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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at the new trend of Covid Camper buyers.

The Pandemic Luxury Travelers

Reuters: Wilderness camps to $50,000 RV rentals: Luxury travelers in pandemic ready to pay for privacy

Americans Desperate to Travel Are Buying Up ‘Covid Campers’

T.L. sent this: Scared Americans Desperate to Travel Are Buying Up ‘Covid Campers’. Here is a snippet:

“For decades, sales of motor homes and travel trailers you hitch to your car were a reliable indicator of the beginning—and end—of a recession. Sales would dip as a downturn approached, and rise right before a recovery. But this time, it’s different: sales are rising as America enters its worst contraction since the Great Depression. While more than one in five workers has filed for unemployment, some people are shelling out upwards of $100,000 so they can hit the road while staying away from everyone else.”

Brace for Blackouts in the Summer of COVID-19

Peter sent us this: Brace for Blackouts in the Summer of COVID-19.

The 10 Senate Seats Most Likely to Flip

Over at The Hill, some conjecture on November election races that could have huge implications on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments: The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip.  Remember: It is the U.S. Senate that confirms Supreme Court nominees!

Alaskan Grocer Makes 14-Hour Trip to Supply Town

Remote Alaskan Grocer Makes 14-Hour Trip to Supply Town. This interesting article at Informed American begins:

“Gustavus, Alaska is the definition of nowhere. The tiny outpost sits on the icy plains, boasts a population of 450 people, and can only be reached by plane or boat. But sometimes, those lifelines break down.

Last year, the state informed the residents that it would be closing the only ferry dock for repairs, which could last months. That still left small planes and other boats for shuttling supplies, but then the pandemic interrupted shipping, which left only planes. Airfreight costs drove the prices of basic goods out of reach.

This is where the local grocer comes in.

Toshua Parker, a local man who left for greener pastures but returned after the financial crisis, runs Icy Strait Wholesale. He sources his goods from the world’s smallest Costco Wholesale in Juneau, a seven-hour boat ride away, so his customers call his store ToshCo.

With no regular shipping or ferries, and air freight prohibitively expensive, Toshua used his personal freight boat to make the 14-hour round-trip to Juneau for supplies. He and his father had purchased the boat years ago for just such an emergency.”

America’s Experience with War: Victor Davis Hanson

Video: America’s experience with war. Victor Davis Hanson with Sebastian Gorka on AmericaFirst.  “Sebastian spends the second hour of the Memorial Day 2020 special with the Hoover Institution’s Professor Victor Davis Hanson, to discuss various historical accounts and analyses of America’s involvement in World War II and other conflicts.”

Oh, and speaking of, Victor Davis Hanson this piece at National Review was recommended by Tim J.: The Remains of an Administration

California Doctors Say Suicide Deaths Exceed Coronavirus Fatalities

Reader D.S.V. sent us this: California Doctors Say Suicide Deaths Exceed Coronavirus Fatalities.

Wu Flu Case Fatality Rate Much Lower than Anticipated

And here is another article suggested by D.S.V, over at The Blaze: Horowitz: The CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus death rate. Where is the media?

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  1. You likely are aware of the horrible violence and destruction in Minneapolis, a city that I love.
    In the 70s and 80s I lived very near where so many businesses were torched. People I trust who live currently in that community tell me that so much of the arson and looting has been perpetrated by young white men. Some folks claim these white men are members of neo-nazi groups looking to spark a race war. That these young men hope Americans will blame the black community for what has happened. I have read comments, “How can they burn down their own community?”

    Those I know quote from posts on the dark web looking to foment insurrection. I am not sure what to think.

    Do you know anyone who would fight in a race war? What do you make of that possibility?

    I grieve for those who have lost so much, no matter who set the fires.

    Carry on, in grace

    1. I don’t know anyone personally who would ever get involved in a race war, but I keep tabs on the interwebs sporadically concerning the anarchists, most commonly known as Antifa. The President, today I think, declared Antifa “domestic terrorists” – a long time in coming. What I have seen transpire the past several years is a coordinated effort to divide people by class, race, religion. Antifa members are white, black, hispanic, asian, etc., and they are paid to foment anarchy – they travel across state lines to do so, they are paid, organized, and use the Internet, forums, websites, and cell phones to coordinate. One of the goals of the anarchists is to incite race wars using America’s history and sensitivity to “race relations”. The goal is to destroy America, to make us turn on one another.

