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The Murder Hornets Have Arrived

Several readers sent this: Tracking the ‘Murder Hornet’: A Deadly Pest Has Reached North America

Trump to Name Names in Wuhan

Linked over at the news aggregation site: White House Will Release ‘Conclusive’ Evidence Coronavirus Originated In Wuhan Lab, Trump Says.

Where to Find Amish Markets

Reader Cheryl X. wrote to ask about how to find Amish markets.  These are surplus grocery stores that specialize in foods in closed-out promotional packaging, ding and dent cans and packaged, and slightly past expiry date packaged foods and candies. Depending on state and locals laws, they also sell things like freshly-made rolled butter, raw cow milk, raw goat milk, frozen Hutterite chickens, and much more. Some High Tech Amish folks put together this handy online store-finder directory.

Facing Meat Shortages, Americans Go Hunting

Reader G.G. sent us a link to this article circulated by Reuters: Facing meat shortages, some Americans turn to hunting during pandemic

North Texas Rancher: Starvation is Coming

Reader Tim J. sent us this:  Starvation is coming- Rancher Explains

Mutant Coronavirus Strain is Even More Contagious

A mutant coronavirus has emerged, even more contagious than the original, study says

Canada Bans 1,500 Black Rifle Models

Scout sent us this: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enacted a ban on 1,500 “assault-style” weapons following the Nova Scotia mass shooting. This latest ban was “by regulation” (fiat), rather than by debated legislation. It will now be illegal to sell these guns, and any person in possession of them will have a two year amnesty period to turn in their weapons before facing criminal charges. (Trudeau says they will be “fairly compensated”. But don’t believe him. He is a well-documented liar, when it comes to guns. )

And here is a complete list of all the banned guns. It even includes some bolt action rifles.

JWR’s Comment:  And of course with mandatory registration long in place up in Canuckistan, authorities will know exactly where to look for them. Ground truth:  Registration leads to confiscation.

City Demands Details on Members from Churches

WND reports: City demands churches turn over names, addresses, phone numbers! (A hat tip to reader D.S.V. for the link.)

‘It’s About Control’: Franklin Graham Sounds Alarm

Another from WND: ‘It’s about control’: Franklin Graham sounds alarm on government’s true motive.  A quote:

“”It’s becoming more obvious to people that the response of some in the government is not just about protecting lives, but it’s about control. Never before in our history have those who are well been quarantined rather than those who are sick! I don’t want to minimize the fact that the coronavirus is dangerous. We need to take precautions and we need to exercise personal responsibility,” he continued. “But we also need to be cautious before we say yes to every ban proposed and agree to anything that we think might help protect us from the virus, to make sure that we’re not letting go of some of our constitutional rights.

“Our response to the coronavirus pandemic could greatly affect our future and our freedoms,” he said.”

The Coming Revolution of Nasal Light Therapy

Readers A.D. and D.S.V. both sent this article that seems to confirm some conjecture by President Trump that was denigrated by the mainstream media: The Coming Revolution of Nasal Light Therapy

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  1. The number 2 weapon of choice in Canada is knives, number 3 is beatings, number 4 is strangulation. Are they going to ban knives, like the pansy English and then what about hands? Are these idiots going to ban hands?
    These are deep seated issues caused by the globalist education and mental health systems, the destruction of morals and the attacks on Christianity.
    It will get worse no matter what is banned. We can and will use sticks and stones to kill each other.

  2. You couldn’t go hunting or fishing here. The DNR made it clear that anyone caught would be arrested and their gear taken. Today, they have lifted that and we can go hunting or fishing for whatever is in season, but they warned against doing it out of season, again threatening arrests and confiscation.
    I’m going fishing. Catfish and Snakeheads are always in season.

