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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at teh latest wave of censorship and social engineering via social credit scores.

Social Credit Scores Are Already Here

Avalanche Lily alerted me to this piece, over at The Last American Vagabond: Social Credit Scores Are Already Here. And in related news: Gab CEO Warns VIsa Is Helping To Bring China’s “Social Credit Score” To America

YouTube Reinstates’s Official Channel After Suspension

They’re still up to their old tricks: Youtube Reinstates’s Official Channel After Suspension.

Kassam’s Twitter Suspension Triggered by UK Law Enforcement

Linked over at the news aggregation site: PROOF: Kassam Twitter Suspension Triggered By UK Law Enforcement Demand to Censor Journalism. This article begins:

“The suspension of The National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam’s Twitter account appears to have been triggered by United Kingdom Law Enforcement insisting a factually accurate breaking news tweet was ‘in violation of UK law.'”

Minnesota’s Gun Sales Surge

G.G. flagged this: ‘People Are Really Scared’: George Floyd Unrest, Pandemic Fueling Minnesota Gun Sales Surge

YouTube to Ban Content That Contradicts WHO

YouTube to Ban Content That Contradicts WHO on COVID-19, Despite the UN Agency’s Catastrophic Track Record of Misinformation

Countries Using Virus Curbs to ‘Silence Critics’

Reader Bob D. sent us this: Some countries using virus curbs to ‘silence critics’, ex-leaders warn.  An excerpt:

“‘Authoritarian regimes, not surprisingly, are using the crisis to silence critics and tighten their political grip,’ wrote some 500 signatories, including more than 60 former leaders, in an open letter organised by the Stockholm-based Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA).

‘Even some democratically elected governments are fighting the pandemic by amassing emergency powers that restrict human rights and enhance state surveillance without regard to legal constraints (or) parliamentary oversight.’

More than 80 countries have enacted emergency measures, according to the U.S.-based International Center for Non-Profit Law, ranging from curfews and fines for those who breach the rules to extra surveillance, censorship and increased executive powers.”

Russians Leading Latest Ransomware Attacks

Reader C.B. spotted this, at Techxplore: New wave of ransomware from Russian-led hackers: researchers

NY Gun License Applicants May Wait 6 Months

This one came to us courtesy of reader D.S.V.: NYPD: Gun License Applicants Can Expect an Answer in 6 Months. The article begins:

“The NYPD’s gun licensing webpage details how to apply for a license to own a gun for self-defense, then adds the caveat that applicants can expect an answer in six months.

According to the NYPD, “Within approximately six months of receipt of your handgun application, and all required documents/forms, you will receive a letter informing you whether your application was approved.”

This raises the question–What are NYC residents who are enduring a stalker, an abusive spouse or former spouse, or perhaps the threat of danger in the streets, supposed to do in the six months between applying for a gun license and hearing back from the NYPD?”

Apple’s App Store Censors

Apple removes two podcast apps from China store after censorship demands. This is just the latest example of their censorship. Also see: Does Apple’s Strict App Store Content Policy Limit Freedom of Expression?

Trump’s Twitch Account Suspended

I found this piece by commentator Tim Pool linked over at the news aggregation site: Trump’s Account Suspended As Wave Of Censorship Sweeps Across Internet Banning Pro-Trump Voices

Update on the Zerohedge Ban From Twitter

BuzzFeed “Reporter” Who Got Zerohedge Banned On Twitter, Fired For Plagiarism

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  1. There is one thing about censorship; the more of it I see the more I want to buy goods, services, and information from those who are censored. Censorship is treating us as children unable to form our own opinions. Who needs Facebook, Twitter, Wa. Post, NY Times, CBS, or any other biased news outlet. I also can live well without buying products advertised on these outlets. I rather doubt that all the out of work WOKS are buying much from their favorite left-wing outlets at this time anyway.

  2. Living here in Minnesota I can verify that firearms and ammo are selling like hot cakes most gun shops have a very scant inventory of both especially common ammo calibers I looked for 38 special a week ago had no luck and rifle ammo is scarce as hens teeth.

