Preparedness Notes for Monday — May 25, 2020

Today marks Memorial Day, 2020. Never forget the lives that have been lost, in the defense of our nation.

On May 25th, 1787, The Constitutional Convention convened in Philadelphia with George Washington presiding. The task of the peaceful overthrow of the new American government as it had been defined by the Article of Confederation eventually led to the United States Constitution that is so abused today.

Reader Matt X. wrote with this sad news: Dave Canterbury’s house burned down! Dave Canterbury runs a wilderness school that teaches bushcraft called the Pathfinder School, located in the Midwest.

On May 15th his house burned down and his family got out with just the clothes on their backs. There’s a Gofundme set up to help them recover, here.

You can see the husk of Dave’s home here.

Please pray for the Canterbury family, and help them out, if you can.

I’ve been getting a lot queries about my upcoming nonfiction book release. The title is: The Ultimate Prepper’s Survival Guide. The book’s Foreword was written by Michael Z. Williamson.  It is 240 pages, and profusely illustrated with color photos. The binding is wire-o style (so it lays flat, when open), and it measures 10.5 x 11.25 inches. The publisher is Welbeck Publishing, in London. The printing for the American Edition has just begun in Hong Kong, and meanwhile the UK Edition is being printed in Dubai. To allow time for traditional oceanic shipping of tens of thousands copies in the initial print run, it will not be released in the U.S. until October 20th, 2020. Please WAIT to order your copies until the official release day. The goal is to generate publicity from the spike in sales, to push it to the top of the sales rankings. I call this a “Book Bomb Day.” That is what catapulted three of my previous books to Amazon’s Top Ten, and into the New York Times  Bestsellers List. Note that I won’t be selling any copies directly. But The Ultimate Prepper’s Survival Guide should be available at major book stores and from all major online book sellers. Also note that a special edition just for Costco stores that includes a 16-page bonus chapter with my Lists of Lists will be available on August 26th, 2020. Many Thanks, – JWR

Are you by chance looking for a modestly-priced retreat in North Idaho with two houses and room for two families, space to establish multiple gardens, and sufficient room to park several vehicles–or to build garages, barns, poultry houses, or shops?  Then check out this new listing at North Idaho Homes in the Redoubt.


  1. I am actively looking for redoubt property and I can tell you that it is a desirable area of the country and will be more so in the future. Western properties are more expensive than those east of the Mississippi because there is more land historically available and a dense population. Privacy is difficult to find. That is how the United States was “developed” early on.

    I encourage readers to help Dave Canterbury through his tough time. I, too, suffered a major home fire in the 1980’s that destroyed everything. In my case, I hired a licensed contractor to install a wood stove; the chimney was defective (our insurance company sued the manufacturer) and caused an attic fire the first time we used the wood stove. I got the family out and fought the fire to no avail. It would be beneficial to us all if we can eventually learn the cause of the fire.

    Finally, I am thinking of and silently praying for fellow veterans on this day.

  2. JWR-
    Thanks for the update on the book. I can’t wait to get it.
    I really liked “Tools for Survival”. This book doesn’t seem to generation as much discussion as How to survive TEOTWAWKI.

    Would really like to see you write an advanced, as in for someone who has been prepping for a decade or more with beans, bullets and bandaids. So of like a Preppers on steroids book! So instead of writing about food storage write about food production- animals, plants. In depth retreat/homestead security. Large scale water collection and distribution in a grid down- also more on alternate energy including use of animals for power. Think Oxen.

  3. An never forget the veterans lives that have been lost due to neglect, fraud, mismanagement, apathy, and criminal intent at the Veterans Affairs. Killing us off when we are old is easy, but not honorable, or noble. But if someone can “earn” a bonus, or money is some how to be made by putting one of us in the ground, US govt. bureaucrats stand ready to go into action.

  4. Canterbury has a small cabin and massive cave out back of his property. If anyone can survive this catastrophe, he can… I hate to have to dispel this myth, especially at this time, but he released a video in 2014 where he apologizes and vaguely admits that he was never an Army Sniper, nor a Scout, nor a Ranger. He was just an Army Military Policeman. This is why the Dual Survival show was canceled. This fact was discovered during production.

    I still remember his first video on You Tube, and more than 750 subsequent videos. I have been a long time fan and student of Canterbury, and several other accomplished bushcrafters. I could also recommend Ray Mears for the essential bushcraft skills. Bushcraft could be helpful to a survivalist/prepper, but to it in into perspective, it not as important as knowing how to garden, or how to operate a firearm. I’m currently heavy into cramming for gardening, specifically cold weather varieties.

    There are 47 David Canterbury videos from his Journey of the Yurt series that I believe could be the most helpful to the survivalist, who may one day loose their home, and must subsist in primitive conditions, long term in the forest. Christians may one day be hunted down an pushed out of their homes. It is good to learn how to adapt to a simple, or pioneer life style, and that you too can thrive in, and be happy in a worst case scenario. The series is engaging. Hopefully it won’t cut into your gardening time. I got way too many tomato starts.

  5. Dave Canterbury has a video about, ~The Small Common Man Trapping Kit~ on YouTube. 9 minutes long. His snares will work occasionally.
    But the ‘go to’ trap for almost guaranteed success is the common >Rat Trap [The bigger version of the common mouse trap]. It works for other small animals too.

  6. 1. Dave Canterbury was someone I had never heard of before, so I watched the above mentioned video from 2014.

    2. Next, I donated on the Go Fund Me link provided.

    Dave reminded me of one of my favorite literary characters, Hester Prynne, from the “Scarlet Letter,” written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I read this in high school and was completely inspired by Hester. Her scarlet A was there for all to see.

    Every. Single. Day.

    She lived and worked in her small community, with humility and service to others. Literally, she helped and ministered to the very people who shamed and shunned her. Oh, that I could be so godly.

    Twila Paris sang a song in the late 80’s called, “Humility,” that was transformational in my heart to be real with others about myself, for good or bad. Here are the lyrics:


    Humility, that is what You ask of me
    So, dear Lord, please let me be
    Known for what I am
    Reality, letting others see in me
    Only what is really me
    Stripped of all the sham

    Open up my life, let them look inside
    Open up my eyes, help me realize
    That all they need to see in me is Your humility

    O now I see, I was never meant to be
    Such a slave to vanity, caught up in my pride
    Transparency, letting Your life shine through me
    Keeping my heart clear and clean, not a thing to hide

    Open up my life, let them look inside
    Open up my eyes, help me realize
    That all they need to see in me is Your humility

    Open up my life, let them look inside
    Open up my eyes, help me realize
    That all they need to see in me is Your humility

  7. DANGER,if one of the new digital”smart meters” has been installed on your home/property get it removed and a analog style reinstalled. I lost my home to fire caused by one. While in the hotel(insurance companies use the same housing contractor) I met 6 victims of the same fire source. They are a clear and present danger on your home. Also have a minimal second cache of basics in case of other dangers.

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