  3. Regarding the article on Amish markets; when I read the sentence about the link to a website that stated “Some High Tech Amish folks put together handy online store finder directory” I was immediately suspect, as the Amish community I am aware of does not do high tech. Yes some Amish orders allow use of cell phones but high tech is not how I would describe the Amish I know. Smart yes, but not high tech. And regarding access to a true Amish store, it is generally limited to the ‘English’ they know, at least in our neck of the woods. During the recent hoarding rush in the grocery stores the Amish closed their stores to ‘outsiders’.
    From my experience I find Amish stores that are marketed to the English are tourist traps. It’s important to understand there are differences between Amish orders. As with any new community it’s best to build a relationship with them and not see them as resources to be tapped. And if a true relationship with the Amish is established you will have access to a wealth of knowledge far greater than just entry into an Amish store.

  4. I happen to live in Kansas City where the article claims you have to turn in lists of attendees for church. That’s not exactly true. The original guideline was that attendance is kept and if someone that attended that service tests positive, the attendance could be used by the health department to contact everyone that they had exposure. It has since been modified that the church can do the contacting and not hand over the roster if they want. We will be having church….and surprise! we actually kept attendance before all of this, so, no change for us.

  5. Re mutant Corinavirus strain: has been following the outbreak for 3 months now. Dr. Chris Martenson is a pathologist with a prepper viewpoint, and gives scientific updates and advice.

    Stay home if you can, wear a facemask in public, and plant a big garden are his main recommendations.

  6. Amish: The Amish market listed in Kansas, Yoder, is about all we use now for meat. It is a bit more expensive, but the meat is tender, tastes better, and worth the extra cost. Their bundles help fill up the freezer until I can get some hunting and fishing in this summer.
    Laser Light Therapy: Perhaps I missed it, but where can you get one of these things without losing your precious metals?

  7. On gun confiscation and church attendance record requirements:
    Mala en se criminals are being released because of the virus. Even violent offenders. But mala prohibita offenders are in danger of being imprisoned (some already are) in the same system that is letting the real criminals go. And these “prohibita” laws are prohibited from being the law.

    That makes about as much sense as running someone like Joe Biden to beat Trump because (song that doesn’t end) Trump’s a “racist sexist misogynist.” Will the real racist sexist misogynist please stand up? Yep he will right on the dem ticket.

  8. I’m waiting for true meat shortages. Whenever that comes, there will suddenly be no more coons, possums or foxes. I’m looking forward to that day.

  9. Contact Tracing.

    Took the wife out last night to a decent Mexican restaurant. The waitress handed me a note pad and said they needed a name and phone number….

    Holden McGrainne

    She never batted an eye.

    1. Did you pay with a credit card or debit card? Because if so you might have well just used your real name… And possibly opened yourself up to several criminal charges if there is an out break that involves tracing at that establishment.

      Did you bring your cellphone in? Did you have location services on? Again same thing.

      Did the place have cameras? Was your mask on? Hat forward or wearing a broad brimmed hat?

      In short did you act as a con on the run? Or was this just a tickle my fancy thing?

      1. I have one credit card and 4 atm cards. I have never used them as a debit card, don’t even know how to. I asked my credit union to only give me a ATM card and not one that could be used for debit. But only one credit union was able to do that. I only use my credit card for online purchases which I rarely make, and for airline or hotel reservation. I haven’t written a check in over 40 years. I almost only use cash.
        My cell phone is on my bedside table shut off. It stays there for months at a time and always shut off. It is awesome, I never get crank calls. When I finally turn it on I sometimes have a text or message which I simply delete without looking or listening to them.

        A friend recently said to me “if you don’t have your phone with you and your car breaks down what will you do?” A fair question I guess but if I had the phone I would still do the same exact thing; fix it or walk to where I could get what I needed. I’m too cheap to call a tow truck (and my insurance covers it). I guess I’m still kind of living in the 50’s, but I’m happy there.

        1. Exactly. I do hard cash only. I keep my phone’s GPS turned off and opt out of all location I only put into my account the amount I’m about to spend online. My wallet is an RFID blocking one. And that is just how I am for normal.

