The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“Every collectivist revolution rides in on a Trojan horse of “emergency”. It was the tactic of Lenin, Hitler, and Mussolini. In the collectivist sweep over a dozen minor countries of Europe, it was the cry of men striving to get on horseback. And “emergency” became the justification of the subsequent steps. This technique of creating emergency is the greatest achievement that demagoguery attains.” – President Herbert Hoover


  1. Long term corruption and malfeasance by government invites the same outcome-Castro didn’t need a “emergency” in Cuba,Mugabe in Zimbabwe,etc.

    1. Holy Serf, first you have the picture and the story behind it. Wow.

      Then you have this exchange:

      A thought provoking scene from the TV comedy show M*A*S*H captures a dialogue between Hawkeye and Father Mulcahy describes the difference between War and Hell…

      Hawkeye: War isn’t Hell. War is war, and Hell is Hell. And of the two, war is a lot worse.
      Father Mulcahy: How do you figure that, Hawkeye?
      Hawkeye: Easy, Father. Tell me, who goes to Hell?
      Father Mulcahy: Um, sinners, I believe.
      Hawkeye: Exactly. There are no innocent bystanders in Hell, but war is chock full of them – little kids, cripples, old ladies. In fact, except for a few of the brass, almost everybody involved is an innocent bystander.

      Double wow!

      Carry on, in grace

  2. Hoover’s quote reminds me of Plato: When cynical citizens are alienated from the political process, so much so that they take it as proverbial that the governmental class is corrupt, then these disenchanted citizens look to a champion to attack the oligarchs ruling over them and with whom they are disgusted.

    Plato suggests that lone champion is the man who will become their tyrant. Socrates calls this man at first the “protector” of the many. The protector will protect the democratic majority’s class interests against those of the oligarchs who in effect rule over them, whom they resent as corrupt. But then a transformation occurs. The protector turns into a tyrant.”

    Here is the link for the whole article:

    Carry on in grace

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