  3. This week one of the long time familiar male AM Fox Cable News anchors who lives on Long Island said that two towns on the East & West of his little town, the gun stores are PACKED with buyers. An internet search identified his address, and town and the two towns close by. Seems many who did, even though now they are doing their shows from home, know that when they need to return to their downtown NYC studios, they will be leaving those at home defenseless UNLESS they have a firearm in the home. I even believe that those on CNN & MSNBC – that I do NOT watch – may be quietly arming up at home. I only check into those other two sites to see if they are carrying Press Conferences from the White House – sometimes they do NOT.

  4. ‘Even some democratically elected governments are fighting the pandemic by amassing emergency powers that restrict human rights and enhance state surveillance without regard to legal constraints (or) parliamentary oversight.’

    To see this all you have to do is look North. Our illustrious prime minister has tried on 2 separate occasions to have the “Emergency Measures Act” passed. (basically our version of martial law) He tried to have a bill passed that would give him unlimited borrowing, spending, and taxation powers until the end of 2021. He suspended parliament until September, and is basically ruling the country through edict. He passed a “law” by OIC (Order in Council) making over 1500 “assault style” firearms prohibited, and affecting possibly 200,000 gun owners. (Mostly AR’s and “variants”) with no definition of “assault style” other than what the government feels it is. It is getting closer and closer to becoming a dictatorship on a daily basis.

    As for firearms in general. When manufacturers in the states can’t keep up with demand, we don’t see anything exported North of the border. Ammunition sales went through the roof in Canada. Firearms flew off the shelves, those that could still be sold after the prohibition. People are scared! And those with any common sense at all can see that the future is not as bright and rosy as the government and the media like to pretend. Yes, the stock market is doing great, but only because Mr. Trump has pumped billions of dollars into it. I’m starting to think that the stock market is as disconnected from reality as Hollywood and it’s stars. It’s getting to a point where I don’t trust anything the government or the media says, no matter which side of the aisle they’re on.

    If somebody could please explain the May jobs report to me. I listen to the news. Every week in May there were about 2 million more people that filed for unemployment. 2 million a week means 8 million for the month, and the unemployment rate should have jumped from 14% to about 18 or 20%. But, lo and behold, when the report came out at the end of the month, you somehow gained a net 2.5 million jobs, and the unemployment rate actually dropped to 13%?

    Another report the other day stated how strong the stock market was. It was actually up over 2 trillion dollars! All I could think was, “Given that Mr. Trump has pumped in over 3 trillion dollars in the last couple months, that tells me it’s actually down over a trillion dollars.”

    Lately, the more I hear the less I believe. That’s why it’s nice to come to this site. The news articles are at least believable, and I find the people have a lot of common sense.

    1. Yeah, so the unemployment… 2 million people applied that weren’t on it the week before, but they generally skip saying that 3 million people who were on unemployment last week no longer are. They make it sound like unemployment is up, but it’s actually down.

  5. Please don’t forget in your preps some soft and hard body armor. There are many sellers that offer tested and approved non eye catching LVL 3 soft body armor including
    Pants, baseball caps, hoodies w\ lvl3 hood.
    Also lvl4 rated back pack plates with spalt guarding.

    In this new climate we find ourselves in having that might just be a life saver.

  6. Your body armor comment is spot on.

    The embarrassing CHAZCHOP of Sociattle with belligerents firing 5.56 ammo at a car, killing a teenager, shows that the enemy is ready for us. Are we ready to be shot at?

    As far as pistols, I prefer forty-five but in a riot or at home with multiple attackers, a KEL TEC PMR30 in .22 Magnum is a very respectable self defense weapon. Great price for 30 consecutive trigger pulls.

    Ditto on the public arming up. Haven’t seen this much business since the Hillary boost.

    1. Please don’t think that liberals don’t own guns. I know quite a few that do. Please recognize if the SHTF it won’t be the liberals coming for your supplies, or the conservatives coming for your supplies, it will be everyone who is hungry or wants what you have and those people will have beliefs from all across the political spectrum. Your political views are not the us vs them or the right vs wrong.

