Tyranny Theory, by A.T.

It’s been said that left to itself, government will naturally devolve into tyranny.1 The natural tendency of government is to continue to grow and bloat ever larger, to the point that the state has almost complete control over every aspect of the individual’s life. Freedom often dies a slow death by a thousand cuts. The Founding Fathers of America understood this and did everything they could to prevent this from ever happening in the United States. As a result, The U.S. Constitution is the best government document ever written by man.

However, I would like to propose a theory on how things are going to naturally progress should they be left untouched. The past year has been a wildfire. We’ve long known that the violent mob known as The Left hates President Trump with a passion and will quite literally stop at nothing to usurp his presidency. Every choice he makes is fought against tooth and nail by the mob, and I believe that as a result, a lot of people are beginning to wake up. To see the true colors of The Left, and begin to understand how dangerous they are to freedom.

Though the culture war and growth of the voice of The Left has grown for decades, the past six months have truly shown just what it is that they are capable of, and I believe it should scare every single person who both loves freedom and despises government oppression.

To state the theory simply, it is this: Tyranny will grow when the good give ground to the wicked.

When good men leave positions of power to the wicked, and when an ignorant populace will willingly fall in linen with tyrannical/unconstitutional decrees, tyranny will grow exponentially.

Mathematically, it can be represented by the following equation:

Tx = G + S

Where T = a state of tyranny, X = growth factor, G = the number of good men leaving positions of power, and S = a majority of the voting bloc being sheep.

Public Health is the Perfect Guise for Tyranny

I’ve long thought that public health was the perfect guise for the growth of tyranny. I came to this conclusion while working on my master’s in public health. I was absolutely stunned to discover how few of my fellow students had ever read or even cared about The Constitution. The pat answer to any public health question regardless of what the subject was, in their minds involved making something illegal or restricting human rights.

The past six months with coronavirus has further entrenched that opinion in my mind. Within the past six months leftist governors have put into place a number of unconstitutional decrees (notice I do not use the term “law”).

The greater majority of America was shut down, people were denied the right to work, the right to travel, the right to see their family, to stand closer than six feet to someone they know. Those who went to the beach, or paddleboarded in the ocean, or opened up their barbershops so that they and their families could eat, those who refused to wear a mask, those who went to church – all were arrested and/or fined, and doubtless you could find countless other examples within the past few months.

No governor has the power to enforce a decree that A) falls outside the scope of his powers, and B) is unconstitutional. Yet what did we see? We saw these decrees enforced over and over again. Evil men made evil decrees, and such were enforced by evil men as well. I think that needs to be one of the main things that we draw from all this. There were police officers out there who were willing to put people into jail because they went to work. There were police officers out there who were willing to put people in jail because they showed up to a constitutionally protected protest against unconstitutional lockdowns.

Why Cops are Key

One may argue, “But they were just following orders!”

I would respond with this: how many atrocities have been committed by men who were ‘just following orders’? How many have been at the mercy of those ‘just following orders’?

“Sorry, ma’am, but I’m just following orders,” said the Gestapo, as he pushed another woman onto the train.

There are evil, ignorant, and stupid men in positions where they can hold a gun against your head and force you to do their will without society at large even seeming to care.

This is most certainly not an anti-cop tirade. I fully understand the importance of a police force within a society. I do not buy into the myth of rampant excessive police brutality. There are plenty of good police officers out there. What I am merely arguing is that there are tyrants out there as well who have foot soldiers to enforce their every arbitrary whim.

Mayors can argue for major police reform as riots rock their cities, while simultaneously asking for a police presence to guard their own home. And there are cops out there who will actually do so. Is that not concerning?

Look at the news around you. The current anti-cop push is huge. I scoffed at Ilhan Omar when she first tweeted ‘Defund the police’, thinking that was the most absurd thing I’d ever heard, and also one of the most unlikely. I would’ve never thought that such a position would actually grow to become a movement throughout my country. As a result of all of the BLM and anti-police riots, there is a lot of video evidence out there of cops being beat, stabbed, choked out, threatened, and the like. The district attorney can claim that a taser is a lethal weapon one day, and then push for the death penalty for the cop who defended himself against that lethal weapon another.

There are reports of cops finding spit, bleach, or other similar disgusting and dangerous ingredients within their food at restaurants. Cops are currently examined under a microscope, and as a result good cops are leaving in droves. Several of my high school friends entered the police force right after graduation. To my knowledge, many of them have quit. Florida lost an entire SWAT team for a good reason. Atlanta has lost a sizeable portion of its police presence. and there are numerous other reports of cops being ordered to stand down at these violent riots.

The Good Cops Are Leaving

The good cops, those who aren’t minions of The Left, are leaving, and honestly, can we blame them? If knowing that not only are you going to place yourself in dangerous situations on a daily basis, but also if you don’t do something that meshes with current public opinion your reputation, life, job, and family are going to be endangered sounds like fun to you, then be a cop! Having your life ruined for simply doing your job is appealing to no one.

As a result, this massive immigration of the good men out of the police force is going to create a vacuum. History has shown time and time again that power vacuums are often quickly filled with the ruthless. Look at CHAZ. Within a matter of days it was reportedly taken over by a gangster. It’s often argued that ISIS was the result of a power vacuum in the Middle East. Noted libertarian economist F.A. Hayek pointed out a similar observation in the growth of tyranny. In summary, he said that when good men leave a nasty job due to finding it objectionable – or they are fired for refusing to do such a job (we’ve seen this too, in the past few months) – those positions will be filled by men who have no qualms of performing such actions. Those positions will be filled by brutes, cruel and sadistic.2

This, left unchecked, allows The Left to push through even more absurd, totalitarian, and wicked non-laws. Why? Because they now have a further footsoldier presence to enforce them. The ability for The Left to enforce their “laws” will only prove easier with time as well. Widespread use of both cameras and facial recognition software makes their jobs infinitely easier. Perhaps the one bonus of coronavirus is the ability to be in public with some level of anonymity.

Won’t the Police Be Defunded?

“What about the current ‘Defund the Police’ movement?”

I believe that this movement is only going to continue to grow, particularly in larger, Democrat-controlled cities. I think that they will succeed in pushing through this agenda in many cases as well. At least in part. No tyrant ever rids himself of the means for forcing others to bow to his will, and as a result, no Democrat-held city will ever truly prove lawless. For a small example of this, look at New Mexico. The cops won’t show up to stop the BLM rioters, but when a man guarding a statue has to use lethal force to defend himself from a violent mob attempting to beat him with skateboards and yelling that they’re going to kill him, the cops show up in full military gear to arrest him and several other men who were guarding the statue.

No, there will always be a reserve kept behind to act as the muscle for the mob, though the face of police will change.

I think that you will see instead is the use of other weapons against conservatives. Child protective services, bank liens, eminent domain, asylums, exorbitant licenses, sky-high taxes, and other ‘no police’ weapons will be used against the non-compliant (the good). True criminals and the cruel will get off scot-free as they have in other despot governments (read The Gulag Archipelago for more examples of this).


Why is this happening? Because the region is being run by criminals. Birds of a feather flock together. Criminals can (and will) pay bribes, keep politicians from having to get their hands dirty, prove to be a readily available scapegoat, and provide a steady illicit income for the politik machine.

I think that arguments for a UN-esque military presence will begin soon as well. There’s already a lot of conversation going on at the UN about us. Let’s not forget that just within the past year the UN had job postings in New York City for disarmament officers. “Legalized” invasion and loss of sovereignty will follow, along with an increasing list of foreign communist-imposed “laws”. I think that in the near future you’ll see more CHAZ type events as well. And though I too believe that CHAZ is predominantly filled with feminine boys, you cannot underestimate the opponent behind those concrete barriers. Communists have taken over countries before, and they’ll do it again. China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, and Argentina are all examples of this.