      What I noticed in a lot of the video clips is you see a lot of black men wreaking havoc, BUT the TRUTH is that many of the anarchists are white, and the organizers want it to appear that only black people are the perpetrators. Not true and designed to turn people against one another. It’s very sophisticated what they are doing. They manipulate young people into believing they are fighting for a “just cause”.

      I have family members of many races and we’re all decent people. I have family members in law enforcement. We have neighbors that are of all races and everyone gets along. The anarchists goal is to destroy America, but the media is not showing the young white men AND women who are Antifa. It’s all designed to turn us against one another. I pray cooler heads prevail. We are all God’s children. The black community should be outraged that they are being used in this way and 100% reject the anarchy. I’ve seen many christian black leaders speaking out against the violence and I’m so thankful for them.

      My opinion only is we should toss out the phrases, such as “neo-Nazi”, “fascist”, etc., and realize that there is a huge difference between peaceful protest and violent criminal destruction. The anarchists use these phrases in the exact opposite way one would think of such. But, the manipulation of the meaning in our language has been going on for decades. I recall a visitor to my home once, incidental to something unrelated, and the young woman said to me, “so you have German Shepherds, and you live in a nice neighborhood, I bet you have guns and vote Republican…” I was shocked that she quickly, willingly, overtly, insultingly would label me as, in her mind, a disgusting person, and in my own home. But, this is the result of public education being infiltrated by “anarchists” and “extreme left wing professors” who think it’s perfectly fine to label people and put them in categories based on criteria they make up to fit their world view. I’m just a human being, like everyone else.

      I’m praying for peace and I’m praying that we embrace one another and reject the efforts to divide us by race, religion, or class.

      1. SaraSue,
        Who is paying these people?
        What I watched on Fox News last night disgusts me. From my observation it looked like young people of all races, Male and Female, all wearing backpacks causing all of the destruction. They (Fox) kept switching back and forth to all different cities showing what was going on. Same thing all over.
        My scanner Radio went offline from 9-10 Pm until 6 Am this morning. It’s been going nuts all day all over the country and It appears that today will be no different.

        I’m praying for our Country
        God Bless America

        Rock on

        1. It’s hard to know for sure who is paying them. They use a number of shell companies/organizations with stated altruistic goals. The protestors are given cash.

          Who paid the thousands of people from various central American countries to make the long trek to America? The caravans were not spontaneous; they were organized to flood our borders.

          Right now, there are a lot of liberal celebrities who are donating to Go Fund Me accounts for the various anarchists, should any of them be put in jail (bail money). Don’t you wish “preppers” could have Go Fund Me accounts?? LOL

          If the DOJ does designate them as domestic terrorists, I’m hoping we can see reports that definitively connect the dots. People who hate America and wish to ruin the Republic, use many methods to fund the anarchists. I have my theories, but I have no proof, so I’ll keep it to myself. My point is, this is all manipulated chaos and not spontaneous.

          I started to read occasionally to see who was getting indicted for what because regular media outlets are so biased. It’s helpful to me to see what kinds of crimes are being prosecuted – not just hearsay.

          1. With the designation of ANTIFA as a domestic terror organization, it may be possible to charge and prosecute the people who provide funding for their nefarious activities. If so, it may not be an easy trace (due to cash payments, and other efforts to evade tracking), but I expect federal law enforcement will in pursuit.

        2. George Soros, Michael Moore , and the wealthy of extreme liberal ilk. Possible some of our “favorite ” (sarcasm) politicians that are students of Saul Alinsky.

    2. Hey Marine, I’m a big fan of Minneapolis too, I spent a lot of summers there as a kid and was at the Twins game when Killebrew hit his 500th home run. That was a great day.

