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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on another Grizzly bear attack.   (See the Wyoming section.)


In The Wall Street Journal ‘Safe’ Becomes Rural Tourism Pitch to a Distancing Public.  Here is a pericope:

“We’ve all been feeling a little empty. And alone,” a video for Travel Wyoming says, opening with a shot of Devils Tower national monument that cuts to rivers, meadows, the Teton Range and more of the state’s varied scenery. “It’s going to be a while before things get back to normal. But maybe a little more emptiness is what we need.”

Over at my #1 Son’s site: Find a Home in the American Redoubt

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In case you missed seeing this tabloid newspaper series on the Redoubt movement back in 2018, I just found that it has been put all in one big downloadable file, over at ISSUU.  Yes, there is some liberal bias in the article series, but it is still informative.


Southern Idahoans Share Photos of a Powerful Thunderstorm

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Lori Vallow Daybell to remain in jail on $1 million bail

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I heard about an off-road Transit Van customizing shop in Post Falls, Idaho that does some amazing work: VanCompass.  And here is a video that shows their crew at work: The best Van Life off-road lift kit install


Seven more Montanans recover from COVID-19 Sunday as state reports no new cases

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No more white crosses: $12 million sought for ‘horrible’ stretch of Mill Creek Road

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This large property on the banks of the upper Missouri River caught my eye: 70 Beautiful Acres in Montana! — World Class Fishing!

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Judge cancels hundreds of oil, gas leases in Montana

Eastern Washington

Freedom Is The Cure – Spokane Photos

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Signs of the times: Kennewick Police searching for package thieves dressed in scrubs.


Grizzly injures antler hunter in northwestern Wyoming. Here is a quote:

“A Wyoming man was injured by a grizzly bear Friday while he was searching for antlers east of Yellowstone National Park, officials said.

Spencer Smith, 41, of Cody, suffered a severe neck injury but was alert and in stable condition after being flown to a hospital in Billings, according to the Park County, Wyoming, sheriff’s office.

Searchers responded to an emergency alert that was activated on a GPS device in the East Painter Creek area north of the Sunlight Basin Wildlife Habitat Management Area, sheriff’s officials said. They first found Smith’s parked four wheeler and then Smith.”

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Experts report wolf population is stable in Wyoming

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    1. The future Dump Trump movement.

      It looks like Trump is got pushed into the vaccination agenda, increasing the odds that this diabolical scheme will be implemented. If the timing is right, Trump could loose the election as We, The People, what is left of us, revolt. A number of converging factors can seal the deal going into the fall, and kill his chances, such as a second and more severe wave of infections that overwhelm hospitals, a crashing economy, food shortages, and price inflation. With Trump gone, we’ll be in a world of hurt as the commies run rampant installing the rest of their insanity, eventually forcing a half baked vaccine, and this vaccine passport, and nanotech mark. For these and other reasons, I believe we have the summer to get any major preps in place. And what would war with China look like?

      Bear Medicine.

      As for Grizzly bears, get a box cartridges designed and time tested for that. My personal load is a 200 grain Nosler Partion at 2,500fps, or a budget load that is the 220 grain Remington Cor-lokt out of a .30-06 should be adequate if the shot is well placed. .30-06 is the minimum powered cartridge for dangerous game. I wish I had a Browning semi-automatic in .30-06. A Marlin Guide Gun in .450 Marlin would be good too. There are other choices, but I believe the Nosler Partition is the best bet bullet that will bust bone and destroy vitals with a shoulder shot to stop an attack. Grizzly attacks are more prevalent than is reported, and in this small corner of NW Montana, we have the highest concentration in the lower 48. They even wander to the edge of the town.

      1. TR,we have faced the Chinese once before and seem to have forgotten,review the Nov.’50-Feb’51 Korea. This is just as the Chinese had finished a brutal civil war and were very impoverished(only armed 1/3 of soldiers-Russian eschelonment tactics). Last current strategy was 500,000,000 + marching across the Bering Strait on a bridge of COSCO freighters across Alaska and Canada with the only hope of slowing them was nuking the passes in the Rockies. They would probably be motivated by being able to keep what they capture. Don’t forget this would probably be after a serious economic attack and I don’t think the Russians or others would let a opportunity be wasted.