Successful Systematic Infiltration

And look at how much progress that leftists have made in this country. They’ve infiltrated our schools, universities, media, government, police, and healthcare. They are brainwashing our children, teaching them that America is evil, people with white skin are evil, capitalism is evil, families are evil, genders are evil, religion is evil, men are evil, and that anything other than total subservience to the state is evil as well. Is what we are seeing now not the logical culmination of this ideology?

The spread of the infection of liberalism (as they leave the areas they have destroyed for ours) will only result in further intimidation of the good into accepting evil, and the formation of CHAZ-esque fortresses throughout the country.


  1. …tyranny: The original quote is by Thomas Jefferson, and reads, “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.”
  2. See Chapter 10 of The Road to Serfdom.


  1. Very good write up!
    Thomas W. Chittum who wrote the book: Civil War II: The Coming Break Up of America was right all along. I have spoken to him in the past. If you do an Internet search, you can read it for free. Highly recommended.

  2. Even though I failed math, I must say this is one of the best articles I have seen for sometime on any blog. And so very true. Trekker Out

  3. All so true. In my own state the lefties have jumped onto the “defund the police” bandwagon. Yet at the same time they are demanding that the police enforce mask-wearing rules in stores. They don’t seem to appreciate the irony of this either. And yes, I’m sure that good police officers will be quitting in droves; why continue to put your life on the line every day and worry that every encounter will be dissected and you will be vilified for any arrest you make of a person of color?

    And I do agree that much of the problem stems from the takeover by the leftists of the media and schools. A friend is watching sadly as her teenage daughter is turning into a raving leftist due to the influence of the public schools, media and of course her friends. With most college profs being liberals, other than in a few conservative colleges, the curriculum is heavily skewed towards leftist ideology. I honestly think that if more colleges closed down we’d be far better off. Most of the ones that will close are providing expensive “educations” in useless majors such as Gender and Queer Studies, Feminist Thinking, Black History, Communications etc anyway. Far better to have these kids learn a useful trade and become plumbers, farmers or electricians anyway. And if they have to work hard for a living they might actually rethink the socialist notions of taking from those who earn and giving to those sitting around with their hands out.

    1. The interruption in schools and universities, and thus, liberal brainwashing of young minds is a small window of opportunity. It is time to get our children back on track with conservative values. In my state and many others, kindergarten enrollment for the fall is way down. People are choosing options other than public schools. This trend needs to translate to college students, who should seek other avenues to prepare for careers and occupations, such as trade schools or apprenticeships. If the future is full of experts in gender studies, then the future doesn’t look too bright. Inform and enlighten college kids of other options, other possibilites that get them away from the liberal brainwashing.

      1. I just spoke to an elementary school teacher who lives in Arizona. School starts there in mid-August, with plastic shields between each desk ( ! ), and the children wearing masks.
        And another bizarre news item- the supreme court ruling saying that the Eastern half of Oklahoma is under the jurisdiction of the Indian tribes in the area- State police, local police, and Sheriffs have no law-enforcement jurisdiction over the Indians there, only the Federal government and the Indian tribal law enforcement do. (The Supreme court is just like regular court but with tomatoes and sour cream.)
        Will this ruling affect other states ? Like Arizona, South Dakota, and other states ?
        The country is under attack from all sides. Civil war is imminent.

      2. 18th of April 1775, what a great moniker.

        I was talking with a young (26) man today who is planning to get his electrician’s journeyman card. Yes.

        For over three decades, almost every time kids are asked whose advice they follow the most, parents are chosen way more than peers or teachers. You can blame the lefty teachers all you want. Perhaps, looking at neglectful parents might be in order.

        Carry on in grace

  4. So what is our recourse? We have the “redoubt” but for how long? I’ve lived in the valley twice, once in the early 2000s and back here 5 years ago. The change in that short length of time was startling. We are encouraging movement, but all we seem to be getting are more leftists. At least we are in a recession proof business, for the most part. I personally don’t see any good outcome, no matter who wins in November. The “0 to 60 in 2 sec” Marxist takeover of our country is well in hand; one side is fanning the flames and the other is cowering.

    1. Take heart in knowing that this fight is far from over… Conditions are difficult, but we must press on. Even when defeat seems to be a foregone conclusion, it is not inescapable, and victory may actually be close at hand. Leftist Tyrants, Marxists, Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, and Agitators want you to believe that a 2nd term for President Trump will lead to more hardship, and surely they will try to make it so — at least in the short run. But remember this… If the Left installs Biden (a Trojan horse), there will be no end to the suffering or the severity of it. Muscle through this, America. Vote in November, and vocally hold your election officials to the requirement that election results be free and fair. Stay the course. Do not waiver. Every one of us who believes in the cause of our Constitutional Republic, and everything good for which it stands, is counting on every other believer to stand up and speak, to stand up and vote.

    1. This also leaves the opening for Obama’s civilian army he talked about during his first Inaugural Address. “Just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the US Military.” Some have said this is the groups like Antifa and BLM, but I don’t think so. This new group that showed up at Stone Mountain, GA, NFAC, could be taken seriously, but many of their weapons couldn’t function if they wanted. Seen the pictures? It continues to build, then Obama’s civilian army will show up. Pray and Buckle Up, it is coming….

      1. A civilian army for Obama or anyone who isn’t conservative would be volunteers, social workers, public health workers, vocational education workers, mental health workers, child care workers, healthcare workers, Americorp, peacecorps, etc. The left is all about taking care of people, taking care of and building community.

    1. I’ve developed a whole theory about that, but there are holes in it. I actually gave ammo to my family members for Christmas in case they have to shoot their way out of where they live now. I felt silly, but also convicted.

  5. Churches are not immune either. The church we attend is predominantly 20-30s with elders in their 40s. And there are some apologizing for being white and publicly stating they wish they were not born that way. They stand up for liberal doctrines which affront our constitution and serve only the lie of fairness so “we” can all be “equal”.
    Churches are not bound by edicts of city, county, state or federal level political bureaucrats any more than we as individuals. When a “regulation” (look up definition – words are important) is illegal yet supposedly for OUR temporary health or safety then the “regulating” is assuredly meant to regulate your individual liberty.
    Those waiting anxiously and crying for city councils, county leaders, state governors and on up the chain to release their illegal hold over individual liberty should question why they relinquished their freedom in the first place.

    1. You’re right, CORD7. Churches are not immune, and I would argue that their immunity has largely been compromised in many of the same ways this has happened to individuals, families and communities. Rather than existing to be in service to God (and through God to one another), they now exist to serve the whims of the general public on whom they must rely financially to pay the extraordinary mortgages they have created for church buildings. It may strike some (perhaps many) that what I am about to say is “extreme”, but I do believe it’s true… The devil issues debt, and enslaves people to that debt. It is Jesus who pays the debt in full with His blood.

      1. Many Churches are lost and have become social clubs rather than Scripture-centered worship organizations. We departed PC USA after their liberal stances forced us to consider how we could continue supporting an agenda we actively oppose outside Church. It is disgusting. They have become slaves to public opinion rather than remaining anchored to Scripture. It took a long time to find the right Church, but the search was worth it. I encourage all of you to vote with your wallet when it comes to tithing to a Church that is not Godly.