          Now once tracing starts I’m getting a broad brimmed hat (cowboy wide fedora (it goes with my work Boots so no major looks) and my phone will be off every time I go to a tracing place. Plus a few more.

          1. “your phone can be tracked even when it’s off”

            Maybe there is a phone on the market that can be tracked when it is off but mine can’t. It is old and cheap. I’m gonna say that this meme that a phone can be tracked when it is off is 95% untrue as ion 95% of phones cannot be tracked when they are off.

    2. I’m thinking the last name got auto-corrected…

      Jenny, I got your number…

      I’ve also got a bunch of aliases for cases like this. I’ve

  10. Hmm, my father grew up in the 20’s and the dirty 30’s ( WW2 vet ) told me more than once while growing up in the upper mid west they / he very seldom saw any deer at all. ( he grew up in the James River Valley area ) It wasn’t until the mid to late 50’s that the state started allowing deer hunting as the deer population had come back enough to be hunted. Can you imagine what would happen the any of the wild life in a 25 to 50 mile radius of any medium to large size city. Deer can be very successful at hiding, especially when there is a lot of hunting pressure, and not to mention how many of these people that are going out to hunting, actually now what to do when they get to the field and afterwards if they in fact do get something. Me, I’ve hunted ever since I was a teenager, with a 20 some year lapse when discovering girls and starting a family and career, having hunted for the last 30 years. Have I been successful every time, no, but I’ve had some really nice and peaceful nature walks.

  11. I have a former close friend who is retired union democrat who shoots trap and skeet on a regular basis and is a die hard deer hunter, recently told me that he had sent money to some organization for the registration, confiscation, and banning of all AR-15’s, no exceptions at all. When I tried to tell him about the history of his 99 savage and his ” new ” shotgun being a weapon of war, he hung up on me.

  12. If the news about food shortage potential can be believed, we will be eating pretty near anything that walks, crawls, slithers, flies, or swims, including each other, before this is over. Wildlife will evaporate if it becomes the primary food source. People will hunt big game with dogs if they have to, and deer won’t have anywhere to hide then. Poaching will pretty much become the law of the land. I suspect trapping will be more of the norm than actually going out and shooting things. It is far easier, much more productive, and a lot more discreet. I expect to see big bruins hanging from neck snares in trees some day if this keeps up. Can you imagine the sight of a 10 foot Brownie hanging in a tree 20 feet off the ground? We got a lot of em up here.

    1. If the news is to be believed…..

      Did anyone read the article about hunting? The idea that a first time hunter is going to draw a elk tag on their first try….HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

      1. That all depends on the state. if you are a resident hunter, in states like Idaho and Montana, for most hunting zones you simply go to your local grocery store or sporting goods store and pay $15 to $30 to buy a buck deer tag and and/or a bull elk tag. It is only the optional doe deer tags and cow elk tags that are in a lottery system.

        1. True enough. My point was more about how biased that particular media article is. One person wanting to hunt elk, in New Mexico, which does have a lottery, does not equal proof of food shortages because more American’s are hunting.

          Many people I know that are spring hunting are doing so because they have a bunch of extra-time because of the lock downs.

      2. Muddykid, I am with you on this one. I called BS on the first time tag draw. Plus he has to wait until November to use it. That is a long lead time for a meat shortage now.

  13. Get an 80% lower jig and all the lowers you can afford. I’ve done 8 and if I can make them anyone can.. I used 5d tactical and could not be happier.

  14. 1) It is the NRA leaders who allowed the gun control faction to control the mass shooting stories. WHY did NO ONE in the NRA — neither Wayne Lapierre or any of the other highly paid chairwarmers at HQ — point out that the mass shootings occur because the Democratic leaders have let the murderers know they can get away with it.

