1. As we progress through our so called modern “progressive” (LOL) world, a phrase learned during my 3 tours in S E Asia many many years ago comes to mind…. “So many Targets – So Little Time”…..

  2. UP-DATE
    Well we were one of those house holds
    Said no thank you
    Can not win the lottery but get picked for this 🙁

    “It has come to our attention that there are questions and concerns regarding the Coronavirus Study being conducted by ODH and The Ohio State University (OSU). As we have mentioned in previous weekly calls in May and June, the study would begin this summer. The study began on July 9th in the Central Region of Ohio, then moved to the Southwest Region and is currently being conducted in the Southeast Region of Ohio. A complete schedule is provided below. Attached for your review is a project overview, sample postcard and invitation letter.

    If your health district receives calls from the public about this study, please let them know that ODH and OSU are collecting swab and blood serum samples for analysis during the month of July. It is important to note that all legitimate ODH/OSU study staff will be wearing yellow co-branded shirts as shown in the attached images along with ID badges. It is also important to point out that we are not visiting every house in every local health district. Only 1200 houses are planned for sample collection statewide. Only residences who receive a postcard and an invitation letter will be visited by our study team.”

    PS. This is good, from 1965, Paul Harvey: If I Were the Devil

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