    2. CORD7, I so agree, “should question why they relinquished their freedom in the first place.”

      Complacency and “let the other guy do it” has led to many who complain of the current state of the garden who did little or nothing to pull the weeds when they were small.

      I, too, am guilty of failure to act when I could see where the situation was heading. Sigh.

      Carry on

      1. Once a Marine, Your last lament puts you in good company!

        I’m sure you know that all the great patriarchs of the Bible had their ups and downs in courageous actions and faith.

        Abraham trusted God with providing a lamb in place of his son, Isaac, but he had previously been too scared to admit to the king that Sara was his wife, and so lied that she was his sister.

        Or, how about Sampson and Delilah, and yet Sampson’s faith was so great in the end that he is in the Faith hall of fame.

        For myself, I have always felt most like the disciple Peter, making obvious blunders and being loved by the Lord for who I am anyway…

        Think I’ll go pull out some weeds while they’re still small.
        Thank you for the encouragement to do so!

        Blessings to you and your family this week, Krissy

        1. I appreciate your tender reply, Krissy. This is where I want to say something profound in response. Nothing there.

          So it goes.

          Carry on in grace

  6. I enjoyed the accompanying photograph of LawEnforcementOfficials standing on the lower level of a shopping maul… while normal folks observe from an upper level.

    Where are the masks?
    Why no anti-social distancing?
    Is this photograph from that period prior to the economic lock-down?

  7. First, a question for anyone out there. Is Remus of Woodpile Report okay? Been missing reading him. Kind of feel prayers might be in order for him

    Great article. It took me 4 years to get through 2 years of algebra but I understood that equation. The whole article was spot on. What we the people are headed into will not end well.

    Stay right with God, stay prepared, stay free!

    1. Believe Ol’ Remus may have passed from this life to Heaven. My husband spotted a post to this effect… Praying he is still with us, but Our Good Lord may have had another plan. Does anyone know?

      1. Word has it he passed on July 8th. Apparently was diagnosed with cancer 3 weeks prior. Saw it in American Digest post, “friend of wife” posted it in comment section. He will be missed.

        1. I wonder about a fitting tribute written for Ol’ Remus by one or more who knew him well. We will miss his Woodpile posts, and believe he should be remembered.

          1. I hope someone will “archive” his blog and posts somewhere (I’m not that tech saavy).

            Well worth saving.

            R.I.P. Ol’ Remus – we will miss you’re wisdom…

        2. Remus Marsilvia was a great person and a great patriot. He also had a good sense of humor, besides doing a valuable service for our country. I did not know him well, but we exchanged a few emails over the past few years. A highlight of my week was seeing his new posting each Tuesday. Sometimes, he would post it at Midnight Monday night. Remus will be missed- especially by me. God bless you, Remus.

          1. Thank you, Nathan Hail. Through the memories of those who enjoyed the privilege of conversation and exchange with Ol’ Remus, and are sharing those now, we’ll all have the chance to know him better — even beyond his earthly life.

          2. I should mention that Remus Marsilvia was probably not his real name. Ol’ Remus loved his privacy dearly. And I quote-
            Here at Yer ol’ Woodpile Report all incoming email is automatically detected and deleted by instantaneously disconnecting before it arrives. Taking no chances, a clever device shreds Remus’s hard drive into nanosize filaments and sinters them into a bust of Chopin. Meanwhile, from a hardened and very remote location, he sends a bot that deletes said email on your end by tricking your PC into self-immolation. Other devices vaporize every ISP that handled it and beam the resulting plasma into deep space. Then he sends a strike team of armed pre-med students to administer a prefrontal lobotomy so you can’t remember your own birthday much less writing him an email. Finally, all persons in your zip code with the same last name as yours are put into the witness protection program. Now that’s privacy.”
            I believe that Remus was the name of one of the mythical founders of Rome along with his brother Romulus. Their mother was Silvia. I don’t know about ‘Marsilvia’…

  8. I got this from a friend in the Midwest yesterday. Seems appropriate here.

    Ann Barnhardt had this printed under “Poetry Pause: “Boiling the Frog; It’s Just A Mask” by Forrest Marea” a few days ago.
    It’s Just A Mask
    It’s just a mask.
    It’s just six feet.
    It’s just two weeks.
    It’s just non-essential businesses.
    It’s just non-essential workers.
    It’s just a bar.
    It’s just a restaurant.
    It’s just to keep from overwhelming the hospitals.
    It’s just until the cases go down.
    It’s just to flatten the curve.
    It’s just a few inmates.
    It’s just to keep others from being scared.
    It’s just for a few more weeks.
    It’s just church. You could still pray.
    It’s just prayer.
    It’s just until we get a vaccine.
    It’s just a bracelet.
    It’s just an app.
    It’s just for tracing.
    It’s just to let people know you’re safe to be around.
    It’s just to let others know who you’ve been in contact with.
    It’s just a few more months.
    It’s just some more inmates.
    It’s just a video.
    It’s just a post.
    It’s just an email account.
    It’s just for protecting other from hate speech.
    It’s just for protecting others from hurt feelings.
    It’s just a large gathering but for protests.
    It’s just a few violent protests.
    It’s just a little micro chip.
    It’s just a blood test.
    It’s just a test.
    It’s just a scan.
    It’s just for medical information.
    It’s just to store a vaccination certificate.
    It’s just like a credit card.
    It’s just a few places that don’t take cash.
    It’s just so you can travel.
    It’s just so you can get your driver’s license.
    It’s just so you can vote.
    It’s just mail-in voting.
    It’s just a few more years.
    It’s just a statue.
    It’s just a monument.
    It’s just a building.
    It’s just a song.
    It’s just a lyric.
    It’s just an anthem.
    It’s just a few words.
    It’s just a piece of paper.
    It’s just a book.
    It’s just a movie.
    It’s just a TV show.
    It’s just a cartoon character.
    It’s just a piece of cloth.
    It’s just a flag.
    It’s just a dog.
    It’s just a clump of cells.
    It’s just a fetus.
    It’s just a religion.
    It’s just a holiday.
    It’s just the people who don’t think like we do.
    It’s just a boxcar.
    Well….. maybe it’s not just a mask.

  9. too small too be full article but may be good comment to your post.


    Police in liberal democratic cities and states need to stand down for the month of August 2020. The BlueFlu, vacation days and personal leave…..you need to take a Europe vacation for month of August. If on the job just stay close to a Dunkin Donuts shop(no pun intended), to go on a call and possibly get ambushed makes no sense.

    How many police have been hurt or abused since the murder of Mr. Floyd? How many new rules, defund measures and laws have passed to vaserate your abilities to do your job?

    People are afraid to speak up and be labeled a racist, so the police need to take a break and wake up America. Let them see that police are all not brutal killing racist, police are out there to protect and serve.

    The cities of NYC, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis and the state of Virginia, who are walking away from our law enforcement officers need to wake up. Enough of this “woke” movement to destroy America.

    Either we live a society of rule and laws or civil unrest becomes a societal breakdown.

    God Bless our police officers and Go Bless America.

    1. A minor correction:

      George Floyd was a suicide.
      He chose his suicide method — ingesting dangerous amounts of illegal drugs.
      He chose to suicide while committing multiple crimes against his neighbors in his community.

      He knew better, but he chose that path.


      We work with addicts every day.
      * If today is Monday, they swear today is Thursday.
      * They intentionally carry no identification so they can swear their name is ‘Richard Nixon’ or ‘Hillary Rodham’.
      * While breathing adequate air, they swear “I can’t breathe!”.
      * Swearing they are without money, they are able to purchase vast amounts of drugs.