    Mass shooters should be put on trial within 2 months of the shooting and –unless their lawyers can provide some defense — executed publicly within 1 month thereafter. NO psychological defense allowed because (a) psychologists are full of cr*p — 50 percent of their published findings can’t be duplicated and (b) anyone able to pull off a mass shooting should be deemed mentally competent by statute

    It was two Democrats on the Supreme Court who ruled the death penalty is unconstitutional —not on the basis of any law but just because they said so. Even though they eventually were overruled and replaced, Democrat judges have made it almost impossible to carry out executions in a timely fashion — there is a murderer in California convicted of raping and murdering dozens of young men and sentenced to death 40 years ago who is still in jail.

    WHY do we put up with this? Why do we tolerate a “News Media” in which the national discussions are run and controlled by bald-faced liars? People who assumed Fox News and the NRA would mount a defense have seen both those organizations take a dive the past 4 years — acting like Woody Allen fighting Mike Tyson.

    1. Capital punishment does little to deter crime. Normal people who kill another person (think males killing ex’s and women they date) frequently do it in fits of passion, fits of anger, when they lose emotional control, when they aren’t thinking straight. They are not thinking about what will happen afterwards or they would not act. Criminals willing to gun people down in the street don’t really have hope or care what happens in the future. Neither jail nor capital punishment scare them. Many of the active shooters attack expecting, planning or wanting to die. They plan to kill as many as they can, or to kill those they have a grudge with and many actually kill themselves when cornered. Capital punishment isn’t going to deter them. Capital punishment is a failure. Find a solution that works.

      1. It eliminates recidivism. And part of the reason it doesn’t appear to be a deterrent is that it is almost never used, and when it is, it isn’t used in a timely fashion. So dismissing capital punishment as ineffective when it’s not used is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        1. Nobody has the wisdom to write a law so perfect that it will stop a bad person from doing bad things.

          But any fool can write a law good enough to stop him from doing it again! Beyond a reasonable doubt of course.

        2. Agree it stops the same person from commiting crimes in the future. So does life in prison. As to a deterance, you are thinking like a sane, emotionally controlled, rational person who has hope and something to lose. Just the threat of prison is probably enough to deter you from killing someone. Now think like the guy whose emotions are out of control, full of anger at his wife or ex-girlfriend, they are not thinking rationally so neither prison or death is a deterant. Or think about the gang member who commits to die for his gang, who has little hope for a future outside his gang, neither prison nor death are a deterant for them either. Next think about the poor intercity person, hungry, unskilled, no job prospect and no jobs in their neighborhoods, no hope for the future, grew up around violence, dodging bullets, they are just thinking about today, neither prison or death really deters them either. If you really want to reduce violence and gun deaths find a way that works. It does no good if the policy you like, the policy that fits your ideology, doesn’t work. My real problem beyond its lack of effectiveness is the bible. John 8:1-11, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” This means humans are not fit to judge others and condemn them to death since none of us are without sin. 2nd problem, There have been quite a few people on death row who have been exonerated, they were innocent of the crime they were convicted of. Our justice system has serious flaws sending innocent people to jail and letting guilty people walk free.

          1. Actually, life in prison does not stop someone from committing future crimes. Incarcerated inmates commit additional crimes every day, against each other and other inmates. I spent 8 years as a State Correctional Officer and saw it first hand. I was assaulted on multiple occasions, witnessed other assaults, and investigated numerous crimes behind the wall, including sexual assaults. Furthermore, keeping people incarcerated for life…which rarely means their biological lifespan…costs taxpayers billions that could be better spent. As to your argument regarding deterrence…baloney. History has clearly demonstrated that the death penalty is a deterrent when it’s applied. And I think it should be applied to premeditated murder, rape, forcible sodomy, and arson (in situations involving occupied structures or a structure that one would reasonably believe to be occupied). Not just “gun deaths”, as if death by a bullet is more heinous than any other method. And premeditation includes any of those crimes committed in the course of another crime.