      IMO, there was the first 24 hours of the Minneapolis situation and then there was what came after. I think the black community could have gained a lot if the protesters had marched straight to the police station and torched the place along with as many police cars as they could find. A lot of people in this country are fed up with the police situation in this country and the degree to which they’ve become militarized. Even in my bodiddly little county in the middle of Toejam, Nowhere, the sheriff and half the deputies have that silly shaved head and goatee look. Who exactly are they trying to impress? Certainly not the voters. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all cops are bad or even all precincts. But had the protesters gone straight to the source of the problem with their torches and pitchforks, and attacked the government who was violating their liberties, and burned the precinct to the ground, they would have gained a lot of respect from a lot of fed up Americans across all races. Instead, they only did it seemingly as an afterthought. Meanwhile, what happened instead is that a bunch of low-life opportunistic looters saw an opportunity to get a lot of free stuff by stealing from innocent citizens who had nothing to do with the actions of the evil local government who had failed to fire the repeat offender officer who killed a man. So instead of gaining respect from at least a portion of the population, they instead lost a lot of respect from the majority of the population and set race relations back decades. That was at the end of the first 24 hours.

      What happened after that is really hard to tell, as you pointed out. When I ask myself, “cui bono?” I have to think that some of the business owners have to be in on setting fire to their businesses, either themselves or hiring someone else to do it. When you look at the dire straits the lockdowns have caused, how many them are on the edge of bankruptcy, how many of them will never be able to open their doors again, what would be more welcome than a big fat insurance check? So that has to cross the mind of anyone trying to think this through.

      IMO, there are probably some sort of “professional agitators” for lack of a better term. I’ve been too busy trying to get caught up around my place to do any research but if the stories are true about pallets of bricks magically showing up in the streets, and other things like that, then you have to believe that somebody somewhere is fomenting this far beyond what normal protesters would be doing. The few pictures I’ve seen have a lot of white people in them along side black people so it’s not just one race at this point. I wouldn’t think this is about a race war, just Antifa or who knows who, trying to destabilize society. The world has gone so insane it could be anyone at this point, the Deep State, Hillary trying to spend the last of her election campaign money, Antifa, the Consolidated Brick Company since housing starts are way down… almost anybody! I seriously never know what to believe anymore and I never say never until more data is collected. 🙂

      P.S. I read Bryson’s book “One Summer” while I was recuperating after surgery, thanks for recommending that a month or so back, it was a totally awesome book. Bryson can really pull the most amazing facts together and weave them into the most interesting stories.

      1. It’s interesting as MSM such as the NYT keeps trying to portray this as the black community reacting to racism while if you look at the videos of the “protests” around the country such as those that Zero Hedge compiled linked below, you’ll see mostly white young people looting, attacking cops etc. I don’t think this is about what they keep saying it’s about nor are the players who they make them out to be. I think the black community is being used in many ways.

      2. St. F, good on ya. At his hall of fame induction ceremony, Killebrew told of his childhood. He and his brothers tore up the yard playing as boys do. His mom complained that the kids were ruining the grass. His dad replied, “We are not raising grass, we are raising boys.”

        Carry on on grace

      3. St F, I never even considered the insurance fraud possibility. Pre-WuFlu it would have been hard to imagine people taking advantage of a riot to torch their business. Most business owners think of their business like wayward children, they’ll fight for them even when they’re losing money. Now, after paying rent and utilities and other expenses for months with no income and very little hope for a fast turnaround, it makes more sense.

    3. If someone in a black hood/mask comes at me with an ax handle it doesn’t matter their skin color, they’re getting double-tapped. Period. Fight over, next? But here in WY people don’t tolerate stupidity very long, the Antifa crowd would barely get off the buses before they were rounded up by the local LEOs.

      1. BTW, I heard an interview today listening to Fox news while driving , that in Philadelphia some squad cars have been broken into before being set on fire and equipment being stolen, including some AR’s from the trunks. It is all serious business , but that act should result in lethal response.

        1. Jima, it seems there are incidents like that on the west coast too. Something similar happened in Seattle last night. Two police AR’s were stolen, although one was eventually recovered. Several police cars were set on fire, and the ammo was going off.

          I watched rioters set the Seattle Ben Bridge Jewelry building on fire!

          Seattle Fire Department asked other fire departments for help, and I was concerned my firefighter son in a different city might have to go into the chaos. Thankfully, his department was not one of the ones asked. Personally, I cannot believe the authorities are letting this happen.

      2. From your post: “But here in WY people don’t tolerate stupidity very long, the Antifa crowd would barely get off the buses before they were rounded up by the local LEOs.”