      Addicts need protection by LawEnforcementOfficials.
      Without LawEnforcementOfficials, property owners and business owners would have addicts swinging from the nearest lamppost.

  10. A terrific, succinct treatise on a subject that has been on my mind for forty years. My awareness started 1974 when a co-worker invited me to a “gathering” which turned out to be a discussion for a communist lifestyle (they sure picked the wrong guy). Their little fifty year plan of patience and persistence is working quite well.

    I thought it encouraging that A.T. mentioned the left’s goal for a central police force. The reason is obvious. The fact that police chiefs’ can be appointed instead of elected is already a concern. Just think about a national Gestapo.

    I was going to offer some solutions to our country’s current state of affairs but you have heard them all before. Things will be worsening in the future; we will have to work together if we want to straighten out this mess. Love thy neighbor like never before.

  11. We have, as a society become lazy. We have worked our butts off in this country to make it better/easier for our kids, and our grandchildren. And what we have accomplished is making it easier to the point that we have raised a generation of selfish, self-centered, self-entitled brats. That’s not saying they are all like that, but a large enough percentage to tip the scales.

    The hippy movement of the 60’s didn’t die! It simply shifted gears. The “hippies” cut their hair, put on suits, and became the professors at our universities. They indoctrinated the next generation, that became the teachers of the country. And they have indoctrinated our children. Socialism has become systemic, as the university grads have become our bureaucrats, our mayors, our lawmakers, and unfortunately, our judges.

    The great civilizations of history have generally never ended with a bang, but have been eaten away by internal strife and rot. Governments have become to domineering. Morals have degraded. Greed and dishonesty become the norm. I believe that we may have reached our apex.

    To quote Alexander Fraser: “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.
    The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to complacency; From complacency to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.”

  12. When the videos first were shown on the news where police were arresting a surfer who was on the ocean all by himself. Or the videos of a couple of people on the beach or in a playground being arrested. All of this happening while our governors were releasing rapists and murders from jail out of fear that they ‘might’ catch covid-19. I thought then that this makes the police look bad to middle class Americans, it creates resentment for totally unnecessary reasons. But after the riots and the effort to defund and emasculate the police it all seems to make sense. This was a coordinated effort by the left. You can find everyday honest middle class working folks who are unhappy with the police because of the silly enforcement of unconstitutional lockdown mandates. They were set up to accept, to some extent, the defunding and disarming of the police.

  13. The criminal element that is destroying our monuments and stealing merchandise from damaged retail stores should be shot on sight. They won’t stop until they get the message that they are risking their lives as criminals. The silent majority is about to wake up and it may start another civil war. This country was started because the people were being pushed away from freedom and wouldn’t tolerate any more.

  14. You had better leave the math to the mathematicians.

    “Let’s not forget that just within the past year the UN had job postings in New York City for disarmament officers.”

    Let’s not deceive ourselves. The cops have always had a huge majority of people who would confiscate guns. “Defund the police” is getting traction not only because leftist thugs push it, but because people in general are fed up with the institution. And well they should be:


    1. My grandfather once told me that in any given situation you have to weigh the good side as well as the bad side. Yes, there are bad cops. I could tell a few personal stories about them. But you have to weigh all the good things that cops do and see how the scales balance.

      If one has a problem with the current batch of cops just think what it would be like once leftists are given badges …. do you think they will be sweet and just?

      I agree with the troubling point that there will always be confused cops that will try to confiscate our second amendment under the guise of “just doing their job”. Maybe we can adopt a program called “just say no”.

      1. “Confused cops”? Is that what you call them? 🙂

        I don’t have a problem with cops as individuals; I’m sure they are little different than the rest of us, or at least to people who read this blog. It’s the institution that is rotten. Cops will always serve their paymasters. That’s just reality. Some will bail when things get really tyrannical, but most won’t. I say this not because cops are evil, but because they are ordinary human beings.

        It’s a little different with sheriffs in rural counties. Those guys are very close to the other people and they have to worry about being re-elected. So it’s no surprise they are publicly refusing to enforce gun control laws. But city cops? The same factors do not apply.

        1. Yes, I need to clarify “confused”. Poor word choice. I meant some cops are torn between obeying their commander versus forfeiting their ability to pay the mortgage, provide for their families, sacrifice their lifestyle and/or future retirement.

      2. The spectrum of liberals and bad cops, from socialists to commies, and sociopaths, is already running the county’s law enforcement agencies. I would not even trust any given local Sheriff in the Redoubt, unless he has already declared himself a Constitutional Sheriff and proves it with action. This has been happening to all of our institutions over the decades, military included. It was a silent coup, because ‘good men’ would not act. Now it is too late. Cowardice is now common place in this country, and any remaining ‘good men’ will comply. I suggest that most of these ‘good men’ still in positions of influence are mostly cowards. How do I know? I’ve had this conversation back in the 1990’s, with the supposed ‘good men’ who apparently shared my values and perspective at the time. Essentially they replied that nothing could be done. They retired with golden parachutes. They went along to get along and were rewarded, handsomely. Few will stand on principle and give up a promising or any career that provides an almost guaranteed government paycheck. They deceive themselves and are compromised, and are no longer ‘good men’, or women who are now a significant portion of higher ranks.

  15. “But they were just following orders!”

    would you prefer they didn’t?

    “how many atrocities have been committed by men who were ‘just following orders’? How many have been at the mercy of those ‘just following orders’?”

    sure, but the cops aren’t the issue here. the issue is the orders – what the orders are, who gave the orders, and why. and it is always the citizens that are responsible for that (by action or inaction), not the cops.

    1. I would much prefer they didn’t follow any unconstitutional or immoral order. Yes, they people issuing the orders are a huge problem, but they are not the only problem. Anyone who is willing to follow those orders is also the issue, and they are also responsible.
      When you take on the role of a member of our armed forces, or of a peace officer, you also take on the responsibility of always acting in a moral order and within the confines of the constitution. Anyone who takes their oath and then doesn’t uphold it obviously doesn’t have the moral fiber or clear enough judgement to hold said role. This makes them an issue just as much as whoever is giving them their marching orders.

      Another way of looking at it, if the powers that be who issue said orders don’t have people willing to enforce those orders, they have NO power to do anything. The enforcers are just as culpable as the [order] issuers.

      1. “I would much prefer they didn’t follow any unconstitutional or immoral order.”

        yeah, me too, sounds great. until you realize that you and I may not agree on what is “constitutional”, let alone “moral”. now expand that to a community of (say) 2000 people and it becomes immediately obvious that some kind of community consensus must be 1) reached and 2) enforced. that means elections, representatives, laws, chiefs, appointed police, and directions to street police that “you will follow these prescribed orders”. and here we are. the alternative is to be your own police force all by yourself, and good luck with that.

        “Yes, they people issuing the orders are a huge problem, but they are not the only problem. Anyone who is willing to follow those orders is also the issue, and they are also responsible.”

        either the legitimate citizens are the ones issuing the orders, or the legitimate citizens are not the ones issuing the orders. that is the only problem. the police are not the problem.

  16. read The Children’s story by James Clavell, it demonstrates how to indoctrinate a child’s mind in 25 minutes. Also children are very vulnerable to teacher and group peer pressure, they Want to “belong”. It takes a lot of parental effort to get the child to actually think/question ideas, and even when they do, any statement they make at school along the lines of “but my Mom and Dad said”, may result in a home visit from Children’s Protective Services..

    1. Thanks for the reference – I’m looking it up.

      This is why we homeschool. One of many reasons.