            As to exonerations, those are few and far between, but capital convictions should be by a jury and beyond all doubt. And prosecutorial misconduct should be punishable by the same punishment as the crime for which they were attempting to prosecute someone they knew was innocent.

            Finally, as to your Biblical argument, Christ was referring to hypocrisy in that situation, knowing that the Pharisees were merely trying to trap Him. He also emphasized that He did not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it. God’s commandments regarding murder are crystal clear throughout Scripture, including Romans 13, which explicitly gives the authority for capital punishment to secular authorities. Scripture interprets Scripture. In order to truly understand God’s will, one must study the entire Scripture in context and in prayer, not merely choose specific passages.

        3. Francis, I’ve heard reliable 2nd hand info on the county prison one county over and it matches your description. It’s described as an environment that saps everyone inside (inmates and guards) of their humanity and goodness. My friend was eventually able to get his son a better job.

          I looked for authoritative evidence on effectiveness of the dealth penalty. The studies don’t exist, too many flaws in methodology, not enough people put to death, etc. I go back to an analysis of motives and how people think when they kill, something you haven’t addressed or refuted. I don’t have military training, but the military commander, the person playing a game, or the person driving a car all need to know how their enemy, opponent, or other drivers think and behave to predict their attack strategy, game move or where they will be going in their car. Much can be learned by putting yourself in the shoes of others (I’m one of those people who can frequently argue both sides of an issue even if I think one is right). You should do it for the people who use a gun to commit violence. How do those people think? What motivates them? What inspires them? What do they love? What do they have to live for? Are they thinking rationally? Are they ruled by emotion, like anger or jealousy? Are they in personal control?

          The jury system is flawed. It convicts innocent people and doesn’t convict guilty people. Lawyers and how much money you have influence the outcome. People really aren’t very good an analyzing evidence or figuring out what is true and what is false impacting jury decisions. Juries aren’t allowed to ask questions. Lawyers on both side intentionally try to deceive and don’t present important evidence to the jury to get their client off or to convict the defendant. Even our memories are flawed. We frequently can’t remember all the details of past events so our mind fills in the blanks with what seem like it might have happened creating new memories. Faces become blurred, etc. I think lawyers on both sides need more discipline when they misbehave.

          The bible can be used to prove anything between the new and old testaments. People interpret it according to their biases and what they want to read, so I seek out others when necessary. My favorite is a friend at work, deacon at church, born again, down to earth guy who lives scripture and it shows in how he treats God’s children but I’m in a hurry tonight so I went to the internet. Following your advise I found the following analysis that looks at scripture the way you recommend.
          I’ll stick with the teachings of Christ on this one.

  15. R.E. the Murder Hornet, I read an article about them earlier this week. Seems Japanese honeybees have developed a defense for them. When a hornet invades the hive, the honeybees envelop it in a big mass and all start some kind of vibrating motion that produce alot of heat. The hornet can’t get out and literally cooks to death. I imagine US beekeepers will start importing Japanese honeybees now, or soon.

    1. I think that north America has enough predation to keep these in check. Not to mention I’m hoping that they might like to eat whitefly but sadly I doubt thier range will allow them to get far enough south for that.

  16. Recent three day survey of 133 hospitals showed 66% of new hospitalized patients were from stay at home people (retired, unemployed, etc.) Antibody testing shoes at least 10% of my rural county has had covid 19. This puts out death rate at .05%.

    1. Do you have data from a random sample of your county, not just the people who felt they needed to be tested? If yes, have you followed those people over time to determine how many died? Its tricky obtaining good data. If not your data set isn’t useful. Classic Garbage in garbage out problem.