        Well said, BinWY. …as it should be everywhere!

  2. Those who want a race war are mostly leftists who want any kind of instability that they can exploit to grab more power for themselves. Look at the way that race relations regressed under the regime of our first communist…er…I mean black President, Barak Obama. Contrary to what many who voted for him expected, race relations were set back 50 or 60 years because Obama was a divider who valued his communist/socialist dogma over the good of the country, and actually sought to destroy our country.
    Anyone who wants a race war should look up the definition of the word “minority”- it would not turn out well for them. Also, many blacks, maybe most- have it pretty good here and do not want any race war.

    1. From Nathan Hail’s post: “Those who want a race war are mostly leftists who want any kind of instability that they can exploit to grab more power for themselves.”

      Agreed. This is an effort to destabilize our society, already fragile in some ways and made more so by the strains of SARS-COV-2 and COVID-19. The timing of these riots is especially convenient given the moves of the Trump administration against the tech and social media giants among others. …and of course none of this diminishes the tragedy of the death of George Floyd.

      My own suspicion is that the radical leftists were “lying in wait”, and given the actions taken against them were on heightened alert and ready to act. The death of George Floyd created an opportunity for them, and these thugs are opportunistic predators.

      The abandonment of the police precinct in Minneapolis did not help matters, and probably emboldened these bullies further. It was understandable given the lack of reinforcement support, but it was probably also a strategic mistake with grave consequences reaching far beyond Minnesota.

      The news now reports that at least one man has been arrested for distributing information about how to make napalm, and there is a fear of car bombs. Churches have been set on fire. Business have been looted. People have been seriously injured, and several have been killed.

      As heartbroken as we all are for the events unfolding, and most especially for the loss of life, we must remain calm and steady and reasoned and alert. What we have before us is not an organic protest. It is an attempt by Marxists to spin up a conflict so severe that people beg for the protections of tyrrany. Don’t fall for any of this.

      1. >>My own suspicion is that the radical leftists were “lying in wait”<<
        Never let a good crisis go to waste? Maybe I'm too cynical, but while watching the video of the murder of George Floyd (or whoever he might really be, or was) I wondered how many times I have even seen cops with a hand in their pocket continuously during a volatile situation (NEVER). Why were the cops so casual? Maybe rather than waiting for a crisis to naturally occur, very unlike the left these days, why not just create one? They have a lot of experience at doing just exactly that in just the last few years. Something is not kosher, it's just too convenient.

        1. It’s called the Hegelian Dialectic. Create a Crisis to solve the crisis in order to implement more control. It’s an instrument to bring world dominion. It is part of the religious beliefs of the NWO Kabbalistic Cabal to rule the world. (Babylonian Mysticism.) We know it as the Satan’s Anti-Christ Beast System. Satan’s wish is to kill, steal and destroy all that represents the creator God. (Creation of people are God’s crown achievement. Satan hates us, especially those of us who honor God’s Word.) Satan will rule the world for a very short time, no more than seven years at the most… Before Jesus, the King of Kings returns in the clouds of Heaven and conquers and abolishes this adversary. Come Quickly Lord Jesus. Come!

    1. SaraSue’s link:
      “Attorney General William P. Barr’s Statement on Riots and Domestic Terrorism”

      “With the rioting that is occurring in many of our cities around the country, the voices of peaceful and legitimate protests have been hijacked by violent radical elements. Groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate, violent, and extremist agenda.

      It is time to stop watching the violence and to confront and stop it. The continued violence and destruction of property endangers the lives and livelihoods of others, and interferes with the rights of peaceful protestors, as well as all other citizens.

      It also undercuts the urgent work that needs to be done – through constructive engagement between affected communities and law enforcement leaders – to address legitimate grievances. Preventing reconciliation and driving us apart is the goal of these radical groups, and we cannot let them succeed.

      It is the responsibility of state and local leaders to ensure that adequate law enforcement resources, including the National Guard where necessary, are deployed on the streets to reestablish law and order. We saw this finally happen in Minneapolis last night, and it worked.

      Federal law enforcement actions will be directed at apprehending and charging the violent radical agitators who have hijacked peaceful protest and are engaged in violations of federal law.

