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Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. The focus is usually on emergency communications gear, bug out bag gear, books, and movies–often with a tie-in to disaster preparedness, and links to “how-to” self-sufficiency videos. There are also links to sources for both storage food and storage containers. You will also note an emphasis on history books and historical movies. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This week, the focus is on books about Idaho. (See the Books section.)


I’ve mentioned this great book, before. It is a combination “history and travel” tome. Sadly, it is out of print, so I suggest grabbing a copy, while it is still affordable: Idaho for the Curious: A Guide

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Hiking Idaho: A Guide To The State’s Greatest Hiking Adventures (State Hiking Guides Series)

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DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer: Idaho

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The Book of Unusual Knowledge

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Fast. Feast. Repeat.: The Comprehensive Guide to Delay, Don’t Deny® Intermittent Fasting–Including the 28-Day FAST Start


A fascinating documentary, on a world record-breaking parachute from a stratospheric balloon: 14 Minutes From Earth.  (Available on BluRay, DVD, or free streaming for those with Amazon Prime.)

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The Radicals. A 2004 dramatization of the early Anabaptist movement. (Available on DVD, or free streaming for those with Amazon Prime.) You may remember Mark Leonard, from the original Star Trek franchise.

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Two weeks ago, an 81-year-old movie was shoved down The Memory Hole by the leftists who run Netflix. But it is now ranked #1 in movies on BluRay and DVD, at Amazon.com: Gone With The Wind.  Apparently, the Law of Unintended Consequences is still in full force.

Instructional Videos & Vlogs:

Do You Need a Gun on the Appalachian Trail?

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Some good hands-on, from Advoko MAKES, in North Karelia: Bear-proofing My Log Cabin

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Reader Tim. J. suggested this YouTube video: Solo Overnight Stealth Camping In The Woods and Krispy Kream Bacon

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Legalities of Explosives & How Tannerite is Legal

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The Patriot Nurse: It’s Not About Masks or Health– It’s About POWER

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Tucker: Why mobs are tearing down America’s monuments

Gear & Grub:

A consulting client in Nebraska recently asked me: “What is the most important part or accessory to get for my backup generator?”  My reply took him by surprise. I said: “You need to get one or more Uninterruptible Power Source (UPSes), so that your generator’s uneven, “spiky” power doesn’t fry your computer or other home electronics.” I specifically recommended the APC Brand UPS and Surge Protector. It is best to get a 1500 Volt-Amp Hour model, or larger.

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Attention, readers in the Southeast: John Adrain, who owns the company that produces the famous BedBunker guns vaults is selling three U.S. State Department surplus armored Chevrolet 3500 passenger vans. They are located in South Carolina.   From his ad’s description:

“New 2014 GMC 1 ton Savannah Vans. Perfect Rolling Safe Room. You can no longer get a Duramax in a General Motors van. It would cost 50K to get a diesel conversion in a van. Replacement cost $185,000. Don’t make yourself a target in a gasoline armored luxury vehicle. Vans were built for the US State Department and never used or titled. Vans have been completely serviced and are ready to roll. have 3 new ones available. 6.6 Duramax Diesel 260HP, 6 Speed Automatic Transmission. 31-gallon fuel tank.”

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Great for both off-grid PV-powered houses and for vehicular use: EdgeStar FP630 Portable Refrigerator or Freezer – 63 Qt. AC/DC

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JASGOOD Travel Security Money Belt with Hidden Money Pocket – Cashsafe Anti-Theft Wallet Unisex Nickel free Nylon Belt (for pant size 26-to-40 Inch, Black.

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Is this the ultimate barter item, for TEOTWAWKI?  Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Perfect Topping for Pancakes, 13 Ounce.

Featured Antique Gun of the Week

Our featured antique gun of the week is a scarce Winchester Model 1890 pump-action takedown that is chambered in .22 W.R.F.. This dandy little rifle was made in 1898–the last year that qualifies as an “antique”, under federal law  Like most other pre-1899s, it can be mailed or shipped directly to your doorstep without any paperwork or FFL dealer involvement. (Be sure to check your state and local laws before ordering.) Take a look at the many recently-added guns at the Elk Creek Company store.

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  1. Re: Bear-Proofing my Log Cabin…
    What an incredible craftsman! He’s a combination of Richard Pronneke (of One Man’s Wilderness fame in Alaska) and Roy Underhill (of PBS’ The Woodrights Shop). I’ve bookmarked his sight to watch MORE of his stuff. Thanks for the link JWR

    1. Dan, just link onto any item (that links to Amazon) in today’s, or any days (Wednesday) recommendations and then search for your item(s), JWR will get the affiliate credit that you’re sending his way…

      He gave me these instructions a couple of weeks ago, I assume he’s received the credit from my numerous purchases. I hope anyways.

  2. Here in TX, grocery stores are putting up signs saying “Our country is experiencing a coin shortage” and they want us to use cards only.

    I’m feeling a little panicky today.

    1. I guess it’s time I turned in some of my pocket change. I’ve only got a couple of hundred dollars worth of quarters, another hundred or so in dimes, and another hundred or so in zinc pennies. I’ll be keeping the hundred or so in nickles and the copper pennies. I was waiting for the banks to reopen inside, but that doesn’t seem to happening any time soon. Anybody need any change?

      The real problem I have is the Canadian change. I have 27 dollars in Loonies alone, plus a few dollars in other loose change. I live about 10 or 15 miles from Canada and there is no place to cash it in. It’s not worth it to make the trip across the bridge.

    2. I likewise noticed the ominous “Our country is experiencing a coin shortage” when I went into Harbor Freight today (7/1) here in N. TX. I recall several articles around the internet last week warning of the same coming “shortage of the coinage” epoch.

  3. For those who do not watch mainstream media, a Mark Dice video ridicules the corporate world supporting BLM. There is more than violent mobs in the streets and neighborhoods, the movement is supported aggressively by Big Tech and Big Business. We already know that the movement is supported by radical politicians as well. As this cultural revolution grows, what could possibly happen on November 4, 2020, the day after the election?

    It’s Everywhere

  4. Years ago there was a series based on Richard Pronnekes life in Alaska. Interesting in that he was a mechanic before bunching it for Alaska. Really decent series and how books were interesting as well, even though put out by the socialist PBS. From what I remember he built most every tool he used with the exception of the steel/iron portions. A very inventive, resourceful and independent guy.

    1. I have also been watching for Remus postings, to no avail. Have emailed him, no reply. Other sites have mentioned his absence and lack of replies to contact attempts. Praying he is just taking a break (recent loss of his wife). Very concerned.

    1. Thank you for sharing this! Hoping that predator is unlikely to be back on the streets any time soon, and thankful that the fellow he tried to victimize was calm and level headed and prepared to defend himself. Too many of these stories do not end as well!

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