  7. Ammo here in Ea. Wa is scarce as well, even though it never has been in the past, with the exception of o’bumer years of scarcity in everything. Started with the covid BS. That boys and girls should have been “THE” wake up call to get it all together. Showing us how close to living near the sewer we actually are.
    I’m really glad I don’t give a fat rats pa-tute about my so called “social credit score”. Don’t now and never have given much concern to what others may or may not think of me and how acceptable my actions are to others. I have tried my best to live by Gods leading light and treat others as I would like to be treated. So all the credit scorers alive can go pee up a rope.
    No one can predict when, or what will light the final fire, but my guess is the lids gonna blow most anytime now. The closer to the election the higher the probability. Those that simply want to be left alone and have neither the time nor inclination to get involved are becoming more and more fed up with the whole circus. And when the not involved get involved (they happen to be the majority of actual citizens)….. it ain’t gonna be pretty……… With all the fake news as well as other fakery going around, (covid, lockdowns, protests, etc.) watch your “6”….

  8. Off topic… need some information/ direction… have some canola oil / vegetable oil that is 3 years out of date… are there any uses for it… do not want to throw away… TY for any information

    1. Off Topic: If the oil is not totally rancid you can re-refine it. Boil it, skim it if necessary and filter it after it is cooled to handling temperature. If it is really bad use it to start bond fires … mixed with other low ignition accelerants..

      On topic: Visited my favorite gun smith yesterday and the large, high volume gun store nearby. The shelves are empty. Everywhere. I wish I hadn’t sold several guns last year but I didn’t want to add on to my house :-).

      I think it is great that the liberals in NY and Seattle (and elsewhere) are seeing the seeds they planted grow and harvest time is now on their doorsteps. The fruits are tasting a little bitter, aren’t they?

    2. If you know someone who runs their car or truck on used “fry oil” they’ll be happy to take it from you and put it to use. Or you could check and see if maybe the oil is still ok to use anyway?

    3. It is probably still good if it is sealed up. Also, You could save it and use for old fashioned oil lamps that you can easily make yourself when it all hits the fan. Google it now while your computer is still working. 🙂

    4. Old canola oil will run just fine in a diesel. Have done it for years ,,, mix with dino diesel 50/50 ,, or works good as a top dressing on cattle feed or a light amount on dog food ,i have 15 year old oil in sealed drums that’s ok for all of the above

    5. I scrub my stainless steel kitchen sink with baking soda, rinse, dry, then coat it with veggie oil and polish it. The old stuff is just fine for this chore. I might also use old oil by pouring it in a bucket of sand and using that as a place to plunge garden tool to keep them clean and oiled. 🙂

      I apply old coconut oil to the wood handles of my garden tools before I put them away each fall, and I wonder if you might be able to use veggie oil for this use, too?

      1. Just keep in mind that used motor oil has been identified as carcinogenic. So you should use NEW oil on tools. Just look for the least expensive oil that you can find of any weight between 10 and 80 weight when it is on sale. Or, if you have a VERY old can of detergent motor oil on your storage shelf that you no longer trust to use in an engine, that would be a good candidate. That would now be any detergent oil in a paper can with a steel lid. That packaging was discontinued more than 20 years ago. (Note that non-detergent motor oil stores indefinitely, by the detergent varieties reportedly only have a 15-year shelf life.)

        1. As an aside to JWR’s comment on oils. I worked in, around, and near the oil industry for a good number of years (more than I care to count), as well as my seemingly insatiable thirst for finding out about “stuff”.
          Oil as its manufactured, refined from its raw crude state, has NO “shelf life”. It’s the additives making it detergent etc. that break down over time.
          Synthetic is another story as it’s entirely “man made”, and I am unsure of its lifespan. Possibly very similar in that additives limit it’s useful life.
          In its simplest explanation, Oil, from its crude form, has sharp carbon spikes that impale and collect dirt, a lot of which gets cleaned by the filter but still accumulates dirt until it becomes sludge.
          Synthetic on the other hand, is molecularly structured so its round in nature, requiring additives to hang onto and collect dirt & carbon particles from the engine or whatever. Years ago when synthetics were first used in jet/turbine engines there were issues with dirty oil plugging up oil passages, seizing up engines. Until they started using additives to hang onto the dirty particles and filtering out.
          As was related to me, natural crude oil based oils are like sliding a piece of plywood across a bed of pea gravel. Synthetic oils are like sliding a piece of plywood across a bed of marbles. So now you all know as much as I do, which ain’t much….