      To identify criminal organizers and instigators, and to coordinate federal resources with our state and local partners, federal law enforcement is using our existing network of 56 regional FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF).

      The violence instigated and carried out by ~~>Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly.”

      [The United States Department of Justice, Sunday, May 31, 2020]
      President Donald Trump on May 30, 2020; at the Rocket Launch of the NASA SpaceX mission. [In part]:

      … I want to say a few words about the situation in Minnesota. The death of George Floyd on the streets of Minneapolis was a grave tragedy. It should never have happened. It has filled Americans all over the country with horror, anger, and grief. … …

      “In addition, my administration has opened a civil rights investigation, and I have asked the Attorney General and the Justice Department to expedite it.

      I understand the pain that people are feeling. We support the right of peaceful protesters, and we hear their pleas. But what we are now seeing on the streets of our cities has nothing to do with justice or with peace.

      The memory of George Floyd is being dishonored by rioters, looters, and anarchists. The violence and vandalism is being led by ~>Antifa and other radical left-wing groups who are terrorizing the innocent, destroying jobs, hurting businesses, and burning down buildings.”

  3. Excuse Me –

    These are not ‘Riots’ – they are ‘Demonstrations’.
    George Orwell was right. This is what he called ‘Doublespeak’. When words lose their meaning.
    Torture is now ‘Aggressive Interrogation’.
    Suspect is now “Person of Interest’
    Prisoner is now Security Detainee’.
    Alien is now ‘Undocumented Citizen’.
    And the English language continues to be Sanitized.
    So to Loot, Burn, and Destroy is just a way of demonstrating frustrations.
    Don’t defend yourself – you might hurt somebody’s feelings.

    1. The protestors have a legitimate complaint. It is the tactics of the few (i.e. looting and arson) that are reprehensible.

      There is unequal enforcement and less of a presumption of innocence, for urban blacks. Granted, the per capita crime rates are higher for urban blacks, but that doesn’t mean that there should be two set of rules and two standards or civility in our nation. The law enforcement agencies and our system of justice should be entirely color blind.

        1. Both. But that is attributable to single parent households, depressed inner city economies, and other social factors, rather than race. Race does NOT determine outcomes.

  4. Well said, JWR. I have a black friend, who has lived in Minneapolis all his life, born and raised. A civil rights activist of long standing. He is disgusted with his liberal “allies” who after decades in the mayor’s seat and both city councils (Mpls and St, Paul) have not made any meaningful change in the policing of black communities.

    I fear that the combination of pandemic and looting will so damage the economy of lovely Minneapolis that it will become a “failed city”. I fear too, that martial law could become the norm in Minneapolis and elsewhere.

    Many people I love live in the Twin Cities. I weep for their pain.

    Carry on in grace

    1. It is not a question of black and white. Race has nothing to do with it. It is a matter of what is acceptable for the police to do to a citizen and what is not. We have gradually accepted the police serving warrants by bashing in doors in the middle of the night, throwing in flash-bang grenades and charging in in full tactical gear with fingers on the triggers even for the most non-violent and innocuous of offenses. Back in the day, police officer(s) would politely KNOCK on your door and serve you with a warrant unless they actually and truly felt that you could want to harm them. No more.
      And we have gradually accepted the militarization of local police without a need for it. A town near where I live has a full SWAT team complete with vehicle(s) for a town of about 10,000 . It has been used twice that I know of, both times to arrest people for minor misdemeanors- arrests that happened without resistance or threats of violence- except on the part of the police.
      We have several major problems concerning the police, in my opinion. 1) the police are treated differently when it comes to assaulting people. A policeman who assaults someone, in the unlikely event that he or she is ever charged and found guilty ( ! ) receive much less punishment than a person who assaults a policeman in the same manner or the same severity. 2) the police are free to lie their posteriors off to you when talking to you or “interviewing” you. If you lie to a cop, that is a crime even if it was unintentional. Don’t talk to the cops-ever ! 3) Cops never turn in or punish bad cops. Not for lying, not for tampering with, manufacturing, withholding, or destroying evidence. Not even for murder unless they are FORCED to. Will they ever clean up their behavior if their actions are forever excused and ignored ? No. 4) There are two sets of laws- one for the elites and favored political groups and one for the rest of us.
      Until these things are changed, No citizen is safe, whether you are black or white.

