1. I’ve been following this group since they made a scene down in Georgia (because I think they represent a potential situation).
    The spokesperson is articulate and good at telling people what they want to hear. He is charismatic and has many people listening to what he says. He is also incoherent and babbles on for some time, but regardless, some folks are listening to him, so pay attention.
    The group that demonstrated in Louisville yesterday however looked more like a Benny Hill skit than a ‘militia’. (Ahem, take note weekend wannabe’s). A rag-tag group of undisciplined individuals (not a team) haphazardly lounging around the courthouse steps, some leaning against posts, some squatting, sitting, one even lying down! Then, as JWR mentions, while forming up there is a negligent discharge (none are accidental), injuring 3 people requiring hospitalization! And the ‘march’ eventually started 45 min late.

    This level of poor/mis-management is GUARANTEED to induce an ‘incident’ more deadly than what already happened.

    One discharge, 3 wounded? Is this one of those magic Kennedy-bullets, or do we have an NFA/Binary/burst trigger? Or was the individual really dumb enough to negligently discharge more than one round (see my first point above).

    The national news/press/media/video releases would have you believe there are thousands of members. Local news said about 100 protesters marched. Why is that?

    Police and local governments worked with the group to achieve a peaceful demonstration. Would other groups receive same treatment? Why is that?

    The stated demands of the group are incredible, and frankly not-realistic within anything even remotely resembling a lawful United States. TL/DR: they want Texas for their own (black) State. If any other group of insurrectionists marched (while toting evil black rifles around) and espoused such demands, would the local sheriffs meet with and help organize their route? Why is that?

    Their ‘demand’ for this weekends demonstration is for the prosecutor to finish the investigation into Bronna Taylor incident within 4 weeks… what d’ya suppose would happen if the DA doesn’t press capital murder charges?

    Ignore the words, pay attention to the action ON BOTH SIDES. You can see the setup being, set up.

    A very wise man once told me, stay away from crowds.

    1. “The spokesperson is articulate and good at telling people what they want to hear. He is charismatic and has many people listening to what he says. He is also incoherent and babbles on for some time, but regardless, some folks are listening to him, so pay attention.”

      His first name wouldn’t happen to be Adolf, would it?

  2. You know as funny as this is it just re-enforces then absolute need to vet every member of your group hard. It re-enforces the NEED for consistent training held regularly. It shows that while numbers are good quality is often better. Just imagine 30 of them trying to clear a warehouse office setup where hostile shots are fired and they are scared, not following safety rules and protocols and moving quickly. The losses would add up quickly.

  3. From the little that I have read about NFAC, I could not be more pleased to see a group of people who are 2A supporters, getting off the couch and exercising their first amendment rights. I do not see color here. 2A applies to all Americans.

    The commies in Portland, on the other hand, there are more BLM signs at those riots than there are black protestors. Make no mistake, that ND in Louisville looks bad for all 2A supporters.

    1. 2A aside.
      You need to do research. I’m not going to give them Texas for a black only state. I’m not going to pay them anything. I’m not going to give up my job for them.

      1. Matt,

        I always enjoy your comments, so please consider that what follows is not a personal attack.

        I do an abnormally large amount of research. There are many things going on in the world with many competing reports and narratives. One of my primary interests in survival is to understand these complexities the best that I can so that I can better prep my family.

        In this way, NFAC, if I recall, is out of Atlanta? Not sure what Texas has to do with them. I am also not sure NFAC is asking for reparations. BLM is, but haven’t seen NFAC say that, but this group is fairly new.

        I also do not think this group is asking you to stop being a cop.

        Furthermore, when you bring up these examples, what I see is that you are reproducing narratives within the media. According to legit research, the media is nothing more than a reflection of state security and scientific discourse, but the media reports are framed in ways that are more alarming. This is done so that people click on the links, and the media companies profit. In a larger context, this is what enables, in part, the sense that the world is a insecure place that needs more security, which allows the militarization of police. I question if the world has always been less secure than we (through the media) fully understand, and because we get 24/7 coverage, it seems everything is out of control.

        I am pretty knowledgeable on the militarization of police, the laws and frameworks which support that phenomena. If I recall, you are an older gentleman nearing retirement. How this becomes interesting is that you have (I assume) been a LEO for a very long time and should this be true, you have been able to observe an increasing sense of federalization of your training.

        Cops, in certain locations (not all) no longer reflect Andy Griffith or a Norman Rockwell painting to protect and serve, but really become hunters. If one were to do real research on say, Ferguson, Mo, you would find that the cops were breaking the law by deriving 60% of their income from stop and frisk style policing. The media would never (and has not to my knowledge) openly discuss or admitted this particular issue. They frame Ferguson as a race relations issue. But, could it be more economic? There is certainly more to these topics, and I greatly appreciate your views. In fact, if you care to share, does your department participate in asset forfeiture?

        My main point here is, simplifying and painting with broad brush strokes rarely captures the entire process.

        For me, I am far more concerned about China, and how these protests and riots may be become connected to Cold War 2.0 rhetoric that further pit people against each other buy funneling the solution toward a hot war with the east.

        A group of armed black people protesting how a first responder was shot in her home due to botched police planning is not the same as pinko’s wanting free money. Sorry for the long reply. 😉

        1. Since it came up last week, I want to reiterate that a court ruled that police have no duty to protect citizens from harm, despite what it says on the side of the cruisers. I’m baffled as to what they consider the job to actually be.
          Long story short, if groups want to march for police reform, I’m ok with it.