      And CPS is terrifying. We had a child in our home for a little over four years, who had severe psychiatric issues and danger-seeking and self-harm behaviors. Despite my Herculean efforts to coordinate and communicate with our entire care team, and educate all of them on the diagnoses and keep them apprised of the day-to-day incidents…we had CPS called FOUR TIMES. Paperwork, fear, attorneys, more professional reports (to back us up!), more fear…. The individual investigators themselves seemed caring enough (and I always, ALWAYS worked to find common ground, empathize as fellow mommies, share special-needs resources and tips, etc, to humanize us in their eyes and influence for a favorable report!) and open to being educated about this child’s diagnoses…but the system itself is broken and terrifying. After awhile, I developed a phobia of any cars in the driveway or knocks on the door. The child is now absolutely thriving in a new home, and we are slowly healing. But ooof. That was the Valley of the Shadow of Death for us. God’s grace alone carried us through it.

  17. A well written article. It’s easy to despair. Let me throw in some good news, though.

    However, yesterday I went to a Defend the Police rally. The Chief of Police came out and said “God bless you” to all of us. There were some counterprotesters who were playing a rap soundtrack that featured the two phrases “F— The Police” and “F— Donald Trump”. Some of them were capering around to the soundtrack; others were screaming “Black Lives Matter!” at the top of their lungs — as if those of us who were defending the police were disagreeing. (Side note — Black Lives Matter doesn’t include black law enforcement officers.)

    The good news is that those of us who were defending the police substantially outnumbered the counterprotesters!

    The other good news is that when I was a youngster, I was a liberal. Then when I started working, I gradually became a conservative. Others might evolve that way too.

    Best of luck to one and all on this blog. And once again, thanks to JWR and his family for keeping this blog going.

    1. I like your optimism, Except that with helicopter money, and MMT like $1200 stimulus, and +$600 per week in unemployment, this younger generation may not be forced to work, and thus won’t turn into conservatives later. They’ll keep voting for more government payouts. We had an employee quit a few weeks ago, telling us that he had another job. Two weeks later the unemployment letter comes from the state, we fill it out stating that he should not be able to claim unemployment because he voluntarily quit. A short time later another letter arrived informing us that ” since the employee quit because they were afraid of the Covid virus, and that is a valid reason to be on unemployment, they are siding with the employee and allowing him to claim the benefits”

      This is not going to end well.

  18. I watch the process starting in 1985 as good cops were replaced by bad cops over the years, and bad leadership was promoted. The good cops that have conscience are black balled and pushed out, and even prosecuted by the bad leadership, but this really is about the over throw of the Republic. The cops that remain or replaced by Antifa will follow orders, and help turn this country upside down. It is happening. I hope this fine article will wake up more people, and cause those now awake to take action.

      1. Yeah, I had to laugh when watching the local news.
        The mayor, who is the police commissioner, banned PPB from using “tear gas” on the “peaceful protesters”.

        Then the mob tried attacking the federal courthouse. The feds launched gas like it was on sale. A smile to start my day.

  19. JWR is correct in that gumints left to their own devices turn to tyranny. Throughout history this has proven true for gumints of all persuasions. Our Declaration and Constitution being the exception. The only reason it became the exception is because it acknowledges the rights of man as being endowed by our Creator and not passed out by gummints. However it is not the exception in that it is still a gummint and subject to tyrannical ways if left to its own devices.
    ALL gummints, even our own, must be monitored and controlled to maintain its rightful place which is to provide and enforce a cohesive form of laws for a society to thrive in. WE as citizens have failed miserably in that duty.
    The last 6 months have shown us the absolute necessity of regaining the monitoring and control of our gummint before it runs rampant and off the rails, finding ourselves locked in the boxcars, heading for Satans closet…..

    1. The only reason it became the exception is because it acknowledges the rights of man as being endowed by our Creator and not passed out by gummints.

      Anonymous, haven’t you heard – they have proven God doesn’t exist, so he can not have endowed us with any “rights” and that part of the Constitution is now null and void.

  20. I think you guys have it partially wrong. You think in terms of a vague crowd of “leftists” but I think there are specific , rich individuals funding and promoting this conflict. “Divide and conquer”.

    Meanwhile , no one is asking who got the $Trillions from the Big Bailout and why no one on Wall Street was even put on trial,much less sentenced to jail.

    Or why no nukes were found in Iraq. Or why the attack was launched on Sept 11, 2001.

    A few rich men control the News Corporations and those News Corporations are controlling you with deceit — with the biggest lie being that they are trying to inform you.

    The paid agitators shouting Black Lives Matter do NOT care about Black Americans. If they did, they would have asked why Obama and the Democrat Controlled Congresses of 2007-2010 CHOSE to dump 8 years of 15 percent unemployment onto the black community while handing $Trillions to Rich donors.
    They would have asked why 1 out of 3 black men were sent to prison during Obama’s terms and why Obama could spend $1 Trillion a year on “defense” and “security” while not lifting a finger to protect Americans living in places with some of the highest murder rates on the planet.

    Black Lives Matter is simply a con game to divert blacks voters attention away from who really stabbed them in the back and focus their anger on a scapegoat. But it was not “white supremacists” and the Ku Klux Klan who were running the White House from 2009-2016 — it was Obama and Joe Biden.

    Similarly , the MeToo campaign is a scam to divert women voters attention away from who dumped 8 years of high unemployment onto them. Away from Obama stealing $40000 to $60000 from their Social Security benefits and letting corporations steal hundreds of billions from their pensions. NOTE how the MeToo scam was set up: actresses who chose to meet Harvey Weinstein in his hotel room instead of his office. Because that is how minimum wage waitresses jump over a line of 1000 other women who are more intelligent, more talented and alas , more virtuous. Actresses whose one talent is a readiness to read the script they are handed –just like our news anchors. Actresses whose one product is exploiting their ability to arouse lust in strangers. Actresses who sustain a billion dollar industry in cosmetics, revealing clothing,etc in the hope some rich guy will give them a lifetime meal ticket in exchange for a rather shopworn Pearl of Great Price.
    Look at the box office receipts of the disgusting movie Fifty Shades of Gray.

    There are virtuous women who actually are sexually assaulted and even raped. But THOSE women are ignored by Democrat leaders — because they are in poor or blue collar areas. Not on Emily’s List of Rich donors. Which is why Obama spent none of that $1 Trillion defense budget to provide protection to women in high rape locations like Redding California, Saginow Michigan, Salt Lake City,etc.

    And, of course, the Silicon Valley billionaires funding these scams are the very people who have tossed job applications from American blacks and women into the trash for decades in favor of bringing in cheap foreign labor from Asia.

    For Democrat billionaires, the sweet thing about these scams is that they are so cheap — whereas actually helping people might hurt profits. Which is why Black Lives only Matter about 4 months before an election. After that –silence and inaction. Joe Biden has been 1 of 100 Senators since 1973 — what has he ever DONE to help the average Democratic voter?

    Democrat billionaires are the real enemy and government is your only protection against them. What they fear is that your vote counts for just as much as theirs.
    What we need is a government that taxes the Rich at 95 percent on income over $400,000 and distributes it to the people whose sweat produces this nation’s wealth and whose blood is shed to defend this country. Most of all, we need to utterly destroy the massive News Corporations with anti-trust prosecutions, high taxes,etc and create a diverse , free press that competes to get our subscription dollars.

    The current News Media exists to be a deceitful mouthpiece for Rich men and to drive any real newspaper out of business. Just like Microsoft drove the inventor of the Internet browser into bankruptcy by copying the browser and giving it away for free until Netscape died.