      1. That is wrong, a Police officer should be on principle punished harder especially if it´s one he abuses his authority!

        How can you unintentionally lie?
        That Concept is , i can´t understand it

          1. Don´t forbid me to speak with my Family

            OTOH what you´ve in the US don´t be held and educated to the same Standard at least Old Europe does, the “Police” in the UK definitly not included in this.

    2. Failed cities… These are words hard to imagine describing American cities, even as we all understand the mounting problems on so many fronts.

      I still believe this is winnable. It may be difficult, and there may be times when it feels as though all is lost, but all is not lost.

  5. I live in the Twin Cities, literally bordering Minneapolis. Many places here still remain Covid closed, with another round of limited reopenings tomorrow. The combination of pandemic and riots are a severe blow to a place that has felt increasingly depressing of late. The Gov/Mayor/Mayor combo did a terrible job dealing with the rioting. On Friday night my husband and I watched local coverage as one part of Minneapolis was looted and burned for almost two hours. The TV anchors begged for some official to take charge or send help. It was the first night of the Guard being here; no police, state patrol, firefighters, or National Guard showed till several places were gone. It would be hours more before the Govenor, who can barely stay away from TV, would be heard from. We watched as obvious locals, wearing flip-flops and bedroom slippers, carried packages and mail from the post office and filled their car trunks. Oh, and the chip packages from the snack machine! As the story of this is told, it will be most important here which words we use. We will not want to make anyone feel naughty for burning the city. I do not jest.

    1. “They have had a lot of time to reorganize, train, and plan…”
      So have we, brothers and sisters, so have we – and we won’t need to steal the weapons we need to protect our loved ones and property. I watched a video clip of a cop snatching his rifle right back from a terrorist who grabbed it, the punk had no idea what happened it was so fast. Another clip of a cop who immediately dotted the eye of a punk who laid a hand on his/her rifle. These terrorists – let’s be real and call them what they really are – have no clue what they’re doing. All their theoretical Marxism means diddly-squat when things get real. Some will be recognized by neighbors who are watching news feeds from other states, it probably won’t be a tickertape parade waiting for them in their neighborhood. I saw this monkey-business in South Dallas as a young man, and the same behavior in this weekend’s video clips, the terrorists are only tough in groups. Single one out and flip the numbers and their whole attitude changes.
      This ain’t about economic stress from inequity. This ain’t about black or white. This stopped being about George Floyd and another instance of police brutally murdering a man on Day 2. This is all about a Hungarian Nazi-lover who hates America so passionately that he will stop at nothing to bring us down. But if you agree, and you have Progressive Insurance, use these riots to make a big claim against one of his companies. 😉

  6. Pray for us tonight here in se Wisconsin. The protests are spilling over into the suburbs now, our stores are closed and we were told not to report to work tomorrow. We’ve been wanting to move to the redoubt for some time now, but God hasn’t allowed just yet. Trusting Him in the meantime.

    1. Same here in my corner of Illinois. Chicago has National Guard, rioting spreading out to the western, northern and southwest suburbs . This has been boiling all day long, now the sun is setting. Specific towns mentioned on news are, Aurora, Joliet, Waukegan, Tinley Park, Mattson, Orland Park and many others to numerous to mention.
      They have closed all Target, Home Depot and CVS stores. All CTA and METRA trains have been suspended (My BNSF Engineer brother was told not to report to work today, he runs one of the suburban METRA lines).

      I’m around 100 miles from Chicago so we will be okay but I’m praying hard for other family members that live closer to all of this.

      Stay safe everyone !
      Thinking of you all

        1. Once a Marine
          Thank you!! We will be fine and I got messages from both of my young Marines, they are okay too.

          I really have to stop watching all of the coverage on this as I was on my way to my parents this morning and had to pull over and grab a bag to throw up in…I think it’s from all of the stress these last couple of months and making sure everyone around me is safe.
          I think I really just need to leave it up to God.. he knows what is best and I know I have been a good person so it will all work out.

          Thank you for thinking of me, it means so much!

          You and your lovely bride stay safe also!!