  17. For those living in Montana, just heard about the weekly food give aways at town halls, apparently made possible from money from the Federal government. Just passing this along…

  18. Ref: Americans turning to hunting. Coming to age in the late 70s and early 80s I can remember going on another boring hunt. Why was it boring? 40-45 years ago spotting a deer was a amazing feat and a glimpse of a buck was like seeing Bigfoot. Now the deer at back to full pest level. However this numbers will dwindle faster then fresh bat meat in Wuhan. The hunting would end up being a slaughter for just the back strap. Private land owners will be overrun with Venison Hordes. How far down this road will we as a Republic travel down? How long until the road get too hard for the unprepared to be able journey? Of course the real equation is what will be our collective destination once we arrive. The real shame of it all is the fact so many didnt take the time to prepare (All Hazards) financially, materiel, educational and most importantly spiritually.

  19. Do not know about elsewhere but here in Pennsylvania anybody with 20 acres has beef out back. People do not realize that a lot of beef is grass raised by families, sent to auction then fattened up for the the slaughter house. There are small family owned butcher shops that can take care of that beef. Contact a family and purchase a side or a quarter. Same with pigs, lamb and goat. Quit depending on the news, the government, the box stores, the local groceries putting more fear and intimidation in your life.

  20. Saw this on another blog, “Just to get ahead of things, drinking pesticides will not prevent murder hornets from attacking you.” Just sayin’.

  21. Don’t bother with fancy schemes to hide your guns. It’s a safe bet that 99% of the people in Europe that were shipped to death camps did not own a gun. It doesn’t matter. It’s not time to bury them. It’s time to dig them up.

  22. Yes, it’s true. If the militarized local cops or the UN peacekeeping forces come to the door, you can be sure that they will be armed with the best that your tax dollars can provide. You go ahead and answer the door with your revolver or shotgun.

  23. Gun ban in Canada

    On April 23,2018 In Toronto, On Canada

    Alek Minassian killed 10 people and injured 16

    With a cube van. Does this mean the Trudeau is going to ban all cube vans because the can be used as weapons of mass destruction?

    In 2017 there were 266 homicides in Canada with all guns. The average number of Canadians killed by drunk drivers each year is between 1200 to 1500.
    Should the Canadian government ban all alcohol sales as well as banning all vehicles.

    Some information for my American friends regarding the Canadian ban .

    Let me lay this out for you and anyone else who also likely isn’t as informed as they would like to be.

    Firstly, let me say this. I’ve been a firearms instructor for 14 years, a police officer and supervisor for 8. A correctional officer for 6 and an RCMP firearms verification expert since 2013. Part of being a firearms verification expert means it’s my job to be able to testify to court what classification different firearms are, and their points of origin and import.

    With that being said I will start with this. Nothing on that list, or in a Canada is an “assault weapon” or a “military grade firearm”. All military firearms have been outright banned in Canada since 1979. Automatic firearms are prohibited in Canada. The rifles on that list are hunting and sporting rifles.

    Trudeau is blatantly lying and misleading Canadians by using their lack of knowledge on the subject. Firstly, he bypassed our democratic process with is outrageous and every Canadian should be appalled. Secondly he is dancing on the graves of all those victims in NS. The shooter used a rifle obtained in the US and a pistol stolen from a Cst killed in cold blood. The victims and their families deserve better. Nothing he did was legal, he wasn’t even a firearms license holder and had previously been banned from owning firearms after a common assault (disclaimer – those conditions had expired).

    Canadians are ridiculously strict with gun laws. Nothing in this act will help public safety in the slightest. All centre fire rifles in Canada are limited to 5 rounds. They cannot be converted to be automatic.

    This will cost Canadians a half billion dollars and have zero effect on public safety. It will hurt public safety as it distracts money and attention from real issues.

    The borders are weak as hell. I would say I handled more American firearms then Canadian ones. Personally I have seized more firearms then most people have ever seen in real life. The border is the biggest problem.

    Secondly, the liberals banned carding and severely limited police powers to be proactive against gangs. The result was a 48% increase in shootings and a 98% increase in the number of people shot in the GTA.