    We must destroy the Rich not because we are communists but because the Rich have shown they are not fit to rule, that they have no loyalty to this country, that they are willing to destroy this nation in order to create a global tyranny and because they are trying to enslave the rest of us.

    1. How’s about we don’t target anyone for “destruction”, based simply on their relative success? That is pure envy, and that is a sin, the last time I checked.

      My stance, however, does not rule out prosecuting someone for their personal mala in se crimes.

      But to paint everyone in a particular class with a broad brush is something much akin to bigotry — but directed upward instead of downward, on the class continuum.

      And Re: “What we need is a government that taxes the Rich at 95 percent on income over $400,000 and distributes it to the people…”

      Try substituting that with “What we need is a government that taxes the Rich at 95 percent on income over $40,000 and distributes it to the people… That will give you a taste of what it was like in Cambodia, under Pol Pot.

      Blanket solutions like a confiscatory 95% tax rate show what a blanket is best for: Smothering.

      1. Thank you for that perfect response, and even for allowing a dissenting opinion to appear on your blog. I think it’s important for us to hear what socialists are thinking for our own reality check.

      2. 1) The Rich have owned the Congress, the lawyers, and the News Media for the past several decades. While I have specific billionaires in mind as being evil, other billionaires have looked on and allowed the evil to persist in order focus on just protecting their own self-interest and not the interest of the nation.

        2) There are a few billionaires who have tried to do good — I consider Trump to be one. In part because he made his wealth building skyscrapers, knows that his accomplishments are the work of his subordinates and that loyalty is a two-way street.

        3) But the relentless attacks on him — attacks really directed at all of us he is trying to help — are not just coming from Democrat billionaires. Look at the Bush faction and the Lincoln Project.

        4) That would be the Bush faction which told us in 1988 –two weeks AFTER the election — that there was a Savings and Loan Crisis and hundreds of billions of our tax dollars would be needed to bail out the banks. Including $1 billion for the Silverado bank of George H Bush’s son, Neil Bush.

        5) Then Bill Clinton started the subprime fraud with his National Homeownership Strategy and destruction of federal regulation of the financial industry. And in Sept 2008, George H Bush’s other son — President George W Bush — announced there was another financial crisis –only this time $Trillions would be needed to save the banks.

        6) People who said George W Bush lied us into Iraq fail to note that Bush got a lot of help from the Democrats with a huge majority in the 2002 US Senate and control of the Congressional Intel Committees. Or the massive wave of money that went into primaries to destroy any Democratic politician who questioned the rush to war.

        7) The people who run the two Parties are not really enemies — they are often partners. Which is why their share of the national income has soared from 8 percent to 25 percent. What happens when it gets to 60%?

        When a few hundred men control the Congress, the courts, the News Media and the wealth then they control 330 million Americans. That evolving tyranny is a far greater threat than any foreign enemy we ever faced.

      3. Our federal debt is now $26.5 Trillion. Your share of that debt is equal to 14 YEARS of your federal tax payment. How is that any different from debt slavery?

        Our net debt to foreigners is $12 Trillion. If the federal government is going to take that much from us to give to foreigners, why do we even bother having a military budget?

        Who has OWNED the political parties and news media that put us in this mess?

    2. I completely disagree with your statement:

      “What we need is a government that taxes the Rich at 95 percent on income over $400,000 and distributes it to the people whose sweat produces this nation’s wealth and whose blood is shed to defend this country.”

      Yet, I am all for the military being paid more and receiving better benefits.

      Are you a socialist?

    3. Income taxes are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. They were banned by the founders for good reason. The country got by without one until 1913 and still had roads schools, colleges an Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. Progressive income taxes are an affront to the American way of life and American ideals. They are socialistic and immoral.

  21. “to the point that the state has almost complete control over every aspect of the individual’s life.”- Isn’t this where we have been for years, even decades ? I remember when I was young one had to go out of one’s way to cross paths with the government. Now it is hard to avoid the government. This is NOT what America was meant to be.

  22. I just want to start off by saying I am not anti-police (on an individual level). They have worked tirelessly to take many many bad folks off the streets. I am sure many are shaking their heads when the politicians have been letting those same criminals out into the streets because of the ‘virus’. I know many officers who are just and honorable individuals.

    With that said——-

    I thought the police moto was “to protect and serve”

    Who was protecting a grandmas Constitutional rights when politicians tell grandma can’t go to church because church is ‘closed’ and that she can’t even drive to church because her travel is ‘nonessential’? It wasn’t the police. They would have given grandma a fine and/or hauled her off to jail for violating so many ‘orders’.

    Who was protecting the business owner and employees while their business was burned down and the police monitored ‘from a distance’? Not the police.

    Who was protecting homeowners while virtually inprisoned inside the CHOP? Not the police.

    Who was protecting the 8-years old girl when she was shot and killed in her car near a Wendy’s ‘protest’? Not the police.

    Who was protecting the Constitutional rights of the beach goers or the surfer who was arrested? Not the police.

    Again, isn’t the police moto ‘to protect and serve’?
    So who were the police protecting? Not the American public, that’s for sure.

    The other part of the moto, ‘and serve’.

    Did the police serve the people correctly when enforcing countless unconstitutional ‘orders’ from politicians (republicans and democrats)?
    One thing is clear who the police did NOT ‘serve’ and that was the American people.

    The whole ‘defund the police’ thing is full of a bunch of nut jobs. But then again, if there are fewer police out there enforcing unconstitutional ‘orders’, wouldn’t that be a good thing?
    What service was performed by police as an estimated 1,500 businesses were burned down in Minneapolis alone?

    So, if the police are not protecting and serving the American people, then what is their purpose? To protect and serve the ruling class political elites?

    Again, I am not anti-police on an individual level. I have read several stories over the last several months where some officers refused to enforce lockdown ‘orders’ and were immediately suspended. My heart goes out to them and their families.

    Recently, there was am article on this blog and a couple of words have stuck with me. Lex mala, lex nulla (a bad law is no law).

    Just doing their jobs is one of the drappiedt excesses in history. What if out illustrious politicians passed an ‘order’ tomorrow that said all jaywalkers will be shot by police on sight. Would the excuse of just doing my job still apply? I know it sounds ridiculous but aren’t the police state enforcement of the lockdowns just as ridiculous. I know your going to say ‘the jaywalkers are entitled to due process?’ Well, what about illegally arresting and detaining someone for surfing? Huh

    Rant over. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Again….not upholding the constitution- The right to peaceably assemble; Freedom of religion; the right to keep and bear arms; and not to mention the government interfering with free commerce.

  23. I have several solutions: All police chiefs, commissioners, etc. should be elected like the sheriff is and only answerable to the constitution, not the mayor, governor, etc. Everyone they hire should pass a constitution test. Since all the teachers want to teach online due to Covid 19, we only retain the best for the online classes and lay off the rest….for every one good teacher, we should be able to get rid of 100 of the political activist teachers. Not only saving taxpayers money but getting better quality educators instead of political activists. I support our police, and always will; however it seems many of the younger one’s don’t have any idea what the constitution stands for due to their public education. Thanks for letting me say my peace.

    1. Another option is to require your city to contract with the Sheriff’s Department to provide the service. The Sheriff’s larger budget and resources can provide more service for less money. At the moment tho, we got bigger problems. A good thang about living in the Redoubt is that law enforcement in all it’s guises, regardless of political persuasion or political ties, will tend not to provoke the locals who grossly out number them. That doesn’t mean the locals could not be betrayed when federal agencies put the squeeze on the Sheriff. Those still living in counties ruled by the radical will be in serious trouble. We live in interesting times.

