The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“I saw that publishing all over the world was deeply constrained by self-censorship, economics and political censorship, while the military-industrial complex was growing at a tremendous rate, and the amount of information that it was collecting about all of us vastly exceeded the public imagination.” – Julian Assange


  1. Julian Assange is currently being terrorized in Belmarsh prison,UK on orders of US .gov for being a journalist(1st Amend protected) who exposed deep state criminal actions. Maybe Gen. Flynn’s exoneration will allow him to be freed and he can assist in deep state prosecutions.

  2. I don’t think that he was necessarily a bad person. I do agree he is being mistreated unjustly. But where I disagree is that had he the knowledge of something that would have destroyed the U.S., perhaps a military or defense weakness, he would have gladly published it and been gleeful if it destroyed us. He was not a friend or simply someone doing good things. He also would have published names of spies and other informants and published military plans even if it resulted in deaths to our military. I kinda take actions like that personally. He was no hero.

    1. Except, you are making assumptions with no evidence in fact. You are speculating what Assange would have done or could have done or might have done that he did in fact not do. Making public the actions of our military that are morally repugnant is a good thing. What is happening to him in prison is also morally repugnant. The judge in the case should be arrested for condoning his torture. Our government is guilty of crimes against humanity and should be called out for that crime. I am very disappointed in Trump, as he has not interceded and stopped this criminal persecution of Julian Assange. His only crime is telling the truth. He should be rewarded not murdered.

      1. Tokyo Rose’s only crime was telling the truth too.

        Assange and his associates have put American service men and contractors in danger. He did it knowingly and without regard to it hurting our country. Let him ask to tell all he knows in exchange for a light sentence and maybe he will get out with time served.

        1. “Tokyo Rose’s only crime was telling the truth too.”
          Which Tokyo Rose? There were several. Only one paid the price. The one who did pay the price was eventually let go and lived a quiet life right here in America.

          “Assange and his associates have put American service men and contractors in danger.”
          No, the government of the united States, in the form of Bush-43, Chaney, and Rumsfeld, put American service men and contractors in danger. We had no business being in Afghanistan or Iraq in the first place. Our only JUST war should have been with Saudi Arabia, the actual State sponsor of terrorism in the united States. We couldn’t do that, too much money and power for Bush-43, Chaney, and Rumsfeld from their relationships with the Saudi ruling class.

          “Let him ask to tell all he knows in exchange for a light sentence and maybe he will get out with time served.”
          He has offered to tell all he knows, as long as he is allowed to tell the whole truth, publicly and without restraint. The government of the united States has summarily rejected the offer. There are factions in our government that lust for his death, and only his death will satisfy their evil lusts. They are doing everything within their power to keep him silent.

          You are on the wrong side on this one.

  3. The quote by Julian Assange reminds me of an article from 1989 that I just read in an old magazine I found while decluttering (sigh).

    The article’s name is “Who decides what is news? (Hint: It’s not journalists.)”. The author is Walter Karp, who wrote quite a lot about things the deep state wanted kept hidden. I have not been able to find that particular article, maybe you can.

    Three articles about him and a short bibliography follow:

    Karp’s thinking might appeal to you, or rock your world.

    Carry on, in grace

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