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  1. So very glad to see the plug for the Sturgill Simpson concert. I’m a huge fan of his and love that he’s doing his songs as Bluegrass. Although, I have to admit, I may not be the biggest fan if I had to learn about this concert from a survival blog. LOL.

  2. TACDA:

    As the USA and Western countries become more unstable, the threat of nuclear warfare becomes more likely. Especially if there is a Coup d’état, or emotionally unstable leaders are elected [Biden/Abrams]. Recent weakness, demonstrated by former and current military leadership, and political leadership doesn’t help matters. A foreign power may seek to take advantage, or simply act out of perceived self preservation. This year has been one for the history books and may get a lot worse. All kinds of outlier events seem to be occurring, so we may want to brush up on our NBC defensive preparations.

    This was interesting,

    Water Filtration Sock, $11.95
    “Strong, flexible filter bag is 1 micron nominal. An excellent source for water filtration on the go.”
    “Note: This bag is 1 micron nominal – will capture cryptosporidium”

  3. The chainsaw sharpening video was excellent. I’ve always been intimidated by the idea of sharpening my own chainsaw but after watching that video I’m going to give it a shot. One of the commenters had it perfect: no pounding music, no stories taking up time, just straight instruction. Plus, who doesn’t love a New England accent, reminds me of the best years of my childhood in Concord, Mass.

    1. Your comments made me look at the video and I don’t even have a chainsaw. Not one
      second of that video was wasted. It’s so difficult to watch videos when I need to learn something when you’re forced to slough through the poorly made video. 99% need to be cut in half time wise. Good speaking is a skill and not everybody has it but one can learn and practice. You spend the money for video equipment…so,

      I wanted to learn how to grow wheatgrass a couple of years ago and just happened upon a video given by an alternative health center in Florida. Five minutes top, complete and interesting. Some videos around it were up to 20 minutes!

      Have something to say about something you know, edit well and whatever length it is can probably be done better in half the time. Toss the music for sure. Why are you forcing me to listen to your choice of music? I probably won’t like it anyway because I’m old and think your choice has nothing to do with music. I’ll get off my soapbox now. Maybe I need to buy a chainsaw.

  4. Well, I slipped down the rabbit hole of steel guitar music. So soothing. I am enjoying it as I enter this.

    I now have another option for background music when online.

    Carry on in grace

  5. I always appreciate the music recommendations. I get to listen to some things I don’t normally hear. My musical tastes run from bluegrass to Pink Floyd, from country swing to the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Add some Gangsta Grass and some symphony and and you’ve got the run of my tastes. That being said, forget the opera, I don’t want to hear that fat lady sing, that’s where I draw the line. Sorry!

    1. There are presently just two of us in the family moderating comments. And when we get busy in the garden (or whatever), comments get stuck “in moderation” until we can approve them.

      (Lily Chiming in: It’s a glorious sunny day for a change, and I’ve been outside all day long. I only have checked every few hours or so. Now a thunderstorm is rolling through, And I had to come inside. Bummer! 😉

  6. Hmm, Interesting. Comments made 50 minutes ago,1 hour ago,2 hours ago,4 hours ago and
    7 hours ago make it thru the moderation process but not a civil comment made 8 hours ago.

    Not a agreeing gets the Google treatment I guess.

  7. Great recommendation on the book ‘The Millionaire Next Door.’ I was blessed to have been given a copy by my Uncle when I was a senior in high school. I’m hard pressed to think of a book ( Bible excepted) that has had a greater effect on my life. I got both of my boys reading it when they were in High School as well. Helps reinforce that consumerism and debt is not the same as true wealth. “Big hat – no cattle”

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