        2. Now is the time to stock up on motor oil,the price dip from crude oil has dropped prices,but will soon rise. Who else rotated gas storage at$1/gal(now more than doubled)

  9. Down here in Southern Arizona the virus cases are rising but all our tribal casinos are open for business and gun sales are going through the roof. The 9 millimeter caliber is very hard to find here. Double OO buck is nowhere to be found but 223 and 7.62X39 is still available. Most of the people here are very scared. The governments are getting overbearing with their use of emergency powers. Almost all of the small businesses are closed permanently. If Biden gets elected expect the start of a civil war so prep while you can. Our republican governor is turning into a tin pot dictator who is being controlled by the likes of Banner Health.

    1. I would never buy from them. They turned their back on us in the past so the heck with them. There are plenty of other manufacturers out there who build just as good of a gun.

  10. i am thankfull for this blog because i heeded jwr advice and i havn’t been in a gun shop all year. i had already bought it cheap and stacked it deep. i’m just adding some more plate carriers and building more truck guns (ar pistols) with my stack of lowers

  11. Looks like many Virginia citizens will become criminals after yesterday’s demoncrat’s unconstitutional “laws” took effect.
    Starting to understand how Henry Bowman felt.

  12. I was in the local gun shop yesterday. the Shelves were fairly bare. Sales were brisk. His problem was manufacturers have been shut down from COVID. If the manufacturers were still open they were having trouble sourcing materials and subcomponents. All it takes is one part, maybe a steel from China, etc. He couldn’t order much of anything, though suppliers would periodically call and offer what came in to their warehouses.

  13. There IS a way for New York subjects to avoid the 6 month wait.
    1) Drive to another state where there are open gun shows allowed
    2) Go to a gun show
    3) buy a gun from a private citizen
    4) go back home
    5) MOST IMPORTANTLY- STFU about it.

  14. Sadly NYC is actually ahead of other areas of NY. There are areas upstate that have waits of up to a full year to get a permit and 3 months just to add a gun to your permit that you’ve already bought and is waiting at the gun shop. Allegedly it’s the fault of an anti-gun judge who likes to drag his feet on gun permits but I don’t know if that’s true. As for stalkers etc supposedly those can be fast tracked, whatever that means.

    1. I have relatives in upstate NY. Beautiful area. Land is cheap. Lakes all over for recreation. Good place for a vacation home. Growing season is a little short, but might be possible for a bug out location and retirement retreat. Until one looks at the gun laws. I could never retire there because of the gun laws. Stopped looking.

  15. Stefan Molyneux the YouTube creator and philosopher has been entirely banned from YouTube. Not too sure if anyone here is familiar with his work, but his discussions, presentations of facts and freedomain radio/podcast work has been intellectually significant amdist the unending deluge of propaganda we see almost everywhere. By the time November arrives, I wonder how many right opinion platforms will be allowed to have any social media or internet presences at all.

  16. Another off topic. Two relatives both relayed to me the shortage of physical coins. One works in a credit union and said people are coming in asking for rolled coins, which they have few of. The other said the gas station signs say they “prefer” credit or debt transactions. The gas station is also offering to buy people’s rolled coins.

    The election winner will make little difference as to the chaos. If Trump wins the “outrage” against him and those who are perceived to have voted for him will be the target of rage. If Biden wins it will be a green light for more of the same marxist activity.

  17. I live in a state next Minn and in a conversion with a local gun dealer, he stated that since this corna virus 19 wuhan thing started that business has been crazy, but he said if Biden gets elected, things will really go crazy and he doesn’t have that much of an inventory left.

  18. Great advice in The Last Vagabond article with re: to online activities: REMAIN VIGILANT. This just cannot be overstated. Excellent find, Avalanche Lily!

  19. Last trip to sporting goods section, .22lr, .17, .22 WMR, odd handgun/rifle calibers, and birdshot still in good supply. Everything else is maybe a box or non-existent.

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