          Rock on

    2. Deb, Yes, praying for your safety. Also, asking the Lord to provide a way to the Redoubt, as I pray the same for myself. May He give you peace and safety.

        1. Deb, your comment blessed me this morning.
          I’m praying for sooner, rather than later!
          Was thinking of you this morning before I opened my eyes, and prayed for you before starting the day. Since we are strangers, I guess it is evidence of how precious you are to the Lord. Let’s wrestle with Him in prayer like Jacob, until He blesses us!

  7. “Wilderness camps to $50,000 RV rentals …”
    “Scared Americans Desperate to Travel Are Buying Up ‘Covid Campers’”

    Interesting articles. As the sole nomad on SB (that I know of), I can say that anyone who choses this path for fun will probably have fun. But, anyone who choses this path for survival doesn’t have a chance.

    1. @ K

      Agreed. As a former nomad for nearly 3 years (until a few months ago), I strongly believe that one has to have a home base and a community. After a few years of nomadism, I know for sure I’d never want to be a refugee or even have to use my BOB. I sort of understand why these people are buying campers but I think they’ve got more money than common sense!

    2. K,
      We built our ExpeditionVehicle from a commercial truck in 2003.
      We designed it after camping for decades.
      Yes, the learning curve is gentle during peaceful times.

      Yuppies and millennials spending tens of thousands on RecreationVehicles, then expecting to blend DURING THE REMAINDER OF THIS COLLAPSE?

      Our network led us to a ‘workkamper’ gig on a farm near Eugene Oregon.
      Is the ‘old hippie town’ peaceful during May 2020?
      It’s less peaceful than we hoped.
      This weekend, we heard of bussed-in agitators destroying downtown businesses and burning equipment during riots.

      Local LawEnforcementOfficials locked arms in front of their vehicles to prevent rioters from forcing them to walk back to the cop-shop from the potentially embarrassing four flat tires.
      Nobody in uniform wants to walk through enemy territory at night.

      Wal*Mart shut their doors at 4:15pm Sunday.
      The doors were barricaded with pallets of potting soil emplaced by forklifts WHILE SHOPPERS AND STAFF WERE ORDERED OUT.
      I was inside, and heard the ‘ten minutes to get to a register’ and ‘anybody not in the check-out line by 4pm must evacuate the premises’ announcements.

      So, yuppies and millennials in nice new RecreationVehicles?
      What are their new neighbors going to think?
      They must camp in town or private property, they cannot camp in Oregon forests after Oregon governess Kate ‘Moonbeam’ Brown ordered the forests closed to camping.

      I am vastly amused.

      1. Yea another Nomad!

        LargeMarge I lived in Eugene for 15 years beginning in 1989 and it was a beautiful, clean town back then. We swam, inner-tubed and fished in the (then pristine) Willamette River. I taught the 5:55am workout classes at the local gym in those early days, and I had both firefighters and hippies in my classes. We loved working out together and had more in common than not.

        Fast-forward to today and your description of Eugene breaks my heart. I still get current news from Eugene about the increasing homeless encampments dotted along the Willamette River and throughout Eugene. They were not there 16 years go. Society collapses very quickly. Thank you Federal Reserve for ruining such a pretty town.

    3. From K’s post: “But, anyone who choses this path for survival doesn’t have a chance.”

      A good point. This is the difference between the fantasy of prepping life, and the reality of prepping life!

  8. The chaos is unreal but I do not know why the authorities do not shut down cell coverage in the effected areas. Also, do not cell phones give their location and owners ID when they are using them to know where to go to burn and loot?

    I would think the Fed’s could easily with the NSA know everyone that were in each city and where and at what time. But they obviously do not, why?

    Lastly, I know on my home insurance that riots or insurrections are not covered for any damage. If that holds true to business that have burned down, its a total loss. So can a business owner sue the local government since they told their police to stand down and just let destruction of private property continue.

    1. “I would think the Fed’s could easily with the NSA know everyone that were in each city and where and at what time. But they obviously do not, why?”

      They can’t do this yet (that I know of). This is fundamentally a big machine learning problem (my profession). However, this will be technically possible at some point soon. This is why the government is doing cloud computing deals with Amazon and Microsoft. One can only hope that FISA gets a haircut before then. I’m certain the professional rioters are using Signal, which is not breakable (yet).