    2. I agree that most of the teachers want to do the online thing because they want to sit at home and get paid for doing virtually nothing. There are a few of us that want to bet in the classroom with our students and actually TEACH them useful skills though. I’m a vocational agriculture teacher and I want to teach them things that they can use, not do some watered down online junk. I want to earn my money working with my students.
      There are still a few of us out there who want to help students be successful rather than teaching them to live on handouts, but we are a smaller and smaller group every year it seems.

  24. People keep making these claims that Governors don’t have the right to do this, or that… the left is evil.. The common denominator is that they do it, and you accept it…

    And you will continue to accept it, you will wear a mask, stay 6 feet apart, you will comply. You will also comply with the gun laws, the travel restrictions, the licensing, regulations and the fact the your Mayors, Governors and Representatives on both sides will do, say and pass laws any way they want, and allow the mob to destroy the Country to prove it. They dont need you, they have found ways to circumvent things like ballot counting and limits on their terms..and if things get too heated, meaning you put up too much of a fuss, they will just pass laws that make voting for them the only choice, and your ability to protest it Illegal.

    As for me, I’m just as jaded as everybody else, only I’m not sitting around waiting for it all to go South… Im making my plans, and contingency plans.. I’m fostering relationships with Christians, in Predominantly Christian Countries and their like minded allies overseas where my dollar will go father, where culture still means something, even if I am seen as a foreigner. I would rather be a foreigner in another country and be respected and left to live my life in peace than to put up with my own Countrymen hellbent on destroying the system and marginalizing me because I’m white, older than 40, happen to like guns, Believe in God and live in the burbs. I would rather live in a society where I don’t have to walk on eggshells, where one little public incident doesn’t forever sink your ability to support yourself or your family, or cost you everything you have worked so hard to achieve. Every state in infected with this, even my beloved redoubt area of Eastern Washington and North Idaho is jumping on the bandwagon

    I’ll give up my guns in a country where nobody else owns them. I’ll follow their rules, their culture, their way of life, they seem much more content and happy in their day to day living than any American I have come across. Because life just isnt that complicated for them.
    I don’t know if folks recognize how much physical and emotional energy it takes just to live and work in the U.S. even if you live in the sticks. The day to day barrage of hyper inflated, agenda driven news piped into my house, even without Cable, Constantly having to be engaged if you want to watch an old western, or sitcom from the 70’s, You cant swing a dead cat without being coerced into listening to some special interest group push an ” AWARENESS” agenda on you. Now they arent so subtle about it. You will support them,or you are a racist, biggot,…. ( Insert your chosen insulting name here ) and they will destroy you..

    i’m 57 I’m out of debt, and have two yrs until my house is paid off… I’m getting my ducks in a row and making my plans to split. I’m still in the planning stages, but I’m not waiting around wishfully thinking that the right is going to take the Country back from the left. I’d like to live this half of my life in peace.

    Iv been looking at the Philippines.
    Im also looking at Central/ South America, specifically, Panama, Peru, Argentina..

    1. “Iv been looking at the Philippines.
      Im also looking at Central/ South America, specifically, Panama, Peru, Argentina..”

      when this goes down they’ll go down too. and you’ll be the foreigner. worse, you’ll be one of those americans who brought down the world.

  25. Count the number of people wearing masks vs. the ones that aren’t and then figure what the odds are in a civil war. If you can’t stand up against the mask Nazis you sure won’t risk your life for anything more important.

    1. You have a very valid point. I live in small town america and my errands today and the last few days have had me experiencing mask stations where stores like Target, Home Depot, ACE and other stores actually have someone manning the door to make sure you have a mask. I’m wondering how soon services (even healthcare) will be denied if you are not wearing a mask……

  26. Wow. The article was excellent. My only objection, if any, is I want to be careful personally to differentiate between anarchists/socialists/marxists and our traditional political parties. When I was growing up, our large extended family had Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Mostly, we all went to church, worked hard, raised our families, and helped one another. There was no hatred or unkindness between us. There was a foundational moral code of behavior that was well understood and political differences were supported. It is the foundational, and I would say Biblical in our case, morality that held society together. That, having been destroyed, has led us to where we are today. That aside…

    What to do now? All I can do is prepare for civil war. What does that mean? It means well supplied and well armed. Neither are trivial tasks. After all, it’s why we are here at this blog. For those who still live in enemy territory (New York City, some parts of California, Illinois, etc), get out. Just do it. Don’t wait for “retirement”, take a loss if you have to. And not in a panic, no that’s where mistakes are made. A methodical, clear headed, pencil to paper if needed, plan that can be executed in 30 days. Spend the next 24 hours creating the plan. Speak of it to no one aside a spouse who is sworn to secrecy. There will be sacrifices, hurdles, unknowns, and your best resource is asking God Almighty to protect you and your family. Getting yourself into a “safe zone” will give you time to plan further. Safe zones vary, but are mostly in rural America. So much has been written, so much information is available right now, that you could plan your escape easily. Don’t let fear grip you or freeze you. Bow your head, ask God to lead you, and do it.

    That is my opinion of where we are at as a nation. Feel 100% free to ignore me. From history, we know that the Jews who saw the handwriting on the wall in Nazi Germany and who left early were saved. We know that the white farmers in South Africa who got out early were saved. There are many examples.

    My opinion only – we’ve reached the tipping point. (Sorry, my heart is heavy today).

    1. Not published because I just got to them. I’ve been VERY busy this morning, cleaning house and caring for animals and family needs. I actually forgot to check. Jim is editing and researching. Sometimes Jim posts them and sometimes I do. We’re both busy and think the other has checked the comments. Sometimes, we see, we haven’t checked and there are a stack to approve. The moderating the comment section is a two man show. Be patient with us. If a comment is appropriate we’ll post, if not, we won’t. This time it simply was a timing issue. Have a blessed afternoon.


    2. The Democrat Party has completely capitulated to the Marxist mob. Look at how they are clearing out the traditional leftists who aren’t extreme enough at the NY TIMES.

  27. I’d like to see more plans of action and less lamentations. At some point we can become paralyzed and feel helpless with the rapid change going on in our country. We feel alone and powerless.

    The Goya Company CEO who recently spoke up in support of Trump and conservative values now has a boycott against him, with folks who want to “cancel” his company.
    So conservative folks are asking for a BUY-cott to support this CEO who did nothing more than speak up on issues. They suggest supporters buy $10 of Goya products. If you don’t eat Goya products, donate it to a food bank.


  28. Excellent article and a warning for us all. I’m not sure who said it but the role/focus of the police/sheriff’s changed dramatically when they went from being “Peace Officers” to “Law Enforcement Officers”. Maybe a “Peace Officer” today would think twice before trying to arrest people for exercising their God given constitutional rights. That won’t bring peace to any situation. I doubt it would happen because the power’s that be don’t want peace for freedom loving people, just control over them. I fear we only have one choice here because as JWR suggests “Evil wins when good men do nothing”. It has to be more than just one good person defending their rights on an individual basis since we know how divide and conquer works. Day by day it will get worse and we won’t even remember our limited freedoms today by the end of the year.

  29. Many yrs ago, when I was in my want to join the police department mode ( I failed the physical ), there were three guys that were ( how should say this nicely? ) ” pushy “. Some time later when I asked someone about thee three guys, that I hadn’t seen them in some time, his answer was ” It was suggested that they move on “.