          1. Matt,

            Interesting. Thanks for sharing this. At this point though, I still just see a guy who’s angry, in front of cameras trying to generate awareness to his cause by using alarming rhetoric. Talk is cheap, a botched police raid that killed a first responder is completely different, sir.

            I pray that no one here ever experiences the raw end of that botched police planning.

        2. Nothing personal. We are having a discussion. It’s allowed even with opposite views. You wouldn’t know it these days though.
          Also I’m not a cop. I am law enforcement though.
          You can look up a picture of 1930s NYC motorcycle with a belt fed machine gun mounted to it. Interesting pic in today’s SB post too. Bank Armored cars came from the idea from where? Ever see a G man or county use a full auto tommy gun during prohibition? Maybe a Texas Ranger with a 1911? Cops using ARs right after Vietnam. First SWAT wearing LBEs? Militarization is hardly new.

          1. Great point! Because militarization is not new, let’s keep turning a blind eye to the ever increasing use and application of war zone and surveillance tactics on American streets! Contact tracing? Thanks for protecting me, nanny state!

          2. Muddykid I actually agree with you on several points. Why this is posting me as anon or not at all I’m not sure. Mighta made the powers mad

    2. Your first paragraph is how I felt at first, too. Especially after the high profile of the armed white protestors at the Michigan State capitol, disagreeing with the pandemic lockdowns, I was glad to see Americans of other demographics exercising their rights as well. Especially since their first march appeared peaceful and was coordinated with park authorities.
      But I do share the safety concerns mentioned here on SB several times. Many of these marchers seem to lack training, even basic knowledge of the four rules. People injured very publicly by NDs do not help the image of safe, responsible gun ownership. And I can’t help but think that, if the people involved in this ND incident were of a different demographic, the anti-gun howler monkeys in the media would be throwing a storm of, well, what monkeys throw ……

      1. Bear,

        I fully agree with your thoughts here. Owning a firearm comes with responsibility of knowing and practicing firearms safety.

        I also liked how you pointed out that the media would have been totally biased had a white person had a ND.

        I think firearms safety and even the firearms culture is not supported enough today as it was when I was a kid. Growing up, firearms were more about family bonding than self defense.

        1. Yes, the culture is definitely not as widespread now, even vilified in lots of circles as we know. There was never any mention of it in my childhood home. I never shot a firearm until after moving out (and even then had limited experience at first as my ex-husband was very controlling). My mother very much dislikes them. My father realizes their importance (especially defending the rest of the Rights in the Bill), but deferred to my mother’s concerns. When I turned 21, I took the course to obtain my carry permit (sadly those are required in this state), and I brought my father with me! He has one revolver now, and my mother allowed me to sit down with her one time and show her the basics. They must have done at least a few dry firing exercises, because it was discovered that she needed a lighter trigger pull for her arthritis, and adjustments were made. So, baby steps I guess. In some areas Mom will listen to me more than him. It’s a process. Right now she’s scared to death of the virus and not sure she’d be willing to entertain a range invitation or discussion of any other concerns…

  4. Firearms safety

    Cooper advocated four basic rules of gun safety:

    All guns are always loaded. Even if they are not, treat them as if they are.

    Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. (For those who insist that this particular gun is unloaded, see Rule 1.)

    Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target. This is the Golden Rule. Its violation is directly responsible for about 60 percent of inadvertent discharges.

    Identify your target, and what is behind it. Never shoot at anything that you have not positively identified.


  5. Supporters of the 2A have been labeled as white redneck ,knuckle dragging low brows… Its good to see Americans across the demographics exercising their 2A rights. That said, I wish Whites were as organized in numbers the way these guys were.
    its a sad day when a handful of ranchers at odds with the Government get shot down and arrested, But hundreds of black dudes marching on a city get the red carpet treatment.
    But I guess it just shows who is serious about their cause, and who arent…

    1. These clowns do “NOTHING” for 2A. As a matter of fact discharging a firearm during a “PEACEFUL” protest just adds fuel to the fire for the anti-gunners. Don’t think for one minute this display of stupidity will not be used for further attempts at gun control/confiscation.

      People who are irresponsible just make all of our positions in the 2A community worse. Did anyone discharge a firearm in VA? I don’t think so. It was a truly peaceful demonstration, not a bunch of wanabe Rambos from the hood trying to be cool.

      1. DKL, they have the right to keep and bear arms, Just like everyone else. The training is up to them, and just like everyone else who exercises their 2A right, they will be judged on their merit. This display of Blacks exercising their right to keep and bear arms isn’t any different than any other American. they are just a little late to the party, so give them time…

        [One un-founded assertion remved by the Editor.]

        1. Larry,

          Well in my opinion they are just a bunch of wanabe Rambos. They are just like all these new gun owners that are brandishing guns at Walmart and other places. These people do not help the 2A cause, they just give the gun grabbers more ammo to push for more regulations.

          I’ve been carrying for 42 years, and I have never drawn my firearm. I hope to God that I never have too. We need level headed, responsible people in the 2A community, not a bunch of Wild Bills that will draw a gun over a parking place, or the wearing of a mask or not. That does not help our position on 2A.

      2. DKL, most of the black people I know are not “from the hood”. I wonder if all the black people you know are from the hood. Generalizations like that do little to serve our cause.

        Carry on in grace

  6. Um, I just said something about generalizations. Please tell me how many shots were fired? By whom? How many people were demonstrating with their firearms? Does one negligent discharge mean that every demonstrator was ignorant and stupid?

    I read the article from the news station in Louisville. Who else did? Now tell me, what actually happened there?

    Carry on in grace

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