        1. Yes, we have forgotten Korea. Sheer overwhelming numbers has it’s advantages. In short, I believe that China is the new designated center of power for the NWO/Globalist’s that has been development during the last 50 years. We are already at war with China. The virus is destroying our economy. Once we are weak enough, I would expect an invasion.

  1. Fear only comes from ignorance of the Truth.
    As individuals that tout “being prepared” we need look at all information, swish it around,pray about being given insight..then spit out the chaff.
    Schills and trolls’ jobs are to keep muddying the light.
    What else can be injected along with a “vaccine”?
    History gives us the answer:

    Kenyan Bishops Discover Mass Sterilization in Bill Gates Vaccines

  2. I have VanCompass products and recommend them.

    I bought their lift kit, both skid plates, rear shock kit and rear bump stops for my 2018 Ford Transit.

    I had the VanCompass parts installed by Quadvan (in Portland, OR) who also did excellent work.

    I live full-time in my Transit in very remote BLM and National Forest lands, and the VanCompass parts are worth their weight in gold. I couldn’t go where I want to without that extra height.

  3. Tunnel rabbit,,,,,,,,i homesteaded a remote parcel in Alaska 40 years ago ,,, had to kill at least one big bear a year some times more , also did backup gun on guided hunts , in my experience a 06 is very minimum ,my personal go to is a 375 HH w/t 300gr solid ,,, you do with what you have ,i have taken a brown at point blank with a 12Gage single shot , barrel in the mouth ,,,,,have finished a grizz with a 10-22 ,it had a broken sholder,,,was in a alder thicket ,,with unsuspecting people fishing near by ,I have extended family tell me about “the old days ” of hunting nanook with spears , NO THANKS ,,,,
    I know a number of folks that have had a very bad time with bears and not enough gun , some were guides and knew better , some lived to tell some didn’t
    30 cal will get you eaten ,,sooner or later

    1. Agree, and a .308 Winchester does not have the punch of the 200 grain and heavier bullets. A shoulder shot to cripple it is perhaps the best bet. I would indeed like to have a 450 Marlin Guide gun, or a .450 Lott, but there is no way I can go there. Can you suggest a good 12ga 2 3/4” slug? Brenneke?

  4. Rabbit tunnel ,,,,,,,,if you watch at gun shows you can find older large calibre guns that are to much for the present owner ,45 70 is a proven round ,as is 458 win ,i have a 458×2 built out of a old rem 660 that had seen better days that I beat up carring over mountans and through rivers
    The reason i went with 375 HH was it can be down loaded for lighter game the 230grain shoots as flat as a 06 , on truly big bear a shot gun is scary and a last resort,craig Sharp ,Brent Hudson ,are just a start of the names that lived to tell the tale in Alaska
    Never underestimate a black bear too

    Have a tractor calling my name

  5. Thanks for that sage advice. It is hard to find. Perhaps some day I can scrape up enough for .45-70, .458, or the .375 HH. I’ve seen video of a .45-70 instantly dropping a charging Alaskan Griz. I have shot a Ruger No.1 with a max load and a 405 grain bullet. Impressive. If I have to take one with the puny 06′, I’ll attempt it from as far away as possible, should the luxury present itself. Fortunately the Grizzly males around here are only on average 600 to 700 pounds, and not the monster Alaskan variety that reportedly are closer to 1,000 pounds. Although I believe you did once mention months ago that the inland Griz are meaner.

  6. Recent news item:
    As Trump Calls for Grid Security, Will Utilities Break With Beijing?
    President Trump issued an unprecedented executive order on May 1, to protect grid security:
    Could there be anything worse than COVID – 19? Yes!

    News – Epic Times

    Link to Executive Order:

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