Thank you for the kind words, I also have enormous respect for the nursing profession and have worked closely with many ER Nurses throughout my career.

  10. All I want is a 48-hour rolling window of local active cases – even simpler than a weather forecast for a zip code. Where can I get this?

    I *really* like that Wyoming listing.

  11. Regardless of where one is in their opinion of the severity of the virus, I think most will agree that it has been hijacked for various nefarious reasons ( political, monetary, globalization, loss of liberty, contact tracing, etc.)

    To support this consider the following. I have a close relative who is a former LEO in the southeast. His current job continues to put him in contact with LE. He was informed that when any person dies in a car accident or fire, they are posthumously tested for COVID-19, if they test positive the death is ruled a COVID death. Also, when one is admitted to the local hospital for COVID they are tested everyday, and everyday the same person tests positive another COVID case is reported. Lastly, a nurse submitted two unopened COVID tests with fake names to the lab. You guessed it, they both came back positive.

    1. Assuming that is correct, then the Generally Dumb Public (GDP) won’t realize that they’ve been duped until the number of recorded cases EXCEEDS 360 million in the U.S..

    2. While I don’t have “hard” paper evidence my relative would not pass along information to me that he did not believe to be true. These types of deceptions have been commented on by other SB commentators in other parts of the country. More cases mean more money. Hospitals receive about 3times the amount of money for a COVID patient, than a non COVID one. I predict will we see many stories of over inflated numbers in the future.

      ***I just received a text from said relative who is currently at the hospital due to an accident with his son. He will be fine, but he said he waited hours to get some stitches for his son because the hospital is so understaffed. They had to let so many people go the last several months because there was not enough to do. Hospitals need the money.

    3. I certainly allow for stupidity, fraud, greed, and all sorts of other characteristics to rear their ugly heads at times like this.

      However, I also think it’s helpful to understand that many of the tests currently being used are antigen tests. Antigen tests are notoriously inaccurate in their early iterations, giving high numbers of false positives or false negatives. For instance, ~ 25 years ago, when the rapid strept test (an antigen test) was first being used, it was well known for giving false negatives. In addition to doing the “rapid strept test”, we also took a swab of the infected tonsils, plated the sample, and cultured it for 3 days. It was amazing how many times the antigen test was wrong and we had to call the patient to say “go fill the prescription for antibiotics that we sent home with you”. But, over time, the antigen test has become far more specific and accurate…. approaching 95% accuracy. I expect the same trajectory will occur with antigen testing specific to the strain of coronavirus that causes covid19.

      1. The C10 Test here seems reliable enough, as long as the taking of samples is done correctly, which isn´t easy for the untrained and not very convenient for the subject

  12. Even if the spread is slow, it is spreading, and if this new and stable strain persists, long enough, a large percentage will eventually get it.

  13. I think you’re totally off on this. It is NOT “less lethal”, we have learned to treat it better. There are States in Mexico, with a 50% death rate for those hospitalized. That shows what happens when not hospitals, but the number of ICUs becomes expended.
    However, there’s something very strange going on with HCQ + zinc, and it seems literally not even trying to study it.
    You’re right, they are trying to blame the “Orange Man”, but he should not have went around saying “It’s just a cold”, or “We’ll be rarin to go by Easter’ or “It’ll be gone by Spring” or “It’ll be gone when it’s hot out in the summer”.
    I love Trump, and will gladly vote for him to defeat the Leftists that will take over and destroy this country, but he has not led on this issue. This kind of thinking simply does not help.
    All he ever need say over and over is “This is a very serious virus, wear a mask! Keep the economy going by wearing a mask, and any protective measures available to keep businesses safe. We are working like crazy to develop a vaccine or a cure.”
    Obviously the Left will use ANYTHING to destroy Trump. That doesn’t take away from the reality of the pandemic. It’s not an either/or.
    The response to this by my fellow Conservatives and Christians has saddened me. I feel like it’s madness.

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