    2. As conjecture for the comment record:
      It’s possible for ‘outside agitators’ to use appropriately called ‘Burner Phones’ when calling each other. [Burner Phones are sold all over the USA]
      Many people will show up for a protest. Just a few look for trouble and the opportunity to steal things. … Even a fewer in number have to be organized ‘outside agitators’ to ~start most of the violence.

      “With the rioting that is occurring in many of our cities around the country, the voices of peaceful and legitimate protests have been hijacked by violent radical elements.
      Groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate, violent, and extremist agenda.” [Said yesterday, by the United States Attorney General]

      1. That is the Standard conservative speech to “delegitimize” legitimate Protests About reasonable and legitimate grievances.
        Metternich used the same speak.

  9. I’m not sure how we’re getting protests in Canada over this – but we are.

    I am in total agreement with the protesters. I’ve seen the video. Whether he was wearing a uniform or not, that was murder. This may not have escalated to this point if the police/mayor had moved swiftly to ascertain the facts, and arrest the guilty parties. But, as has been mentioned above, between the “code of silence” and the delay to act in any meaningful way, trust is destroyed between the police, and the people they are sworn to protect.

    As for the rioters. They have absolutely nothing to do with the protest for George Floyd as far as I’m concerned. They are Antifa, anarchists, and criminals looking for an excuse to loot and burn. It could all be stopped very easily. It would just take somebody with the guts to say, “LOOTERS WILL BE SHOT!” and carry through on it. If this would have been done 20 years ago we wouldn’t be in this situation now, but our elected leaders have always been gutless.

      1. I guess that’s where my Canadian “red neck” shows through. Should a mayor have that kind of power – probably not. It seems like a lot of them are already acting like little dictators. The last thing we need is for them to have more power. Must be a little testy on a Monday morning.

        I’m just sick and tired of criminals, and that’s what these rioters are, being able to ruin peoples lives and livelihoods, and simply walk away with a slap on the wrist – if that. As a society it is time that we quit coddling criminals, and making excuses for their behavior. It is time that people quit blaming “society” for all their problems and took a little personal responsibility. It’s past time that we returned to some sort of moral base. Right and wrong are not up for debate.

  10. Just a little info from North Carolina- I stopped by a Walmart in a relatively small town today to buy a few odds and ends, and when I went by the sporting goods counter to buy a couple of boxes of 22 shorts noticed that ALL of the guns, ammunition, and pellet/bb guns had been pulled from the shelves. I asked the worker there, who I know, if it had been pulled due to the looting, he said yes. I asked if it would still be possible to buy a couple of boxes of 22 shorts, he said no, they aren’t selling any of that stuff right now. All of the electronics had been taken off the shelves too. And this is in a small, relatively rural town.

  11. I heard that there is a curfew in Lincoln Nebraska. Has anyone out there heard of any riots there ? It sounds ridiculous to me that there would be actual riots in Nebraska.
    I just googled it and yes- there were riots in the Cornhusker state. Now I’ve seen everything !

    1. I read about this incident in Omaha, so it could be relevant.

      “Omaha bar owner Jake Gardner will not be charged with death of black protester James Scurlock.”

      “Prosecutors said video showed James Scurlock was shot dead after he jumped on Jake Gardner and it was self-defense.”

      Scurlock jumped on bar owner Gardner’s back when he was on the ground. IMO, while both had criminal backgrounds, Gardner showed integrity by pleading with the kid to stop and get off his back. Scurlock did not stop. Gardner fired backward.

      Scurlock’s decision to keep attacking Gardner got himself killed.

  12. RE: The Lone Canadian: You are right, looters should be shot. The rule of law matters, the whole thing is crazy, put down the looters, and rioters, and let the peaceful protesters be. It is not rocket science. I don’t live near a big city, but they are around St Louis, Kansas City, Little Rock, etc. Nobody wants any part of this. But you have to make a stand, and stand for law and order, allowing the burning of a police station and the multiple police cars like they did (and stealing their weapons) sends the wrong message. I am telling ya, folks down here will not tolerate this, if it comes here, there will be pain. I’m thinking law enforcement thinks the same way,

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