    Thirdly, the liberal government passed bill C75 which lowered sentences on violent crime and terrorism. It reduced bail considerations. Increased bail and promoted early release of offenders.

    The liberals have hurt community safety far worse then we can likely repair.

    Chris Lewis OPP commissioner (Ret) does not support this.

    The association of chiefs of police do not support this.

    Every police officer is screaming at this waste of money that will not help anything.

    My AR 15 holds 5 .223 rounds. My deer rifle holds 5 30-06 rounds. It’s the most commonly used deer rifle in North America. Use common sense and tell me what’s more dangerous.

    I think it’s also important that people understand how licensing works.

    When you first decide you want your Possession and acquisition license (PAL) you find a licensed firearm instructor and tester. You will learn about different types of firearms, ammunition, safe handling, storage and transportation. The hunter safety course required for hunting is another course and exam on top of this. For the firearms portion only you will spend about $200 and an 8 hr training day. Followed by a lengthy exam requiring a 80% pass mark.

    You then submit your application with proof of your testing. A picture, and roughly the same information you submit on your passport. Two guarantors etc. But, if you have a former spouse or partner…hope you’re in good standing. You will need their consent and the Chief Firearms Office (CFO) will contact them. You will wait about 6-12 months while they do background checks and local police records checks as well as calling the two character references you provided.

    Then eventually your card will come in the mail at a cost of $80. Now, you legally can purchase ammunition and a firearm. But, only Non-Restricted firearms such as shotguns and hunting rifles. They must be stored separate from ammunition, out of site and locked. Either with a disabling lock, or in a locked container that is hard to break into. They can only be loaded in a place where they can be legally discharged. Ie the woods far away from people and houses.

    Now, if you want a pistol or sporting rifle you need a restricted possession and acquisition license (RPAL). Back to the classroom, another 16hrs and $200. Another exam another $80 and an application the same as the first. You will wait 6-12 months again. Now, you have your license? Great! You can’t purchase a restricted firearms yet though.

    Before you can do that you’ll need to be a member of a licensed range. Licensed ranges are over seen by the CFO to make sure they meet very stringent safety measures. So here in kingston we have one club, with a 2-3 year waiting list. So you apply and wait. Eventually luckily you get a spot. You pay your $300 annual fee, but you’re not shooting yet. First, another 8 hour safety course and then 4 probationary visits with a range officer.

    Finally, you’re a member. Now you can purchase a pistol or sporting rifle. So you go to the store and chose one. You pay, now you wait. If you’re lucky 2-3 weeks maybe, sometimes 6-10 while the CFO approves it.

    Oh, did I mention all firearms owners are checked on The Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) daily?.

    So finally the day comes. You pick up your pistol or rifle. You’re ready to go! Nope, sorry. You’ll need two locks. A disabling lock and a hard container that locks. Restricted firearms are always locked twice. So we’re on our way right? No, not yet. Now you will need to contact the CFO wait on hold for 35-45 mins and request an Authorization to Transport (ATT). This is a piece of paper they will email you with your current address and your home address permitting you to transport your new firearm. You’re not allowed to stray. That would result in a ten year sentence and lifetime ban.

    Once your home your pistol or rifle is stored separate from ammo and locked twice. It may only be transported to and from your licensed range with your ATT. It may only be discharged at your range.

    At anytime the police on behalf of CFO or CFO may conduct a warrantless search of your home if there is a concern for safety or to verify proper compliance if you’re a collector.

    At any time any person can phone the CFO or local police with a safety concern about you and you will lose your firearms. It is now up to you, to pay to defend yourself.

    That is the just of the firearms licensing requirements in Canada.

    Believe me, gun owners are afraid of sneezing as we can lose them so easily after going through so many hurdles to have them.

  24. Canada Gun Confiscation

    There was a time in US history when we tried to annex a part of Canada, and they soundly kicked our butts. They need to find that courage now and refuse to turn in ANY of the firearms on that list, or they can kiss their country goodbye.

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