  30. Another thing that is or was on my mind for many yrs, I have always thought the half of all the colleges and universities should be shut down. Why, because of the B S courses that do not do any good for the country and are a wasted of time and money ( except maybe to be a party person ). I worked with a good many people though the yrs that had graduated form colleges and couldn’t find a job related to their major. And the same goes for the U.N., just another money hole, run by people who hate the U.S., I’ve said this ever since
    George Mcgovern was a senator and you won’t believe the number of people who still brag him up

    1. There are two universities. The departments of Science, Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics are the engines for the technological progress that benefits all of us.

      The Humanities and Social Sciences , on the other hand , are a malign curse which should receive no taxpayer funding at all —- no exemption from taxes, no federal funding of scholarships and research, and no student loans. I would make an exception for archaeology, which still respects the truth due to its close ties to physics and chemistry.

      Throughout history mankind had been cursed by false prophets — men who earn their living by crafting deceit. Our Rich elites need large masses of unemployed liars who will promote their agendas without question. Not just in politics and in the News Media — but on Wall Street as well and in our schools as well.

      And the best way they have found to create such a large mass of unquestioning liars is to encourage students to major in the Humanities and Social Sciences. To waste 4 years of their life and run up huge education loans to get a degree that does not teach the student how to provide a useful service or build a useful product. Leaving the student with no way to earn a living — or to gain a return on their huge sunk investment — other than to join an organization whose purpose is the advance the goals of its Rich patrons by deceitful argument.

      I do not say the Humanities and Social Sciences are themselves worthless — they are of great value and should be INDEPENDENTLY studied by every citizen. But NOT as a career and NOT constrained by the need to unquestioningly recite what a professor wants to hear in order to avoid a failing grade. In the 1950s, Americans did such study — in community study groups using the Great Books published by
      Mortimer Alder. Books written by humanity’s greatest thinkers.

      Harvard did not acquire its $40 billion endowment by educating critical thinkers that would question the political agendas of the Rich — to the contrary. The Liberal Arts got their name originally from being the education of free men — slaves having no need to study politics, diplomacy or philosophy.

      But our corrupt universities have turned the Humanities and Social Sciences into a means to create slaves. People who cannot AFFORD to question the orders they are given or to quarrel with the tyrannical clique that dictates what is acceptable speech.

      1. I got my BS degree in education at a state university, but with a concentration in agricultural engineering, which basically means that I had a few education classes and similar classes, but the bulk of my schooling was in engineering classes. The engineering classes were tough, and I learned a lot of useful things that actually help me teach my students. The education classes were mostly useless, other than a computer class, and some hands on classes that were basically internships with old school ag teachers.

        I was required to take a class called “Race and Ethnic Relations” and it was a unique (and awful) class. It more or less consisted of sitting in class for 50 minutes a day, three days a week, and being told how white people were the reason behind every problem in the world, and how blacks had never done anything but work hard and get pushed back down by the white man. It was actually pretty entertaining most days the professor would lose the class about every day, every single student in the class (black, white, asian, and hispanic) would shred his arguments and point out why he was wrong in the majority of his “reasoning” It got to the point that for the last third of the semester he stopped coming to class and started letting his assistant teach the class. We never saw the professor again after that, except for the last day when we took our exam.

        So I can completely agree with what you’re saying, the engineering and technical side of colleges still have some value, but the humanities classes have become pretty useless, in my opinion.

  31. As far as UN troops here to keep the peace, that reminded me of a YouTube video I watched recently. It was from a pastor in Kentucky who said that God had given him two dreams and that he felt like he should warn people. In his dream he saw UN troops, Russian troops and Chinese troops in our cities and he said President Trump was nowhere around. There was no leadership. Pastor Dana Coverstone is his name if anyone is interested in what he has to say.

    1. Thank you for sharing. While I haven’t had dreams, I have had similar, “thoughts and feelings,” for a long time that do not change. It feels surreal. It is always nice to know you are not the only one.

    1. The Marxists straight up say it means NO COPS. It’s the media and some polticians trying to make it sound softer. The radicals want no more cops to stop them when they burn down and loot cities.

  32. I read your book in 2010 and at the time I happened to be living off the grid. Only option was solar, generator, fuel delivered, water delivered and complete sustainability. I decided to buy a pregnant dairy goat and baby chicks. I tried gardening in the high desert and learned how difficult it was to grow my own food, especially off the grid. Fast forward to today……I’ve had lots of life changes but still have had that wonderful learning curve of raising my own food and being sustainable. I currently have laying hens, roosters, hen raised chicks and two yearling dairy goats. I’ve been stagnate in my prep and have so much to do with the way the world is going.

    People on this blog, my question is this: What’s the most important priority to start with right now? I’m in Central Oregon.

    1. Our priorities:
      First — kill the televisionprogramming.
      The last time we owned a television set was sometime last century.
      We have zero interest in televisionprogramming.

      Second — eliminate toxic individuals.
      We quit our church of two decades after the female preacher spouted gibberish about Caucasian Nationals… and watched our compatriots of two decades instantly morph into a blood-thirsty mob.

      Third — we intentionally schedule quiet time.
      Sitting on the porch with the dogs.
      Brushing the mules.
      Watching the sun rise.
      The usual ‘chop water, carry wood’.

  33. @ JWR

    If the folks in Antifa and BLM (and their pals in CAIR, Islamic Students of North America, etc.) want to “defund the police,” it isn’t because they hate the idea of police per se, it is that they hate not being in control of them.

    In liberal-left cities like Minneapolis-St. Paul, the push to defund and possibly disband the police force will be temporary. As you pointed out, nature abhors a vacuum and the space formerly filled by the Minneapolis-St. Paul police department will be taken over by something else. Given the proclivities of the population there, sharia patrols (Islamic religious police) in Muslim enclaves and some sort of hard-left/communist secret police elsewhere.

    The so-called “Red-Green Alliance” is real, and is growing. It is composed of the “Reds,” communists, with “Green” representing Islam. At first, this alliance might seem strange, but they are united by their shared hatred of western civilization and Christianity. The rest they’ll sort out later, when/if they manage to win the coming struggle. It is also germane to note that it is fashionable on the left to covert to Islam, much as it was hip during the 1960s to become a Hare-Krishna.

    By definition, tyrannical regimes impose their will through force, whether direct physical force or via other forms of coercion, such as propaganda. After taking power, without fail, such regimes always move to seize control of the military and whatever police forces exist, since these are the enforcement arms of the nation-state. If such forces do not exist, or they do not control them, they will create them and staff them with ideologically-reliable true believers.

    This is the endgame being pursued by the coalition calling for disbanding the police. They need to clear the decks and force out any remnants and leftovers, especially any traditional Americans (who are cops) who still believe in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, or things of that nature. They are conducting a purge right out in the open, they are just being smart and not calling it that.

    Needless to say, unwelcome “minorities” – such as traditional Americans, conservatives, Christians and other non-Muslims, and the like – will not be welcome in the “new” city being created, whether it happens to be Minneapolis-St. Paul or someplace else. Can you say “no-go zones”?

    This is largely the same playbook being followed in Europe in places like France, Holland and Sweden, to name a few.

  34. I can attest you must be a feminist or a struggling woman whom wrote this. You’ve used “evil men, bad men following orders, pushing a woman, et al.” a number of times. Might I remind you that the majority of woman governors/senators/congresswomen are DEMOCRAT… those women are upholding antichrist principles in a Christ principled nation. Any of those democratic women that have authorized those edicts as you claim “evil men” have, fight for abortions, push progression of women usurping men’s authority, demanding gay lifestyles in a marriage bed are all EVIL WOMEN. Sorry, but I have seen so many atrocities by these “Democratic women” in power over the past six months that it makes the Nazis of WWII look like cub scouts.

    Not everyone that is evil are men!

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